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Dicked Down With Daddy, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Six — A Lullaby for Jamie 🏳️‍🌈

I didn”t know what time it was when I was roused by voices in dad”s room, but they barely phased me at first.

“Should I let him sleep?” I heard Abe ask while both him and dad rubbed my back.

I felt the familiar touch of dad”s lips against the nape of my neck, then I heard dad say, “I bet he”d love a load before you two head out.”

“The luckiest little dude in the world,” I heard Abe say, then his palm slid down my back to my ass cheeks.

I felt the luscious sensation of my crevice being splayed by his thick fingers, then the unmistakable sensation of a warm mouth French kissing my hole. I moaned blissfully as the sinful pleasure started to set in, then spread rapidly through my little body. I started to blink as my moaning grew more frantic, Abe smiled at me and planted a rough kiss on my mouth.

Just like earlier, his tongue was pure manhood between my cheeks and the roof of my mouth, then his hands left my crevice and the rim job I was enjoying took on an animalistic quality. I could feel my anus opening as the familiar tongue burrowed its way up my ass, then the gentle scraping of teeth against my quivering pucker added to my ecstasy.

I felt dad”s hand sliding up and down my spinal column, then he grabbed my hips with both hands and his thumbs pushed my buns apart. I moaned sissily into Abe”s mouth, prompting him to break our kiss and talk tenderly to me.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he asked me, and I nodded with stars in my eyes. “Your daddy knows what his little guy needs, doesn”t he?”

With a soft, boyish moan, I nodded again, then I said, “It feels so good.”

“He”s getting that pussy ready for a proper breeding,” Abe said, and I felt my tense facial muscles relax into a deep smile. “You”re looking forward to that, aren”t you honey?”

“Yes!” I hissed, then I felt dad”s mouth sucking forcefully on my pucker for a few more seconds while he simultaneously shoved a glob of spit into it with his tongue.

When dad finally stopped eating my ass, be kissed his way up my back until his lips pressed against the back of my head. I turned to smile at him, then we shared a tongue filled kiss that made my head spin.

“I love you, baby boy,” dad declared.

“I love you too, daddy,” I lisped. “I want another kiss.”

With that, dad treated me to another long kiss while Abe”s thick digit found its way up my ass so he could treat me to a deep finger fuck. When dad and I broke our kiss for the final time, he grabbed a bottle of lube and Abe removed his digit. Dad poured lube directly into my gaping boy pussy, then Abe fingered it into me while I cooed with decadent pleasure.

Dad poured lube over the tip of Abe”s pleasure stick, then he stroked it up and down while I watched with a mesmerized gaze. When Abe took his digit out of my ass, he swatted my left buttcheek and I quickly got on my hands and knees while dad petted my face. I felt my lover”s strong hands holding my hips in place while I smiled lovingly at dad, then the head of his prick pressed up to my entrance and I sighed.

“You looking forward to your breeding, son?” dad asked me tenderly, and I nodded. “I wanted to make sure you got one more good lay in before our bulls head out.”

“I wish we could all spend the day together,” I admitted, then I felt Abe”s glans melting through my expanding entrance and a luscious heat rolled through my small boy boner.

I bit my lip and moaned like a tramp, then the head popped through and I smiled. While dad was petting my face and Abe was composing himself, I pushed back with my hips and hastened his entry. With a whorish moan, I impaled myself on his full length and thickness while dad watched with an incredulous smile. When Abe was buried up my ass, dad cautioned me, “Be careful honey, I don”t want you to hurt yourself.”

Instead of heeding his advice, I slowly worked my hips back and forth on Abe”s stallion, riding it like a dildo while I hissed, “It feels so diyarbakır escort good.”

I felt Abe”s left hand leave my hip and he reached out to dad, who smiled lovingly at his bull and rose to his knees so they could share a kiss. I was still fucking myself on Abe”s pleasure stick while I looked over my shoulder and enjoyed the sight of my daddy and my stud sharing a deep French kiss. Dad had his arms wrapped around Abe”s shoulders while our stud kissed him up, then they broke their kiss and Abe took control of our fuck.

I moaned wildly when Abe”s hips started to move back and forth, allowing me to arch my back and enjoy a deep, delicious buttfucking while my little boner sizzled in the pouch of my jock. In no time flat, my rectum was in hyperdrive, wracked with wild contractions and juicing forcefully while an extended orgasm overwhelmed me.

When it was over, my head was spinning with pleasure and my ass was queefing loudly. I looked over my shoulder through half opened eyes and saw dad locked in a kiss with Jamal, who I hadn”t even noticed had joined us. Their tongues were dancing fluidly and dad was stroking his huge teen cock with an expert technique.

As soon as I realized he was with us, Abe tightened his grasp on my hips and fed me three more cock strokes. With a loud groan and a strong shudder, he buried his shaft up my ass and had an explosive orgasm inside me. I could feel his cock jerking against my taint, making it pulse from the throbbing of his dick as he unloaded his seed as a parting gift for me to enjoy.

When he pulled out, I watched with animated eyes as dad broke his kiss with Jamal and guided his throbbing teenhood to my hole with a lust filled expression. My mouth was hanging open as the cute 19 year old slid his prick up my hungry ass. He buried his morning wood up my ass, then he used it to pleasure us both while I moaned like a bitch in heat. While I was being fucked doggy style, dad found his way to his back with his legs resting on Abe”s shoulders. I watched him accept a mouthful of tongue from our stud, then his legs started to rock back and forth while we both moaned passively.

Almost as soon as dad accepted Abe”s shaft in his pussy, Jamal buried his morning wood up my butt and filled me with his seed. When he pulled out, I sucked him clean with a satisfied smile while hot semen ran from my throbbing, winking hole and painted my crevice. I could feel it dripping from my taint and off of my jock, landing on the sheets right beside dad and Abe.

Finally, Jamal pulled me off of his prick and kissed me on my grinning mouth. We broke our kiss and I scampered off to the bathroom to do my morning boy business. I took my little dick out of the pouch of my jock and unleashed my bladder while my anus winked and sizzled with pleasure, then I heard dad and Abe share a wet kiss. The moist smack of their lips parting filled my ears, then dad sighed, “Thanks, babe. We both needed that.” 🏳️‍🌈

When our studs left, it was still only 5:30 in the morning. While dad showed them to the door, I opened the butt box and picked out a long dildo to keep my excited boy cunt busy. When he returned to the room, we curled up together and I handed him the dildo. With a knowing look, he spooned me from behind and accepted the phallus shaped toy. With his body keeping me warm, I snuggled in his embrace while my heart thumped rapidly in my chest. I felt him press the end of the dildo up to my sloppy hole, then it slid up my butt.

“Thanks daddy,” I cooed.

“You”re welcome, sweetie,” he said, softly rubbing my heaving chest with his free palm while he stirred the dildo around inside me. “Try to get a little more sleep, okay?”

“I”ll try, but I”m still really excited,” I told him, feeling my ass gape and twitch around the dildo. “Can you tell me a story?

He kissed me on the cheek and said, “Sure hun. Which one?”

“Tell me about when you came out to grandma and grandpa,” I sighed.

I felt his palm press into my diaphragm while he gently worked the long dildo back and forth inside me. He lovingly nuzzled his cheek into mine, then he said, “I”d just turned 10 years old, Jamie. I was boy crazy, just like you were at that age, and I couldn”t hide it from anyone. Your aunties all knew it, and so did grandma and grandpa.”

“Did they tell you to be girl crazy instead?” I asked quietly, feeling the luscious sensation of anal masturbation as the dildo stroked gently in my ass.

“Not at all, son,” he assured me. “They filled my room with all the posters and magazines I asked for. And when they saw me looking at cute guys, they would ask me to tell them what was on my mind.”

“What did you say?” I asked softly, yawning as a drowsy feeling crept over me.

“I told them the truth,” he said with a warm tone. düzce escort “That I was thinking about boys. Cute boys. And the hot guys who worked on grandma and grandpa”s farm.”

I craned my neck and we shared a smile, then he kissed me on the lips.

“I used to ride my bike around the farm and check out the guys in their tight pants while they moved hay bales and tended the cows,” he continued. “My rear end was always hungry when I was around them.”

“What did you do about that, dad?” I asked in a husky voice.

“I”d hide out behind the barn and play in my ass,” he said softly. “Or I”d hide behind a tractor and find a nice, pointed edge to grind my bare butt against so it would feel better.”

“I bet that felt so good,” I sighed. Then I reminded him, “I used to grind my butthole on things when I was really little, too.”

“I remember that, honey,” dad said with a loving tone, then touched the end of his nose to mine while the dildo ran back with forth with full, scintillating strokes in my pussy. “I knew I was raising a little bottom boy the first time I found you grinding that horny boy box of yours against the corner of your nightstand.”

“It always felt so good,” I hissed, picking my left leg up and draping it over dad”s knee so he could get deeper with the dildo. “It feels really good right now, too.”

“I”m glad you feel good, son,” dad declared. “I love you.”

“Love you too, dad,” I said through a shiver. “What happened after you started playing in your butt?”

“Well not too long after my birthday, grandpa walked in on your dad with a toy up his ass,” dad revealed. “I had it way up there and there was no way to take it out before he saw what I was up to.”

“What toy, daddy?” I asked with magic dancing around my face while my little wiener sizzled in the pouch of my jock.

“Your dad got an electronic drum set for his birthday,” he shared as my sloppy ass sloshed audibly from the toy I was enjoying. “It came with plastic drumsticks. As soon as I unwrapped them, I was in a hurry to shove them up my ass.”

“I bet it felt so good,” I cooed while he gave my left nipple a gentle pinch. When I felt his cheek rubbing against mine, I added, “You had a butt box when you were little, just like me.”

“That”s right, babe,” he said with a smile in his voice, tightening his grip on the dildo. “Daddy”s had a butt box for years.”

“What did grandpa do when he caught you?” I asked curiously, as if he hadn”t told me this story dozens of times already.

“He closed my door and let me finish, then he talked with me about the birds and bees,” dad revealed, gently increasing the pressure of the dildo strokes in my ass. “After that, he and grandma bought be my first real toy.”

“Did you come out to them?” I asked, and dad trapped strands of my messy hair between his lips as he kissed my head.

“Not yet, babe,” he reminded me. “I spent the next month or so ogling cute workers on our farm.”

“You were so lucky, daddy,” I commented. “I bet there were a lot of cute guys working there.”

“There were a whole bunch of cute guys, buddy,” dad confirmed. “I spent a month trying to show off my bubble butt so they”d want to fuck me.”

“Did you get lucky?” I asked with a naughty grin.

“Not right away,” dad said with a wink. “But you know your old man. It didn”t take me long to figure out how to score with one of them.”

“Was his dick big?” I stammered, and dad kissed me again.

“I took quite a few big dicks in the barn,” dad assured me. “But the first time I got laid, it was with one of the farmer”s sons.”

I moaned softly as my body started to take flight from the dildo dad was using, but I managed to blurt out, “I bet he was really cute.”

“He was the cutest,” dad hissed, moving his palm back to my chest so he could rub it with soothing strokes. “He was 14, and his dick was the perfect size for daddy to enjoy. Not long after that, I started putting out for the men who were picking up on my mating calls.”

“You were so lucky,” I whined, feeling my body burning up with anal decadence. “Is that when you came out to grandma and grandpa?”

“No baby, that happened a little bit later,” he told me as I brought my forearm up to my face to shield my eyes from the carnal flashes of light that were bursting in front of my face. “Do you know where I was when I came out to grandma and grandpa?”

With a feminine moan, I shook my head no while dad gave me a knowing kiss.

“Move your arm, honey, and look at the window,” dad instructed me, and I obeyed him right away. I looked at dad”s bedroom window and saw the glow of a stoplight while his warm breath poured over my face. “We were right out there, son. We were sitting at the light by daddy”s bar and I saw hot men going in and out. I blurted out edirne escort that I wanted to work at a gay bar when I grew up.”

“What did grandma and grandpa say?” I asked through a frantic wail of pleasure.

“They asked me to tell them why I wanted to work at a gay bar and not a regular bar,” dad recalled. “And that”s when I told them I was gay.”

My body was erupting with carnal pleasure as dad subtly angled the dildo so that the tip was pressing deliciously against my prostate as he fed me firm strokes. The pleasure was so deep that I barely managed to ask, “Were they mad at you?”

“No baby, they already knew,” he whispered. “Just like I knew you were gay before you told me.”

I let out a long, guttural moan and nodded in agreement with him, then I turned my head and he kissed me on the mouth. Our tongues danced for a few seconds, then our lips parted and my left leg quivered. With the dildo still hitting my spot, dad asked, “Are you all done, Jamie?”

I nodded my head as the orgasmic waves washed over my little body, so dad slowly eased up the pressure of the dildo strokes. I felt the tip ease off of my prostate, then he gradually slowed the thrusting to ease me into my post coitus slumber. My body felt like it was floating on a big feather as my heart rate slowed. Dad”s stubbled chin gently caressed my face while he fed each dildo thrust more gingerly than the one before. And before I knew it, dad kissed me on the cheek and said, “I love you, sweetheart. Have sweet dreams, okay?”

“I love you too,” I whispered as my eyes got heavy and fluttered, then sleep overcame me and I was having sweet, sexy dreams in dad”s arms.

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