Dinner for Two Ch. 01

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Dinner was a formality. Just a way for the two of us to convince ourselves that we weren’t being foolish; Meeting like this. Coming all this way for one night of passion. Foolish. Unless… Unless it was more than that. If we went out for dinner at least we could say that we spent some time together, had “gotten to know each other,” before rushing into the bedroom. But we both knew why we were there. It sat in the air between the two of us, as we stared across the food at each other, our appetites for the dishes we’d ordered disappearing into the wake of our carnal appetites. The anticipation of what was to come fed on our inaction and was fueled by the momentary lapses in will that kept slipping past our control. The way my hand fell on the small of your back when I ushered you towards the chair I had pulled out for you. The way your breast “accidentally” brushed my hip as you sat down (Good line). The seemingly innocent, sensual sight of your lips wrapped around a breadstick as you bit into it. The momentary burst of sexual electricity as our feet met under the table, you heels removed, as your leg brushed against mine, lingered, then moved away. I knew you felt it too, the rush. I could see in your eyes the same mischievous grin that I knew shone in mine. Dinner was foreplay, an omen of what was to come.

And now here we are. Alone, having stepped into the elevator in my building. Explicit thoughts stirring my loins as my mind turns back to your movements on the dance floor only half an hour before. The way your body moved, the liquid sensuality of your body against mine. The smell of you, wafting into my nose as I pressed my hips into you. I open my eyes and see you across the elevator, your eyes moving over the front of my pants. I look down and notice that my erection Escort Eryaman is clearly visible straining against the fabric of my slacks.

“What were you thinking about?” you ask coyly, knowing full well where my mind had wandered.

I take the two steps needed to reach you and leaning in I gently press my lips to yours. My heart begins to race as you respond with the same passion that I feel. Our lips part and I gently push my tongue into your mouth, meeting your tongue in a gentle embrace. Your hot, sweet breath mixes with mine as you moan and press your body into mine. With your breasts pressed into me as they are, I can feel, only slightly but clearly, your hard nipples through the thin fabric of my shirt. I reach my hand up and gently cup the back of your head, running my hands through your hair as we continue to kiss. Just as I gently suck your tongue into my mouth, our kiss is broken.

“Are you getting off here?” A middle aged man who I know as one of my neighbors asks, standing in the door of the elevator.

Looking up, I notice that we have reached my floor. Taking your hand I look at my neighbor, “Not here, but at least once each down the hall.” I turn and grin to you,we both begin to giggle, like children. I pull you down the hall with me, with each step the excitement building. Finally we reach my door. I can’t get the keys out fast enough. My eyes straining to catch glimpses of you as I unlock the door the keys slip and miss the keyhole.

“I hope you don’t have that problem later,” you say to me.

I look you in the eye, and with one swift motion bury the key in the lock and turn the knob, “We’ll find out, won’t we?”

Stumbling through the doorway, with you in my arms, I use my leg to kick the door closed. Spinning Eryaman Escort you around I pull your back to my chest and press my hips into your ass, grinding my hard cock into your soft flesh. Melting into my chest, you lean your head back onto my shoulder, your face turned away from me. I breathe in your sweet perfume and lean my face in, in an attempt to drown myself in your sweet aroma. Gently, I lay a kiss at the base of your neck. Spurred on by your sigh, I slowly make my way up your neck, planting light kisses along the way.

Reaching out, I take your hand in mine, bringing it to my lips and kissing your palm. My other hand snakes around your waist and up to your sternum, feeling the sloping mounds of your breasts on either side. Bringing my attention back to your face, I notice you have turned your head to me, your eyes full of lust. I move in, an animal consumed by passion, and kiss you deeply, gently running my tongue around the inside of your lips.

After a few long moments of lip locking bliss, I break our kiss. Running my hand down your body I gently press on your mound through your dress. “I want you to come on my face,” I pant into your ear.

Spinning us around I press you into the door, your back still to me. Dropping to my knees, I lift the hem of your skirt up to your waist. Pausing for a moment to admire the flawless, shapely cheeks of your ass, displayed in a black thong, I gently run the tips of my fingers over your silky flesh. Looping my thumbs into the waist-band of your panties, I strip them down to your ankles. Now, I begin pressing my face into your ass, nuzzling the right then the left and finally planting a wet kiss on each cheek before turning you around.

Seeing you, disheveled, nude from the waist down, my cock Eryaman Escort Bayan strains against my boxers. Placing my hands on your hips, I pull your bush towards my face. Running my nose through your soft hair I inhale deeply, savoring your powerful womanly scent. “It’s been far too long,” I say, more to myself than you, “I had forgotten how much the smell of a wet pussy can turn me on.”

Lifting your right leg over my shoulder, I gently kiss your mound. Looking up, I see your face, eyes closed, head back, your teeth biting into your lower lip, I know you want this. I begin by kissing your inner thigh, the frequency of kisses slowing as I come closer to your flower. Gently, ever so slowly, I lick along the outer lips of your wet and swollen pussy, careful not to touch your inner lips or the beautiful clit that slightly protrudes from its hiding place. Not able to resist any longer, I slip my tongue into you inner folds, circling then gently sucking on each lip in turn before pressing my stiff tongue into your hole. The flavor of your juice and the sounds of your moans nearly drives me over the edge. Flattening my tongue, I begin a long slow stroke up the center of your twat towards your perfect pearl. Reaching your clit, I circle it with my tongue and take it into my mouth, suckling and tonguing it like a nipple.

Suddenly, I notice your hands pressing into the back of my head, pressing me against your cunt. I continue, with increased fervor, to massage your clit with my tongue, providing a gentle suckling action. With one finger, I slide into you, curling it in a come hither motion, pressing into your g-spot. I can hear you moaning louder now, small screams of pleasure egging me on. It is then that I feel the contractions on my finger and hear you cry out in sexual rapture.

Pulling my finger from you, I kiss your womanhood and stand up. You meet me with a deep tongue kiss as we share the taste of your cum. Breaking the kiss, I suck my fingers clean, “You are amazing. Now, shall we move on to the real foreplay?”

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