Diary of a Rose

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This morning I awoke to a stream of light filtering through a hole in the curtains. It shined across the room and landed on the bedspread right between my legs. Underneath the covers, I touched the place where it was directing me to and felt the soft lace of my knickers against my fingertips. I rubbed my eyes and stretched my body out. The light grew slightly brighter as if trying to get my attention.

I flung the covers back and looked down towards the small passage of light again. I could see tiny dust particles floating in and out of the stream like they were dancing to music that made no sound. I could also feel the warmth of the light as it kissed the surface of my skin.

I decided to play a little game with the stream of light and I dared it to turn me on. I turned my body around so that the light was hitting me directly along the slit of my pussy, instead of trailing across my leg. I felt the tiny slither of light as it warmed me and compelled me to take my knickers off and throw them on the floor so that I could have full contact with the warmth that it was teasing isveçbahis me with.

I slowly rocked my hips back and forth to feel the warmth stroke me gently. It’s funny to know that if you close your eyes, heat feels as though it’s the delicate touch of a person.

After a couple of minutes of basking in the warm glow, I needed more stimulation. The soft touch of the light was enough to turn me on and I felt that I needed something more to help me start the day off. I opened my eyes and noticed that the light was slowly travelling away from my body, back towards the window where it had first began its journey. I trailed one of my hands across my breasts, over my stomach and towards my hairless pussy lips. I was still sleepy. I enjoy the tenderness of masturbation when I’ve just awoken from a dream.

My pussy felt soft to my touch and I closed my eyes again to enjoy the sensation of feeling my senses slowly awakening before me. I ran my fingertips along both my outer and inner lips and across the hood of my clit until I felt the wetness slowly seeping out of me.

I isveçbahis giriş grabbed the mound of my pussy with my hand and softly squeezed the lips together, listening to my juices swishing around inside me. My clit was trapped between my lips, wanting to burst out and be rubbed. I told it to be patient. Its time would come soon enough.

My other hand rose towards my left nipple and delicately pinched the pink skin that stood erect there. I didn’t have large breasts, but they filled my B cup and sometimes spilled out over the top when I was wearing the right bra. My nipples were very sensitive and liked to be stroked softly.

My hand finally released my clit that had started screaming out to be free. I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and tugged on it lightly. It liked to be stretched out and rolled around between my fingers and thumb. There was only so much time that I could stand doing this for though, until I felt the need to rub it with the tips of my fingers roughly… then gently… then roughly again.

I felt the orgasm starting to arise from within isveçbahis yeni giriş my body and decided to delay it for a while longer, as I was enjoying the sensations my body was experiencing. I plunged my finger deep inside my pussy and felt the wetness envelop my touch. I clenched my pussy tight and relished in the squeezing sensation that my muscles provided to my finger. I could feel the rough wall where my g-spot lived and started stroking it tenderly.

My other hand travelled from my breast to my clit and continued circling the growing bud that my first hand had started cultivating. It was becoming larger and harder as I nurtured it.

I felt my blood pump faster through my body as my pussy became excited with the notion of what was to come. I caressed my clit harder and faster and pounded my g-spot with a mighty force. I was going to come hard this morning.

My pussy contracted as I came and my clit felt like it was about to explode with the pressure of my orgasm.

And then it was all over. I opened my eyes and noticed that the small ray of light was gone and I was now alone in the room. I removed my hands from my pussy and laid on the surface of the bed until I caught my breath. My mouth had a sweet taste to it. I rose slowly, got to my feet and felt ready to start my day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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