Destined Hearts Ch. 10

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Hello guys and welcome to tenth chapter of your favorite series, “Destined Hearts.”

I know I went for a long time but now I am back so that we can wrap up what we had left unfinished. Don’t forget to rate and comment on this story, whether positive or negative. I will highly appreciate it.

Feel the passion…


“What?” Andrea gasped, her mouth shaking like a leaf. “Mother, why would you do that without asking for my consent first and…”

“Your consent?” Granny laughed jokingly. “Are you serious, Andrea? You very well know that when parents find a better match for their children, they don’t even need to waste time. We’ll never find a better match like Santiago. And what happened? I thought just a few seconds ago you were all smiles. What’s going on?”

Andrea couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her grandmother. There was no way she was gonna marry the pig. Shit! She was eyeing someone else and that was who her granny and mother were supposed to get for her.

Praveen on the other hand just sat silently, trying to digest what he’d heard. First of all, Santiago was a really good man and he thought Andrea didn’t deserve him. They were on different levels when it came to kindness but in that case, he just had to listen and hear everyone’s views.

“Your grandmother is absolutely right.” Emilia said, holding her daughter’s hand sweetly, smiling brightly at her. “The boy is very rich, but most importantly he’s well cultured, kind and a good boy for that matter. I know that he…” She held her chin up, hoping to see a smile. “…he will really make you happy. There’s nothing in this world that would make me happy than to see my daughter happy. Santiago is that man.”

Andrea felt like crying. She quickly moved her eyes to Praveen, feeling like strangling him there and then. She knew that they were doing this because they wanted to get rid of the rift that was forming between him and her brother. Annoying little bitch, she thought as she clenched her fists.

“But mother…”

“Shh…” Emilia put her finger on her daughter’s lips. “…we didn’t need your opinion on this dear. We just called you all so that we can inform you so that you wouldn’t get surprised. We’re gonna see the boy this evening to take your proposal.”

“What?” Andrea’s heart gave a sharp pound, feeling like it was about to rip out. “This evening? But mom, you’re just telling me this right now and…”

“Yes, dear. We need to act fast because such men are always in demand by girls’ families. If we miss this opportunity, we’ll never find it again. We can’t afford to lose it.” Granny chuckled. She was just so happy. She moved her eyes to Praveen and Celine. “What do you think?”

Celine took a deep breath, failing to hide her smile. “Personally, I think this is a thing of joy. There’s nothing more important than a girl getting married and that too to a man like Santiago. I think it is a good decision. I know Andrea is classy, elegant and really beautiful and from all the qualities I observed from Santiago, they’ll make the perfect match.”

“See…” Emilia smiled at her daughter. “And Praveen?”

“Uh?” Praveen gasped, feeling cornered. “Well, I have interacted with him and… and I think it is a good match. Besides, I think Andrea needs someone like him, someone that I know will love her and make her happy.” Though he said, he wasn’t completely sure about the alliance. “I think it’s a good decision.”

“See, everyone thinks so.” She smiled, rubbing on her daughter’s cheeks who was staring at Praveen, imagining she was strangling him there and then. “Don’t worry about anything. Arranged marriages are normal and you know that.

And if you’re worried about getting to know him, there’s a lot of time for you two to spend with each other and get to know each other.”

Andrea was defeated. She simply just nodded.

“I know what your plan is, Praveen.” She thought, giving him an evil look. “You want to get rid of me so that you can seduce my brother, cast a spell on him and lure him into your clutches and finally control all the companies with him. But guess what, sweetheart, I will never allow you to do that. You want this marriage to happen right…” She smiled genuinely, shaking her head. “…then fine, this marriage shall happen but with a little twist. I will get you out of this house at the snap of my finger.”

She took a deep sigh, smiling softly at her mother. “You know what’s best for me, mother.”

Hearing her daughter’s words, Emilia felt joyous. She couldn’t believe Andrea had just agreed to the marriage. It was really, really wonderful. Finally, her daughter was gonna be getting married.

“Oh my God,” She gasped, touching her chest. “Thank you so much, Andrea.”

Andrea nodded and got up from the chair. “Excuse me, mom.”

She quickly got up, losing the smile that was on her face. She clenched her fists, feeling a whole lot of anger taking control of her. She wanted to kill someone, punch something and just bury it alive and that something Ankara escort was Praveen. She was really mad at him.


“Uh…” Andrea screamed, furiously throwing things off the table. “What the fuck?”

Her hair was a mess… She was sweating… She was hyperventilating… her blood was boiling… Her heart felt like it was about to come out her throat… Her body was quivering… her entire being was not okay. She didn’t remember the last time she was that mad.

“Me?” She laughed angrily, pointing at herself. “That… That man? No!” She gripped her hair, pulling on it like she wanted to rip it out. “What the fuck? No!”

“Will you calm down?” Bruce smiled mockingly, putting his cup of coffee on the small table. He gracefully got up from the chair, cat walking to his friend. He was dressed seductively in a beautiful orange skinny pant, green tight shirt and sandals on his feet. He had a band around his head, revealing his sexy face.

“Calm down?”

“Calm down!” He laughed, almost in mock. “Why are you getting bothered over such a small problem? Santiago isn’t that bad. He’s really handsome, though not like my Antonio. He’s really sexy, muscular, and yummy and he’s built like hell. He’s got those strong arms that when they wrap themselves around you would make you weak and cream yourself. And those lips when they kiss would make you…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Andrea yelled, making his friend raise his hands like he was surrendering. “Can you hear yourself? If you can’t help me with this problem then shut the hell up before I do that for you.”

“I was just saying…”

“Oh really?” Andrea got closer to her friend. “How would you like it if I just watch Antonio and Praveen fall for each other because they’re married?”

“You wouldn’t dare?” Bruce gave a nervous chuckle. “You’re bluffing. You wouldn’t do that.”

“Then shut the hell up and help me.” She snarled. “That boy planned all this. He’s trying to get rid of me in that house so that he can finally succeed in seducing my brother. Can’t you see? Are you that dumb?

How come they just suggested my marriage immediately after my brother got mad at Praveen because of Santiago? They’re trying to bring the two closer. This entire marriage thing is a plan and if you’re just gonna sit there feeling like you’ve won then you’ve got another thing coming. Praveen has made a really big move.”

Hearing Andrea’s words, Bruce got weak and scared. Now he knew that the reason why they wanted this marriage was to bring Antonio and Praveen closer.

“OMG!” He gasped, feeling like he needed some air. “What are we gonna do?”

“What happened?” Andrea smiled, folding her arms on her chest. “Are you not excited about my marriage anymore? What changed your mind?” Then she rolled her eyes. “You know sometimes I wonder if you’re my friend at all. Just because I mentioned Antonio and that bitch and now you’re willing to help me. Wow!”

“Look, I am sorry but I can’t lose Antonio. He and I have come a long way and we love each other.” He said, rubbing the sweat from his forehead. He was now feeling the heat. “We need to do something and quick.”

Andrea shook her head, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed. “I think we need to come up with a plan that will cripple Praveen for life, something that will permanently remove him from the house. We need to do something and quick because I am not getting married to Santiago, unless the man I love.” She blushed, rubbing on her lips seductively.

“What are you trying to say?”

Andrea got up from the chair, smiling like an evil empress. “We need to kill two birds with one stone.”

Andrea gave Bruce an evil grin and both of them just grinned at each other. What were they up to?


“Here you go.” Praveen smiled, handing the cup of hot chocolate milk to Ryan while Emma watched him where she sat from the chair with other family members.

“Thanks uncle!” Ryan leaned forward, kissing Praveen on the cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.” He kissed him on the forehead, drawing chuckles from him. “Now why don’t you run along and go and play outside?”

Ryan left laughing, really happy. Praveen watched as he left, smiling like an angel. He got up and then slowly went to the living room where there was Celine, Eduardo and Emma together, talking and laughing. Seeing Emma there, Praveen got really nervous and extremely scared.

“Err… Would anyone like something to eat?”

Emma lost the smile on her face, rolling her eyes. “Of course, anything not prepared by you is fine by me.”

Praveen lost the smile on his face, dropping his eyes to the floor. Ouch! That was really painful and he still failed to understand why Emma still hated him so much. He had practically done everything to please her and honestly, he had no idea what else she wanted him to do so that he could accept her. Three people in the house so far were making his life miserable.

“Don’t worry, Praveen…” Eduardo gave him the brightest smile, making Ankara escort bayan him smile back. “…just come and sit with us. You’ll be bored if you stay alone and besides, your husband is not home yet.”

Praveen nodded and sat next to Celine who held his hand, sweetly rubbing on it. He couldn’t help but smile at her.

Suddenly, before anyone could say anything, they saw granny and Emilia coming through the door and the moment they saw them, they all got worried. Both granny and Emilia were looking like they’d just come from a funeral. They had frowns on their faces and they… they just didn’t look okay.

“Mom?” Eduardo rushed towards them. “Are you okay? What’s going on? Why do you look like that?”

But both of them were quiet. They got to the living room and sat down, still looking lost.

“Mother?” Celine rushed towards her mother in law, kneeling in front of her. She cupped her cheek and then looked into her face. “Mother, please? Tell us. We’re all worried. What’s going on?”

Emilia slightly closed her eyes, taking a sigh. “He didn’t accept it.” She simply said, making Celine cover her mouth. “He didn’t accept the proposal.”

“What?” Celine gasped, shaking her head. “But why mother?”

“For reasons he couldn’t explain to us.” Granny said, rubbing her face. “We did all we could but Santiago couldn’t accept the proposal. Santiago has rejected the proposal for our Andrea.”

“What?” A voice was heard throughout the living room, right before they heard the sound of high heels coming towards them.

All of them got up, looking towards the sound where they saw Andrea rushing towards them with Bruce behind her. She was looking really pissed, worried and something that no one could read.

“He rejected the proposal?”

“Andrea, honey…”

“No, mother,” Andrea said, her voice rising. “This is what I don’t like. I told you that you should have asked for my consent before deciding this, didn’t I? But now, that boy has rejected me?” She laughed, shaking her head like she was hurt but deep down she was happy. Bruce came behind her, rubbing her shoulders.

“This is what I was trying to avoid.” She nodded. “Now he’s out there thinking that you guys were desperate and I…” She pointed at herself. “…I had no other choice but him. I tried to tell you this but… but Santiago is a modern boy and he probably isn’t into all this arranged marriage thing and…”

“Andrea, it’s not like that.” Emilia explained. “He agreed that he believes so much in arranged marriages and he assured us that he’d have agreed but due to circumstances beyond his control, he rejected the proposal and he also apologized for…”

“And you believed that?” Andrea yelled, furiously dropping her hands. “This is really painful, mother. I mean, being rejected by someone that… that you never even thought of. What will he think of me now, mother?” A fake tear went down her cheeks.

“Of course,” Emma chuckled, eyeing Praveen like he was food. “Why wouldn’t he reject the proposal when you have invited bad luck in your house?”

Praveen got really hurt. He didn’t need to be a genius to know that Emma was talking about him. He looked at Emma, their eyes meeting. He quickly dropped his eyes to the floor, feeling like an outcast in the house.

“Why wouldn’t he reject the proposal when that bad luck already got him?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Granny asked angrily. “Are you trying to say…”

“I am trying to say that ever since you got this boy married to Antonio, nothing has been going right in this house.” She said in a high tone. “Antonio is not happy, and now Andrea’s proposal has been rejected. Do you know what it means when a girl’s proposal is rejected?”

“Stop talking non sense.” Emilia said, angry at Emma for even saying something like that. “How can you even utter something like that? Who told you Antonio is not happy with Praveen?”

Emma laughed at Emilia’s words. “I don’t expect you to understand since you don’t even care about your own son anymore.”

Emilia tried to say something but she couldn’t find words to use. She was really mad at Emma for saying something so bad about Praveen. She looked at him, seeing him playing with his hands and his eyes fixed on the floor. Her heart broke.

“Do you realize that without Praveen, we probably wouldn’t have met this young man, not to talk about knowing how he is? You yourself didn’t even like Santiago so what’s this you’re saying?”

“Well, Praveen isn’t God, is he?” She folded her arms on her chest. “Antonio had a photoshoot at their company. One way or another, that boy would have come to this house. I don’t owe this boy anything. As long as he’s still in this house, nothing will ever be right. Now only God knows what that boy is thinking of us and my poor Andrea right now.”

Praveen couldn’t stay there anymore. As it was, he was bleeding and really hurt. But he promised not to cry in front of his in laws. He simply turned and started walking away slowly.

“Excuse me.”

“Praveen!” Escort Ankara Granny called.

“Don’t worry, granny.” He looked behind, smiling faintly. “I am okay. Just attend to Andrea. I am sure she’s going through a lot right now.”

With those words, he simply went away from the living room.

“See!” Emma said angrily, getting closer to Andrea. “You don’t even care about your daughter’s feeling.” She wrapped her arms around Andrea, hugging her tightly. “It’s okay, sweetie. Why don’t you come with me so that I can make you feel better? It seems I am the only one here who cares.”

Andrea nodded and followed her aunt with Bruce behind her. While they were going, an evil grin appeared on her face.

“Even God doesn’t want me to leave this house.” She thought as she grinned at Bruce. “I didn’t even get to do anything and it’s already working in my favor. I guess God has given me another chance to play some mischief. You’re so going down Praveen.”

Meanwhile, in the living room, granny sat on the couch now even more worried than she had come.

“What was the need of saying all that to poor Praveen?” Eduardo too was angry. “Why does aunt do this to him? Why can’t she just accept him and move on?”

“I have no idea.” Emilia sighed, looking at Celine. “Dear, can you please go and check up on Praveen? I am pretty sure he’s hurting right now.”

“Sure!” She quickly got up and left the living room.


“Where could he have gone?” Emilia shuddered, looking at all the faces in front of her and around her.

“Calm down, mom.” Celine tried to hold her but she retaliated, moving away from her.

“How do you expect me to calm down when Praveen is nowhere to be seen?” She was really scared and worried. She moved to her son who was standing there staring at her without uttering a word. “Antonio, you need to find him.”

“Mom, I…” He stammered, thinking of what to say to her so that she could calm down. He was really worried too. He had tried Praveen’s phone and found that he had left it. “…I will find him but try to calm down. He probably just went out and…”

“He never leaves this house without informing us. You know that Antonio. And without any of the cars? I have a really bad feeling about this.”

Antonio had no words to say to his mother. He’d never seen her worried. She simply sat on the couch with her hands on her face.

“This is your fault, Emma.” Granny gawped, looking at her with wide eyes. “If you had kept your mouth shut then you wouldn’t have hurt him.”

“Me?” Emma pointed angrily at herself, shaking her head. She couldn’t believe her mother had just said that to her in the presence of her entire family. “What have I done? Is telling the truth now a crime. Your granddaughter was just hurt and you’re just brushing it off like it was nothing.

Let Praveen just play some drama…” She laughed mockingly, opening her arms wide. “…everyone will be looking for him. You know what, mother…” She got really serious. “…you are just being a puppet to that boy. Until when will you realize that he is nothing but a trouble…”

“Not as much trouble as you’ve caused, Emma.” Granny said angrily, getting closer to her daughter. “…you are a mother, Emma and before anything else, a grandmother. Very soon, little Ryan will be grown up. How will you feel if he’ll be maltreated by his in laws? Has that ever crossed your mind?”

Emma smiled brightly like she’d just won a lottery. “No! Because that won’t ever happen. My grandson will marry into one of the best families and someone who’ll love him and who he’ll love back. So I won’t ever have to worry.”

Granny was really upset by her answer. She shook her head furiously, diverting her eyes to Antonio who was standing there looking lost. Perhaps the pressure placed on the boy had been too much that he just ran away. That would have been good for Antonio but he wasn’t happy. He was rather worried about the whole issue.

“Antonio…” He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was his grandmother and she wasn’t smiling. “Dear, please, you and Eduardo should go and look for him. Bring my grandson back.”

Antonio nodded. “Yes, granny.”

He gestured to Eduardo and the two of them started rushing out of the living room. They just taken a few steps when they stopped in their tracks, looking forward. It was Praveen, entering the door with a serious look on his face. When he saw them, he stopped and just stood still, his eyes looking forward.

Praveen’s heart pounded deeper in his chest, feeling like someone had just scared him to death. Seeing the entire family in the living room, looking the way they were, he got worried. He was just hoping it wasn’t that serious.

“Praveen!” Eduardo gasped, alerting the entire family. “Thank God you are here. Everyone’s been worried.”

Hearing Praveen’s name, Emilia quickly got up and rushed to him. Reaching him, she quickly gripped him into a tight hug, pulling him closer to her.

“God, Praveen, you scared me.” She pulled away from him. “Where did you go? You have no idea how worried we’ve been.”

Praveen got even more scared. He couldn’t believe that he’d made his family so worried. It wasn’t his intention to make them that worried.

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