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‘I can’t believe you’ve arranged to go out without me… You selfish bastard, you knew I took tonight off of work to spend some time with you!’ Jenny screamed at Scott, her boyfriend, as he grabbed his jacket from the wall on his way towards the door.

‘Yeah, I know babes, but Gary just called a couple of hours ago. All the guys are off into town to watch the boxing. I don’t want to miss it, it’s gonna be a right fight.’ he leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, she pulled away, flashing him a look that suggested if he try again there would be serious consequences. ‘Don’t be like that darling… You know I’ll make it up to you.’

‘Fuck off.’ She replied, coldly, slamming the door behind him. She went back into the living room, so mad she could scream. ‘Bastard!’ She said out loud, wondering, not for the first time, why she put up with all of his bullshit. She was a good looking woman, with striking brown eyes, long, dark hair and a slender and toned body. Top heavy, she had 32D breasts, slim hips and long legs. She knew plenty of guys found her attractive, and most wouldn’t give her as much shit to put up with as Scott. She was close to breaking point with this relationship. More than anything though, she was pissed off because she’d taken the night off work specially and now had nothing to do on Saturday evening.

Bored, she sat in front of the TV and started idly flicking through her mobile phone numbers to see if there was anyone she could text. The first number she came to was the one she knew then and there she wanted to text. Alex from work, first on the list. They had been getting quite close lately and she knew he had a thing for her, at least in a physical sense; she caught him looking out of the corner of her eyes, a hungry, lustful look in his eyes that had sent shivers down her spine.

**Hey hun, wot u doin 2nite? Really bored an pissed off. Bastard bf has gone out with his mates and left me all alone. :(**

She clicked send and turned on the TV, hoping the response would be quick. She was rewarded with a response just about a minute later.

**Jenny, hey! Me and some mates are having a wee get together at mine, you should come join us if ur bored. I must warn u tho, bit of a sausage fest, lol!**

Just what I need! Thought Jenny as she jumped to her feet and ran towards the shower, txting her response as she went.

**Sounds gr8! Txt me ur address and i’ll be over ASAP, jst nd to jump in shower first**

She showered in double quick time and dressed herself casually, but with more than a hint of cleavage on display, thanks to her favourite plunging v-neck sweater. She had put on her favourite underwear set too, black lace bra and french cut knickers, the ones she wore when she felt in the mood to seduce somebody. She threw on pair of tight jeans and finished the look with a pair of low peep toe heels. She got Alex’s address from her most recent text and booked herself a taxi.


20 minutes later she was stood on Alex’s doorstep, bottle of wine in hand, looking forward to meeting some new people and not wasting her Saturday night in front of the TV waiting for her loser boyfriend to return, pissed and unable to satisfy her sexual demands. It was Alex that answered the door when she rang the bell and he greeted her with a warm smile and a hug, and also a fleeting look of appraisal as he ran his eyes up and down her body. ‘Hey Jenny, great to see you. You look fantastic, come in and meet everyone.’

Everyone turned out to be eight other male friends that Alex knew from his Uni days and one of their girlfriends, Kate, who seemed very grateful for some female company. Introductions were made and then everyone continued with their previous conversations. Jenny took a seat next to Alex and began chatting away. The drinks began to flow freely, Jenny drank her bottle of wine in around an hour and was then told to help herself to whatever she liked from the kitchen.

While she was in, pouring herself a rum and coke, she began chatting to Kate. She was a petite girl, 23 with tousled blonde hair and a deceptively pretty face. Deceptive because it was so understated, she wore almost no makeup, yet had the most striking features, high cheekbones and full, pouted lips; no makeup was required to enhance her natural beauty. she dressed down in an old, comfortable looking grey cardigan and baggy combat pants, her feet were bare and here dainty little toes were expertly painted in a full, luscious red. Kate and Jenny hit it off instantly, despite the fact that they were, in actuality, quite different types of people.

Jenny was having a great time, and didn’t realise how much she had been drinking, or how late it was getting. Around 12 o’clock, the boys decided that they wanted to play poker.

‘You girls want to join in?’ asked a big, burly looking guy who obviously liked to hit the gym a lot; Jenny thought his name might be Chris, but hadn’t really spoken to him.

‘I’ll be rubbish.’ Kate replied.

‘Me görükle escort too,’ joined Jenny, ‘I’ve never played in my life. I’ll end up losing loads of money!’

‘Well we don’t have to play for money…’ One of the other guys piped up.

‘You mean what? Strip poker?’ Kate replied, laughing. ‘You forget my boyfriend is here, and you know we’ll just end up naked within half an hour.’

‘Hey… I don’t mind!’ Chipped in Mike, Kate’s boyfriend, as he tipped her a cheeky wink, daring her to join in. She took the bait.

‘Fine then… But only if Jenny agrees to play too!’

‘Why the hell not eh? I have worn my special underwear.’ And with that, began the game of strip poker, that, as foretold, lasted around half an hour.


‘Two pairs! I win again.’ laughed Alex as he put his cards on the table and tipped Jenny a knowing wink, ‘you gotta take something off!’ Jenny was sat there in just her lace underwear and heels, every eye in the room was on her, barely concealed lust and hunger in their eyes, and a palpable sense of sexual tension in the air. Feeling drunk and excited, Jenny stood to her feet, knowing she could take her heels off, yet she decided to go with the bra. she felt wetness seeping between her pussy lips as she looked Alex in the eyes and reached around back to unhook her bra. She unclasped it and walked around the table to where he sat.

Leaning forward so her voluptuous chest was teasingly close to his face, she slid the straps from her shoulders and removed her bra, her stiffened nipples brushed briefly against his lips. Then, quick as a flash, she tossed the bra in his face, turned on her heels and returned to her seat, leaving Alex speechless and obviously slightly flustered, along with everyone else in the room. Jenny herself was positively dripping at this point, feeling like a dirty little minx, she knew she was in a mood for trying something new tonight, and this was just the start of things to come.

Jenny looked across at Kate; who also was down to just underwear, her beautiful petite body looked so alluring to Jenny, who had never so much as fantasized about another woman before this night. She knew Kate was feeling the same way, her deep brown eyes were full of lust and her full lips pouted passionately.

‘I’m going all in on the next round.’ Jenny announced, maintaining eye contact with Kate. ‘If I lose I’ll take a forfeit. If I win, me and Kate get to put all of our clothes back on… Deal?’ Without hesitation, all of the lads in the room agreed, on the basis that the forfeit applied to both girls.

Of course the inevitable happened, neither girl had anything at all in the next round and the guys were soon huddled together discussing the forfeit.

‘Okay, okay.’ Mike spoke finally, looking at Kate. ‘The forfeit is that both you girls have to now get completely naked; but that you have to undress each other without using your hands.’ Jenny and Kate looked at each other and smiled. They made their way from the table into the lounge, where there was more space. The guys took seats on the sofa and watched as Jenny and Kate stood inches apart, looking each other in the eye, but not touching.

‘How are we going to do the bra?’ Jenny whispered, her voice thick with lust.

‘Don’t worry about that right now, the panties will come off easiest. You want me to go first?’

‘I’m so wet down there… Take it slowly.’ Kate leaned in close and kissed Jenny softly on the lips before dropping to her knees in front of her. She took the material just below Jenny’s belly button between her teeth and teasingly tugged it away from her flat stomach; feeling the heat radiating from between the taller girl’s legs and inhaling her sweet muskiness. Jenny moaned softly as Kate pulled the material away from her and let it twang back softly against her. Next she felt Kate’s tongue circling her belly button, warm and wet, it sent tingles racing up and down her spine. She felt her tongue trace it’s way down and over the lace of her underwear, tantalisingly close to her pussy, she felt it flicker briefly over her quivering lips before Kate continued down, trailing her tongue, now thick with wetness and saliva down the inside of her right leg towards the ground.

She didn’t stop, even when she got to her heels she continued to lick and tease with her tongue, flicking over her lover’s toes, exposed by the peep shoes she wore. Jenny ached for attention on her pussy, she was so turned on by both the attention she was receiving from Kate and the unconcealed lust and hunger in the eyes off all the men sat in the room watching this display of lesbianism.

By this time Kate had begun to work her way back up Jenny’s left leg with her tongue, this time though, when she got back to the crotch area she nuzzled in closer, pressing her tongue hard between Jenny’s legs and parting her pussy lips. She could feel the wetness seeping through the thin lace panties her lover wore. bursa escort bayan Jenny moaned audibly as Kate began to tease her clit through the panties with the flat of her tongue. She was almost at the point of no return when Kate stopped and pulled away. Focusing her attention once again on removing the panties, she took the material in her teeth and began to yank them down, looking up at Jenny with fiery, lust filled eyes as she did so. The smell of sex filled the room as Jenny’s knickers were worked slowly down past the knees to her ankles, leaving her clad in just heels.

Job done, Kate stood to her feet and passionately kissed Jenny, her tongue exploring the taller girl’s mouth and being met with an equally inquisitive tongue in return. Jenny felt hands on her naked breasts, her nipples were teasingly tweaked and pulled by Kate. The temptation to touch was just too much.

‘Fuck the forfeit,’ Jenny whispered when they broke for air. Reaching behind Kate’s back she deftly unhooked her bra and slipped the straps from the smaller girl’s shoulders. The bra fell to the floor, exposing her tiny mounds; her nipples were huge and puffed out with Kate’s arousal. Jenny stooped to take each nipple into her mouth in turn. As she began to suck on Kate’s nipples she felt a finger rub up against her parted pussy lips. She trembled softly with anticipation, biting gently on Kate’s right nipple as she felt the digit slip easily inside her dripping folds. She rocked softly against the digit as Kate began to work gently on her protruding clit.

All of a sudden a phone rang. Jenny instantly recognised her ring-tone. Her boyfriend! It was about three in the morning and he would have arrived home to an empty house. Jenny looked over to where it was on the sofa, next to one of the lads; he was sporting a sizable lump in his trousers. ‘Throw me that phone.’ She said to him, he obeyed in a trance, staring at Kate as she continued to finger Jenny, her head now buried in between her huge chest. Jenny suppressed a moan of ecstasy as Kate slipped two more fingers easily inside of her, then she answered her phone.

‘What?’ She asked, trying to sound as cold as she could whilst getting fingered by a beautiful stranger in a room full of highly aroused male strangers.

‘Where are you?’ A drunken slur on the other end.

‘At a friend’s. Watching a movie.’ Whilst speaking, Kate had moved to a squat in between Jenny’s legs; her tongue joined in with her fingers and she began to expertly work on her engorged clitoris. ‘Ohhhh’ she moaned softly, unable to suppress it.’

‘What was that?’ Scott drunkenly mumbled.

‘A yawn.’ Jenny replied in between gasps of pleasure. ‘Go to sleep, I’ll be stopping out tonight.’

‘Gmmmmmmfmmmmbull’ Came the response of a very drunken boyfriend. Jenny hung up the call and dropped her phone as she finally gave into the throes of ecstasy. She gushed her pussy juice all over Kate’s face as her petite lover greedily lapped it up. She came harder than she could ever recall, and grabbed handfuls of Kate’s hair as she ground herself passionately into her face. When her orgasm finally subsided, she pushed Kate to the ground so she lay on her back, legs parted expectantly.

‘Your turn.’ She spoke as she deftly hooked her fingers around the waistband of Kate’s pink knickers, which were sporting a huge damp patch, and yanked them down, tossing them at Kate’s boyfriend, she looked him dead in the eyes as she began to tease Kate’s trimmed pubic region with the tips of her fingers; stroking gradually closer to the more sensitive parts and stroking the inside of Kate’s thigh with her free hand. Finally she found the clit, Kate shuddered through a mini climax at the touch, pulling hard on her own nipples as she did. Jenny had never pleasured another girl before, but years of self exploration had given her a clear idea of what women want when it comes to fingers. She expertly massaged the swollen clitoris while her fingers slipped inside her dripping pussy and began to work on the g-spot.

She had to taste it, she wanted to taste it, and from the second her tongue parted her lover’s fleshy lips and entered her, she knew it was a taste she would want a lot more of in the future. Her sweet muskiness invaded her sense and made her feel light headed as she probed with her tongue, working the clitoris and delving deep inside in equal measure. She gripped Kate by the hips and ground her face into her pussy, frantically working at the clit as Kate climaxed again and again, digging her nails into Jenny’s back, moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Finally Kate could take no more and pulled Jenny up to meet her face, where their lips locked in a passionate exchange of bodily fluids. Their hands explored each other’s bodies while they kissed and rolled around on the carpet in front of the group of men, all hard, all flushed, all desperate to get themselves some pussy.

It was Mike that made the first move, he unzipped his jeans and let bursa escort his throbbing member spring free. ‘There’s another forfeit girls.’ He said, ‘you used your hands to undress each other.’ He stood and stepped into the middle of the room, undressing in a flash as he did so. ‘Jenny, because it was you that broke the rule, you gotta suck all our cocks.’ The girls looked at each other, eyes blazing with lust, they sat up simultaneously, their mouths either side of Mike’s sizable manhood.

‘What about your girlfriend?’ Jenny asked, looking up at Mike as she gripped him firmly by the shaft and pressed her lips against the head, kissing it softly.

‘She can suck my cock too, but you’ve gotta suck the rest on your own.’ Jenny kept her eyes locked on Mike as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue expertly around the head of his cock, Kate leaned in and joined, the girls resumed their passionate kiss, only this time with the additional benefit of a cock between their mouths. Both girls took it in turn to devour Mike’s cock, both able to comfortably deep throat his 7 inch member. They began to finger each other’s pussy while they sucked Mike off, climaxing continually. Jenny’s juices spurting out and pooling between her legs. After a few minutes of this, Alex decided he wanted some action too. He undressed to reveal a cock that was not only thicker than Mike’s, but a good inch or so longer too. He tapped Jenny on the shoulder, forcing her to break her kiss with Kate in order to tackle his monster cock. The girls continued to finger each other while Mike and Alex stood opposite each other, receiving blow jobs.

Mike knew if he let this go on any further he was going to blow his load, he lifted his petite girlfriend from the floor easily and threw her onto the empty armchair, legs akimbo and begging for cock. By now the other guys had undressed and were taking it in turns to receive oral pleasures from Jenny; they circled round her as she knelt on the floor, sucking each cock in turn and loving every second of being a sexy, dirty little slut.

She finger fucked herself to countless orgasms as first one, then another, then another cock parted her lips and was forced to the back of her throat. She needed cock inside of her, she could hear Kate moan and wail as Mike began to pound the fuck out of her on the armchair. She stood shakily to her feet and picked out Alex. Leading him by the cock she leant over the arm of the chair Kate was getting fucked on, her tits dangling in Kate’s face. They were greedily devoured by the petite slut as Jenny leaned behind her and guided the tip of Alex’s throbbing cock to her entrance.

He filled her pussy more than anything she had ever felt before, she cried with pleasure and climaxed with just his bulbous head inside of her. She worked back a little bit in order to kiss Kate passionately on the lips as Alex settled into a steady rhythm of fucking her. When he was fully inside her he began to pick up the pace, until soon he had her gripped by the hips and bucking wildly on his cock, fucking her with reckless abandon, while Mike gave Kate the same treatment. Jenny had been fed a cock by one of the other guys and was currently being spit roasted as her tits bounced and slapped in Kate’s face.

As she trembled and quivered her way through another climax she felt Alex pull out and be replaced by a slightly smaller, but still satisfying cock; she cried out in surprise as she felt a thumb force it’s way into her asshole, but her cries were stifled as Alex’s cock was forced into her mouth.

And so began the seemingly never ending stream of cock that penetrated Jenny’s pussy and mouth, fucking her and riding her to countless orgasms, while Mike fucked his girlfriend, first in her pussy, then in her ass. He was the first to cum and he pulled out just in time to manoeuvre Kate’s face in front of his cock. He blasted wave after wave of hot, salty spunk into her mouth, her eyes and her hair until he flopped back, drained onto an empty sofa across the room. Kate followed and curled up next to him to watch Jenny get destroyed by eight dicks.

After Kate and Mike moved, One guy laid on the floor and said he wanted to fuck Jenny in the ass. she was up for anything at this point and there was plenty of natural lubricant available. She squatted over him and rubbed his throbbing member up and down her well fucked pussy lips, lubing it up so he could fuck her tight little asshole. Wincing at first, she felt the head enter her; she allowed herself to relax and felt his entire length slide inside of her, the pressure on her g-spot causing a mild climax. Two more men positioned themselves either side of her face and she took it in turns to hungrily suck their cock as she settled into a steady rhythm riding the cock in her ass.

The next thing she felt was the head of a cock being pressed against her pussy as well. She couldn’t believe she was about to get double penetrated, but she had no time to think about it as she opened her eyes and saw Alex slide his monster cock into her pussy. He wasted no time and began to fuck her with reckless abandon. there were now 6 guys circled around her mouth, taking it in turns to receive blow jobs and hand jobs, while Alex fucked her pussy and the other guy fucked her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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