Devin and Kelsi’s Discoveries Ch. 01

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Devin had known and been best friends with Kelsi since they were kids. They had gone to grammar school and high school together. Now they were about to go to college together. When they were going through the college application process, they had applied to a bunch of the same schools along with different schools and oddly enough they both got accepted to the same schools. When it came down to choosing a college, they had chosen Illinois State University. Even though the weather in Chicago was crazy, ISU was the furthest away from home. Kelsi was very happy they were attending the same college together and were even roommates in the dorm.

Once the girls were settled into the dorm, Devin suggested that they go out and have a drink. Well, one drink turned into seven hours later. Devin and Kelsi managed to make it back to their room in one piece. Not even thinking because she was drunk, Devin stripped off all her clothes and put her sexy jammies on.

Kelsi was still rather giggly as Devin stripped naked and put on those silky little pjs. The spaghetti strap had came down over one shoulder, revealing the sexy curve of Devin’s breast. Kelsi stopped breathing. Her face suddenly felt extremely hot, but she was sure it wasn’t the alcohol.

Devin walked over to Kelsi and gave her a sweet little smile. “Good night.” Then out of the blue, Devin did something she had been wanting to do for many years. But now, because Devin was drunk, she had no problem doing it. Devin leaned in and kissed Kelsi. The kiss was soft, sweet, and quick. Kelsi barely had time to respond, when Devin pulled back, just looking searchingly into Kelsi’s eyes. Devin took a step back and waited to see if Kelsi was going to make the next move.

Kelsi couldn’t believe what had just happened. Her heart was beating so fast, and all she wanted to do was pull Devin back into her arms for more. “Devin,” she said, gazing at her best friend with tenderness in her eyes. “I can’t believe you just kissed me like that….” Kelsi then just stopped talking, staring at Devin’s sweet lips, wishing she could have another taste of her.

“I’ve always wanted to kiss you,” Kelsi then admitted, reaching out to gently brush a stray tendril of Devin’s hair from her beautiful face.

As soon as Kelsi spoke, Devin instantly became sober. What was she thinking kissing her best friend like that? The next words that came out of Kelsi’s mouth took Devin by surprise. “Really?” She asked with a smile. Devin stepped in closer to Kelsi. “Go ahead Kels; its okay. Make the next move,” Devin said, as she looked deeply into Kelsi’s eyes. She moved a piece of Devin’s stray hair out of her face. Just the touch of Kelsi’s skin making contact with her own was turning Devin on.

Kelsi took a deep breath, hearing Devin assure her that it was alright for her to make the next move. A half-grin on her face, Kelsi began to press herself against Devin, feeling the silky fabric of Devin’s pjs against her skin. Kelsi then began backing Devin up towards her bed. When they reached the bed, Kelsi used her weight to maneuver Devin down onto the bed’s surface, then Kelsi lowered herself onto the bed right beside Devin. “How’s this for a move?” Kelsi asked softly and teasingly, taking in the beautiful site of Devin in the silken pjs, her cleavage revealed by the low-cut pajama top she was wearing. Daringly, Kelsi reached out a single finger, lightly tracing the edge of the fabric, just over the top of Devin’s sexy breast. Then without another word, she placed her lips against Kelsi’s, giving her a kiss that was sweet and tender and a duplicate to the one Devin had just given her.

Devin was shocked at Kelsi’s next move. She didn’t know that her friend had it in her. A slight moan escaped Devin’s mouth when her friend’s hand began exploring escort bursa her breast. Devin liked the kiss Kelsi was giving her. It was sweet and tender. Devin reciprocated by gently sliding her tongue across Kelsi’s lips. She wanted to taste Kelsi. As things where getting more passionate between the two friends, Devin wondered how far Kelsi was willing to take this.

Kelsi felt a quiver of sweet desire move thru her when Devin slowly slid her tongue across Kelsi’s lower lip. Kelsi let her finger slowly glide under the material of Devin’s pajama top, feeling the curve of Devin’s breast as the single finger began to explore under Devin’s top almost playfully. Kelsi had never felt sensations such as this. They were so perfect… and so intense. She wanted more. She wanted to explore this and see where it might lead. She lightly brushed the tip of her tongue against Devin’s, opening her mouth wider, so Devin could find her way inside.

Devin had been with quite a few women, and she could tell that Kelsi was really getting into what was happening right now. Devin however was going to let Kelsi continue to lead as to where tonight might take them. If it was up to Devin, she would make love to her best friend all night long, but she didn’t want to give too much too fast and scare Kelsi. All the thoughts that were going through Devin’s mind quickly left as Kelsi began touching Devin’s skin underneath her silken jammies. Another soft moan escaped Devin’s lips.

When Kelsi had granted Devin access to her mouth, Devin took complete advantage. She slid her tongue fully inside of Kelsi’s mouth and began sensually exploring. Devin broke the kiss for one brief moment and looked deeply into her best friend’s eyes. “Kelsi, tonight is about you. I am going to let you make all the first moves. I want you to do whatever makes you comfortable,” Devin said. She then picked up the kiss right where she had left off, exploring Kelsi’s mouth as she let what she just said to Kelsi sink in.

Kelsi couldn’t believe what Devin had just said. She could tell by the hot kiss that Devin was loving this very much. She also had a feeling that Devin wasn’t new to this, like she was. She had never been intimate with another woman before and although part of her felt a bit nervous, she trusted Devin and knew that Devin wouldn’t rush her or take things too fast. As Devin’s words sunk in, Kelsi melted back into Devin’s arms, her lips parting for Devin’s tongue just as Devin began a sensuous exploration of Kelsi’s mouth. Once again, Kelsi let her finger teasingly trace the skin where Devin’s breast was uncovered by the pajama top. Then she slowly trailed the finger down, under the silk, finding Devin’s rock-hard nipple. She then circled it with a fingertip, her movements matching the caress of her tongue as it sparred with Devin’s. She wanted this night to be slow and sensuous. She never wanted to forget this special night with Devin.

For this being Kelsi’s first time, Devin thought she was doing a wonderful job. She was making Devin feel sensations she had not felt in a long time. Devin continued kissing her best friend with everything she had. Devin had been so scared about telling Kelsi that even though she enjoyed being with men, she also liked being with women as well. However, the fact that Kelsi responded so well to Devin’s kiss, eased her conscience a bit. “Kelsi,” Devin moaned against her lips when Kelsi began playing with Devin’s rock-hard nipple.

Kelsi continued teasing the nipple, toying at it softly with her fingers. She was still rather drunk, but this was absolutely the most incredible experience in her life, kissing Devin. She had suspected that Devin had been with other girls before, but she had no idea till this moment that she bursa merkez escort too wanted to be intimate with another girl. Sometimes Devin had gazed at her with sweet desire in her eyes. It had always sent sparks of desire thru Kelsi as well, but she had never acted upon those feelings. Kelsi had several boyfriends in the past and had very much enjoyed being with a guy, so she had never actually admitted to herself until right at this moment that she was in fact bisexual. Now she had no doubt… and she knew she wanted Devin ever so much. She finally broke from the delicious kiss, staring into Devin’s passion-filled eyes as she was yet circling her nipple which now stood up begging for more of Kelsi’s attention. “Devin?” Kelsi whispered very softly. “Will you please make love to me?”

As Kelsi continued to play with Devin’s nipple, Devin was finding herself getting more and more turned on. When Kelsi broke the kiss and began speaking, Devin couldn’t believe what she had heard. “Kelsi, are you sure?” Devin asked her. “I want to make love to you more than anything in the world,” Devin admitted to her best friend.

“I have one question though?” Devin asked as she began to take off her clothes. “How do you feel about vibrators?” Devin gave Kelsi a moment to think about it. As Kelsi was thinking, a very naked Devin began taking off Kelsi’s clothes.

There was nothing Kelsi wanted more than to have Devin make sweet love to her. She knew it was going to be really hot, but also very tender when Devin showed her all there was to know about making love to another girl. Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she saw Devin quickly stand up and begin stripping out her sexy little pjs. She couldn’t help but gaze at Devin’s naked body as passion filled her eyes. “Vibrators?” she repeated back as Devin was taking her clothing off piece by piece.

“I like vibrators,” she said with a little giggle. “This will be fun…..” Her eyes swept Devin’s sexy body, thinking about her using a vibrator on her as she lay there, feeling so hot and sexy as Devin now had her completely naked. “Show me how much you want me,” she begged, pulling Devin down on top of her.

As Kelsi was telling Devin that she liked vibrators, Devin reached over and grabbed her strap-on and pulled out one of the random vibrators. “Oh yes, my sweet dear, this is going to be fun,” Devin grinned, as she put the strap- on around her waist. Devin then grabbed the vibrator and attached it. Once she was on top of Kelsi, she spread the sweet girls’ legs wide open. Devin slid inside of Kelsi with ease. “Oh damn girl, you are so wet,” Devin smiled, as she continued to slide the vibrator in and out of Kelsi’s soaking wet pussy.

Kelsi gasped when Devin slid the thick vibrator into her tight channel. The sensation of having her best friend fuck her like this made her entire body quiver. She gazed up into Devin’s face with her beautiful green eyes darkened with passion. “Ohhh Devin, that feels so good,” she gasped, arching toward the toy as her best friend slid it in. “Please……. please fuck me.”

“I like fucking you, Kels. It feels absolutely fucking amazing,” Devin moaned, as she continued to thrust into Kelsi, sending the length of the vibrator all the way inside of Kelsi’s tight little pussy. When Devin realized how much Kelsi was enjoying this, she began to move a little bit faster and a little bit harder. “How does that feel?” Devin asked. She wanted to make this the most amazing experience that she could for her best friend. “Tell me what you want.”

Kelsi smiled hearing Devin’s sexy response. She was arching up to take more of the thick vibrator into her tight sheath. It was all the way inside her and felt so kinky and amazing. She bursa escort pinched Devin’s nipples as Devin asked how it felt. “I love it,” she said, punctuating her words by moving seductively against the big toy with each thrust Devin made inside her. Her tight pink pussylips were spread so far around the edges of the naughty toy. It hurt so deliciously to be fucked like this. “Will you fuck me with it harder and faster?” Kelsi suggested in a pleading voice. “I want you to make me cum, Devin. I want to scream your name as I cum.”

Hearing the way that Kelsi was talking to her was turning Devin on even more. She cried out in ecstasy when Kelsi began pinching Devin’s nipples. That more than ever made Devin want to grant Kelsi’s wish. “You got it, babe,” She said, smiling as she took Kelsi’s ankles and put them against her own shoulders. Devin then began fucking Kelsi harder and much faster. “Oh Kelsi,” Devin moaned. “Cum for me, sweetheart.”

“Ommmmmggggg… ohhhh yes!” Kelsi moaned out, feeling every hard inch of the toy pressing so deep into her pussy when Devin had positioned her ankles atop her shoulders. This position had Kelsi’s pussy spread open so far, giving Devin better access for rough fucking. “Please….” Kelsi heard herself begging, as Devin was sliding the toy into her harder and faster, making her pussy feel so incredibly good. Kelsi reached down to pinch her own clit, moaning as Devin said, “Cum for me, sweetheart.” Kelsi’s eyes rolled back into her head as she let out a scream which was Devin’s name. She then came so hard, soaking the toy with her juices.

“Holy shit.” Devin smiled, as she watched Kelsi’s eyes roll into the back of her head when she came so hard onto the toy. Devin took the toy out of Kelsi’s drenched pussy. She watched as Devin looked at the toy, seeing Kelsi’s creamy juices clinging to it’s surface. Devin then licked the toy up and down with her tongue. “Damn girl, you taste so good,” Devin said, smiling. A wild surge of desire moved thru Kelsi, seeing Devin licking the toy, tasting her cum.

“That’s so naughty,” Kelsi whispered, her legs weak from having been spread so far and from the combined force of her intense orgasm.

Devin smiled at Kelsi. “Yes, I know that it is naughty. That is why I like it,” She said, chuckling.

Devin took the strap-on off and put the vibrator aside. Devin then knelt in between Kelsi’s legs and began to lick up all the juices which covered her pussylips and inner thighs.

Before Kelsi could form a conscious thought, Devin had slipped down between her slightly parted legs, opening them so she had access to her trembling pussy. “ohhhh God….” moaned Kelsi, feeling Devin’s warm, wet tongue lapping at her sensitive pussy, drinking her cum. “That feels so good,” she purred, arching toward Devin’s seeking tongue. Devin felt herself get wet when Kelsi began to moan when she went down on her.

After Devin had thoroughly eaten Kelsi, she noticed that she still seemed to be basking in pure bliss. Devin couldn’t help but smile. She laid down and held Kelsi tightly in her arms. “So…. is there anything else you want to do or try?” Devin asked.

Kelsi’s scream of total bliss yet echoed in her ears as she had cum so hard on the toy. She looked into Devin’s eyes and whispered, “Hell yeah… I want to fuck you, too.” With those words, Kelsi rolled over on top of her best friend, feeling the length of Devin’s gorgeous body beneath her own. “I wonder how you taste….” said Kelsi in a sexy voice, starting her kisses at Devin’s neck, sipping at her warm skin as her mouth swept down, down, down.

As they lay in each other arms, Devin smiled over at Kelsi when she said she wanted to fuck her. “Go ahead, sweetheart; go to town,” Devin said, as she laid all the way back. Devin slightly moaned when Kelsi began kissing her neck. “Mmmm… Kels, that feels so good.” She arched her back. “You won’t know how I taste until you try,” Devin said, encouraging her friend.

Kelsi raised one eyebrow at Devin’s words. She definitely wanted to “try.”

*** Chap. 2 to Follow ***

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