Deviant Suitemates Ch. 02

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From Behind

This is a story loosely based on my experiences in college. Loose enough that this could be called fiction. Obviously names and dates have been changed. All character’s mentioned in sexual references are 18 years of age or older. I hope you love my characters. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * *

While the two lovers, Lexi and Byron, held each other close, Maddy had broken her kiss and was reaching under her bed. Her big tits were still covered by the blanket. She needed to use the bathroom and in her bag she had a spare robe. When she found it, she removed her halter top, replaced it with the robe and stumbled a bit as she made her way to the bathroom in the dark.

Lexi turned into Byron’s chest and covered her face, once the bathroom door closed.

“I can’t believe I just came in front of Maddy,” whispered Lexi, embarrassed now that her passion had subsided. Her boyfriend in Wisconsin was the furthest thing from her mind.

“It’s okay,” Byron said, quietly. “I think Andy kept her occupied.”

Andy had heard that comment and snorted a laugh softly, as he removed his jeans. He was still under the blanket, waiting for Maddy’s return.

Byron pulled his rock hard dick through his boxers and rubbed them up against Lexi’s panties, which were now back in place, covering her vagina.

“Oh,” Lexi gasped, completely forgetting he had the tools to make her bust nuts in other ways as well. While she hadn’t planned on getting fingered to death tonight and certainly not while on the phone with her boyfriend, she was not ready to give Byron everything he wanted.

“Not tonight big boy,” Lexi whispered, as Maddy left the bathroom, her boobs and ass covered in her nightgown. “Soon though. I promise.”

The girls, obviously satisfied, fell asleep in the arms of their new friends within ten minutes. Andy took a bit longer to fall asleep and Byron was so horny, that he didn’t start to drift for another forty minutes.

* * * * * * * * *

Maddy awoke feeling more comfortable than she would’ve expected, sharing a twin bed. She still felt a bit drunk. The sun was up and Maddy tried not to make too much noise, as she felt around for her phone. She hadn’t plugged it up and found it under the blanket. It was at 14%.

Her movements were stirring Andy. He still had his right hand resting on her boob. Maddy could hear Byron snoring in the other bed. It wasn’t loud enough though, that she couldn’t also hear her best friend’s quiet emissions of slumber, as she breathed deeply.

Maddy knew Lexi only made those sounds when her friend had drunk quite a bit. Maddy wondered how much Lexi had let Byron get away with, while she was on the phone with her boyfriend.

Maddy felt Andy squeeze her body closer to his and she felt the kisses he began planting on the back of her neck. He reached around her, opened her nightgown and began to rub and flick her nipples sending small jolts to her pussy. She also felt his cock, as it came to life, squeezed between her butt-cheeks.

“What time is it?” Andy whispered, after a few minutes of toying with her boobs. His efforts had Maddy’s nipples extra pointy again and Maddy was feeling a bit turned on. It had been a long time since she awoke with a man in bed next to her.

“8:30,” Maddy replied. She turned her head over her right shoulder, away from Lexi’s bed. “I need to get in the shower.”

“Hmmm,” said Andy thoughtfully. “You should take me with you.”

Maddy considered. She had never showered with a man before. One thing to knock off the college bucket list she supposed. Also, she would hate it if Andy jetted while she was in the bathroom, leaving her to the awkwardness of being in the room alone with a naked Byron and Lexi.

“Okay,” she said. “But…..Let me…… try something.”

She turned into Andy and reached between his legs, as she buried her head into his chest. As she rubbed Andy’s penis through his boxers, she was feeling a bit hornier than she would’ve guessed, having been brought to climax the night before.

She felt for the fly in his underwear and reached inside.

‘Jackpot’ she thought, as she grabbed a hold of a sizable penis.

Even though it wasn’t yet hard, Maddy found it easy to stroke while they both lay on their sides.

The future Marine could feel his cock growing as Maddy tugged at it. With her head just under his nose, he was enjoying the smell of the product Maddy used in her hair. Andy adjusted his body so he was more on his back and Maddy never let go of his meat.

However with every rise and fall of his chest, the big-breasted college freshman inched her head lower and lower, toward his groin.

* * * * * * * * *

Lexi opened her eyes and saw darkness. Her head was resting on a pillow under her thick blanket. She could feel her bedmate’s strong arm wrapped around her chest as she awoke on her back. Byron was snoring as he slept on his stomach. However, that wasn’t all she could hear.

Over the sound of Byron sleeping, she heard some deep breathing coming from Maddy’s bed. It wasn’t the rhythmic sound demetevler escort of someone’s slumber. It was more choppy and forced. That was not all she could hear. Not wanting to move, she strained her ears and she could discern the soft sounds of two people making out.

Or at least that’s what it sounded like. She was just about to turn over and clear her throat audibly to interrupt their makeout session, when a realization hit her and she froze.

‘How can they be making out, when she can hear Andy breathing audibly through his mouth?’ she thought.

The answer came in the form of a sinking feeling in her stomach, which trailed through her abdomen until, it settled deep in her pussy.

‘She was listening to the sounds of her best friend sucking Andy’s dick!’

Lexi heard Andy’s ragged breath turn into soft short groans as she continued to listen to the quiet slurping of Maddy’s mouth on Andy’s penis. As slowly as she could, so as not to attract any attention, she pulled the blanket down past her forehead until her eyes were barely exposed.

She could clearly see Andy. His head was propped on a pillow as he lay on his back. His eyes were closed and his mustache-topped mouth was open, slack-jawed. He exhaling audibly and every few seconds his body twitched a bit.

She could also see the blanket-covered lump that was Maddy’s head, as it rose and fell in time with Andy’s breathing. She could make out the slobbering noises of her friend’s mouth as it ran up and down Andy’s presumably slick meat.

She stared, mesmerized, as the lump under the blanket sank closer to Andy’s groin and stayed there while Andy’s face contorted in pleasurable agony. Lexi heard a slight gag, before she saw the blanket rise again accompanied with the continuing sounds of her Maddy’s sucking.

Lexi had sucked dick more than a few times with Maddy in the room, usually when she was too drunk to care; and once because she had been dared to. She had never been the voyeur and as she slid her hand down past her belly-button and into her own panties, she wondered why Maddy ever complained. She found the situation very erotic.

She looked on for about five minutes, watching Maddy pleasure Andy. Then, his left hand snaked under the blanket and Lexi could tell he had brought it to the back of Maddy’s head.

Andy turned his own head toward Lexi’s bed and she just barely moved the blanket over her eyes and shut them tight for good measure. She hoped Andy hadn’t seen her spying, while he received a morning blowjob from her best friend.

Andy hadn’t. When Lexi peeked from under the blanket again, Andy’s attention had turned back to the bobbing head under the blanket. Lexi was toying at her own clit, the passion inside her rising as she watched. Andy had begun thrusting up into Maddy’s mouth and Lexi heard a few whimpers escape Maddy’s throat as Andy’s dick filled the void.

‘Why do guys always want to grab your head and try to make you swallow it?’ Maddy thought to herself.

Maddy hadn’t sucked a cock in quite some time. She loved swirling her tongue around the head because she enjoyed the audible reaction she received from a guy.

However, once Andy grabbed the back of her neck, he forced his big cock past her tongue and into her throat; and she remembered why she wasn’t as enthusiastic about blowjobs as her friend Lexi was.

Still, wanting to make sure Andy was impressed for some reason, she labored on, with Andy gripping the back of her neck. She used her left arm for support and her right elbow rested on the bed next to Andy’s thighs while he force-fed his meaty cock into her willing mouth.

Lexi knew, from her friend’s own admission, that she wasn’t keen on having her face fucked. This knowledge only fueled Lexi’s lustful desires, as she started rubbing her own shaved pussy, much like Byron had only a few hours earlier.

As Lexi masturbated next to a sleeping Byron, she watched her roommate’s head rise and fall while Andy’s thrusting sped up. She could hear the faint suckling sound of Maddy’s lips against Andy’s dick.

Lexi wondered if Andy was close, because she could hear his breathing growing more rapid and deeper. If Maddy wasn’t keen on having her pretty face fucked, she definitely hated swallowing cum. So when Andy’s right hand joined his left on the back of Maddy’s head under the blanket, Lexi’s eyes bulged. She knew Andy was a few seconds away.

Lexi was also seconds from cumming and she found herself wanting to see and hear Andy blow his load down her friend’s throat. The bed was squeaking quietly, as Andy thrust his pole deep into Maddy’s face. Maddy gave a particularly loud yet muffled gag and Lexi heard Maddy slurp on what she imagined was a pretty large dick.

But, Lexi also heard Byron’s snores stop and felt him begin to stir awake with a stretch.

Maddy had heard too. She froze under the blanket, with a cock still trying to force its way into her esophagus. She did not want her roomie and her roomie’s date otele gelen escort to listen to her suck Andy to completion. So much to Andy’s dismay (not to mention Lexi’s, who had stopped rubbing her own pussy), Maddy came up for air; leaving a hard cock sliding between her peaks, as she crawled back up to Andy.

“Come on,” she whispered hurriedly.

“What’re you…?” said Andy, who was still in a haze from the pleasure that Maddy’s mouth had been providing.

“Shower …. now,” Maddy said, folding her nightgown over her tits as she and Andy scrambled out of bed.

Lexi, feigning sleep again, peaked out under her blanket just in time to see a naked Andy following Maddy into the bathroom, carrying his balled up pants. His meaty dick was pointing the way, as he crept quickly through the girls’ dormitory.

‘Score two for Maddy,’ Lexi thought impressed.

As the water turned on in the bathroom, Lexi turned back to Byron. He was slowly blinking his eyes, as he regained consciousness. As frustrated as Lexi was that he couldn’t remain asleep for thirty more seconds, her frustration paled in comparison to her own concupiscent thoughts. Byron barely had time to register his surroundings when he felt a soft hand slide into his boxers.

* * * * * * * * *

In the bathroom, Maddy was feeling the water through the shower curtains. Once she was satisfied with the temperature, she disrobed and stood in front of Andy completely naked.

Andy took notice of her body and felt his dick twitch while he drank in the image of her spectacular figure. Her tits were huge yet somehow still perky and they rested beautifully atop her ribcage. She boasted the flat stomach of someone who worked out and wide hips. Andy knew, from what he felt the night before, that she had a bubbly bottom behind her.

At 5’5 Andy thought it all fit perfectly on her body and he still couldn’t believe she had those pink nipples with her naturally tan skin. He was also surprised to see a triangle patch of bushy dark brown hair that was pointing to what Andy remembered was a tiny clitoris.

Andy brought his eyes back to Maddy’s face. Her dark eyes were watching him and she was clearly enjoying the look he was giving her. She was glad to be desired. Her lips were curled into a small arrogant smirk and Andy relished in knowing that less than three minutes ago his manhood was sliding in and out of those smirking lips.

Maddy walked towards her admirer and just when Andy was ready to reach out grab her orbs, she stepped to her left and slid into the shower.

“You coming?” she asked haughtily, with a devious smile.

‘Not yet,’ Andy thought. He smiled as he joined his big-breasted friend in the shower. Maddy was already reaching for her bottled soap while Andy adjusted to the piping hot water. She poured a glob into her hands before offering the bottle to Andy.

“Sorry, but I guess you’re going to smell like mango today,” she said. “Unless you wanna smell like flowers.”

Andy took the bottle and applied the soap to his body, while watching Maddy as she soaped herself down with her back to him. He stared as she soaped her entire front. She then turned around and watched him as he cleaned his own body.

They switched places with Andy moving so his back was to the water. As she rubbed her booty, her big titties jutted out with her large pink nipples soft again. Andy couldn’t resist.

Reaching out with his soapy hands, he rubbed each of her boobs while she washed her own thighs. Andy used his fingertips to trace around her areolas until her nipples got stiff once more.

“Thanks,” Maddy said. “But I’ve already cleaned those.”

“I just want to make sure you got them good,” Andy replied, smiling and lifting her boobs a bit, before letting them plop back into place. They were heavy and firm, yet also the softest things he’d ever felt.

As Andy began to get a bit more forceful Maddy, again felt that tingling between her legs that only came when her nipples got hard from manipulation. She decided turnabout was fair play.

“We’ll make sure this gets clean as well,” she said, grabbing ahold of his cock which was coming back to life as she got her mounds waxed.

She took her time exploring his privates with her smooth wet hands, slowly stroking his shaft and cradling his balls until he was as hard as she wanted. Then, while stroking with her left hand, she reached past him and grabbed a bottle of baby oil from her shower caddy that was suctioned to the wall.

She then placed the bottle on the edge of the tub. Her eyes never left his member as she squatted down with her legs spread wide and, once she had gotten all the soap off his penis with her hands, took him into her mouth again.

Maddy was in a position, her left hand was on the floor of the tub while her right hand stroked his shaft as she swirled her tongue around the head of Andy’s cock.

Andy placed his hands on each of her shoulders, as the teenager used her mouth on his organ. balgat escort He watched Maddy work her tongue around the tip of his member before sucking it into her face.

After a few minutes, he began to flex his hips in time with her sucking, but she pulled his cock out of his mouth and again wrapped her tongue around the head. At the same time, she reached for the bottle of baby oil and squirted a liberal amount on her hand and used that to stroke him until his cock was as slick as possible.

He marveled at how good it felt. Andy couldn’t help but think about the first time he saw Maddy sitting at the table in the cafeteria and was immediately infatuated with her huge breasts.

As though she read his mind, Maddy went down to her knees and slid his cock right in between her tits.

“Let’s not pretend like you haven’t wanted to do this since you first saw me,” she said smiling, while she looked up at him. “Grab them.”

Andy did as he was told. Reaching down and squeezing her huge globes into place while he humped her chest. His thick cock was poking out from between them, just below Maddy’s neck.

* * * * * * * * *

At the same time that Maddy was stepping into the shower, Byron felt his dick growing. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw a topless Lexi sitting up and stroking his dick inside his boxers. Once Lexi saw that he was awake, she pulled his dick out through his fly.

“Well good morning,” Lexi said, as she tugged at his expanding dick.

“Hi,” Byron said, smartly.

Lexi’s eyes had returned to his dick.

“Hmmm, okay,” she said. “I didn’t get a proper look at this thing last night……impressive.”

Lexi was still on her side using her right hand to jerk off Byron who by now had been brought to a full erection.

Byron said nothing as he watched Lexi draw closer to his privates. She was readjusting her body until her face was level with his hips, all the while handling his dick. Lexi thought it was huge.

She licked her lips, then looked up at Byron.

He was watching her, breathing deeply as his dick twitched in Lexi’s hand.

She was still somewhat surprised at herself, having allowed Byron into her bed. Yet now, as she forced her eyes away from his muscular chest to stare longingly at his long rod, she couldn’t believe she hadn’t fucked him.

“You’ve got a nice….dick,” Lexi said, laughing a little at the compliment she gave.

Lexi’s body shivered when she thought of her friend sucking off Andy across the room. With a flick of her head to move her dirty-blonde hair away from her face and with one final glance at Byron, she opened her lips and allowed Byron into her pretty mouth.

In one motion, Lexi took Byron all the way into her throat and Byron let out a groan at the intense and immediate pleasure. She was pleased with herself. Lexi loved the carnal sounds a man makes during sex. She always found herself wet when she made someone cum.

She held him in her throat for three full seconds before pulling back. Now, with Byron’s dick coated in her saliva, she began bobbing her head up and down into Byron’s lap. Byron watched in awe. Lexi was an expert.

Her lips tightened when she filled her mouth down near the base, and she used her lips to provide pleasure in what was almost a kiss when she raised her mouth to the head of Byron’s knob. All the while she was either swirling or rolling her tongue around the entire length. It felt impossible to Byron, who was grunting in pleasure just thirty seconds in.

Byron placed his right hand on Lexi’s back and rubbed it while his left hand was involuntarily gripping some of the blanket. Lexi smiled, with a full mouth, when she saw Byron’s reaction. She continued sucking Byron’s dick and for five minutes the only sounds in the room were the slurping of Lexi’s mouth and his moans of appreciation.

Byron tilted his head to the side, so he could get a better look at his brown dick slipping in and out of Lexi’s pink lips. Her eyes were open, but he saw that they sort of flickered when her mouth was completely full. She was bobbing at a pretty good pace and Byron was thrusting just a bit in time with her bouncing head.

Byron could hear the slightest of moans coming from Lexi whenever he reached the back of her tongue with his dick. He couldn’t believe how good it felt. Lexi’s mouth was impossible.

She took a deep breath through her nose, her lips never releasing Byron’s tool and she deep-throated him again, dropping her face all the way down into his lap. Byron was in ecstasy. Her nose was tickled by Byron’s neat pubic hair as she held him in her throat for five full seconds this time before gagging just a bit coming up for air.

She repeated that feat at least four more times, taking Byron all the way down; pressing her lips down to his balls.

For the first time since she started blowing him, Lexi released his dick and looked up at Byron. She saw his eyes come back into focus, having been closed while she throated him. With it being their first blowjob together, Lexi wanted to do it right.

She was very driven afterall. The same passions that drove her to clear the high bars in high school, also made her want to be the best that anyone’s ever experienced in bed. So she licked and kissed the head of Bryon’s dick a few times before sitting up and reaching for the drawer under her bed, where she kept her hair scrunchies.

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