Dirty Games with My Wife

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My wife and I of five years have always had a great relationship. We have friends and family we each love, goals we each pursue, and jobs we both love. She is a store manager and I am a stockbroker. We don’t have any kids at all and have no intention of having any. We each lead pretty normal lives.

Except when it comes to sex games. In normal life we are individuals, great at what we do, and the best of friends. Nothing comes between us. But when it comes to sexual matters my wife is ALWAYS dominant and I am submissive. This is how we choose it to be, and she never FORCES me to do anything unless she knows I want her to do them. It’s all basically a game and we are just playing characters.

This particular night we decided to go out to our favorite restaurant, a sort of bar and grill. WE both knew what sort of games would soon happen afterwards. We ate our meals slowly, not trying to rush anything, and when we were finished we paid and left quietly. On the drive home we talked about our businesses and where we would like to vacation this summer. Just normal stuff couples talk about.

We pulled into the driveway and walked up into the house. Finally when the drapes were shut, doors locked, and security system on. Our games began.

“Get on your knees worm, ” she said smacking her hip with her riding crop.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Slave, tonight is going to be a VERY long night, so many games to play, so much punishment to be dealt out. Now strip while your goddess goes and dresses in whatever she wants, got that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I quickly removed my clothes and resumed the position on my knees realizing I already had a bit of a hard on.

She came back dressed in a costume that she must have just bought because I hadn’t seen it before. She looked like a queen, a queen that I would never oppose. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her 36c chest that seemed even larger in her skintight rubber top. Her short rubber skirt did not hide the fact that she had on a beautiful pair of white cotton panties (my favorite). Her stocking was equally enticing, as were her black four-inch spike heels. In her hands she held a riding crop and a pair of handcuffs. Which I knew would both come into play at sometime tonight.

She walked over to me and I was almost literally salivating.

“Looks like my little boy needs something in his mouth.”

She proceeded to walk to the kitchen and get a small jar, about as big as a twenty-ounce coke or so. She got back to me and commanded.

“Alright worm, take my panties off with your teeth.”

“Yes goddess.”

I quickly complied and grabbed at her rubber skirt, which got my hands a quick but cruel slap from Mistresses riding crop.

“No hands little boy, I said mouth only.”

I moved my hands to my side and started to nudge the skirt up using my head, nose, chin, and my mouth.

“Hurry up slave,” WHACK riding crop on the ass, “I don’t have all night, and if you’re too slow you won’t get your reward.” I managed to get her panties down to her ankles but she didn’t lift her feet.

“To illegal bahis open that path slave you have to lick the soles of my shoes.”

She lifted one leg up. The panties were free from one side. She held her heel up for me, and I licked the soles bare. About two minutes later she wanted me to work on the other one. The panties slipped off her other leg and I hesitated between her panties and her sole for a few seconds, which gave Mistress enough time to swat my ass good with the crop.

“Slave when I tell you to do something you’d better do it.” Another swat to the ass and my tongue was planted on her sole.

After about five minutes of licking she stopped me and told me to pick up the panties with my teeth and place them in the jar.

“Make sure that they are bunched up in the bottom. We need room for other things.”

I had a feeling what was coming next.

“Okay slave, if you want your reward you must guarantee that you want my panties.”

“Oh yes Mistress, I want them more than anything else right now.”

“Good worm. You asked for them.”

And with that she squatted over the jar and began to piss into it. No wonder she drank so much when we were at the restaurant. Watching her piss into the jar was like heaven. Her golden liquid was so beautiful streaming out of her pussy. I wanted to lick her pussy so badly right then, but I knew that wouldn’t be for a while.

She finished letting her piss go into the jar and picked it up. She handed the jar to me and said, “Well slave, looks like you have to get to those panties, but remember,” she said with a wicked smile, “No hands.” We both knew what that meant. I would have to drink the piss to get to the prize. I tipped the jar up and immediately smelled and tasted her warm liquid. It was lovely, absolutely great.

“Drink it all piss boy, or else no more fun for you,” she said tipping the glass up higher. I managed to drink all the piss but the panties were still in the bottom. I was going to have to shake the glass. I tipped it higher and shook it a little. Mistress’s pissy panties came down and slapped me right in the face, covering my nose and mouth. I bit down and pulled the jar away. I sat there with a little piss dripping off the panties onto my chest.

“Those piss panties need to be cleaned.”

She removed her heel and with the spike end, she started to push the panties into my mouth. When they were all in she wiped the heel on my cheek and laughed.

“I want those things clean slave, none of my piss is to be on them when I take them out of your dirty mouth.”

I sucked those pissy panties for all I was worth. Meanwhile she stepped behind me and started playing with my ass and ball sac with her stockinged foot.

“You better not cum yet slave or else tonight will be nothing but pain for you.”

We continued like this for a few minutes, with me almost cumming once or twice until she said

“Alright my little piss slave, open your dirty mouth. Take out the panties so I can inspect them.”

I grabbed them and unfolded them with both hands for Mistress illegal bahis siteleri to inspect. She examined the seams the closest and upon looking at the front and back she said.

“Well done slave, you may now pleasure your goddess.”

“Oh yes mistress, thank you so much,” and I began to move.

She put her heel on my chest and told me to stay like a good dog. She then turned around and got on her knees, face down ass up. Her ass was right in my face. She moved the rubber from her rear up a little and said “Alright you dirty little boy, tongue my ass NOW!” I am not into shit play or scat but rimming and ass worship I adore. I dove right in and immediately started licking Mistresses cheeks left and right, up and down. Each cheek was clean as ever and shined beautifully.

“Now the crack and hole, ass slave.”

She reached down and pulled her cheeks apart, giving me a great view of her lovely crack and inviting asshole.

“Lick you little pervert boy.”

I went straight for the button knowing that it pleased Mistress. I tongued that thing like it had the last ounce of water on Earth. I explored an inch inside it, did circles around it, and went inside again. I continued to kiss it again and again then I did about a hundred tongue laps on the ass track until Mistress said.

“Okay ass face, that’s enough for now.”

She stood up and left me on the ground.

“Now slave I have seen you staring at my goddess like boobs all night.”

I didn’t respond quickly enough and she slapped my balls gently with the riding crop.

“Haven’t you worm?”

“Yes goddess, they are beautiful.”

“They are, aren’t they slave,” she said smoothly massaging one, “I bet you’d like to feel them wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress I would love that.”

“Well you may touch them, but you have to pay the price for these beauties.”

I thought for a second and replied.

“What did you have in mind Mistress?”

“Slave, tell me how badly you want them.”

“Oh Mistress, I want to feel them so badly, you know that I need them.”

“Okay worm.”

She fastened the handcuffs behind my back and went to our room. She came back with a collar and leash.

“All you have to do is keep up with me while I walk and kiss my feet at the end. “I will do as I am told Mistress.”

Seemed simple enough. She walked around the house a while with me frantically pursuing her. She picked up her pace a little and I had to practically hurt my knees just to keep up. I was doing great until she passed the leash through one of our stair railing and stopped a little ways ahead of me. I obviously couldn’t go through the railing and so I slowly shuffled my way over to her feet.

“Kiss them you little worm.”

I bent down and came five inches away! The slack wasn’t enough.

“Don’t you want my feet and tits slave?” she asked teasingly.

I whimpered a little, “Yes mistress but their isn’t enough slack.”

“Oh complain all you want slave boy, but I will make you deal.” My eyes lit up. “For each inch I give you I get canlı bahis siteleri to swat your ass with the paddle, and when I am done I will jerk you off but only if you promise to eat your own cum.”

Oh gosh the swats would hurt so badly and the cum taste weird. But if I kissed her feet I would get to feel her breasts and get a hand job.

“Can’t wait all night slave”

“Okay mistress, please give your slave the five inches so I can kiss your gorgeous feet.”

She allowed the little slack I needed and I gave each foot a huge tongue kiss.

“Good slave. Now let me go get the paddle and remove this little rubber shirt.”

I waited eagerly in anticipation practically sweating. She came back into the room finally and was wearing a beautiful black bra, which lifted her already ample chest up and out forming an amazing site of tiflesh and cleavage. She was walking over to me. She was going to remove the handcuffs! But instead she grabbed a pillow and placed it right in front of me.

“Now slave, I said you could touch my breasts, but I don’t think I want your hands on them.”

She laughed a little and suddenly crushed my face into them with her free hand.

“I want to hear you count them out you little worm.”

She wound up and cracked me hard on the ass hard enough to almost make me leap forward. She pulled my head away from the heavenly position and gave me a mean scowl.

“One Mistress, one,” I blurted out.

“Good job, my little tit fiend”

She smashed my face into her tits again and swatted me even harder on the other cheek. It was almost unbearable.

“Two, Goddess.”

She crushed my face once again and this went on for three more swats and three more face plants, until she pulled me away and said “Congratulations worm, you will now receive the rest of your reward.

She pushed me hard onto my back, and undid her bra. I could see her tits fall out and she started to jerk me off fast and furiously, tapping my balls a little with her other I hand. I knew I was going to cum quickly and tried to hold back so much, but I knew it was inevitable. She kept stroking away and when I was about to cum, she pointed my cock directly at my chest. Load after load spilled onto my stomach and chest. I never thought I could cum that much or that long. She let go of my cock as it started to soften.

“Looks like quite a meal for my little cum slave doesn’t it?”

“Yes Mistress, it was all because of you.”

She scooped up a little and deposited it in my mouth. “Do not swallow any of it just yet slave.” She scooped up a little at a time and put it into my waiting mouth. After about six or seven times she told me to lick her finger clean and start swishing the cum around in my mouth. I did as told for about a minute or so.

“Open your mouth slave boy,” I opened wide. “Wow, that is a lot,” she said with a huge smile admiring my loads. I sat up and when I did she pressed her tits against my chest and French kissed me. We kissed for a minute or so, but for what seemed like hours. She had sucked all the cum from my mouth. She broke the kiss and opened her mouth for me to see. She swallowed my load with one big gulp and smiled. Swatting my cock a little she said, “Well, I need to keep a little bit of my slave inside me, don’t I?” Indeed. Yes, indeed.

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