Diary of a New Relationship

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I returned home from work on the Monday, having that day informed the girl that I had been seeing — not seriously dating, just seeing on and off that I saw no future for us, and that I thought we should leave it at that. She’d texted me back, telling me the sort of things I’d expected to hear, and also that she had fallen in love with me, which I didn’t expect to hear. Anyway, that was that, and I’d figured it was back to the drawing board.

I’d logged onto my PC at home, and checked my email, my inbox contained a message telling me that someone was trying to contact me from the personals website I’d registered with a month before, and through which I’d met the girl I’d let down that day.

It was with a sense of doubt that I logged on to the website — what sort of ugly, ageing, weirdo was this going to be, who was trying to contact me?

What met my eyes, was a vision. Her profile pictures showed that she was clearly a stunner — long dark hair, beautiful smile, and eyes that made me melt instantly. Her message was along the lines of ‘I like your picture and your profile, I’d like to chat’. The picture I had used on the website was one taken by my last serious girlfriend, while we’d been on holiday in Gran Canaria, 5 months previous, and instantly, any reservations as to the PC-ness of using such an image were gone — if it could attract such a beautiful woman, it didn’t matter anymore.

I quickly typed out a message, conscious of not wanting to appear too eager, but containing sufficient enthusiasm to let her know that I too found her very attractive, and that I too, would like to chat.

I left it at that, and sorted out the things one does on returning home from work, got changed, sorted out my evening meal, and opened a bottle of wine — all the time wondering what on earth this beautiful creature had seen in my pathetic little blurb I’d written about myself and the picture showing me stood outside a small apartment in the Spanish evening. She looked very well to do — maybe she’s a professional type, divorced and with cash to spare, and fancies a bit of rough, perhaps she’s been put up to it by one of her mates — see if you can pull this daft looking one, and string him along, just for a laugh, or possibly she did actually find me attractive, Döşemealtı Escort and somewhere in my words she’d seen the honest, self-effacing but loving side of my nature that I so wanted to share with Miss Right. Could it be her?

Meal eaten, and dishes left in the sink — I will do them tomorrow — I returned to my PC, to see if there’d been a response. There was. And in it, she’d put her email address, and asked if I wanted to log on to an instant chat session to talk to her. The one she’d mentioned wasn’t one that I used, but I replied yes anyway, and hastily set about downloading it.

10 minutes later, we were chatting — the clumsiness of an ‘instant’ message service is that it simply isn’t, and the satellite-like delay as she would type a message, then wait for mine, as I did only seemed to heighten the suspense for me, and apparently for her. Very soon, we were chatting away about all sorts — our children, our ex partners, what we looked for in a relationship, things we liked to do, and to my surprise, although not to my horror, I must admit, she broached the subject of what sexual acts she liked and enquired as to my preferences. This was one lady who was obviously not backward in coming forward, and said what she wanted to say. Asked if I liked ‘Trap 2’ I was worried that my naivety would show through, but asked her what she meant by it nonetheless. ‘Anal sex’ came the reply.

I replied, honestly, that I’d never done it, but quite liked the idea of trying it. She then went on to explain to me that she loved it, and would like to try it with me, as well as enquiring about whether I’d ever been in a threesome, and asking about the size of my appendage, did I like sexy underwear — she did, and had lots of it.

Who had these men been that had taken her up the rear, bought her this sexy underwear, and enjoyed the everyman’s fantasy of a girl/boy/girl threesome with her. I put these thoughts to the back of my mind almost as quickly as they’d popped to the front — whoever he/they were, they were history, and she seemed to be rather into me — their loss.

We got round to arranging a date — there and then, and agreed that we’d meet for lunch the day after next, Wednesday. Sounds nice and safe, and we can chat Döşemealtı Escort Bayan again tomorrow evening to get to know each other a bit better. We exchanged mobile numbers and said our goodnights — it was nearly 1 in the morning.

I texted her by way of a thank you for having enjoyed chatting with her, and told her that I was looking forward to seeing her in the flesh, and having received similar sentiment by return, went off to sleep, my head full of very pleasing, very positive thoughts about the week ahead.

The next morning, I awoke, and already there was a text waiting for me ‘Good morning Sexy’ it said. I was in a rush, and didn’t reply until I was in the car on the 10 mile trip to the office. I sent her a message bidding her a good day too, and for fun, popped in to the mix a little something about the fact that I’d had a little ‘play’ in the bath this morning, thinking about what lay ahead of me. Her reply left me in no doubt that if tomorrow’s lunch meeting went well, it was her that would be doing the playing for me the following evening.

During my lunch break that day, and feeling fit to burst with excitement, I tapped out the mobile number that she’d given me and pressed the call button — I just had to hear her voice.

She sounded lovely, chatty, funny, happy, and we talked for about ten minutes about nothing at all really, but I was surprised at how at ease it all seemed — and within seconds of ending the call, received a text from her telling me how sexy my voice was, and that she was now really looking forward to tomorrow lunchtime.

On returning home from work this time, I was logged onto my PC faster than ever, only to be met with the disappointment of seeing the icon informing me that Julia was not online. I sent a quick email, telling her that I’d really like to repeat last night’s mammoth chat fest if she would, and received a repy, within 5 minutes informing me that she had to get her daughter off to bed, and would be online at about 9ish.

At about 8.30. as I was scouring the internet for something to occupy my mind while I waited to talk to my new friend, up popped a message from her. Again, we were straight into flowing conversation, and this time it was even more direct Escort Döşemealtı on her behalf — enquiring firstly if I owned a digital camera, and then if I’d taken any ‘naughty’ pictures of myself, and if so could she see them. Aroused at the thought, but also now getting the hang of this free-speech thing, I offered the I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, playground standard. No more words were exchanged, until a couple of minutes later, up popped an image of her, head cut off (for privacy purposes presumably) topless, and if ever, a jaw has dropped, cartoon style, more dramatically than mine did that second, I was in love!

This woman had the most beautifully rounded breasts, and the most perfect skin, and, and, and.

I hurriedly scoured my hard disk for an image to send to her, and, having found one that I was, to be honest, quite embarrassed at having even taken, let alone showing to anyone, I sent her a photograph of my erect, not unsubstantial cock.

I then immediately typed out a message to her complimenting her on her gorgeous photograph, and she confirmed my confidence in sending her the cock-shot, telling me that it was a gorgeous cock, and that she couldn’t wait to wrap her lips around it! It did cross my mind to enquire as to which lips she meant, but I figured that this was no time for pedantry, and simply told her that I would love that.

What followed was a few more pictures of her, a full frontal nude, a similar picture, but with her wearing a full length overcoat, parted sufficiently to leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, one of her in hold ups, bent over away from the camera with no underwear, one of her in some very fetching lingerie, and another of the overcoat, with it seductively sat around her shoulders, revealing once again those beautiful breasts.

I too, reciprocated with a few more pictures of my cock that I’d taken while bored/pissed and she continued to tell me how much she wanted it. I on the other hand was speechless, apart from the odd ‘My word’, or ‘Oh My’ comment, I wasn’t really typing much sense to her as these images appeared on my computer screen. This woman was so obviously more confident about her sexuality than I was, and so much better a photographer too!

Composure regained, we continued to chat, until she called a stop to it at just past midnight — joking that she had a hot date the next day, and needed her beauty sleep. Being the gentleman that I am, I told her that I doubted there was much need for that, bid her goodnight, plastered her photos all over my computer screen, and proceeded to masturbate.

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