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We are Emma and Simon. We just debarked a cruise celebrating our recent retirements from very successful and stressful careers. Our holiday departed and returned from Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands. During the cruise we promised ourselves that we would “go with the flow,” let our hair down and enjoy as much as was offered. As it turned out our table-mates were two other couples enjoying similar celebrations. One couple was from Brazil, a businessman and his beautiful, buxom wife. The second couple were from Turkey, a ruggedly handsome administrator and his educated and voluptuous wife. Dez and Fatna were their names. He was the curator of one of the largest museums in Istanbul, his wife was responsible for the tour-guides.

We got along well with both couples and wound up sharing some “sexy fun” with each other’s spouses. We did all the ashore tours and enjoyed the onboard entertainment and casino. The Turkish couple debarked in Barcelona and we continued back to Santa Cruz. To our surprise, Dez and Fatna were there in Santa Cruz to greet us when our ship arrived. After a short taxi ride, we checked into our hotel and deposited our luggage. By chance, Dez and Fatna were staying in the same hotel. It is Carnivale time in Santa Cruz. Ash Wednesday is three days away.

At lunch we learn Dez and Fatna are Christians. After some conversations during lunch we learn Fatna’s ancestors came from Italy. Dez from Germany. Dez’s English is good. Fatna’s is better. Fatna speaks five languages and uses each vocabulary to her best advantage when speaking English. At lunch we learn Dez and Fatna are Christians. After some conversations during lunch we learn Fatna’s ancestors came from Italy. Dez from Germany. Dez’s English is good. Fatna’s is better. Fatna speaks five languages and uses each vocabulary to her best advantage when speaking English. Our personalities dovetailed nicely on the cruise and we all quickly grew very close.

We leave the restaurant after lunch with Dez holding Emma’s hand, and me holding Fatna’s. We are at a world-famous Carnivale parade. It is a festive parade … many times during the parade I’m holding one of Emma’s hands while Dez holds the other. The same for Fatna. At times Dez has a firm grip on one hand while she unabashedly holds my other. Its on and off, or more correctly its one hand or the other’s hand. It really doesn’t matter, the place is very crowded and we are all together, sharing the festivities, parade, laughs and one another. Its now getting late and we are all tired.

We return to our hotel and make arrangements to have their room moved to our floor, but in vane. The hotel is very crowded. We cannot exchange our room for a double, there are none available. The clerk calls other hotels but everything is booked. So Dez and Fatna have a room on the second floor, and we have a room on the seventh. Its a bit after 5pm and we split up and promise to meet in the hotel lobby at 8pm for dinner. As we enter our room, we drop onto the bed in sheer exhaustion. Emma begins to snore immediately. I pull off her shoes and tuck her under the duvet, clothes and all. Emma has the appearance of an angel in the sheets. I join her a few minutes later.

At 7:30pm we’re awake Escort Sincan and wondering where the night will go. We shower and dress separately. No reason. Emma asks where I want the night to end and respond that I have no preferences.

“You?” I ask.

“Simon mentions that Fatna told him today is Dez’ birthday. So Emma was wondering if it would be okay if she spent a little “sexy time” with him.”

“Sure,” Simon responds. Its obvious he wants to spend more time with you alone. And I think Fatna is scheming to be with me.

“Yes,” Emma remarks, “it is that obvious.” Lets see how they direct the evening.

We meet in the lobby, and wow, its apparent that Dez has shaved and freshened up, while Fatna has pulled all stops and is dressed in her very best. Her brows have been plucked and her excitement enhances her dimples. Her smile makes her eyes sparkle. I don’t think I’ve seen any big woman this stunning. Then I notice Emma is in heels with stockings, a rarity, and her face exhibits a glow of mature mischief. Why am I always the last to notice? It dawns on me what Emma’s intentions are tonight, and she is dressed to be willingly conquered.

We eat at a small family restaurant a few blocks from the hotel. Amid laughter and jovial bantering, a light fare of fish and greens is washed down with two pitchers of sangria. I pick up the birthday tab and we leave. It is a beautiful, warm night. The party atmosphere is everywhere. Music and colorful costumes fill the senses. Emma is walking with Dez, hanging onto his arm. Fatna has a possessive grip on my hand with both of hers. Two short blocks later we reach the water where Dez turns to Emma and gives her a very loving kiss. Fatna stops me, pulls me closer and positions herself for a kiss. I wrap my arms around her and my lips delicately embraces hers. Our tongues meet in a slow sensual dance as she crushes her bounty into me. I give her a loving squeeze, holding her close. As I do, I look around but Emma and Dez have vanished. That’s okay. I trust Dez and I know his birthday will be celebrated magnificently.

Fatna and I walk around another few minutes and then head back to the hotel. Its been a long day and we’re both tired. As we enter the room I notice one of the nightlights is on. Then I see a note Emma left on the tv saying, “I love you. See you at breakfast. Have fun with Fatna.” Next to the note was a brand new toothbrush. I don’t know if I’ve ever loved Emma more than at that very moment. She is beautiful, charming, generous, and lots of other qualities. But at this moment I imagine her with Dez, celebrating. Emma is now sexy and exciting. I can only imagine what delights she will enjoy with Dez.

I turn to Fatna, or more accurately, Fatna turns me to face her. She embraces me and our lips meet. Her lips are warm and inviting. Her tongue promises “more to come.” We disrobe each other and slip under the duvet. I love her soft abundance. Her on her back, I caress her soft tits and begin a slow, sensuous sucking of her nipples. They are sensitive and she is quickly aroused. My hand slips down between her thighs and finds her moist target. A few soft circles around her clit and she reaches her first reward. Aftershocks Sincan Escort follow. I rest my hand and feel her slowly descent from her orgasmic cloud. With both hands, she pulls my head up and gives me a long, lingering kiss. Then she begins to whisper. Difficult to understand at first, I finally surmise she is asking me for anal sex.

“You like anal sex?” I ask.

“Only once a year.” she answers.

“Why once a year?

“On Dez’s birthday I let him possess me completely. Its a way for me to allow Dez to own me. I love him so much, and I want him to know how much. It is pleasurable for me if he goes slowly. But its my birthday gift to him. But, I also love you and want to give you the same gift. Please accept.”

Then Fatna leaves the bed and takes her small handbag into the bathroom. After some running water noises, she returns minutes later with a big smile and eyes to launch a fleet of ships. Fatna is not only a beautiful woman, but a powerful woman. I am flattered she is surrendering her power to me. She puts her handbag on the nightstand and slips back under the duvet and warmly engulfs my excited body.

“First you cum,” she says as she slips her head beneath the duvet and her lips find my excitement. She sucks me into her warm mouth, and to my surprise, a well lubed finger probes my back door. Wow, it only takes a minute and a one-knuckle entrance for her to bring me off. I jerk as I fill her waiting mouth. A few moments later she is wiping her finger with a clean tissue. She lays her head on my shoulder, nibbles my earlobe and whispers again “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I return. I can’t see it but feel her smile radiating energy.

I hold her close and relax. All the tensions and anticipations floats away. I am totally flaccid. Fatna, herself, begins a light snore. Likely the result of the sangria. I hold her for a few moments, and feel her body slowly re-awaken.

She rolls over so her back is to me and I snuggle in close, rubbing my awakening dick into the crack of her magnificent butt. I start nibbling the back of her neck, her ears and biting her shoulders. My hands are now around her torso and my fingers have found her nipples. Slowly, she is again scaling the cliffs of elation. My hand leaves her nipple in search of her womanhood. She separates her thighs slightly, allowing me access to her folds. My fingers probe and I am in possession of her already moist, swollen clit. A few sensuous movements and she is again in the throws of another orgasm. As she bucks and twitches, I become aware of my own excitement. While she descends from her crest, my chest swells. It is then I realize I am emotionally captured by this gorgeous creature. I admit I am falling in love with Fatna. My feelings for my wife have not changed. Or truthfully, my emotional commitment to my wife has increased as I admit my affections for this other woman. My heart is swimming. An inner voice tells me I am not in heaven, but near. I hold Fatna close, cuddling her with every part of my body. I feel tears welling in my eyes and I embrace the delicate warmth within me.

Sensing this emotional high, Fatna reaches around and holds my dick in her soft hand. It takes Sincan Escort Bayan a moment, but I notice she is lubricating me. Her hand reaches into the folds of her butt and lubricates her rosebud. I thrust forward and feel the slipperiness between us. She takes my hand and places it in her crack and I feel the star extended for entry. I work one finger into her depths and push it in and out so it moves without resistance. Then two fingers. Again gently moving it to stretch and relax her sphincter. Soon ready, Fatna rolls onto her stomach and spreads her thighs. I position myself for penetration and she reaches around, grasps my hips and pulls me in. I wait a moment while she adjusts to the intrusion, then she gently pushes he butt back to increase penetration. Withing minutes I am lodged deep within the softness of her backside. Her tightness is absorbing. My dick has no conscious and continues forward seeking maximum penetration. Once there. I relax and we both realize we are at the hilt. Fatna reaches between her legs and begins a slow circular motion around her clit.

I can feel her hand rotate and it only heightens my own excitement. She bucks back and forth forcing me to thrust in and out. The feeling of her soft cheeks against my loins is absorbing. Hearing her breathing increase I know her crest is nearing. I resume kissing and biting her neck and shoulders to maximize her physical joy. I’ve been in but a minute, but my crescendo is also near. The softness, the tightness, the closeness overtake me. I feel myself soar and empty my sperm into her butt. Fatna grunts and coughs as her orgasm takes control of her being. I hold her close as she peaks. Her jerking makes closeness difficult, but I manage the best I can. I feel like a conqueror. The woman who wanted me to possess her has succeeded in her attempts for totality. We descend slowly and completely. I am overwhelmed with physical and emotional exhaustion. All I want now is to hear her snore. I want her to feel safe and secure, captured and complete.

How do I reconcile these new feelings with my deeply embedded connection to my wife. Is it possible to be in love with two women? Do I love one more than the other? How do I share these feelings between these two women? Do I now have two wives? Tired, I concede time will be the arbiter. We snuggle much but move little. I rest. I am at peace with Fatna as my treasure. I pray my wife is just as lucky. Our arms and breasts and feet and thighs and butts are one mass of happiness and I doze on and off.

I awake to the music of a gentle snore and realize I’ve been enjoying Fatna’s closeness all night. I also hear the Carnivale music outside the window. As I adjust the warmth of the water, Fatna joins me in the shower. She is brushing with her new toothbrush. I don’t know how much better life can get that this.

At breakfast nothing much is said but smiles are abundant. We eat our eggs greedily. After a last sip of coffee, Fatna and Dez return to their room and I sweep my bride into ours agreeing to meet later in the day to resume Carnivale festivities.

I close the door and pull Emma into my arms. “I love you” I whisper into her hair.

“I love you, too.” She whispers back.

I hold her at arms length and look into her eyes. “Have a good time? I ask.

“Yes.” She replies. “But I’m ready to be back with you.”

“Wonderful. I am ready for you to be back.” I

“Did Dez fuck your butt?” I ask.

“Yes. How do you know?”

– – –

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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