Devon Ch. 3

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I am going to take a break in my chronology of sexual experiences in college to go back and tell something that I think some of you would be interested in. I was reading a story in here about a girl’s first time to give a guy a blowjob.

It got me really hot and I decided that I should tell about the first time I did, because I think it’s pretty hot. At least, at the time I did.

I’m not sure what the technicalities are in here about stating your age, if you know what I mean, so let’s just say I was in high school when I gave my first blowjob. And I wasn’t a senior.

It was a weekend night and I was staying over at a friend’s house, Micah, and her parents were out of town. One of our other friends, Jenn, came over and we spent the first part of the night hanging out, talking about guys. Typical girl stuff. Jenn had brought over some cigarettes.

Not wanting to get the house smelling like smoke, we went out front to sit on the curb on the street. Micah lived in a pretty rich neighborhood in a big town, so there were always people driving up and down her street at all hours of the night.

Anyway, we were there, smoking when out of nowhere this guy comes running down the street, nearly full speed. Mind you, it was about 2 a.m. so this was incredibly odd. He saw us and came to a stop. “Hey, what’s up?” he said, panting. Micah laughed, “Uh, nothing. What the hell are you doing running down my street at 2 a.m.?” This guy wasn’t all that attractive but the the situation made him intriguing.

“Well, I was at this party a few streets down when the cops busted it. I took off and hauled ass out of there,” he explained, still trying to catch his breath. He reeked of alcohol. “Well,” Micah said, feeling sorry for him, “do you want to come in?” “Sure,” he said thankfully.

We all went into the house and he cleaned up and we gave him a drink out of Micah’s dad’s liqour cabinet. I thought this was the last thing we should be doing but Jenn and Micah wanted to see how drunk they could get him. It didn’t really suprise me to see how forward Micah and Jenn were with this guy. They had already had sex with at least two guys and I had a feeling they were shooting for a third with this one.

“What’s your name?” I asked. “I’m Kyle.” “Hi Kyle, I’m Devon. This is Micah, and that’s Jenn.” We all said hi and Micah suggested we all go out back and get into her hot tub. The three of us went into Micah’s room to change while Kyle changed in the bathroom. Micah gave him some of her older brother’s shorts. While we were changing into our bikinis Jenn and Micah were arguing over who would “get him” first.

We finally made it out to the hot tub and Jenn was all over him. Micah, frustrated, said “Hey Kyle, do you have any friends you could call? Guy friends?” “Uh, yeah,” he thought, “I do. My friend Brian was at the party too, I think he left. Hope he didn’t get busted. I’ll page him.”

This was when, of course, everyone had pagers and not cell phones. Micah brought out the phone and he paged Brian. A few minutes later, he called back and talked to Kyle. “Hey man, I’m over at these girls’ place, in the hot tub having a drink. You should come over…… Yeah…… No, I bolted man. Did you get caught?……Cool, cool…… No, i just met them, like an hour ago….Yeah, they’re really hot. Get over here….Okay, here’s Micah, she’ll give you directions.”

We all giggled and blushed and Micah talked to Brian. “So, how old is Brian?” I asked. “Oh,” Kyle replied, “he’s older. I think he’s 20.” Me and Jenn looked at each other with our eyes wide open. A 20 year old guy! Coming over to sit in the hot tub with us! Holy shit!

Brian finally got there and he was HOT! I think Jenn was a little jealous that she had already claimed Kyle when Brian was the one she should have held out for. Now it was down to me or Micah. Brian told us that he was a sophomore in college and all about partying and college life. Jenn said that she needed more cigarettes and asked Kyle if she would take him to the store.

Micah and I both knew what that meant, hell I think we all did. So, Jenn and Kyle left the three of us alone.

Meanwhile, Micah and I had been drinking along with Kyle and Brian, trying to show them that these little high school girls could keep up. But we were not. bağdat caddesi escort Not by any stretch of the imagination. “I don’t feel so well,” Micah moaned. “I think I need to go in and lay down.” I had to admit that I wasn’t feeling well either. So the three of us went into the pool house and Micah and I passed out on the bed, drunk.

Not long after, I awoke to a soft noise. I looked over (it was completely dark in the room, all I could see were shadows) and saw Brian half straddling Micah and making out with her. I looked closer and saw that he had his hands down between her thighs into her bikini bottom.

I could hear the slurping noise of their kisses and the quite slosh of his fingers in her pussy. I started getting wet watching them and I was hoping that she would need to get up to puke or something. Anything to let me in on it.

After a few minutes of making out, she passed out again, his fingers in her pussy. Yeah, she was hammered. Brian drooped down and slowly looked over to me, not wanting to wake me, but hoping I was awake. I acted like I was asleep but my light breathing gave me away. Brian started to kiss my bare shoulders softly, almost cautiously.

When he didn’t feel me resist, he started up to me closer, up my neck, and finally to my mouth. Without opening my eyes I started to kiss him, flinging my tounge in his wet mouth. We only kissed for a few seconds when he stood and pulled me up off of the bed.

He led me out to the hot tub and we both got after it hot and heavy. Jenn and Kyle were nowhere to be found and we weren’t nervous about getting caught. We figured they were doing the same thing. I had my back against the wall of the hot tob and Brian stood in front of me.

I was completely overwhelmed by what was happening. He was such an incredible kisser that I was getting wet just by tasting his lips and tongue. He started rubbing my tits through my bikini top and slid a hand down my stomach. I had been fingered before, so I knew what to expect. I spread my legs eagerly and he slipped a finger into my bikini bottom. His index finger slipped a little too far back and rubbed against my ass and I flinched a little. He quickly corrected and pushed his finger into my tight hole, not gently at all either.

It was okay, though, because I was soaked. He pulled back the cups of my top and began sucking on my nipples. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist, trying to squeeze his fingers into me deeper. He caught the clue and started jamming his finger into me faster. He even tried to put another in but only one would fit. At the time, I was still a virgin.

My nipples were rock hard in his lips and the sensation of his hands and lips on them made them stick out like large pebbles. I ran my hands through his hair, not wanting him to stop. My pussy was flowing like the water around me. I locked my ankles behind him and he started to hammer away at my virgin hole. Not wanting to wake Micah, my pants and moans were low and muffled.

Brian would constantly switch nipples, flicking them furiously. I felt myslef quickly approaching orgasm. The few guys who had fingered me had never even come close to making me cum and I was going wild at the thought of an older, experienced guy making me cum on his fingers.

I leaned my head down and whispered into his ear “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop, Brian. Yes, baby. God that feels so good.” He sensed that I was close to climax and pulled his finger out and found my clit. He parted my lips with his index and ring finger and began to massage and flick my swollen clit with his middle finger. This sent me over the edge. I grabbed his hair, clenched my legs around him tight and let out a long, low moan as I soaked his fingers. At just the precise moment he crammed his finger up my hole again and gave it a few long, slow pushes, increasing what was already the most incredible sensation I had ever had.

He pulled his hand out and readjusted my bikini. Brian put his strong arms around me and kissed me softly, taking time to gently lick my lips. He let his arms fall from behind me and I sank back against the wall. I could see his arms moving at his side, but his hands were underwater, doing something. He stopped whatever it was he was doing bahçelievler escort and went back to my mouth where I welcomed him. He ran his hand down my arm where he took my hand in the water. As we kissed he guided my small hand down his chest. He pulled it down to where the top of his shorts should have been.

I hesitated, but didn’t stop kissing him. I was eager to see what a college guy’s penis felt like. He lowered my hand to the shaft of his dick and I was suprised at how hard it was. Instinctively I started to stroke it slowly. I could tell that Brian liked it because he only quit kissing me to pant or sigh. I felt like such a big girl, stroking this big, hard cock in my hands. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, so I just did what felt good to me. I think Brian was enjoying having a high school girl taking his big dick in her hands.

“Have you ever given a guy a blowjob before,” he asked bluntly.

“No…” I said sheepishly. I felt embarrassed. All the girls he probably knew would do it for him all the time.

“Would you like to try it?” He was so calm about it that it put me at ease with whole situation. My intake of alcohol also had something to do with it as well.

“Yeah, I think so. I mean, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I can try.”

“Okay, you sure?” he asked. I reassured him that I was. I was still stroking his cock and I swear it got harder during our conversation. “We should probably go somewhere else. Doing that in the water is kind of difficult,” Brian said. “Here,” he said, “lets go over here, behind the garage.” We got out and walked over behind the garage where it was dark, but there was still enough light from the house behind ours for us to see each other.

He stood with his back agaisnt the wall and I stopped to admire his strong, wet body. He was so hot! And Micah was passed out! I couldn’t wait to tell her about this in the morning. I leaned in and kissed him one more time and he gently pushed me to my knees.

The cold wet grass felt uncomfortable, so he suggested that I take off my bikini top and use them as a sort of knee pad. We both laughed at this suggestion, knowing full well what he was getting at. But at this point, I didn’t care. So, I unstrapped the back and lifted up on my heels and placed the top on the ground. My knees fit perectly into the cups and I was right in front of his waste.

“Good idea. Where did you learn that one?” I teased.

“I can get really creative when I see what I want.” His answer made me blush and want him more at the same time.

He took me by the shoulders and gently pulled me closer to him. I grabbed ahold of his shorts and slowly eased them down. His large cock was staring straight out at me. Had I been any closer it would have poked me in the eye. I took it in my hands and gave it a few long, slow strokes, admiring its size.

I licked my lips, parted them, and looked up at Brian. He stared down at me, his eyes half closed in extacy. He pushed forward just enough to place the head of his cock onto my lips. With my eyes stil on him I flicked my tounge over the hole on his head and he flinched slightly. His head enlargerd and grew harder in my mouth.

I closed my eyes and pushed forward, running my tongue down under his smooth shaft. I felt saliva build up in my mouth and I let it seep out onto his cock. It oozed down the shaft, to the base of his testicles. I got halfway down his shaft when I felt I had to pull back. I was nearly out of air.

“I don’t think I can get it all in, babe,” I said.

“Sure you can, just keep going Devon,” he said quickly. I took his cue and engulfed as much as I could. I felt his hand grab the back of my head and gently pull me farther onto his cock.

Sucking a cock was nothing like I expected. I thought it would be a totally unsexual, disgusting experience that I really wasn’t looking forward to. Boy, was I wrong! I was enjoying every second of Brian.

After a few minutes of going back and forth slowly on his shaft, I felt myself getting more into it. I started sucking harder and faster. He started panting harder and louder, jerking his hips and making his cock jam deeper into my throat. My mouth was filled with spit that I let go of onto his cock each time I couldn’t bahçeşehir escort hold any more.

“Fuck yes baby, take it Devon. Suck it baby. God, you suck it so fucking good,” he kept saying. “I want you to fucking take it all baby.” At that I pulled off, sensing that he really wanted me to try to take the entire length in my mouth.

“You want me to try and take all of it into my mouth?” I asked.

“Well, you can’t fit it all in your mouth. You’ll have to try to get it into your throat. Just open it up like you’re yawning,” he explained.

“Okay, I’ll try.”

I opened my mouth wide, looking up at him with anticipation and nervousness. He held his cock in his hand and eased it into my mouth. I felt it reach the back of my mouth and so did Brian.

“Okay, open baby. Open your throat!”

I did as he explained and he grabbed my head with both hands. He pushed it in, not exactly slowly, until I slightly gagged on it.

“That’s it baby, that’s it,” he said. I could tell he was totally getting off on this. I have to admit I was too. I was completely shocked I could fit this much dick down my throat.

Finally, he reached as far as he could. I felt as if the head of his cock was going to poke out through the back of my head. He held it there for a second and I choked again, spit spewing out of the tiny crevices in my mouth that were not filled. He gave his cock a few pumps into my throat that I thought were going to kill me!

“Oh shit baby, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum Devon!”

What? What was that? God, I was so dumb and naive back then! I didn’t exactly know what that meant when he said it. I pulled off quickly, but still stroked his cock quickly.

“Shit, no don’t stop Devon!”

“What does it mean when you cum?” I aksed stupidly.

“Oh shit, you’ve never made a guy cum?” he said. I could tell he was shocked. I felt SO STUPID!

“Well, no, I guess not. Are you going to cum?”

“Yes I am babe. When a guy cums, it means he is having an orgasm. You had one in the pool. The only difference is, a white cream shoots out of my dick. It makes me feel, really, really good. And the white cream is called cum.”

“Where does it go?” I asked again naively.

“Well, whenever you give a guy a blowjob, you can either let him shoot it on your face or you can swallow it.”

Getting white cream on my face sounded too messy so I said “Can I swallow it? I think I want to swallow it.”

“Hell yes, you can baby. But I have to warn you, there is going to be a lot and it’s going to come out fast. You can either try to swallow each spurt or let it build up in your mouth and then swallow it. Just whenever you try and swallow each load, I will probably shoot it on your mouth when you close it,” he explained.

“I think I’ll let it build up,” I decided.

“Okay, go ahead. I’ll tell you when it’s going to shoot out.”

I took his soaking wet cock back in my mouth, anticipating the cum any second. I resumed bobbing down on his shaft and I could feel his cock twitching. He started to pump his hips sporadically. He ran his fingers through my hair, pulled it, grabbed my head, jammed his cock hard, then slow.

“Oh shit, here it comes, Devon, I’m going to cum! Swallow it baby!”

And he tensed up for a brief second and I felt cum shoot into my mouth for the first time. He was right, there was a lot. Each time he would spurt, he’d jab his cock in a little deeper. My entire mouth was full of cum. It was really salty and hot.

It felt gooey and sticky in mouth. Finally, he shot his last load and a few more trickles oozed out onto my outstretched tounge.

“Now, swallow it Devon,” he ordered.

I looked up into his eyes and opened my throat and let my first load of cum down my throat and into my stomach. I choked a bit on the taste and smiled up at him.

Not five minutes later, Kyle and Jenn pulled into the driveway. Brian and I were in the hot tub. We explained that Micah passed out in the guest room and we were just sitting here. Jenn’s shirt was untucked and her makeup was smeared.

Kyle and Brian eventually left. The next morning Jenn, Micah and I had all recounted the night. Jenn just made out with Kyle and he rubbed her tits. When I told them I gave my first blowjob, they screamed and demanded that I recount every detail. I endluged them, leaving out the part about me asking Brian what cum was. I still feel dumb for asking that.

I could tell Micah was more than a little pissed.

“Dammit! That could have been me! Why didn’t you wake me up when you went to give him a blowjob!”

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