Devon’s Secret Admirer

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This story, as with all of the stories I have written, is purely fictional. No accounts are to be taken literally, and all characters in this work are fictional also. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

* * * * *

Devon Thompson had suspected that her older brother wanted her sexually for as long as she could remember.

He always made lusty, goo-goo eyes at her and told her how beautiful he thought she was.

Granted it is normal for a guy to sometimes tell his younger sister she is beautiful because he loves her, Adam told Devon she was beautiful constantly.

Adam always made her feel special and tried to include her in things with his friends as much as possible, without annoying them.

He was 4 years older then she. The older she got, the more she suspected he had feelings for her more then what a brother should.

Surprisingly, it never bothered her. In fact, it excited her. The older Devon grew, the more she appreciated just how loving her brother was.

However, Devon was never sexually attracted to her brother until she was 18.

Devon was a very beautiful woman. She knew (not just in ‘her’ mind, but also in the minds of many others) she was by far above average in the looks department.

Boys were always hanging around her, hitting on her, trying to pick her up. She never really had a steady boyfriend because all they seemed to want from her was sex.

Like many other people, Devon wanted her first time to be special and meaningful. She wanted to make sure the person she did it with would be someone she spent a very long time with, if not the rest of her life.

She had heard too many horror stories from her somewhat, slutty friends about sex, good and bad. None of them ever did anything to make her want to go out and do it.

She was discouraged that no one would accept her, want her and/or love her just for being who she was.

Well not everyone was that way.

Adam seemed to be the only one that was not directly sexual with her. She of course realized it was because he was her brother, but she did not care.

One day, she was lying in her extremely comfortable waterbed, reading a romance novel when her mind drifted off to her brother.

She thought about all the great times they had together. All the fun they had. All the laughs and jokes.

She smiled to herself realizing just how much her brother meant to her.

Devon then realized she had never really shown him how appreciative she was of his love for her.

Adam was now living far, far away from her in Denver, Colorado. She decided to give him a call to see if she could go visit her.

The phone rang several times. Disappointed, Devon was just about to hang up when suddenly Adam answered and said,


Excited to hear his voice, she replied with an enthusiastic “Hi!”

“Hey sis, how are you,” he asked her.

“I am just great! How are you Adam?”

“I am okay,” he told her, “just kind of bored here. Same shit, different day, you know how it is.”

“Yeah,” she sighed to him, “I know.”

“Say,” she went on, “how would you like it if your little sister came to visit you?”

Adam was shocked.

“Really? You would come all the way out here just to see me?”

“Of course I would silly,” she went on, “you are my brother! I love you! How would you like it if I came and spent a weekend with you?”

Adam loved the thought of having his loving younger sister there with him.

“Oh sis, that would be awesome!”

“Okay then, its settled! I will see if I can book a flight for next weekend!”

Adam loved the enthusiasm his Ordu Escort younger sister was expressing.

“Okay, cool. E-mail me,” he asked her.

“Of course,” she said, grinning to herself.

The next week went very slowly for both Adam and Devon. They were very excited to see each other.

Devon corresponded with Adam through email throughout the next week.

One day, when Devon got online to check her e-mail, she noticed one from a sex site with the subject line ‘Secret Admirer’.

She almost deleted it, but figured, what the hell and opened it instead.

There within the email was a very racy and descriptive sexually detailed text from a male secret admirer.

It went on to describe sexual things he would do to her.

Devon was curious. She had no idea who it could have been from. Then it came into her head ‘Adam!’

She then started second-guessing herself.

‘Could it be my brother wants me ‘that way’ or am I just imagining things?’

She shook the thought from her head, logged off and went to sleep.

When her alarm clock awakened her in the morning, she realized it was Friday. Her flight was only 4 hours away!

She got her things together, packed her suitcase and took a shower. It was then almost 10 AM and her flight was at 12:05 PM.

She kissed her parents goodbye as the San Francisco Metro Car arrived to take her to the airport.

By the time she got in the airport, checked her luggage and got through security, it was only 1 hour until her flight.

Soon after she reached the gate, their airport attendant began the boarding process.

Once her section was called to board, she took a deep breath and got in the plane. It was a 3-½ hour flight, so she kicked back, closed her eyes and relaxed a bit.

Then she began thinking about being able to see her brother.

Being a California party girl, Devon was not afraid of going to a big city like Denver.

When the plane landed, she called her brother from her cell phone and he was there in no time flat since he lived only 15 miles from the Denver Airport.

When she saw him, she ran towards him and jumped into his arms.

“Adam! I have missed you so much,” she exclaimed happily.

Adam was surprised at how excited she was, but wrapped his arms around her and gave her a warm hug.

“It’s nice to see you sis, I am glad you came,” he said to her with a smile.

During the ride back to Adam’s apartment, there was dead silence. Adam became nervous and just blurted out,

“How was your plane ride? Did you have a nice trip?”

He felt stupid asking her that, but he was relieved when she replied,

“It was good, actually. I slept most of the way, so it must not have been a bumpy ride,” she giggled.

When they arrived at Adam’s apartment, it was 4:30 PM.

Once inside, Devon sat on Adam’s couch and Adam sat in a chair. It was only then he truly began to admire her astounding beauty.

He noticed her auburn hair and her beautiful green eyes, sparkling like emeralds. He was amazed at her curvy figure and shapely legs.

He loved the way her tight shirt made her breasts stick out.

“Wow sis,” he rambled, “you look so beautiful.”

She blushed.

“Thanks Adam, you look quite handsome yourself.” Adam was clean-cut guy. Average build with short black hair and brown eyes.

“If you say so sis,” he replied.

They talked for 2 ½ hours of memories past and all the good times they had when they were younger.

Adam, being a 22-year old bachelor, was fairly happy living by himself, although he was lonely at times.

It was now 7 PM. Adam Ordu Escort Bayan told Devon he was kind of hungry and asked her if she would like him to make her dinner.

“Aww that is so sweet of you. Offering to make dinner for your little sister. I would love to get a taste of your cooking,” she smiled at him seductively.

He cooked her a tasty stir-fry with chicken and vegetables. She told him she absolutely loved it.

It was now 9 PM and he offered her a glass of fairly expensive Champaign. Adam knew she was under 21, but he figured it would be okay to let his little sis have some.

She took a sip and said,

“Mmmm that is very good Adam.”

They sat together on his plush couch, sipping their Champaign.

Suddenly Devon moved closer to Adam and put her arm around him. Adam thought it was nice that she was showing affection for him.

“Adam,” she said in a serious tone, “I want you to know something.”

They set their Champaign down on the glass coffee table in front of them and faced each other eye-to-eye.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you. When we were younger, you always made me feel loved and special, instead of teasing me like most brothers do to their younger sisters.”

“Ah sis,” he said a bit embarrassed, “it was nothing. I am just glad mom and dad had you. I love you a lot!”

Suddenly Devon threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately, mashing her lips with his.

Adam was again surprised and shocked, but not disturbed. He cooperated by kissing her softly.

He lay her down on his couch and was now on top of her, kissing her sweetly and gently. His hands started to roam on her body, rubbing her chest.

Suddenly he realized, this was his little sister! He broke their kiss and said,

“Sis, we should not be doing this. Incest is wrong,” to which Devon replied,

“Come on Adam. We love each other, why should it matter that we are brother and sister?”

While he was thinking it over, she moved close to him again and pressed her lips to his. Adam did not need to be told again.

Instinct took over and began licking her lips seductively. She moaned softly and purred as he began making love to her.

It was by now 11 PM, but neither of them cared.

Adam slowly pulled off her shirt, exposing her sexy black lace bra. He then removed his shirt enabling Devon to see his masculine chest and stomach.

She ran her hands up and down his smooth chest and said,

“Oooh Adam you are so sexy, come take me now.”

Adam wasted no time undressing her. They were now both naked on his couch, touching one another all over.

“I love you,” he said to her softly.

He began kissing his neck, working his way down her body slowly. He kissed her breasts and ran his tongue teasingly over her left nipple while he rubbed her hardening right nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

He cupped both of her breasts in his hands and continued kissing his way down her body. He stopped when he reached her belly button, spending extra time licking it, fucking it with his tongue gently.

Her breathing began to quicken and she panted as he ever-so-slowly continued his way down her body.

He rubbed her thighs up and down with his hands as he moved his face closer to her pussy. He breathed on her pussy sweetly. She could feel the heat from his breath and began quivering.

‘God this is fantastic’, she thought to herself.

Adam licked the insides of her thighs, making her burn with desire. She then screamed out, “God, eat me Adam, eat my pussy! I am so damn horney!”

Adam needed no further encouragement. He Escort Ordu dove into her, licking her wet slit up and down, side-to-side.

He fucked his tongue in and out of her, enjoying the sweet taste of her young pussy. He was surprised to find she still had her hymen.

The two were very close, but he would have never suspected she was still a virgin.

He concentrated on making her feel good as he continued licking her scrumptious cunt. He used his thumb to massage her clitoris.

She moaned and groaned as she approached orgasm.

He felt her body tighten as his hands were still on her thighs. He stroked them lightly as he licked her furiously.

She shuddered in an explosive orgasm, flooding Adam’s face with her sweet juices. He continued licking her, slowing his pace, bringing her back down to earth.

“Godddd Adam, that was fucking fantastic,” she told him in a passionate, husky voice, her breathing returning to normal.

“I want you to fuck me Adam,” she said to him, plain as day.

“I want you– I want you to make love to me,” she reworded herself.

“But I am a virgin.”

“I know,” he said.

“Really,” she asked.

“Of course, I saw that you still have your cherry while I was eating you.”

“Ohhh well, I will not have it much longer, if you make love to me that is,” she smiled at him.

“Okay sis, you got it.”

The two moved to the floor and he got into position. Kissing her on the lips, he told her it would hurt her.

“I know,” she went on, “I have heard ‘plenty’ of stories from my friends, but I am willing to make the sacrifice. My loving brother, please, do me now before I die!”

He mounted her and placed his cock at the slippery entrance to her pussy.

“Here it goes,” Adam said.

He slid into her partially, until he felt resistance. He moved in and out of her slowly.

“Are you ready,” he asked her for reassurance.

“I’m ready,” she told him as their eyes met.

Just as soon as she said it, he slammed home deep inside her, shattering her hymen. She screamed.

He held still and asked,

“Are you okay,” alarmed that he had seriously hurt her.

She took a deep breath and told him she was okay.

He began thrusting in and out of her, building speed. She wrapped her legs around him, just as she had done at the airport earlier, this time it was a bit different though.

He quickened his pace and began hammering her mercilessly. She moaned to him.

“Yes Adam, yes fuck your little sister, fuck me hard!” she screamed.

“Ohhhh baby, I love you so much,” he told her as he was working in and out of her.

He felt his cum boiling deep in his balls. He knew he had to pull out so he would not risk getting her pregnant, but it was too late. His penis was glued inside her pussy.

They climaxed together as he sprayed his cum deep into her pussy. He took long, hard thrusts as they came down together.

“Oh shit,” he said to her, realizing what he had just done.

“Adam, do not worry if I get pregnant. It will be our lovechild…nobody has to know. I can have one of my guy friends lie to mom and dad 9 months from now.”

Adam did not think that would fly, ‘if’ she was even pregnant, but he did not care. He made love to his little sister. The girl he loved more then anything.

“Damn I love you,” he said to her.

“Like a dream come true,” she told him.

“And now,” she went-on, “you do not have to be my ‘secret admirer'”.

He just looked at her and grinned from ear-to-ear.

Devon knew the two of them would have a great weekend and lots more great times to come to go with their newfound brother-sister relationship.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my story; if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me with them. Any reproduction of the above story without my consent is strictly forbidden. Copyright © 2002. All rights reserved.

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