Detention Center FNG

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Here is my first short story, hope you all enjoy.

Thanks to SS03 for the help with the editing!


Jillian slid her gun into her holster and double checked her duty belt. She sighed thinking of another long 12 hour shift working at the jail; most people who knew her assumed since she was a lesbian she enjoyed working in booking and getting to strip search all of the incoming female inmates.

Jill and others who worked in booking knew however, the people they dealt with coming into jail, were not the type to get excited about. In all actually, Jill was becoming more desensitized to looking at women’s bodies: nothing sparked even the smallest interest in her anymore.

Jill looked at herself in the mirror one last time before grabbing her keys. As she looked she saw her hazel eyes taking in the ruffled look of her short cropped brown hair. Her uniform black polo shirt, clinging to her biceps and tucked with tight precision into her khaki pants.

Her undershirt hid the lines of both sports bras she wore, to help keep her breasts from moving while running up and down the stairs in the pods. The large duty belt and straight fit loose pants hid the curves of her hips and round ass. She knew she looked good in her tight jeans. The jail is just not a place to showcase her figure. The looks from the male officers being bad enough, but from the male inmates was worse. More unpleasant than all the men, was the female inmates.

It wasn’t due to the fact that they were off limits and so her mind shut off the possibility, no it was the repetitive behavior of addicts. Little things like mouth click sounds, even from the prettiest of faces could trigger lamentable effects on her body. The smile opening up to a set of missing and broken teeth. If you have never been around hundreds of meth addicts all being forced sober and clean then count yourself lucky.

Nope, Jill wasn’t attracted to any of the inmates she was responsible for. It was almost repulsive to watch someone with track marks across his arms and tweaking while trying to walk.

She wasn’t impressed by the massive muscles of the officers she supervised. She knew work was not the place she was going to find a relationship , jail did not invite a romantic atmosphere to their daily work.

Arriving at work at her normal 30 minutes early, Jill secured her gun in the Sally Port and made her way to the briefing room. She stopped on the way to check her box in the Sergeant’s room and found she had a new officer to train tonight. Jill huffed out a breath when she read the name, Alex Wainwright, great another fucking male.

Jill hoped he would at least be smarter than the last several they had hired, but she didn’t really expect much. She was sure between the last 4 officers she had trained, they had a combined IQ of 20. ‘If it was even that high,’ she sighed to herself.

Jill met up with Matt, the day shift Sergeant in the briefing room. Matt saw the reserved look on Jill’s face and let out a low chuckle. Jill punched Matt’s shoulder

“It’s not fucking funny asshole, you know they give me the dumb ones so the general public can’t see them during the day.”

“Yeah but it can’t get much worse after the Nick thing right? I mean closing the Sally Port door on the HiPo’s new charger… Haaaa Haaa Haaa… I mean really it can only get better, right?”

“That’s what I thought until I got that Arnold guy”

“I didn’t hear what he did”

“It’s not what he did Matt, it was his lack of doing anything, including not being able to use even one of the two brain cells in his head”

“Come on Jill he couldn’t have been that bad”

“Seriously? Did you not even hear about our 30 minute conversation when he thought cop cars didn’t have reverse?”

Matt just shook his head laughing again. “Come Jill let’s get this over with, looks like your rookie is here”

Jill turned around and looked into the most beautiful deep green eyes she had ever seen. Jill wasn’t even sure how long she had been staring into her eyes before Matt nudged her shoulder and said, “well if her looks came with brains then you’re in luck, but you know it’s normally one or the other so enjoy your night.” He laughed again, earning himself another punch to the shoulder.

Jill stayed next to Matt while he conducted the briefing, she kept her eyes glued to some part of the new officer Alex the entire time. Alex, obviously not a male, had dirty blonde hair wrapped up in a crisp clean looking bun, which made it impossible for Jill to tell how long it would be if she just reached over and pulled the ties out.

Oh how Jill wanted to run her fingers down the length of Alex’s hair just to see if it really felt as smooth as it looked. Rip off that uniform and see what her body looked like without it.

Jill was not paying even the slightest bit of attention to Matt’s briefing and had not even realized she had been called on for her shifts announcements.

Alex had turned to look at her supervisor when Jill had been introduced. Alex saw Jill’s eyes traveling over her body and let a small smirk slide across her lips.

Jill froze when she realized she had been caught staring and only then realized the room was silent with her entire shift starting at her. Jill finished with assignments for her officers for the night, then sent her shift away. Making an abrupt decision at the last minute.

“Maxwell, take the FNG with you. I want her to be able to run the control tower by midnight, and test it by the end of the week.” Jill yelled to Maxwell before he got to the door. ‘because she is too fucking beautiful for me to think coherent thoughts around’ she added to herself. There was no way she was going to be able to train the new girl, even if she was the best qualified to train new guards. Jill didn’t trust herself to be left alone around her yet.

A little after 10pm Maxwell called for Jill to come test the FNG on tower operation. It was the fastest anyone had been able to test out of tower operation in years, and Alex passed with flying colors.

“Not my first rodeo Sarge” Alex added with another smirk in Jill’s direction. “I worked at New Fork county jail before moving out here. Their system is identical, I just had to get used to your layout.” Alex had extended the syllables on the last two words while her eyes drifted obviously across Jill’s body from top to bottom. Licking her lips after.

Jill could almost feel the caresses coming from Alex’s eyes as she had done it. It wasn’t a creepy stalker look she received from most of the officers. It was almost like Alex was wanting to gently touch and learn her own layout. Jill could feel the moistness gathering in her underwear at the thought.

With the facility being locked down for the night, the tower operator would have a slow shift the rest of the night. Maxwell begged to be released from the tower duty so he could go deal with the action in booking.

Jill let him go and let Alex take over as tower operator. Jill sat down and the two of them talked for hours getting to know each other. There was an obvious attraction between the two women.

Alex was used to this line of work and hadn’t come into her new job looking for a relationship. Least of all with her new supervisor. Jill had no desire to start a new relationship either, and then thought about the complication of having even a one night stand with a subordinate officer.

As the women talked they realized they actually had a lot in common. It was easy for them to talk with one another and Alex was able to multitask enough to continue the conversation even when there was a call she had to answer or door to open.

In the middle of Jill telling Alex about her last haircut, Alex reached out and ruffled Jill’s hair and complimented it. Jill grabbed Alex’s wrist and pulled her knuckles to her mouth and whispered to Alex “this is a really bad idea” she then kissed Alex’s knuckles and released her hand.

Alex gave Jill another of her trademark smirks, moved the hand Jill had just released and placed it on Jill’s knee. “Where are the cameras in the tower Sarge?”

Jill pointed out the cameras, where the view points are and where the blind spots are throughout the tower. Alex turned to face Jill completely

“We are both adults Sarge, and I’m consenting. How about you?” Alex walked to the counter where the biggest blind spot for the camera system was. She released her duty belt and set it on the floor. Alex knew it was a bold move, and she was sure she would have been fired immediately if Jill didn’t respond the way she hoped.

Jill quickly assessed the time, officer movements, security and calculated there would be no use for the tower operator for about 15 minutes.

“Ironically, I am also a consenting adult.” Jill responded while moving over to the counter. Jill dropped her own duty belt, untucked her uniform shirt and began removing her boots. “You better hurry FNG, you don’t have much time before you’re needed at the controls.”

Alex immediately began throwing off her sincan esmer escort own uniform. Jill caught Alex’s shirt midair as she flung it away from her body in her haste. “Camera’s Alex, I’m going to have to take off the rest for you if you can’t remember where the blind spot ends.”

Jill turned beat red, realizing her shirt flying across the camera view would have been bad, even worse when she realized she would have had to retrieve it topless in view of the cameras had Jill not caught it in time.

In the time Alex had processed all of that Jill had already gotten down to her underwear and bras. “Looks like you might need help after all”, Alex looked up at Jill after removing her boots and her jaw dropped.

Alex knew the uniforms weren’t made to be complimentary of the body and figured Jill would look good out of it. She had severely underestimated how good. Jill without clothes was breathtaking. She had the fullest D cups she had ever seen, even with them still being held down by multiple sports bras. She had amazing abs with the bottom of her 6 pack pointing to the perfect V in her hips. Alex wanted to reach out and lick all the way across them

Jill was turning to pick up her clothes and move them out if the way and Alex was still staring watching her thighs tighten as she bent over with her round ass begging to be smacked. Alex couldn’t help herself and did just that.

“Owe. FUCK, you’re going to regret that Alex”

“Promises, promises Sarge”

Jill grabbed the bottom of Alex’s undershirt and almost ripped it off over her head. Jill unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, causing them to start falling off Alex’s hips. Jill turned Alex so her ass was against the counter and Alex jumped enough to sit on it causing her pants to come the rest of the way off.

Jill could already smell Alex as she kneeled in front of her. She ran her hand up Alex’s thigh, once she reached her center she lightly flicked her fingers across Alex’s underwear and back down her other thigh. Alex let out a soft whimper when Jill’s hand moved back away from her center and had stood up.

Jill grabbed Alex’s wrist again and brought Alex’s fingers to her breasts.

“These are in need of some attention Alex.” She said in a soft whisper.

Alex let out a breath of air and looked into Jill’s eyes, the lust obvious to them both.

Alex lifted the first bra over Jill’s head then gently lifted her breasts over the fabric of the bottom layer. The cloth was holding them upright and together while Alex caressed the fill mounds in front of her.

Jill sat down on the counter with Alex following on top of her licking her lips at the feast laid out on the counter.

Alex leaned her head down flicking her tongue out first across one nipple then the other. Alex cupping both mounds together sucked both nipples into her mouth lavishing her tongue between them. Jill let out a soft moan

Jill reached a hand down across her own body and into her panties. She began rubbing her clit gently in time with Alex’s tongue on her breasts. Jill’s hips began to rock on time to the attention she was receiving from both action.

Alex finally releasing the breasts from her mouth continued rubbing Jill’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She kissed down Jill’s stomach licking and nibbling along the way, paying extra attention to any area causing Jill’s body to jump.

Alex made it down to the seam of Jill’s underwear and kissed her way above them down to the crotch nuzzling her face into Jill’s covered slit.

“Mmmm, I want to taste, your dripping pussy Sarge.” Alex mumbled out into the crotch of Jill’s underwear.

She let go of Jill’s nipples to glide her fingernails down to Jill’s panties. She tried to slide them down and had to tug on them until Jill lifted her hips to allow Alex to take them off completely.

“Please, Sarge, please let me taste you” she begged pulling her panties off.

Alex returned her mouth to the sweet scent of Jill’s essence, taking a deep breath in to savor the smell before kissing along Jill’s thigh to return her mouth to the awaiting reward. Jill’s fingers began to manipulate her own nipples when Alex’s mouth went to work between her legs.

Alex licked from top to bottom as far as she could reach with the limited space of the counter. Alex sucked Jill’s outer lips into her mouth with her tongue dancing in-between them firmly because of the pressure she was applying from sucking.

Alex nibbled before letting go completely allowing her tongue to seek further into the treasure before her. Alex reaching sincan anal yapan escort out with her rolled tongue delved as far into Jill as far she could reach, drawing out the sweet liquid from within.

It seemed the further Alex was able to explore the more liquid she was able to obtain. Jill reached her hands down grabbing ahold of Alex’s bun and moved her head up so Alex’s tongue could focus more on her clit.

“Yessss, right there Alex. Fuuuuck… That feels so good” Jill didn’t let go of Alex’s head, instead pulling her further into her body.

Alex was lost in the pleasure she was giving Jill. Alex’s tongue was circling around Jill’s clit using her hands to hold Jill’s hips down. Alex sucked Jill’s clit into her mouth letting her tongue flick across it. Alex continued to use her tongue to circle the clit now in her mouth while applying pressure onto it with the motion of Jill’s hips gyrating underneath her.

Once Jill set a solid rhythm with her hips, Alex followed along with her tongue. Circle on the downward motion, and applying pressure on the forward thrust. Circle, pressure, circle, pressure. Jill was holding her breath as her climax approached.

Alex could feel Jill tense up and knew she was getting close to release. She began flicking her tongue across Jill’s clit with the downward and adding more pressure with the upward.

“Ohhhh fuck, just like that Alex, don’t fucking stop” Jill inhaled a giant gulp of air. Jill bit in the inside of her lip to keep from screaming as her orgasm rocked through her.

Once Jill was able to breath normally she pulled Alex up to her giving her a lingering kiss. Jill reached her hands down sliding her fingers into Alex’s waist band.

“Good Alex you’re so fucking wet.” Jill gave Alex’s pussy a little swat and rolled Alex off of her. Grabbing Alex clothes and throwing them at her, Jill began putting her other bra and shirts back on.

Alex looked in disbelief.

Jill grinned, “told you, you would regret spanking me.”

Alex was staring at Jill with open frustration.

“Come on Alex get dressed, you have less than 3 minutes now before the officers are going to start moving for sight checks and you need to be decent for the camera.” Jill still had her bottom half undressed, she leaned back against the wall watching Alex process that information.

“Oh fuck” Alex whispered and began throwing her uniform back on. Alex had just barely finished buckling her duty belt back on when the officers had reached the first door into the pods.

Jill sat back and watched Alex work, her hand drifting back down to her pussy. Jill began stroking herself while Alex was monitoring the officers checking all the cells. Alex didn’t notice what Jill was doing until Jill began whimpering and moaning softly.

Alex had to cross her legs and bite her tongue to keep from responding to the sounds Jill was making

“Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum again, you better hurry up” Jill said as the officers entered the last pod. By this time Alex was rocking in her chair seeking any friction she could to get some kind of relief.

The looseness of the uniform blocked every attempt Alex had made at getting herself off. After the officers were clear of the pods she double checked to make sure all the housing units were secure. She verified there shouldn’t be any distraction before allowing her attention to wander back to what Jill was doing and the sounds she was making.

Alex almost fell out of her chair trying to get up. She slowly made her way back over to Jill in her lust driven haze. Jill removed her fingers from her own pussy and held them up for Alex. Alex sucked each one into her mouth removing all trace of Jill’s cum from her fingers.

Just as Alex had finished a call came over the radio. “Sergeant you’re needed in booking with an aggressive hostile down here.”

“I’ll be down in a minute” she responded into her handheld.

Jill finished putting the rest of her clothes on while kissing Alex in-between adjusting her clothing. She took a step back from Alex spreading her arms out.

“How do I look?”

“Amazing, but I’m still seeing you without your clothes on, but you’re uniform is immaculate as always.” She reached over and brushed a small dust speck off of Jill’s shoulder and readjusted the collar of her polo.

Alex kissed Jill’s forehead and leaned back. “So if I can’t smack your ass goodbye, how do I guarantee you’ll come back to finish where we left off?”

“Oh Alex, you’re the new tower operator, you will be up here every night from now on. Of course I will have to verify you’re learning everything you need to be, so I will be in and out of here every night.”

Jill winked at Alex before heading back to work thinking of all the ways she would be making Alex moan before their next day off.

At briefing in the morning Matt asked Jill how her night went. Jill sighed wiping her hands down her pants.

“Oh Matt it was a long night, Fucking New Guy and all.”

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