Dirtying up the Virgin Beach

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Carnival weekend in Ecuador is a time when most people take advantage of the Friday, Monday and Tuesday off to go to travel, relax, and usually go to one of the countless beaches on the Ecuadorian coast. I have the unfortunate taste of loving the beach, but hating other people. I try to go on vacation when others don’t have free time, and with my strange work schedule, this is usually possible. However, Carnival is one break I have that coincides with the rest of the country’s. David and I were in desperate need of a vacation, but were short on funds and really didn’t want to deal with the crowds, vendors, bad music on full blast, drunken teenagers, trash everywhere, and upped prices that come with beaching during national holidays. Despite being in our twenties, sometimes our preferences make us seem like old grumpy hermits. We were resigned to our usual resort of holing ourselves up in our apartment with good food, good movies, good music, good books, and the occasional pizza delivery for the long weekend.

A few days before we closed off our doors to the outside world, we got a serendipitous message from Leo, a friend and coworker: “Diana, do you and David want to come with me to the coast to visit a friend of mine? She lives on a completely remote beach near Esmeraldas, and would only charge $12 a night for a bed and 3 meals. If you’re interested, make sure to bring flashlights; they don’t have electricity or running water.”

It sounded too good to be true! An isolated paradise, a chance to be completely disconnected from the rest of the world for a few days, and completely affordable! I immediately called to David to ask if he’d be up for the adventure, which of course he accepted immediately. We gathered up the flashlights, bathing suits, the guitar, some toilet paper, and other such necessities in preparation for an amazing trip.

Thursday night I got out of work at 9 pm and David was waiting for me at the entrance of the institute where I work with our bags all packed and ready to go. Leo had his stuff ready too, so we got in a taxi and headed to the bus station. We had an overnight bus trip, so we would arrive at the beach in the morning. I spent the first few hours of the trip reading, and then before forcing myself into the restless sleep of travel, I wondered about the possibility of beach sex. I didn’t know what the place was going to be like, nor if we’d have our own room or even our own bed, but I was determined to at least sneak off and romp on the moonlit shores with David to try out one of my fantasies.

We arrived at a little town where we bought a gallon of water and some beer each. There, our host, Maryanne, picked us up to bring us to our final destination. We went down a little dirt road, which became a sandy path, which became the beach. She told us that they could only get in and out by car during low tide because a lot of the trip we were just driving right on the shore. We saw a couple of fishermen fishing in canoes right off şirinevler türbanlı escort the shore, but other than that there weren’t any other people around.

We arrived at a little wooden house on stilts on a hill overlooking the expansive ocean. Behind the house there was a grove full of coconut trees, mango trees, banana stalks, lemon trees, aloe plants, lemon grass, oregano, and so much more. Maryanne’s boyfriend, Archimedes, grabbed his machete, sliced down a few green coconuts, chopped off the tops, and handed them to us. The sweetest, freshest, most thirst-quenching coconut water coated our throats and introduced us to this incredible paradise.

The house was an open museum full of artifacts; there were ancient sculptures made by indigenous civilizations, most of them referring to or resembling alien creatures. I don’t know how genuine these artifacts were, but they were quite interesting to search through. The “bedrooms” were part of this same room. David and I chose the biggest bed, which had its own canopy mosquito net and a huge window overlooking the ocean. Leo’s bed was right next to ours, but was separated into its own area by a chest-high wooden barrier going all the way around. Maryanne and Archimedes, of course, had their own private room with a door.

After the grand tour, David and I slathered on some sunscreen and went out to explore the virgin beach. We walked for almost an entire hour along the shore, picking up shells and chasing crabs across the sand, without seeing a single human being. After walking a distance from the house, I spotted an interesting looking irregularity in the shore. The high cliffs that lined the beach went inland a bit, away from the ocean and into a neat little area that went up into a grassy hill. Nestled between the cliffs, we could only see the ocean directly in front of us. I ran out to see if there was anyone coming in either direction. The pristine beach was completely deserted.

When David saw me looking around for other people, he knew instantly what I was up to. When I came back to the little cove, he already had his shorts off and was ready to go. His light brown skin shone in the sun, and his eagerness showed in his fully erect penis; I had soaked through my bathing suit within seconds of seeing his ready body. He grabbed me gently by the shoulders and stroked my skin. I looked up into his deep brown eyes, quivering in excitement. He leaned down and kissed me, firmly and passionately, as he pulled on my skirt and let it fall down, caressing my sun-kissed legs as it descended. We sat on it, and he shimmied the bottom of my bathing suit to one side to reveal my glistening pussy. He touched his calloused fingertip to my wet opening and spread the sopping juices around, lingering over my clit. The burning passion was building quickly, in addition to the slight sense of panic that someone could sneak up on us as we lay sat in the open air. He kissed me again, şirinevler ucuz escort and slid two fingers deep into my slippery slit, causing me to shudder in pleasure. I had one hand behind me, supporting my weight, and the other was massaging his pulsing scrotum. He pushed his fingers in harder, making me moan and finally grip onto his solid dick. I could feel it twitch in anticipation as I held it in my small white hand.

He held me by the waist and pulled me closer, accommodating our bodies to stay mostly on the small white skirt we were sitting on. He lowered me down and crossed his legs over mine. I wiggled a little to increase contact a little more, gasping with desire. I wiggled a little more, turned my hips toward him, and… pushed sand onto his dick! I groaned, he laughed, and we got up. No one had said that sex on the beach would be easy! We ran down to the shore to rinse off, laughing and splashing, but not lingering for long to get back to the action. We checked our perimeter once more, grabbed each others’ hands, and ran back to our refuge.

After a couple more tries and trips up and down the beach, we finally had a workable set-up. I removed my bathing suit completely so we could use it for additional sand protection, and he gently lowered me down onto the suit and skirt. This time we got right down to it to prevent sand from getting between us. His stiff cock was starting to let out little milky-white beads of pre-cum. He slid the tip of his dick over my pussy, and THRUST all the way in. His balls pressed against my body, and I squealed in delight as I felt his huge dick fill me up and press against the entrance to the cervix. My head thrust back and I looked up at the deep blue sky, the cliffs sloping up behind us, and the birds circling overhead. The physical sensation of his cock thrusting deep into my body, coupled with the sense of complete freedom of being naked, exposed, and expressing our love out in the open was almost too much for me to handle. The wisps of clouds seemed to be swirling, the colors looked more vibrant, his skin against mine felt more real, more part of me, than ever before. We were both sweating profusely under the intense rays of the equatorial sun, and it only made us slide closer together. I licked his neck, and tasted his skin, his sweat, his self. He thrust again, and the spasm of pleasure drove me to see sparkles in the sky. I felt like I was high; I was undergoing such a powerful sexual thrill that I was mildly hallucinating.

His strong hand grasped my full, pale left breast and softly tweaked my hard pink nipple. He pinched harder, almost to the point of pain, but with pleasure overpowering it. He finally squeezed the whole breast, ending with the nipple, massaging it out to the tip, until a drop of milk came out. Excited, he continued to squeeze, until a larger drop beaded at the tip and trickled down the curve of my breast. He licked it up, and continued sucking on my şişli escort now almost red nipple. He did the same on the other breast, with even better results. I was incredibly turned on by the whole experience, and more so by how much he seemed to be enjoying it all. He kept sucking on my boob, his big soft lips encircling the aureola while he kept licking the tip of my leaking nipple.

His hands encircled my waist as he continued thrusting and sucking rhythmically, and then they went down to grasp my ass. He used the new leverage to pull me in closer, creating more intense pressure inside of my body. Suddenly, he grabbed my right leg, twisted it up and around, and lay it on his right shoulder. I’m small and quite flexible, so I wasn’t in any discomfort, and the effect was incredible. His dick penetrated even deeper into my body, and I could feel it growing even more, getting harder and hotter inside of me. He shoved, unyielding, inside of me. I reached down to grab his balls, and I could feel them swelling and pushing up into his body.

I started to shudder as I felt my climax build up and finally break, and I felt the warmth and relaxation and satisfaction swell from my pussy all out through my bodies, to each extremity, to the tips of my fingers, to my eyelids, to my curling toes. He moaned deeply into my neck and released his hot cum inside of my pussy as the contractions of my climax massaged his dick into orgasm as well. I could feel it squirt into my body and fill me up with his essence. When we both finally stopped throbbing in pleasure, he pulled his cock out of me, and I bent down to lick it clean. I wanted to taste some of what had filled me up with such completion. Then we lay back, looked up at the sky, and started giggling. I was light headed and happy, and he held me and laughed at my laughter. We held each other for a few more minutes, realizing that we both felt the same way; high on sex, on nature, on life.

We pulled on our bathing suits again and headed towards the ocean to wash off the sweat, sand and body fluids. As we rinsed, I saw something in the distance. I thought our luck had run out, and there were people headed out way, but as they got closer, we noticed that it was a small herd of horses: two adults and two foals. They seemed to just be taking a walk on the beach, taking in the sights. The babies would go near the water, then rush back up the beach to the adults, only to venture down to the crashing waves again. We started laughing again, and again I had that strange sensation of being high without having smoked anything. We walked until they caught up to us, let them go ahead a bit, then ran to catch up to them again. When we ran, they ran, but didn’t run away; they wanted to play too! We played with the horses for a while, then fell back, laughing as they galloped on ahead.

That same night, under the cover of our mosquito net, we got to it again. We had to be as quiet as possible, and couldn’t move much because the movement under the net was pretty obvious, but we managed pretty well. His dick slowly slid in and out of my pussy, this time mounting the exhilaration in a much more leisurely manner, which just led to a quiet but powerful climax for both of us. We locked in embrace for the rest of the night, delighting in our wonderful, exciting experiences.

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