Disciplining the Parent Ch. 01

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Tail Plug

Sharon Brown was late for her Parent-Teacher Conference with her son’s teacher, Ms. Johnson.

Her conference was scheduled for 9am to discuss her son Sam’s performance in school.

She meant to be on time, but the man she had picked up last night had insisted on a quicky fuck this morning. His cum was seeping into her cotton panties. She hadn’t had time to clean up before rushing to meat Sam’s teacher.

Her pussy squirmed with his cum as she walked down the halls to her son’s classroom. The long walk was making her panties a soaking mess. She hoped that Ms. Johnson wouldn’t notice anything amiss.

Ms. Abigail Johnson was sitting at the desk in her classroom. She looked at the clock for the fifth time. Sam’s mother was 10 minutes late for their appointment. Sharon walked in trying to apologize for her tardiness.

“I’m so sorry for being late, Ms. Johnson. Something came up at home and I got out of the house later than I meant to.”

Ms. Johnson didn’t say anything as she looked Sharon up and down. Her shoulder length, dirty blonde hair was barely brushed out; she looked like she had just gotten out of bed. Her clothes were rumpled and looked hastily put on. She was a hot mess.

“Ms. Brown, it’s highly inconsiderate of you to be late for your appointment! I took time out of my day to meet with you, and the other parents were able to make it on time. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Sharon looked down at the floor and mumbled an apology.

“What was that? I can’t hear you when you mumble. Look at me and speak up!”

Ms. Johnson was waiting. Sharon looked up, looking embarrassed. “I’m sorry Ms. Johnson. It was rude of me to be late. Please forgive me?”

“Very well, let’s begin. Sit down.”

Ms. Johnson was going over Sam’s performance when she smelled something. She looked closely at Sharon.

She was squirming in her seat.

Ms. Brown, why are you squirming? What is wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing, Ms. Johnson, just a little itch.”

“Mmmmhmm,” Ms. Johnson hummed. “Why were you late today?”

“I just overslept a little,” Sharon said.

“I don’t believe you. Stand up!”

“Please, Ms. Johnson, it’s Demetevler Escort nothing. I’m sorry I was late.” Sharon had a panicked look on her face.

“That was not a request. Stand up, now!”

Sharon rose out of the seat and stood before her son’s teacher. She stood there nervously wondering what Ms. Johnson would make her do.

“Raise your skirt up.”

“Excuse me!?!”

“You heard me, do not make me repeat myself,” Ms. Johnson told her. She waited for Sharon to comply with her command.

Sharon grabbed the hem or her skirt and pulled it up. Her face flamed red with shame. She was holding her skirt up for her son’s teacher, as if she was a student herself, being disciplined for her misdeeds.

“Just as I thought. You came to my classroom with soiled underpants.” Ms. Johnson reached her hand to Sharon’s panties. “Your dirty panties are soaked through with a man’s cum leaking out of you.”

“You are just a little slut, aren’t you?” Ms. Johnson squeezed Sharon’s pussy through her soaking underwear. In my class, sluts are punished for bringing their cum-filled pussies to school.”

“Bend over the desk.”

Sharon walked over to the desk, skirt still held high. She bent over the desk, and laid down on it.

“Pull your skirt up you little hussy!”

She pulled the skirt up so her panty-covered ass was fully exposed to her son’s domineering teacher. She felt ashamed at being exposed.

Ms. Johnson roughly grabbed Sharon’s underwear and yanked them down to her ankles.

Sharon cried out, “please no, Ms. Johnson. This isn’t right. I’m sorry!”

The smell of her hookup’s cum wafted out of her pussy, and blobs of cum oozed out onto the desk.

“You are a skank, and skanks get spanked. Count them out. Each time you miss, I start over.”

Ms. Johnson picked up the yardstick she kept at her desk. She whacked her hand a couple times so Sharon could hear the slaps. She jumped in anticipation at each one.


The yardstick sang as it swung through the air. It landed across Sharon’s ass, hitting both cheeks. A bright red line raised on her skin.


Sharon Otele gelen escort jumped and screamed in shock at her humiliation and pain for her ass cheeks.

“You’ve already missed the first count, slut. We’re going to be here a while if you aren’t able to follow simple instructions.”



“One what?” Ms. Johnson asked the mother with a sneer.

“One ma’am?”

“One Mistress. Sluts have mistresses. And because you can’t be trusted to take care of yourself, I will have to do it for you. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress! One Mistress.”

“That’s a good little slut.”


“Two mistress.”


“Three mistress.”

Tears rolled down her face as she felt the humiliation of her spanking by this teacher. Sharon had red lines where the ruler was hitting her cheeks. She hated the pain and shame of being spanked, but her pussy was soaking wet.

Ms. Johnson spanked her to 10 whacks, as Sharon counted them out. She was crying from being humiliated by her son’s teacher, but she was also on the verge of an orgasm. She’d never been more turned on.

“Very good, my little pet. Even sluts like you can learn.”

Ms. Johnson rubbed Sharon’s ass, massaging the red lines she had put there. Sharon moaned from the combined sensation of the pain for the whacks and Ms. Johnson caressing her.

“Is my pet aroused? Do you want to come?”

“Yes mistress! Please may I come?”

“Not yet my little slut. Get down on your knees. It’s time you show me how much you want to come.”

Sharon eagerly slid off the desk and knelt in front of her mistress. She sat there with her hands on her knees awaiting instructions.

“Pet, you are going to eat my pussy. After you’ve made me cum, I’ll decide if you’ve earned the right to cum.”

Ms. Johnson unbuttoned her slacks and slid them down. Her satin panties were wet with her excitement. She pulled her panties to the side and spread her legs.

“Now slut, make this good, and be quick. We don’t have all day.”

Sharon leaned forward and smelled Ms. Johnson’s musky scent. She reached out Balgat Escort with her tongue and caressed her clit gently.

“Mmmm, pet. That’s good.”

Sharon gushed from the praise from her new mistress. She took the clit in her mouth and sucked on it. She grabbed onto Ms. Johnson’s ass and smushed her face into the delicious pussy. She squeezed and massaged the firm ass of her son’s teacher.

Sharon’s tongue swirled around her clit. Her Mistress was rocking her hips and she held on to Sharon’s head for balance.

“Keep doing that, slut. Work my clit!”

Sharon kept at her clit and took one hand off her ass. She slid her thumb into her pussy and teased her new mistress’s butthole with her middle finger. Teasing the finger around her anal opening and pressing slightly in and out.

“Ooh yes, my pet, keep doing that. Make your Mistress cum on your face.”

Sharon nibbled gently on her clit, biting down with just enough pressure to put the teacher over the edge. Ms. Johnson’s knees buckled and she nearly fell over as her orgasm took her. Sharon holding onto her was the only reason her mistress didn’t fall on top of her.

Ms. Johnson convulsed as her pet supported her.

After a few minutes, she recovered enough to stand on her own.

“Stand up my pet.”

Sharon stood in front of her Mistress, uncertain of what was next.

“You did wonderful, slut. You made your Mistress cum so hard. As a reward, you will cum. She wrapped her arm around Sharon and frigged her clit with her other hand. She stroked it hard and fast.

“Cum for your mistress. Cum now!”

Ms. Johnson rubbed her to orgasm. Sharon cried out in pleasure as her orgasm took her. She was shaky on her feet, but her mistress was holding her steady.

“Oh mistress! Thank you. Thank you for that.”

She snuggled up to her and laid her head on her mistress’s shoulder, face buried in her neck.

Ms. Johnson rubbed her pet’s back gently.

“Sharon, you need to clean yourself up before the next parent arrives. I need to clean up as well. Put your clothes on and use the restroom to the left, down the hallway and clean yourself up before someone sees you.

“Yes, Ms. Johnson. Thank you.”

As Sharon was about to leave, Ms. Johnson said to her, “by the way, Pet. We are going to need to have more instruction to teach you proper behavior. I expect you to be here after the last class tomorrow. My little slut has detention.

Sharon shuddered in anticipation, “yes Mistress,” and turned to leave, a smile on her face.

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