Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 06

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I was really surprised to hear Valerie’s voice on the phone. We hadn’t spoken since she surprised me during the first week back of the winter semester. My mind went directly to the memory of her riding on top of me; only wearing her silk, green, panties, grinding them on my cock. Her pussy getting them wet as my throbbing cock was nearly enveloped by them. This is a memory I will never forget. This is what started my panty fetish. I grew instantly hard when I heard Valerie’s voice.

I was also surprised at how excited I was to hear from her. It was very easy chatting with Valerie. She immediately asked if I was having any “fun” with anyone. I found it so easy to tell her all about Catherine. I even told her about Amrita, who I met right after Valerie left. Valerie laughed when I told her how I’ve become obsessed with panties after she left hers for me.

“Oh good! That’s why I left them!” She laughed sounding excited. “I’m glad I had some effect on you.”

I told her all of my panty exploits: stealing Catherine’s; getting Amrita to leave me hers; cumming all over Catherine’s pantyhose, and even using hers and others to masturbate with.

Valerie thought all this was great and I found myself really wanting to see her. “Why don’t we get together next weekend?” I inquired; “You only live a couple hours away and I can make an excuse to leave for the weekend.”

“No, that would not be a good idea.” Valerie told me; “Your going out with Catherine and it sounds like you’ve got a good thing with her.”

Valerie was of course right, but I was a little surprised at how quick she shot down my offer of getting together. We weren’t exclusive when we were fucking, but she obviously respects the idea of being monogamous.

Valerie and I chatted for a while longer. She was back living at her parents home, and she enrolled in a local community college for next September. In the meantime she was working as a waitress and bartender. She told me she had a big “reality check” after getting kicked out of school.

Time flew by during our conversation, it was getting late and I had to go to bed. When I last saw Valerie, and she left me her panties, I wasn’t sure if I’d see her again. Now I was sure I would see her.

I felt a like a jerk after asking Valerie to get together, but strangely not for betraying Catherine. I felt worse that I assumed Valerie would get together. I suddenly didn’t want Valerie to think that I only thought of her as a fuck buddy. This conversation obviously made me realize I had more feelings towards Valerie than I realized I had.

I found myself having trouble sleeping. I shouldn’t of asked Valerie to get together, but I also really missed fucking. I should be happy that Catherine was now sucking me off, and after last night, she showed she obviously enjoyed the feel of my cock rubbing against her, and she didn’t mind me cumming all over her panties. I decided I shouldn’t get to bent out of shape that Catherine is holding on to her virginity. It doesn’t seem like it will be long until she’ll be ready to loose it.

I reached beside my bed and picked up Amrita’s black lace panties. I took a big smell of them and fell asleep.

The next day I didn’t see Catherine until after dinner which was very unusual. I usually saw her during the day on campus or at our dorm. When she showed up in my room there was obviously something bothering her.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked her.

“I didn’t leave those panties I found in your room yesterday. I saw the panties I wore the night before in my laundry, they were pink, the ones I found under your mattress yesterday were white. I think they’re mine, but how did you get them?”

I was a little stunned. I felt a cold chill run up my spine. I hesitated and considered lying while Catherine’s green eyes pierced into me.

My hesitation and slight stutter made Catherine shake her head. “Oh great! You can’t even say! Now I know this isn’t good!” She turned and started to leave my room.

“Wait!” I stated as I reached for her arm. “They’re your panties!”

“Wonderful! Do you think that makes me feel better! You stole them from me. My panties… how should I feel about that? Should I not feel violated?”

Wow, that really hit me hard. I didn’t expect that at all. I didn’t even consider she might feel violated, but I thought her reaction was a little over the top. “Oh come on. I took them because I’m attracted to you. They turn me on like you do.” She paused and looked like she was beginning to soften. I should of left it at that, but I continued. “You shouldn’t feel violated. You should be happy, your panties excite me!”

That didn’t help diffuse the argument. “Happy? Happy you stole my private and very personal belongings? Shit! I thought it was me turning you on! Not my panties rubbing against your cock! Shit! I’m getting out of here!” She started to leave then turned and said; “I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this!”

With that edirne escort Catherine walked out of my room.

“What the fuck just happened?!?!” I said to myself. I was about to go after her but I then stopped myself. I was now beginning to get angry. It would not help to chase her down. Instead I stayed and stewed in my room for a while. Then I did what guys often do when faced with a relationship issue; I avoided it. I called up Jeff and we went out and got hammered.

I was very surprised at Catherine’s reaction to me stealing her panties. Things were progressing nicely between us. She even acted like she wanted me to grind her panties and pantyhose on my cock. Why should she be so surprised I had a thing for her panties? Of course it had more to do with her feeling violated.

The next day things got worse when I told her I took them the night she passed out in front of me while undressing. She had told me that night had secured the thought that I was a good guy because I could of taken advantage of her and didn’t. She left my room after I told her she should “chill-out about this”.

The following day, now Wednesday, things didn’t get much better. That day Catherine came over and told me it’s going to be a while before she can trust me again. She told me she was upset we took things to a “new level” before she found her panties I stole from her. She continued to tell me that it made her think of me differently, and again how violated not only the stealing of her panties made her feel, but also everything we did the previous weekend. She also said she thought it was really strange that I wanted her panties. Then she told me her best friend, Elisa also said it was weird and strange.

This made me mad. She was sharing our intimate experiences with her friends? “Now who should feel violated??!” I asked her as she left my room.

Things seemed like they were coming to a quick end, but really in the back of my mind, I kept thinking this could be an excuse to go see Valerie.

On the Thursday night Catherine didn’t come down to my room, I went to hers. If things were going to end, I wanted to end before the weekend.

When I walked in, I saw Catherine’s white pantyhose folded on top of her laundry basket. The memory of her stretched out below me, with her pantyhose covered legs wrapped around my naked waist came rushing back to me. My throbbing cock grinding against her covered virginity. Her naked, perky, breasts rubbing against my chest, while both our bodies slid against each other sharing our sweat.

I suddenly wanted to feel my cock rubbing and grinding on her white, cotton pantyhose again. I wanted to feel her small breasts rubbing on my chest again. I wanted to feel her legs open to my pulsing cock as I shot my load on her panties and stomach and breasts.

I was looking at her sitting at her desk looking at me. The vivid memories ignited a heat in my pants as my cock grew rubbing against my jeans.

“Catherine, lets just forget about all this arguing.” I said as I moved behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. “It’s a silly argument.”

“That’s the problem.” She replied; “It’s not silly to me. You still haven’t even apologized. All these concerns I had about you before we started going out have come back. I think you just look at sex different than I do. I nearly made a huge mistake with you. I think we need to stop things for a while. Things got going fast and now we have to stop for a bit.”

“What the hell does that mean? You don’t want to go out anymore? You just want to be friends again? You nearly made a mistake?”

“Yes I did!” Catherine retorted; “Its now going to be a long time before you earn my trust again.”

I just stood for a minute looking at her. I didn’t need to take this shit I thought to myself. “You know where I am if you think I’ve ‘earned’ your trust back.”, I stated and walked out of her room.

That night I called Valerie and told her the entire story. I was still holding on to the idea that we might get together for the weekend, but she probably read my mind and before I asked about meeting up she told me she was working all weekend.

On Friday I managed to avoid seeing Catherine on campus, but as it turned out I didn’t need to. When I got back to the dorm there was a note under my door. It said she was going home to think about things over the weekend. That was definitely fine with me. As far as I was concerned she made things very clear that she didn’t want to go out with me anymore.

I called up Jeff and Chris, and it turned out a group was getting together and going to the campus pub that night. I thought that was exactly what I needed. A bunch of drinks with my friends who I hadn’t been hanging out with much lately. Probably some dancing with ladies as well. It should be a good time.

I was about to go out to pick up some beer when a knock wrapped on my door and things got much better. I opened the door to find Amrita looking edirne escort bayan sexy, holding a bag in front of me.

“Natasha isn’t back from school yet, so I thought I’d see if you are around,” Amrita explained; “I told her I was coming to visit, to see her this weekend, but I think you know the real reason I’m here.”

She was dressed causally, as one would when travelling a couple hours by bus. But she still looked sexy in her tight jeans, unzipped short jacket, with a light blue shirt only buttoned up to the third button revealing a grey tank top that showed off her cleavage produced up by her large 38DD breasts.

I didn’t even say anything. I pulled her by her arm into my room and slammed shut the door behind her. Immediately our lips locked together as her black bag dropped to the floor. We fell right down on the bed as she kicked off her shoes and straddled herself above me. “Wait!” She painted; “Aren’t you dating the resident virgin?” She asked coyly with a mischievous smile. “I suppose that probably means you really need this!”

“I don’t think we’re dating anymore.” I told her; “and yes, I do really need this.” I said reaching up and pulling off her dress shirt.

“Oh poor boy.” Amrita said as she ground herself on my throbbing hard cock; “I’ve been having lots of sex with my boyfriend, but I’ve kept thinking about you.” She pulled off her tank top, revealing her large firm breasts. She looked so incredibly sexy, straddled on top of me. Her large breasts, with large aortas, and hard nipples sitting firmly above me.

I began salivating as she lowered her breast down to my wanting mouth. I teased her, with my long tongue, by circling the outside of her aorta. “Aahhh.” Amrita moaned. I then started to flick her hard nipple with my tongue teasing her more. “Ahhh yes. Suck my tits.” Continued Amrita, as she dropped her breasts down on my face forcing me to open my mouth taking her breast in. I grabbed her other large breast and started to squeeze and rub it, then pulled on her other nipple bringing it to a state of hardness. Then I licked and gently bit down on that nipple.

“Ohh yes. That feels good.” She announced as she rested her breasts on my face and pulled down her jeans revealed a bright blue pair of lace g-string panties. Her body was stretched out on top of me with her breasts in my face and the rest of her completely naked except for her panties.

I felt my face melting into her breasts as I wrapped my arms around her, reaching down and grabbing her glorious ass. I gave her ass a quick slap. “Oh oh.” She softly yelped with an approving smile that I caught from the corner of my eye. I slapped her ass again and it jiggle around my waist. “Oh that’s nice. Your lips are good on my tits, but I need more.” She panted as she slid down my body.

She positioned herself kneeling between my legs. With a big smile she ran her hands over jeans and pressing down on my bulging cock which was hoping to be free. Instead of using her hands, Amrita opened her mouth and bit down on my leather belt. Looking up at me she pulled at my belt, opening it. I leaned forward and pulled off my shirt and now her hands went to my jeans. Her mouth went right above my jeans and she gave a big sloppy kiss just an inch above my concealed cock. She then brought her teeth to the tag on my zipper, slowly undid my button, and slowly unzipped my jeans. She then slithered her body down my legs and she pulled down my pants.

She paused, kneeling at my feet. “Hmmm…I’m just thinking…” Amrita bemused; “I’m still wearing my panties, maybe you should have to keep your boxers on.”

“Ahh no.” I stated.

“Ha! Your right. I want that cock of yours.” Amrita laughed as she reached down and pulled off my boxers, as my large, thick cock sprung to attention. “Oh such a beautiful penis.” Amrita knelt down, grabbing it at the base. She brought her lips to the mushroom head of it and she swirled her head around it getting it sloppy with her saliva. Then her big brown eyes stared right into mine and she licked down my shaft, and then brought her lips around one of my balls and sucked on it pulling it slightly back, stretching my scrotum.

“Ohh.” I groaned. I felt slightly hurt, but it also felt good.

“Ha ha ha.” Amrita giggled. Then she ran her tongue back up my shaft and hold it in her hand she let her saliva drip down her tongue and land on my head. Then she opened her mouth again and took my cock back in her mouth. She slowly started to bob up and down, each time going a little further down my shaft. The sound of her saliva, and her slurps got louder and louder each time she bobbed down. Then her mouth got all the way down, meeting my scrotum. She held it all the way down, deep throating me, and pulled back up my shaft making a loud slurping noise and leaving my cock wet with her saliva. She pulled up for a second, admiring my wet cock and allowing a string of saliva to stretch from her mouth to the top of my escort edirne cock to her lips as she spat down. Then she bobbed right back down to my scrotum and slurped back my entire cock again.

“Oh yes.” I moaned at her mercy; “Oh god that feels good.” As she kept slurping and bobbing away.

She kept sucking me, enjoying every inch of my cock, and enjoying the continued moans her wet sloppy mouth brought out of me. Then pulled back and after another spit and quick stroke she said, “Don’t cum yet. We still have more to do.”

She the crawled back up me. Still wearing her bright blue, g-string panties she straddled me and said; “I’ve been wanting your cock in me since I left here. I’ve been imagining you in me. I even left my panties on once while I fucked my boyfriend. I pretended it was your cock in me, but it just didn’t feel the same.”

She pulled her panties to the side of her full, pussy lips, and slowly slid my cock over the outside, rubbing it over her clit and her panties. The mushroom of my cock was now wet with her juices. She then brought my head to her cavern and she slowly went down taking inch by inch of my cock inside her. Eventually my cock filled her right up, and her blue g-strings, stretched beside her pussy were rubbing against my cock. I moved my hips up and around, stretching her further.

“Oh yes. That feels good. No, my boyfriend’s cock just doesn’t feel like this…oh you feel good.” Amrita continued to ride my cock. She felt so wet as and she enveloped my cock. Her blue panties looked wonderful with her riding me. I could feel them against my shaft. She continued to sit up. Her volumptuous breast jiggling above me. I slapped the side of her ass. “Oh, oh.” She shrieked. I then ran my hand under her panties and lightly rubbed her clit.

“Ohhhh…just like that .” She continued to mount me, getting more and more turned on as I rubbed her clit. I couldn’t believe how wet she felt. It started dripping down my hand. I felt starting to flow down my cock to under my balls. It started to soak her panties. She began moaning harder and harder.

“Oh yes. Your cock, your hand. Feels soooo good.” She started riding faster and faster then she dropped her body flat on me. Her large breast landing right on my chest. Her mouth meeting mine and she sucked the air right out my mouth. She turned her head as her hips moved faster, and she felt my cock going in and out of her. I moved my hips circular stretching her right out. My hand was soaked with her juices as I continued to rub her clit.

“Oh! Yes!” She exclaimed as she sat back up; Oh yes! Oh Yes!” And she fell back flat down continuing to friction my cock. I grinded deeper into her, and she suddenly froze as I moved my hips even further and rubbed her clit a little harder.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! OH OH OH OH OOOOOOHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSS!” She let out a powerful orgasm and I sped up my pumping. “OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!” And she came some more soaking me and her panties. “OHHHH NO MORE! NO MORE!” She screamed as I continued to pumped into her soaked cavern. Then she squirmed off me and slithered down my bed. I felt her wetness flowing down my legs as she squirmed down my body. She then grabbed my cock and again started bobbing in it again.

Once again her mouth felt so good. She tasted her own juices all over my cock and she kept bobbing down. I felt her tongue pressed on my head and her lips sucking hard. Then she went down again. “Oh yes! I’m going to shoot!” I shouted and she held her mouth all the way down my shaft. I shot a huge load down her throat, and she kept her mouth down, her lips pressed to my scrotum. “Oh yess! Oh Oh Oh!” As I groaned she started bobbing again and sucking it all back. “WOW” She kept bobbing getting every last drop. It was an incredible sensation. Her lips and tongue felt attached the the head of my cock, continuing to suck. ” I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!” And I pulled out of her mouth completely spent.

We collapsed beside each other, breathless, in a feeling of euphoria.

“Wow!” Amrita said; “What a good start to the weekend.”

I couldn’t agree more. I had never experienced a girl that wet before. “I think my bed sheets are soaked.” I laughed.

“Maybe you can wipe them with these!” And with that she pulled off her bright blue g-strings and then shoved them in my mouth.

“Hmmmm” I moaned. She laughed and laid down beside with me resting her bare breasts on my chest. We just rested in the after glow for a bit but before long we realized the time.

“I better get dressed and get to Natasha’s room. She going to wonder if I missed my bus.” Amrita said as she got up and started looking in her bag.

“Hey don’t tell Natasha. I think things are over with Catherine but I still don’t want her to know. It would look bad you know.”

“Hey don’t worry.” Amrita told me as she found a new set of panties. Red ones this time and she slid them on. “I still have a boyfriend who I don’t want to find out.”

“I think this could be a really good relationship.” I said as we laughed while getting dressed.

Suddenly Jeff burst into the room. “Hey brother, I got some beer…” He started. “Oh shit, errr…hi Amrita.”

“We were just hanging out until Natasha got back.” Amrita blurted out.

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