Did That Really Happen?

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We all have stories, and then some of us have STORIES. I think this is in the latter. This one involves two young bakers and a loveless assistant, me. These women were older than me and came to the bakery at 3 in the morning to start their work. I was supposed to come in at 4 to help put breads and pasteries and bagels into their respective ovens. Then I would sit and watch as they baked, the wonderful smells filling my senses.

Now these young ladies were average looking but had pretty long hair they put up and their aprons were tight, giving a nice view of their profile from the back. Sally was thin up top but had a nice round ass I always enjoyed watching without being noticed. Andrea on the other hand was all sex. Full breasts, a tight waist and a full and seemingly bubble ass. whew, I couldn’t look long or my tight jeans would reveal a growing erection.

They were nice to me, teaching me the tricks of the trade and teasing me mercilessly. They both knew I had no girlfriend and had broken up weeks ago and just moped when I wasn’t helping them. They kept joking about my needing a girlfriend to get Lucy off my mind. I needed back in the game. i said, I get up so early, who can I meet?

They gave a look at one another and both nodded. Their pretty faces had some scheme in mind and I was worried about it. They told me to come to work at 3 the next morning, Tuesday.

I yawned at 2:30 and slapped on my antalya escort work clothes, tight jeans, a t shirt which showed my flat abs and toned arms and flip flops. Five minutes early, the girls were already at work, in fact had most of their work done. When did they show up? Each had on their aprons, but when I did a double take, i did not see any pants or blouses under the aprons. What was going on?

They both turned as I came in and gave me a lingering, longing look. Whoa! They set aside their work and washed their hands. They let down their hair, pretty satiny red and a full head of raven black falling down Andrea’s back. They actually had make up on and I must admit they looked incredible. Of course my jeans showed my appreciation for their dress and their sudden attention. Sally said, sometimes we get in early and if we get things settled, we take time around 3 to 3:45 to have some fun to start our day. She leaned over and gave Andrea and soulful kiss which went deep and passionate. I was afraid I was intruding and started to look away. She pulled back and said no, stop. We want you to both watch and play. We haven’t stopped thinking about you and what you would look like without anything on. Would you like to join us? Well, six hands make quick work and their strength was apparent as they gripped me and pushed me against the wall.

They slipped out of their aprons and antalya escort bayan what glorious bodies they had. Sally’s pert breasts and erect nipples caught my eye and as I looked down, a neatly trimmed red bush made my cock tingle. On the other side, Andrea’s large firm breasts hung beautifully and her large areola and soft nipples were just out of the reach of my mouth. Wow, these women were strong and I couldn’t move. Arms pinned, two gorgeous, naked babes close to me. I could smell the flour and yeast and I could smell their bodies as well. Their work had brought a full semisweet odor off of them and I imagined pressing my nose into their mounds and inhaling the musty womanly smell of their sex. Oh how my penis went hard.

I’m above average in length and girth, but no Johnny Holmes. Still the girls complimented my cock and then slipped down and batted their eyelashes on the head. I wanted to fuck their eyes but held still. I could feel their breath on my shaft and balls and it was like nothing I had ever experienced. Two beautiful, yes I could see their beauty now they were naked, women paying attention, sexually, to me. It couldn’t happen, and yet it was.

Next I looked down and saw the two of them kissing, but my cock was in between their lips. I about shot my load right then. What a sensation. They looked up and Sally said they had wanted my cock between their mouths escort antalya for weeks. Then their tongues came out to explore each other’s mouth but my cock was in the way and it got a lot of wet, darting licks which caused me to strain to contain my ever building orgasm.

They reached across to fondle each other’s breasts and nipples and the sight was incredible as Sally rolled her head back and let out a moan. Andrea knew exactly how to touch her nipples. Sally needed to steady herself and grabbed my trusty cock to hold her balance. Feeling it, she reached around and found the olive oil and poured some on her hands and my cock. she slowly started moving her hand up and down on my shaft, going up to the head and then off about every fourth of fifth time. I couldn’t hold myself still, I started bucking and fucking her strong hand. Then, Andrea’s tongue circled my glans as Sally kept pumping. Next thing I knew, Andrea’s oil soaked fingers were poking at my ass. I had to squat a little to open to her and she steadily pushed a finger into my hole. No girl had done that before. I couldn’t take it anymore and my cum exploded from my cock splattering Andrea’s tongue, lips and face. Spasm after spasm and dribble after dribble until it had all come out.

My cock was getting smaller and Sally’s hand softened and stroked gently, damn were these girls incredible. Andrea wiped the come off her face, shared a few licks with Sally and then put the rest in a small cup. They embraced and held each other tenderly while I tried to recover. Did that really happen? Yes, it did. It became a weekly event with us all getting the wall treatment on a rotating basis. I never knew coming to work could be so much fun, especially Tuesdays.

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