Died and Gone to Heaven

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Arched Back

Died and gone to heaven

I had the chance to meet a new girl and was very excited about seeing her. I had found her through a friend and agreed to meet her and take her to a private location for some “get to know you time.”

She was dressed in a nurse uniform and filled it out to perfection. Her very large chest got my attention right away and the smile complimented the look in her eyes. They were smoldering and full of heat. I had never met a woman for the first time that exuded so much passion at first glance. Her uniform skirt was above the knee and I glimpsed the inside of her thigh as she slid into the passenger seat of my car. All I could see is creamy and smooth.

We got to my place and sat and talked for a while. I broke out a bottle of red wine, cut up some cheddar cheese, opened a box of crackers and we settled down to chat.

I asked her what she liked to do and all she wanted to talk about was sex. She told me she had a very high sex drive and wanted it several times a week. She loved big white cocks and desired to have them every day. She told me how they made her feel sexy, beautiful and made her body rise up and orgasms wash over her whole being.

She would have multiple partners but she didn’t want to have to manage all that and keep her job too. She really did not want a lot of partners. She wanted one that could satisfy her several times a week and help her financially. What she expressed to me was she needed a couple of regular sugar daddies to take care of her.

She said that she did not want to try and manage a stable of guys. Her nursing job kept her busy with shift work and keeping a social calendar was not something she wanted to do. She wanted some financial help in trade for some great sex.

I volunteered immediately and she laughed. “We will see how you do.”

I leaned in to kiss her and she responded with both tongue and moan. I was in for the ride of my life. We sat quietly on the sofa, drinking wine, eating cheese and grapes and petting one another.

I fed her grapes with my fingers and she took grape and finger in her mouth and tongued my fingertips. Oh god this was so hot. Then she innovia escort did the same for me and I reciprocated by sucking her offered fingers. They were long, lovely and manicured short because of her occupation. I had a vision of them probing my anus and parting my cheeks.

Clothing started to come off and she exposed those enormous orbs on her chest along with the long hard nipples. Soon I had no taste for food, only her breasts and the sweet nectar that I sucked out of them. Oh my god she was lactating, it was delicious and I greedily sucked harder and she became more and more aroused.

She reached for the zipper in my jeans and slid over to straddle my lap while I continued to suckle her. I helped her by unbuckling my belt and raising my ass off the couch. Quickly she had me out of my pants and into her hot hand. Stroking my already ridged erection.

Her skirt was pulled up over her waist, her bra was gone and she sat on my cock still wearing her panties. I could feel her massaging me as she slid back and forth; teasing me to a degree of hardness I had not felt in some time.

She pulled her chest back from my face and said, “Can I suck on you now?”

I couldn’t speak; the knot in my throat was the size of a basketball, so I nodded my affirmative answer.

She slid down between my knees and gripped my straining erection with her right hand, cupping my swollen testicles with her left hand. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she slipped her beautiful lips down over the head, never letting go of my cock or balls. She looked into my eyes and moaned low in her throat vibrating through my groin right to my spine. When she had me fully engulfed and pressing the back of her throat she stopped and held still. My pulse was running wild and I wanted to thrust but held still, letting her control the moment.

She remained still, with my cock in her throat while she massaged my balls and her now free hand went to the area below the scrotum where she could rub my prostate from the outside. I was going to explode if she didn’t stop something. I became agitated and she sensed my discomfort. Pulling off my cock, never losing eye istanbul escort contact she said, “Do you want to cum now?”

I just shook my head left to right, indicating that I did not for speech wasn’t possible.

“Would you like to fuck now?” She offered.

Again I was speechless and only could nod affirmative.

She stood and took my hand helping me up. My pants fell around my ankles and she bent over to hold them while I stepped out.

She pulled her skirt off over her head and slipped her panties down off her feet. She kept her heels on. She was perfectly naked, standing in white high heels looking at me, staring into my eyes and making me boil with passion.

We advanced to the bedroom and she directed me to sit down on the edge of the bed while she removed my shirt, socks and shoes. I was mesmerized and just sat there like a big dummy. She could have done anything she wanted, and I would not have objected.

She was totally naked and now standing so she moved to me and pushed her cleavage into my face. She pressed the outside of each breast to squeeze me in the middle. Yes it was good and she smelled of heaven. Her scent was both sweet and heady. I reached to hold her behind closer to me and she ground into my chest. Wow, this was good.

After we were naked she went to her knees in front of me and began to massage, kiss and then suck my swollen pride again. She was slow, wet and took me all the way to the bottom.

I thought she was going to suck me forever and I was having difficulty once again holding back. Again she seemed to sense my strain and pushed me back on the bed and mounted my face with her dripping pussy. It was delicious and it gave me time to shift focus away from my straining groin. It was my first look at what was the most perfectly shaped pussy I had ever seen up close.

The labia lips were full and swollen, her pink entry was pulsing with her excited blood flow and her clit was still exposed. I knew as soon as I licked nearby it would go under the hood and hide from me. But I wanted it and pushed my tongue in close and felt the hard vibrating clitoris. She was in complete kadıköy escort control, sitting on my face, rising up to direct my tongue where she wanted it, lowering herself to smother my ability to breathe. I think I could have suffocated it she had not relented. The flood of juices from inside her was constant; it dripped into my mouth, gushed with each spasm and tasted like honey.

She reversed herself and we entered the 69 position where she once again attacked my dick with her hot sensual mouth. I redoubled my attack on her vagina entrance and peered up at the rose petal located just at the end of my nose. I could watch it pucker and pulse every time she clinched and relaxed. I strained to get my tongue up there and taste the wonder of her anus. She sensed once again my desire and rose up so I had direct access. Sitting down on my mouth with her anus was almost heaven. I licked and pushed, licked and pushed with my tongue, trying to get inside, I wanted to part the pucker. Alas it was too tight.

Finally I got some strength and flipped her onto her back and maintained my attack of her thighs, clitoris and pussy lips. I was truly in heaven.

I moved up into missionary and she put her hand on my chest and whispered, “I need to cover you up.”

It broke my mood but I knew it was the right thing to do. She got one out of her purse and popped it in her mouth then unrolled it down my turgid shaft with her lips. That turned me back on STAT.

When I entered her in missionary she pulled her knees up and I dropped deeper into her valley, feeling my balls banging on her ass. She began rocking her knees back and forth and I though I would go wild. The sensation and her control were amazing. I wasn’t going to last long like this.

“I want to drive baby.” She said to me and I pulled back and rolled over.

She mounted me like a good cowgirl and settled down to satisfy some of her needs. I pinched her nipples and held her waist as she ground me into oblivion. I felt her have three orgasms in the several minutes she rode me.

“You want to finish, baby?”

I was close and I nodded my head.

She slid off of me and down between my legs, stripped off the condom and proceeded to milk every drop out of me with her tender lips and hard tongue. I was exhausted.

We collapsed together and I held her to me as tight as I could. I was ready for a nap.

“How soon can you go again?” She whispered with her soft breath in my ear.

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