Dirty Library Feet

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As David made his way to the doors of the library to start the day, he was shaken from his usual morning slump by a loud clicking sound coming towards him.

“Hey, hold that door!” came a call.

When he turned around he saw the sound coming from a pair of black high heels running along the concrete footpath. David caught his breath in his throat as he took in the young woman the heels belonged to. Those shoes framed a pair of extremely large feet and slim ankles, accented by her light chocolatey-brown skin and shown off by her short cuffed slacks, worn along with a black dress shirt as part of the library’s unofficial work uniform. A set of messy, dark brown bangs fell down either side of her face and framed her bright eyes and friendly smile.

“Hi, I’m Christie! I just started today,” the girl introduced herself.

“…Hi,” David replied awkwardly. He could already feel his face burning just from talking to this cute girl. After they went inside and Christie began her orientation, David wracked his brains for some topic to engage in conversation with her. Shy, lanky, pale and bespectacled, he’d describe himself as a geek with no hesitation and had long ago resigned himself to the idea that girls like Christie were for someone like him to admire from afar, not get to know up close.

Still, with their work meaning they’d be spending most of their time around each other, he kept some hope that he could become friendly with Christie soon as he knelt down to arrange the books on the bottom shelves. He was still thinking about it when something suddenly fell on his head.

Looking down, he realised it was one of Christie’s heels.

“Oops! Sorry!” she called down. David looked up and saw her perched on a ladder, working on the top shelves. What else he saw made his jaw drop.

He was staring at Christie’s huge, soft bare foot hovering above his face, her brown skin fading to a milky white sole that creased and wrinkled as she flexed her long toes.

“I have size 13 feet,” she explained with a laugh, “but I wear a 14 in heels to stop them pinching my toes.”

“Well… it sure shows…” David remarked, awestruck, as he watched the toes wiggle.

“Thanks!” Christie said, scrunching her toes in completely. “So can I have that back?”

“Oh, of course…” David said quickly, picking up her heel and standing up. For a moment he just stared at her foot, awkwardly holding her shoe in his hands.

“Don’t be shy! It’s just a foot!” Christie grinned, wiggling her toes again. With that, David cupped the heel of her bare foot in his hand and started sliding her shoe back on, dragging it out for as long as he felt he could get away with and with his heart pounding in his chest for every moment.

“Just like Cinderella,” Christie chuckled as she climbed down. “Does that make you my Prince Charming?” she güvenilir bahis added, teasingly nudging David with her elbow. David blushed bright red again and stammered some half-reply out. Christie simply laughed, picked up a crate of books and moved over to another set of shelves.

Now, Christie was a smart and shrewd girl, and it wasn’t lost on her in the slightest what effect she was having on David. Nor had she missed his reaction to seeing her bare foot, or how his awkwardness seemed to double now as she knelt down, letting her heels pop out of the backs of her shoes and exposing her creamy soles for the world to see. David couldn’t resist taking glances at her soles repeatedly as they worked, unaware that the whole time, Christie was watching him back with a sly smirk.

So it was that Christie couldn’t wait for morning break for more than one reason.

“Phew! Break time at last!” She cried, walking ahead of David to the library’s back room. “My poor feet are killing me!”

“Yeah, why did you wear heels?” David asked. “Didn’t you realise that you’d be on your feet all day?”

“Yeah, but I wanted to make a good impression on my first day,” Christie explained with an embarrassed smile. Allowing David to move ahead, she sauntered up behind him and spoke in a lowered voice.

“If you like, you could take them off for me…”

“Why would I want to do that?” David asked nervously, now staring ahead. With a playful smile, Christie casually replied,

“Because you have a foot fetish?” David reacted as if he’d been struck by lightning. He stood straight as a rail as he entered the room, sitting opposite Christie on its old couch and doing everything he could to avoid eye contact.

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about!” he stammered.

“Really,” Christie said, entirely unconvinced. “So you haven’t been staring at my feet all day?”

“N-no!” came David’s quick reply.

“So if I was to, say…” Christie began, performing each action as she described it, “kick off my shoes… prop my feet up on the coffee table… and maybe wiggle my toes a little… you’d have no reaction whatsoever?” David gave no reply.

“That’s a shame,” Christie went on, “’cause I could really use a foot rub…” At this, David turned to look at her in surprise.

“Well… he began slowly, “If you’re absolutely sure you’re comfortable with-” Christie responded by depositing her feet in his lap.

“Does this answer your question?” she asked. David felt his heart thumping again as he took in the beautiful feet literally right under his nose. Plucking up all the courage he could, he got to work kneading Christie’s left sole with his thumbs.

“Mhmm…” Christie moaned, lying back on the couch’s armrest. David meticulously rubbed every inch of her ball and arch, then used his palms on her toes and heel.

“Ooh… güvenilir bahis siteleri that’s nice…” she sighed. She slid her left foot down his thigh and offered him her right. “You know, you’re really good at this.”

“Oh, thanks,” replied David. “I never really-” At that moment though, he accidentally scratched her sole with his fingernails. The sensation shot through Christie like an electric shock.

“Eep!” she cried, pulling her feet back.

“What’s wrong?” David asked nervously.

“Sorry,” Christie replied with a sheepish grin, “my feet are just really ticklish!”

“Oh? Really ticklish?” David asked teasingly. Returning his smile, Christie slid her feet back onto his lap.

“CRAZY ticklish.” Taking the invitation, David began scribbling his fingers up and down Christie’s soles.

“Ah-he-he-he-hee!” Christie giggled, wiggling her toes uncontrollably. Taking advantage of this, David began sliding his fingers between them.

“Ahahah-oh-ho Go-ho-hod!” Christie cried.

“What’s all that noise?” The librarian, Ms. Stewart, poked her head in the door.

“Idunno,” Christie and David replied simultaneously, suddenly sitting away from each other at opposite ends of the couch. The only thing close to a hint of what might have happened was that Christie had one foot pulled up on the couch and the other balanced on the table edge.

“Well, anyway, it’s time to get back to work,” Ms. Stewart told them. Christie leaned against the wall and held up a foot.

“Can I work barefoot?” she asked, pointing her big toe. “Those shoes were murder!”

“Whatever,” Stewart said disinterestedly as she walked out.

And so, Christie padded back out onto the library floor on her bare feet. Over the next few hours, she and David stuck close together as they worked, chatting, joking and decidedly falling for each other. In fact, David didn’t even give Christie’s feet another thought.

If he had though, they would have noticed that the soles of her feet were becoming increasingly dirty as she walked around on the library’s old carpeted floors. At first they just had a little bit of light gray dust, but more and more kept building up until eventually they were almost pitch black.

Hours later, Ms. Stewart made sure she was first to the door at closing time.

“Okay guys, I’m off,” she called back. “Sort the last of the books and lock up when you’re done.”

“Tch! Typical,” David grumbled.

“It’s not all bad, Christie said as sat a table and stuck her feet up. “We have the whole place to our…” It was at this point that she finally noticed the state of her feet.

“Oh, gee!” she cried. She pulled one leg up to get a closer look. Now it was her turn to blush.

“Sorry! I didn’t notice how filthy my soles were getting!”

“That’s not too surprising,” David iddaa siteleri teased as he sat down in front of her other foot. “You’ve been walking around in bare feet for hours.” Christie began putting her feet down.

“I’ll just go and wash them and-“

“Wait!” David said suddenly.

“What?” Christie asked.

“Um… nothing,” David replied, blushing again. Christie crossed her arms.

“Come on, tell me.” David began scratching his head nervously.

“Well… I actually kind of… like dirty feet,” he explained. Christie’s jaw dropped.

“Oh no, I’ve freaked you out,” David stammered. “I’m sorry, I-” he was cut off when Christie plonked her feet back on the table right in front of him. Looking at him over her toes, with a sheepish grin, she asked,

“Would you like to… lick my feet?”

“Are you sure?” David asked, shocked.

“YES.” Christie replied, her grin now determined. So David picked up a foot and, with encouragement from Christie’s warm smile, began lapping at the ball of her foot. Christie bit her lip, trying to suppress a giggle.

“It tickles but it feels so good!” David picked up her other foot and began licking both with horizontal sweeps of his tongue. Christie just barely contained herself when he began shrimping her heels with his lips, but that ended when he started to nibble them. Christie completely collapsed, a torrent of laughter escaping from her mouth and ringing through the library. David was very thorough, making sure he licked off every speck of dirt, putting one foot back down and holding the other sideways so he could get to the sides of her soles more easily. Christie thrashed her head, holding her chair in a vice grip, hoping she wouldn’t pass out or kick David in the face. Fortunately, he was starting to ease off.

“Ahahaha…heh heh… phew!” Christie breathed, wiping tears out of her eyes. Then she saw David’s work wasn’t quite finished.

“Don’t forget the toes!” she said, giving them an extra long wiggle. David kissed her big toe before moving to the other side of her foot and taking her three smallest toes into his mouth and sucking. Christie threw her head back and let out a loud moan. Then the moans mixed with more giggles as David started sliding his tongue between her toes. It went on like this, David taking groups of toes into his mouth at a time. He saved the big toes for last, sucking on both at the same time and triggering a moan from Christie and himself. Finally, Christie’s soles were sparkling clean.

“That felt amazing,” she panted.

“You didn’t think it was… gross?” David asked nervously. Christie climbed up on the table, leaning so her face was directly in front of his.

“Does this answer your question?” then she grabbed him and pulled him in for a kiss. After David’s initial shock subsided, the two stared at each other for one more moment before David climbed up on the table as well and they wrapped their arms around each other for a much longer kiss. Christie clenched her soles in passion as the rays of the setting sun fell over them. She knew the day was far from over.

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