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As she turned into the car park she had butterflies in her stomach and felt sick with nerves but there was no turning back now. She parked the car up and looked towards the window, behind it sat at his desk was the man she desired.

They’d been friends for a long time, they’d flirted more times than she could count and had a brief encounter that made her want him all the more. She thought back to that morning when he’d walked into her bedroom after a morning of filthy texts both of them getting more and more turned on with each message. She had been lying naked under the duvet with a vibrator in her pussy as he stood in the door way, she’d pulled back the duvet and spread her legs letting him see what he’d been waiting for… her dripping wet cunt. She’d let him watch for a while and then made her move releasing his straining cock from his trousers, it was bigger than she expected and perfect for what she wanted from him. She’d pushed him back on the bed and taken him in her mouth still amazed by his size. He had tasted divine. It hadn’t taken him long to shoot his load in her mouth and it had tasted like nectar when she swallowed it all.

She stepped out of the car and thought about his large tool again her pussy tingling at the thought, god she was desperate to get that inside her, she hadn’t stopped thinking about it since she’d seen it all those months ago. As she walked across to the door she felt the chill in the air as her nipples became hard and goose pimples stood up on her bare legs. As she got to the door he unlocked it, he’d seen her coming. She stepped inside, he turned to look at her she had 6 inch heeled black patent stilettos on with a black coat that stopped just about her knees, her legs were long and tanned and she had a smile on her face. He made to go into the office and as he did she pushed him back against the door placing her feet either side of his so he couldn’t move any where without touching her. He started to talk… ‘this can’t happen, move out of the way…’ she put her finger on his lips ‘shush, don’t talk… I didn’t come here to talk’, her tried to grab her arms but she moved before he could. She took her coat off to reveal her naked body and as he looked at her he relaxed, he’d put up a fight to not give in to her for so long but she was turning him on and he felt a stirring in his loins.

She took his hands in hers,as she pressed them against her tits she felt the palms of his hands brush against her erect nipples and she let out a moan. He shouldn’t but he couldn’t help it, he took her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers and played with them squeezing them sharply. Marmaris Escort She bit her lip, it felt good, on the edge of pleasure and pain just how she like it. She felt a warm feeling down below and pushed herself against him. Her hand moved down to his crotch and she started to massage his cock which was already getting stiff if the bulge in his pants was anything to go by. His right hand started to move down her body, over her deeply tanned stomach towards her bald cunt. She had made sure the night before that she had thoroughly removed all traces of hair so she was smooth and soft for him. As his hand reached her slit she put her foot up against the shelving to her left and spread her legs wider so the 2 fingers he put inside her were not restricted. She was warm and incredibly wet and his fingers made a squelching noise as they entered her, his cock was now on the verge of bursting out his pants. She rocked her hips forward and threw her head back, even his fingers felt amazing fucking her pussy and his left hand still teasing her nipple was driving her wild. She unfastened his belt buckle and looked in to his eyes as she freed his swollen shaft, her hand sliding gently up and down it as she licked her lips.

He’d never fully given into her before, always resisting temptation but tonight his barriers were down, she wasn’t going to stop until she got what she wanted that was for sure and he couldn’t see that it was going to be a hardship letting her have her own way, surely once wasn’t that bad. If any one else were in his shoes they wouldn’t be able to resist! Her hand was wanking his cock faster now and it felt good, he was starting to enjoy himself, he took his fingers out of her cunt and put them in her mouth. Her tongue licked and sucked his fingers and she could taste her sweet pussy, warm and wet, it was divine. He moved his fingers away and she moved forward to kiss him, as their lips met his tongue moved into her mouth, he could taste her cunt. Desperately wanting to taste her pussy juice he pulled away from her dropping to his knees, he looked up her and smiled then buried his face into her wetness, his tongue flicking against her clit, she tasted fantastic and she was dripping wet. She gasped as his tongue hit all the right spots, she moved the leg that was on the shelf a little higher opening her cunt up to him even more, his hands were on her arse cheeks pulling her into him as he devoured her mound. She rocked her hips back and forth as the warm wave of orgasm started to travel through her body. Her fingers went into his long blonde hair as her mouth opened into an O shape Marmaris Escort Bayan as she peaked and shuddered, her thighs tensing.

He pulled away and stood up to meet her flushed face, a large grin breaking out on her face as she dragged him into the office and he sat on his chair with his cock stood to attention. She moved backwards towards him and sat on him, his shaft pushing into her pussy as she faced away from him. She started to move up and down feeling every inch of him move inside her, he was so big and so hard it was like all her birthdays had come at once! He couldn’t believe how wet she was and how warm and tight her cunt was, she was fucking him deep and started to move faster, he started to groan. As he watched her arse moving up and down in front of him he gripped the chair arms hard, he started to think about fucking her arse hole and almost came. She sensed he was on the edge and stopped moving away from him, she turned around and sat on the edge of his desk one hand on her tits and one between her legs, she watched his cock twitching and his eyes burning into her while she slipped a finger in her pussy once more.

His eyes moved up and down her body not knowing what to look at next, his hand slipped round his shaft as he started wanking it gently. She turned round once more facing away from him and bent over spreading her legs apart, her legs looked really good, enhanced by those fuck me heels she was wearing. He looked at her ass as she put one hand on each cheek and pulled them apart so her could see her star fish. He got up and moved towards her, he grabbed her hips and thrust his tool inside her cunt and started pumping hard. He watched her hands move towards her arse hole and her index finger start to tease it, he was struggling to contain himself now as her finger moved closer to entering her ass. She pushed it up her arse hole and he felt her cunt muscles tense around his cock as she fucked her ass, she was gasping now. His cock felt so good inside her and she wondered if it was the biggest she’d ever had it certainly felt like it! She was loving every minute of this especially now with the added excitement of her ass being fucked, she was sure he wanted it and she had no doubt that her ass would be full of cum by the time she left. He was groaning now, his cock feeling like it could explode at any second, he didn’t want it to end yet so he pulled out and sat on the chair once more. She stayed exactly where she was. She put 2 fingers of her other hand into her wet pussy and then put the juices round her arse hole, she repeated this again making her ass Escort Marmaris lubed up ready for another finger. He watched her fucking her tight ass with 2 fingers now, he wanted her more than ever his cock was throbbing now, craving her.

He lent forward and stuck 3 fingers up her cunt, she screamed partly in shock but mostly with pleasure, he started to fuck her fast with his fingers while keeping his eyes on her arse hole and those 2 fingers. His thumb slipped on to her clit and he started to massage it her breathing becoming hard and fast. She had never felt so good, he knew exactly what she wanted, those filthy texts had come in handy for teaching him what she needed to make her cum. She screamed as she came her legs trembling, he removed his fingers as did she, giving her a break for a moment. She looked at him ‘I told you that you’d live up to my fantasies…’ she turned back around again and bent over, ‘now get your cock in my ass and pound me!’. He laughed, she was a dirty bitch, cock hungry and not afraid to let it be known, following her command he slowly entered her ass. Fuck she was tight, he thought as his cock started to move in and out, he started to build up rhythm and speed and as he did he moved his hands to her tits. He took her nipples between his thumb and fingers as he had done earlier, her hands were grabbing on to the desk, she loved being a slut and she loved giving him what he wanted. He was in full control his cock fit like a glove in her ass, each time he pumped away at her his shaft moved closer to orgasm it was heaven, ‘harder!!’ she screamed, with pleasure he thought as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could.

After a few minutes he couldn’t take it any more, this was it, he was going to cum. He cupped her tits in his hands and his shaft made the last few strokes before he shot his load up her ass and explosion of all the sexual tension he had built up waiting for this. As he came he grabbed her tits, his legs trembling. He thrust into her twice more and then collapsed on to the chair, sweat dripping down off his forehead. She turned around and leaned back across the desk, she looked at him and they smiled at each other in silence for a few moments getting their breath back. She went to pick up her coat and put it on covering up the body that had provided him with more pleasure than he thought possible. She turned back round winked at him then left. She didn’t want to say anything, didn’t want to ruin the moment, she got in her car and then left. He remained in his chair in a daze wondering if it had all been a dream. He had held off from fucking her for so long it actually felt like a release now he’d given in and the guilt he thought would wash over him immediately wasn’t as immense as he thought.

As he got dressed and straightened himself up he thought about the many nights he would spend wanking over thoughts of his encounter with the women he’d always said no to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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