Dick – The Teen Gym Stud Ch. 08

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The pickup truck pulled to a stop.

I was in the front seat of a Ryan’s car, on my stomach laying across the wide bench front seat of the pickup truck. My ass was sticking in the air and the high schooler’s strong hand was on it, squeezing. My head was in Ryan’s lap, licking up and down on his massive, mostly-erect, teenage cock.

At the moment, I was playing with the cock head, licking around the ridges and the slit. My right hand stroked him in long, slow movements. My left hand explored his incredible body, moving up and down his impossibly thick legs and then under his shirt up his chiseled abs and chest whenever I came up momentarily to catch my breath.

“We’re here, Janelle.” Ryan brought his hand to my cheek and raised my head up. Reluctantly, I sat up. Looking out the window, I saw my apartment building. I looked up at Ryan. He smiled “Well, are you going to invite me in?”

My heart beat hard inside my chest. Now that we were here, I was having second thoughts. Not about Ryan-fuck I wanted him so badly-but about bringing him into our apartment.

“Do you want to go to your place instead maybe?” I asked.

Ryan gave a half frown. “No.” he said simply. Shit, I had upset him. “Okay, I mean that’s fine it was just a thought. Because your place is so much nicer you know, right?”

“We’re not going back to my place, Janelle.” Ryan said sternly. “But if you want, I can just drop you off now.” Ryan had his hand wrapped around the base of his cock, and gave it a slight shake as he looked at me. My eyes were drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

“Well, Janelle?” My hands drifted again towards his cock, but Ryan pulled his pants over it, hiding it from view.

I looked up again, my heart continuing to beat quickly. “Ryan, do you want to come up to my place?”

“I’d love to baby. Lead the way.” Ryan got out of the car then reaching back helped me out the drivers side door as well.

Ryan draped his strong arm around my waist and rested his hand on my hip. I was nervous about a neighbor recognizing me and so really wanted to walk quickly. I didn’t want to anger Ryan though so I walked patiently at Ryan’s side up my apartment walkway. Just the feel of his hand on my hip bone made me feel light-headed.

As we walked into to the entrance I realized something. “Shit! Ryan, my car is still at your place!” Though the prospect stressed me out, this could also be an opportunity to switch locations.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll make the slut drive it over.”


We stepped onto the elevator and Ryan’s hand fell from my hip down to my ass. Right as the door was about to close a hand flew in and a woman I recognized stepped onto the elevator. She was short and pretty and I thought she lived with her husband and kids on the floor a couple below our unit.

She stood across from us and sure enough, pressed the button for the floor two down from mine. My heart hammered in my chest, again afraid of being recognized. Ryan’s hand squeezed and worked in between my ass cheeks over the short, tight dress. I tried to keep from squirming and risked a glance up. I needn’t have worried about being recognized. The woman was stealing quick and regular glances at Ryan, roaming over his body with her eyes.

She stepped off, taking one last furtive (almost desperate) glance at Ryan, and the doors closed. It honestly gave me yet another rush. He was here, with me! I reached up and grasped his huge bicep, squeezing, leaning into him as he fondled my ass.

The elevator dinged and we stepped off, my hand falling to his where I laced my fingers through his and I pulled him shyly towards my apartment. At the school I had felt in command, but now, walking towards my home with this teen stud, I was nervous once more.

“It’s not much, you know. Nothing like your place of course.” I nervously looked at Ryan’s handsome face but he just looked relaxed, expectant.

We walked in. I glanced around, relieved to see that Carlie had evidently cleaned. I looked at Ryan as he glanced around the room, his face not betraying how he felt about our small apartment. He gave everything a quick look over as he circled the living area and kitchen. My eyes followed him, waiting to see what he’d do.

As he completed his circuit he walked past me and sat down in the middle of coach. He glanced over at me. “So how about a beer, Janelle?”

“S..sure Ryan.” I walked over to the fridge. I knew Ryan was underage but I wasn’t going to say anything. Carlie and I didn’t particularly like beer but we generally kept a few in our fridge for social occasions. I brought one over to Ryan, forgetting to grab one for myself. He took it and then grabbed my arm and pulled me onto his lap. He cracked the beer and brought it to his mouth, leaning his head back. I looked on as he took a few deep drinks, watching his large adams apple bob up and down. He finished his drink and put the remaining beer on the side table. “Thanks, girl.”

“Ryan, Fener Escort I don’t…” I began. But Ryan looked at me intently just then and I dared not say another word. I gazed back into his deep blue eyes, spotted with brown, glancing nervously from one to the other. Fuck, he was so handsome. I couldn’t help myself, I leaned toward him and kissed him tentatively, still nervous for some reason.

His large lips pressed into mine and I felt the stubble of his five-o’clock shadow scratching into my cheek. At first it was gentle, then I felt Ryan putting his arms around my waist and press his hands into my back, pulling me into him hard. His mouth ground against mine, opening. I followed suit and felt his tongue reach into mine. I sucked on him greedily, moaning. I tasted the beer in his mouth, which made him seem only more masculine to me, if that were possible.

My arms were around his neck now and I ran my hands through his hair and over his strong shoulders as we made out. Ryan’s hands fell to my ass. He squeezed and pulled me deeper into his lap, so that my hip pressed hard against his rock hard abs. I moaned again and pressed my body into his, rubbing my breasts against his strong chest, just under his chin.

We broke the kiss and I looked at him, my mouth open, panting. He grinned at me wickedly and then dove his head into my deep soft breasts. I moaned and felt his growing manhood pressing into my leg. I reached my hand down his body, seeking his cock.

The phone beside the couch rang and I froze. The ring was like an alarm clock and it all hit me in a rush. I was making out with a high school kid. A male high school kid. In my own apartment. Dressed as a girl. How had it come this far?

I looked again at the hunky adonis who’s lap I was sitting in. Oh yeah…that’s why.

“You’d better get it, Janelle.” Ryan said.

I took my hands off of Ryan, resisting the urge to whimper when I did so, and dismounted, sitting next to him to reach over and picked up. “Hello?”

“Oh hey babe!” Carlie greeted, cheerily.

“Uhhh…Hi ba…Hi Carlie.” I glanced at Ryan, who grinned wickedly back.

“How’s it going? Am I interrupting anything?”

“What?? No way. I mean, just sitting around, not doing…” My sentence broke off. Ryan had stood up and was removing his shirt. I stared at his rippling muscles, just a couple feet away, almost dropping the phone.

“Not doing…what? Babe! You’re spacing out!”

“Oh! Sorry!” My focus shifting again to the call. “Not doing…anything…”

Ryan continued to remove his clothing and he now grabbed the waist of his pants and pulled them off.

“If you say so. So today’s been kind of crazy. First, I…” Carlie’s voice receded into the back of my consciousness. Ryan stood nearby in just his boxer shorts. He faced forward and I looked at his back and side at an angle. His muscular ass was framed by the boxers, allowing me to see even the slight dimples in the sides of his ass cheeks. The bottom of the boxers stretched out to accommodate his tree-trunk legs. His back muscles contracted and extended as he continued to remove clothing, taking off his socks now. I didn’t know a back could display as much raw power as Ryan’s did. It seemed like dozens of muscles, or muscle groups, were visible, competing for space on his wide frame.

“…and then, you won’t believe it, but she…” Carlie continued.

Ryan turned to face me now. He was huge, his figure taking up my entire field of vision. My eyes traveled up his cobblestone abs, over his large muscular chest, and to his face. He smirked down at me, a superior look on his face. He took a step towards me. His confidence was intoxicating and it took all my will not to throw down the phone and start licking his body.

“…and I really don’t know what she does all…”

Ryan was looking at me, expectantly. His eyebrows arched. Oh. I should have figured he wasn’t just putting on a show.

But as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t touch him now! I shook my head pleadingly, silently imploring him to wait. His eyebrows arched higher.

“…Isn’t that insane?…Babe?” Oh she was asking me something. “Yeah, totally.” I responded desperately. She seemed satisfied by that and went on. “So then…”

I noticed movement from Ryan’s boxers. I looked down and saw the head of Ryan’s dick pressing up against the bottom of the boxers, almost coming out. Ryan flexed his cock and the fabric flew up and down. He did it again, the movement almost catching me in the chin. Incredible.

I looked up, Ryan continued to look at me expectantly.

With my free hand I reached out, again barely conscious of Carlie’s voice in my ear. I grasped the hem of his boxers and pulled down. Ryan’s monster teen cock sprung up.

My breath caught at its impossible size and I stifled a moan. I was again struck at the beauty of his cock. Clean, light at the base and darker at the tip, smooth, huge, powerful. I grasped his hard tool Fener Escort Bayan and began stroking, staring at the growing cock head, amazed at the distance my hand had to travel to make the trip from base to tip. I flipped my grip so that I rubbed along the underside of his cock in long strokes. I loved how his huge manhood filled my hand. As my hand slid to the base it brushed up against Ryan’s balls. I’d never paid them much attention but now began feeling them experimentally. I was surprised. They were easily three times the size of mine, hanging in a smooth delicious sack. Delicious? We’ll see, I thought wickedly and grinned.

Then Ryan stepped forward again and his cock was suddenly pressing against my face. He grabbed the base of his cock and began slapping it against my cheek softly. It felt like being tapped with a baseball bat.

He ran the tip across my face and I opened my mouth as it crossed my lips, trying to guide it in. I missed and he began gently slapping my other cheek. Then he moved it between my eyes and lay the tip on my forehead. Fuck. I went cross-eyed trying to keep my eyes on it. His cock ran the length of my entire face, top to bottom, extending out on both sides. It was unbelievably heavy. It pressed down on me, compelling me to submit in worship of this teenage god.

“…Babe?…Babe you there?”. Shit. “Sorry, what Carlie?” I asked after a moment. I placed the phone on speaker and put it down on the side table.

“I said I haven’t heard you talk about Dick in a while. You still seeing him.” My eyes flew wide and I looked up, past his cock and at Ryan’s glorious presence in front of me. He smiled widely, his perfect teeth dazzling.

I grinned back wickedly. “I am indeed.” I grabbed the head of Ryan’s cock and held it up. I stuck out my tongue and licked his nut sack. Delicious, like I thought. I opened my mouth and sucked on his large balls, first one then the other.

“Good.” She continued. “I want to feel those huge muscles, babe.” She was talking about my supposedly growing muscles, but my mind was elsewhere. I groaned, bringing my mouth away from Ryan’s balls. “Ughhh, me toooo.” Barely in control of myself now. I ran my hands over Ryan’s hard stomach and down to his huge legs, feeling the muscles I loved so much.

“Can’t wait, babe.” Carlie continued. “Anyways, the rest of tonight is looking crazy…”

I opened my mouth and guided Ryan’s cock into my mouth. I bobbed back and forth on his massive pole, stroking the base of his cock with both hands as I worked the upper half, swirling my tongue around the tip. I began humming quietly, knowing Ryan would feel the vibrations ever so slightly.

I glanced up at him again. He looked down on me with a half grin, seemingly impressed. I smiled around his cock, immensely pleased with myself. I moved my hands to his lower back and ass, groping as I continued to hum and bob on his cock.

Carlie’s voice floated into my consciousness. “…So I probably won’t be home till around noon, but then I’ll be off for a couple days. Dinner tomorrow?” I brought my mouth off Ryan’s dick, angry now for the interruption. “Yeah, okay.” I said impatiently. “See you.”

“Love you, babe.” She said. I looked up at Ryan, worship in my eyes. “I love you.” I said.

Ryan raised his eyebrows.

I stammered. “I, I mean…she…” I quickly turned toward the phone and clicked end. When I turned back, Ryan had stepped away. I stared as his huge back as he walked down the hall slowly. My eyes swept up and down his body and fell on his sexy ass. He opened a door, looking in to confirm it was the bedroom, then stepped in.

I was left on the couch, panting. I got up and walked after him. As I stepped into the room I found him going through Carlie’s closet. “What you doing, Ryan?” I asked, coming up to him and placing my hands on his strong back and arm, pressing my body against his in a manner I hoped was seductive.

“Just looking for something that might interest me. Ahh, here we are.” He brought out a hanger with a lacy white bra, panties, stockings and corset. “Put this on for me, Janelle.”

“But…this is Carlie’s wedding night lingerie…” I said, looking up at Dick nervously.

“Is it now? Well…I think that’s just perfect. It’s Janelle’s halloween dance lingerie now.” He smirked at me, handing me the delicate items.

I looked down at the lacy material in my hands, feeling them.

“Why don’t you get a bit cleaned up too? Take a shower and wash up, to get ready.”

To get ready…I thought.

He drew me into his arms and I placed my hands on his chest. Janelle’s halloween dance lingerie…I thought. The top of his chest was at eye level and I began caressing it softly, kissing it, licking his nipples. My hands traveled up and down his chiseled sides. His cock pressed against my stomach and Ryan lifted my chin and kissed me gently. My head swam with lust.

He stepped back and turned his back on me, walking Escort Fener to the bed. Right. Get ready.

“Okay. Be right back.” I stepped into the bathroom and looked at myself. I still looked pretty good. The makeup that Ryan’s sister Kasi had applied was holding up well. I was still amazed at how the dress showed off the feminine curves on my body.

I stripped off the “costume,” letting the wings and the dress fall to the floor. As I removed the bra I noticed for the first time that the fake tits could be separated from the bra, the fleshy skin tone globes had their own clear harness. This was a relief as I’d be able to put them on with the new outfit.

With some difficulty, I pinned up my hair with some of Carlie’s hair clips. I stepped into the shower and quickly scrubbed myself down in boiling hot water, being especially careful not to get my hair or face wet. I spent some time clean between my ass cheeks, even sticking a soapy finger up to clean. I released a high-pitched moan in anticipation.

I stepped out, my skin warm and tingly. I opened the bathroom mirror and examined Carlie’s supplies. I applied some of her sensual lotions to my skin, making it gleam, and put on a new layer of light peach lipstick, smacking my lips to spread it evenly, as I’d seen her do before. I put some lube in my fingers and worked it into my ass.

I managed to successfully put on my tits and slipped on the white lingerie carefully. It fit me wonderfully and I was amazed at the similarities between my body now and Carlie’s on out wedding night. She had worked hard to attain her figure for the wedding.

No, that wasn’t it. The story began to invent itself in my head, growing from the seed planted by Ryan.

I had worked hard to attain my figure for the halloween dance, I thought. This lingerie had been my motivation the past months. Every day I’d pull it out and stare at it as inspiration, knowing I wanted to show it off to my high school stud on the night of the halloween dance. That night was finally here.

I let down my hair and rand my hands through it, giving it some volume. I was a high school girl, and the hottest boy in school was just outside. I gave Janelle a mischievous wink in the mirror and stepped out of the bathroom.

Ryan was sitting patiently on the bed, leaning back onto his strong arms. His cock had softened and was laying thick across one leg. His smooth muscles at rest looked plush and inviting.

I swayed my hips as I walked to him seductively, wanting to impress. “How do I look, Daddy?” I asked.

He grinned at me. “Good enough to fuck, baby.”

I giggled and twirled for him, showing off the curves I had developed for my stud. He slapped my ass hard and I squealed. I turned and faced him, smiling. I dropped to my knees and rand my hands up his strong wide legs. I needed to get him hard.

I grabbed his soft cock and brought it to my face. I licked it long and slow from base to tip and put it in my mouth, sucking hard. This was the first time he was soft in my mouth and loved the new feeling. It was slightly smaller and easier to manage. At the same time it seemed to fill my mouth more because it had more give and pressed into the open spaces.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on manipulating his cock. I grazed it lightly with my teeth as I sucked it up and down. I attempted to take it deep with it’s more manageable size and got about two-thirds down it before gagging. I fought the reflex and kept it in my mouth, breathing through my nose.

I felt him growing in my mouth and I increased my pace, excited. I loved knowing that I was turning him on.

I leaned back and worked the head as I brought the shaft between my luscious white-clad tits. He became hard quickly now as I bobbed hard and fast on his cock.

I felt his hand on my hair, pulling up slightly, and I disengaged. I looked up at him and he had that intense look he wore when he was horny. I swooned a bit, infatuated with that look. I stood and climbed into his lap, straddling him again. I slid the back of my panties to the side and then placed my hands on his strong shoulders. Janelle couldn’t believe this was finally happening, I thought. She’d been looking forward to this night for so long. The night she would lose her virginity.

I began to slide my ass up and down his long pole, snaked between my cheeks. I leaned in and kissed him hard, throwing my arms around him and sucking on his tongue. I felt his hand close around my hair and pull my head back, breaking the kiss. I stared into Ryan’s eyes, my lips still lightly brushing his. I continued to slide up and down his cock.

He spoke. “What do you want, Janelle.”

I moaned into his mouth and tried to kiss him. But he pulled back. “Say it.”

I stared into his eyes. “I want to feel you inside me.”

He just stared at me, unblinking. Waiting.

“Fuckkkk. Fuck me please!”

He gave a half grin and nodded his head just slightly.

I took that as permission. I lifted up my ass and reached down, pointing his cock up. Staring into Ryan’s beautiful eyes, glancing from one to the other, I lowered myself down slowly.

I felt it press into my sphincter and I moaned in anticipation. Ever so slowly, I began opening up to him. Oh god.

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