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This is a little different from my earlier stories. It’s a lot shorter and more to the point. There will be at least one more chapter. Thanks for all the emails. They always help inspire me to write more. Enjoy.


William Rowland, or Will to his friends, has a problem. He just turned 18 and he doesn’t have a car. In fact, he has no hope of getting a car in the next couple years. Although the prospect of going through college without wheels torments his every waking thought Will doesn’t complain around his mom. Will’s father died almost a year to the day after he was born and ever since it’s been just him and his mom Rachel. They don’t have much money at all because theirs is a single parent household but they make due. They live in a slightly affluent neighborhood just so Will could attend a decent school. But this means that there’s always a shortage of money, so a car is definitely out of the equation.

“Oh well, it’s not the end of the world I guess.” Will thought to himself as he moved around the house on a perfectly sunny Saturday afternoon. Will grabbed the overflowing garbage bag from the kitchen and walked outside to the back yard where they kept the bigger garbage cans. He rolled his eyes as he saw all of his neighbors lined up at the fence. “Hey Will, how’s your mother?” One of the neighbors shouted from across the fence. “She’s fine Mr. Anderson; I think she’s going to do a little work in her garden today.” Will answered, and then he turned and walked back into the house. You see, Will lived in a large suburb where the houses were pretty close to each other. His back yard was adjacent to three others. He knew all too well why the neighbors, all men mind you, were standing around the fence line. You see Will’s mother Rachel is, for lack of a better term, a complete and utter MILF.

She had Will right after her 18th birthday and 18 years later she’s definitely the talk of the town, well, the town men anyway. Rachel is half Cherokee, so her skin and hair are pretty dark, but she has the features of her mother, a Swedish bikini model. That last part isn’t a joke either; her mother was really a bikini model from Sweden. Long legs, C-cup breasts, full pouty lips, and a flawless complexion were her standard equipment. Rachel’s father was a pretty well connected casino owner in Las Vegas. Her mother met him there while she was on tour with the bikini team. For most of her life Rachel grew up in Vegas. When she was barely 15 she was already a dancer in one of the shows at her father’s casino. That’s where she met Will’s father, a very cute and very poor delivery driver. Rachel’s father was a very proud man and to have his daughter dating a poor man was unacceptable. He pretty much disowned her on the spot. Rachel didn’t care, she was in love and that’s all that mattered. Even after Will’s father died Rachel never regretted leaving Vegas and her family. She had her son and that’s all she needed.

Will knew that all the men were waiting for his mom to come out of the house and work in her garden like she does almost every Saturday. If they got lucky they might catch a glimpse of Rachel’s panties when she bent over. He didn’t mind the attention his mother got that much, the only time it really annoyed him is when his friends joined in. Rachel was the frequent winner of his friend’s “Boner of the Month” award. It seemed that he was the only one who wasn’t affected by his mom’s great looks. This was most likely due to the fact that ever since he could remember his mother was never shy around him. It was nothing for her to walk around half naked. Will just chalked it up to the fact that she used to be a showgirl.

Upstairs in her bedroom Rachel Rowland had just gotten out of the shower and was digging through her closet looking for a sundress so she could work in the back yard. She knew that while she worked she would be eyeballed by every neighbor she had but she didn’t mind. She used to be a showgirl after all. Ever since her husband died all those years ago she hadn’t dated or tried to remarry. She had a couple of one night stands throughout the years but she didn’t want any distractions from her main responsibility, providing for her son. A couple months away from her 36th birthday and she could put most models to shame. This was a fact that she sometimes regretfully used to her advantage. She got her job as a secretary at a big law firm by showing up at her interview in less than modest clothing. But to her, it was for the good of her family and that’s all that mattered.

“Hmmm…at least all those squats and sit-ups aren’t worthless.” Rachel said to herself as she looked herself over in the mirror. She was so absorbed in her reflection that she didn’t hear her son walk by her room.

“JESUS MOM!!!” Will hollered almost giving Rachel a heart attack. Rachel was completely naked standing by her closet with her bedroom door wide open. “Would it kill you to close the door sometimes?” Will asked looking to the side.

“Oh rize escort I’m so sorry baby.” Rachel said as she walked over to her son. She reached out and hugged her son tightly smiling at him.

“MOM!!! PLEASE! Get some clothes on.” Will said annoyed at his mother’s indiscretion.

“Sure thing silly.” Rachel said laughing. She loved messing with her son. His face would get so beet red that she almost cried from laughing at him. Rachel had never been shy around her son. It came from her upbringing in Vegas. Her mother walked around practically naked and even as a young girl Rachel was never shy about her body. She was known to walk around the house in a tank top and panties when it was just the two of them. If Will’s friends were over she would dress more appropriately, not for her own modesty, but to keep Will’s face from reddening.Rachel closed her bedroom door and proceeded to put on a pair of panties and her sun dress. After tying her hair back she walked downstairs to fix herself a glass of lemonade. As she enjoyed her drink she overheard her son talking on the phone in the living room.

“Really? Man I would kill for that!” Will screamed into the phone.

The tone of his voice let Rachel know he was very excited. It’s the same tone he gets around Christmas time. As she sipped her lemonade Rachel daydreamed and continued eavesdropping on her son’s conversation. After a few minutes Will’s excitement faded drastically. He was now very quiet and subdued.

“Yeah man, I know how it is. Well I guess I’ll talk to you later.” And with that Will hung up the phone and plopped down on the couch. Rachel walked into the living room and noticed that Will looked very sad.

“What’s wrong baby?” Rachel asked sitting down next to her son.

“Oh nothing, it’s no big deal.” Will said turning on the television.

“Well it doesn’t sound like nothing.” Rachel said running her fingers through Will’s hair.

“Well it’s just that David got a brand new car from his dad. He’s going to sell his old Mustang for really cheap. I would LOVE to have that car, I’ve always loved it. The thing is, there’s no way I can afford it.”

Rachel looked down at the ground trying to think of what to say next. She knew her son desperately wanted a car. She didn’t blame him a bit; all young men should have a car. He was a good kid, he did well in school and he deserved a car. The only problem was that Rachel also knew that they didn’t have any financial breathing room at all. Squeezing out enough for a car, even an older one, was impossible. “Oh honey, I know you want a car really bad. If there was any way to help, you know I would do it in a heartbeat.”

“I know mom, don’t worry about it.” Will said flipping through the channels. He was obviously in another world, a world in which he had a car.

Rachel got up and put her glass on the kitchen table still deep in thought. Try as she might she just couldn’t think of any way to get her son a car. Admitting defeat she walked outside to her garden. As she putted around she hardly noticed the audience that had gathered like clockwork. Rachel got down on her hands and knees and began pulling some weeds. It didn’t take long in the sun for her to work up quite a sweat. After a few minutes she looked over her shoulder and noticed a few of the neighbors trying to act like they weren’t looking at her. Rachel smiled and went back to the task at hand. If it were any other day she would’ve hammed it up a bit for her “fans”. She liked the feeling she got when people watched her, she always has. It was her only guilty pleasure. She didn’t smoke or drink and she didn’t sleep around. Showing off for her neighbors once a week was fun for her. Once a showgirl, always a showgirl after all, but today she couldn’t keep her mind off of her son’s dilemma.

“I wonder how much David wants for the car.” Rachel asked herself while wiping the sweat from her forehead. Maybe it wasn’t as much as she imagined she told herself. She did have a lot of sick leave built up and her company gave her the option of cashing in the time. A smile started to form on her lips as Rachel thought more and more about her idea. It just might work; she might be able to pull off a miracle. Excited by the prospect of getting her son a car Rachel got up and walked quickly to the back door. She had some figuring to do. As she neared the house Rachel could almost feel the disappointment from her audience. She had after all, only been outside for a few minutes.

“Sorry boys, I’ll make it up to you next week.” Rachel thought as she hurried inside.

Up in her room Rachel dug through her old check stubs and figured up exactly how much sick leave she had accrued. If her numbers were right it was a little over three grand. Now all she needed to know was how much David wanted for the car. She didn’t want to ask her son just in case it was too much. Why get his hopes up if there’s a chance it’ll be for nothing?

After escort rize a finding his number on the caller I.D. Rachel dialed David’s number. It rang a few times and Rachel hoped he was home. She just had to know if there was any possibility of getting Will a car. The look on his face alone would be worth it. After the sixth ring David picked up the phone.


“David, this is Will’s mother, Rachel. How are you?” Rachel asked doing her best not to sound eager.

“Oh hey Ms. Rowland, I’m doing pretty good. Is there something I can help you with?” David asked not entirely sure why his buddies mom was on the phone with him. Although he didn’t mind talking to Rachel, he had always thought she was beautiful.

“Well David, I heard from Will that you might have a car your wanting to get rid of. And if you do I was wondering how much you want for it?” Rachel asked nervously twirling her hair.

“I kind of figured that’s what you called me for, Will loves that car. Well let’s see, with all the work I’ve put into it I’m thinking ten thousand is fair. The car’s in cherry condition.” Will replied.

As his words sunk in Rachel’s heart sank as well. What he wanted was over double what she had. It was a good idea while it lasted she thought. “Well…that’s a little more than I’ve got. Thanks anyway David, oh and please don’t tell Will I asked. I was kinda hoping to surprise him.” Rachel went to hang up the phone but she heard David’s voice.

“Well you know, that price isn’t set in stone. Maybe we could work something out.” David said not ready to disappoint his favorite fantasy.

Rachel’s face lit up upon hearing that there was still a chance of getting Will a car. “David that sounds great, you might have just made my day. Well what do you want to do now? I could meet you somewhere to discuss details if that’s what you want.” Rachel was giddy with excitement.

“How about you give me half an hour to get cleaned up, I’ve been working all morning. Then you can some over and check out the car before we get down to brass tax.” David said.

“That sounds like a plan David; I could use a shower myself. I’ll be at your house in about forty-five minutes.” Rachel said hanging up the phone. Rachel clapped her hands together in excitement. She pulled her dress over her head and walked into her bathroom. Smiling brightly Rachel pulled her panties down and stepped into the shower. As she washed herself she couldn’t help but imagine her son’s face when she pulled up in his car. “Well “if” I can get David to come down off the price.” Rachel thought as reality set back in.

Meanwhile, David was in the shower thanking his lucky stars that his dad had bought him a new car. If not he wouldn’t be about to entertain Ms. Rowland for a while. Ever since the first time he saw her David’s had a crush on her. Hell, all of Will’s friends have a crush on Rachel. As David thought more about the situation he was in an idea began to form. He didn’t know how far he could push it but if he played his cards right he might be able to persuade Will’s mom into sweetening the pot just a little. Just the idea had his cock straining for the ceiling. “At the very least maybe I could get a kiss.” David smiled to himself.

Back in her room Rachel was digging through her underwear drawer when she had an idea of her own. She knew that even if David would budge on the price of the car he probably wasn’t going to come down enough for her to be able to afford it. Maybe she could help her chances a bit with a little creativity. She was usually against this type of thing but if there was any way to get her son a car she was going to try. “You are a naughty woman.” Rachel told herself as she twirled a black thong around her finger. David was a good kid and she knew he had a crush on her. Every time he came over he could hardly make eye contact. Rachel thought he was so cute when he got tongue tied around her.

“I am so bad for doing this.” Rachel thought to herself as she slid the thong up her dark toned legs. She then put on a black skirt that covered only about a half of her thighs. “Hmmm…I don’t know.” Rachel said nervously. Was she really going to go through with this? She had to at least try. After sticking her chest out in the mirror she decided to wear a black tube top with no bra. “God I hope this works. If not, I’m going to be very embarrassed” Rachel thought pulling on her heels. She might have been a showgirl once but she’d never dressed so suggestively in hopes of weakening the resolve of one of her son’s friends.

Rachel made her way downstairs and into the kitchen to grab her keys. Right before she walked out the door she heard her son ask her where she was going. “I think I’m gonna do a little shopping. I’ll be back in an hour or so.” She replied as she closed the door. David’s house was only a couple miles away so it didn’t take her long to get there. Her heart started to beat faster the closer she rize escort bayan got to David’s house. As she pulled into the driveway Rachel prayed David’s father wasn’t home. The way she was dressed it would’ve been slightly awkward to say the least. Rachel looked down at her legs and realized just how much skin she was showing. If she moved her legs at all she could see her panties. After a couple deep breaths and a fresh coat of lip gloss Rachel got out of her car.

The garage door was open and Rachel could see the Mustang her son wanted so badly. It was a very mean looking car. It was black with white racing stripes and chrome rims. The car was definitely worth ten thousand. At least she knew David wasn’t trying to rip her off. After she parked her car Rachel got out and made her way into the garage. She knocked on the door that led into the house. While she waited she looked the car over. “Geez, this is nicer than some new cars I’ve seen.” After a couple minutes the door opened up and David walked into the garage. Immediately he was stunned by the way Rachel looked. A mumbled “Hi.” was all he could muster.

“Hello David.” Rachel replied trying not to smile at his obvious predicament. “I’ll tell you one thing David, this is one beautiful car.” Rachel said as she walked over to the car and looked inside. As she bent over to look more and more of Rachel’s legs came into view.

“Thanks, I’ve taken real good care of it.” David said swallowing hard.

“Does the motor look as good as the outside?” Rachel asked.

“Sure, let me show you.” David said as he popped the hood. “It doesn’t get very good gas mileage but it’s a blast to drive.” David said smiling.

Rachel knew David was going to need a little more softening up before they started talking dollars and cents so she bent over the front of the car acting like she was looking the motor over. In this position David could see the bottom of Rachel’s ass.

“Oh my god!” David thought to himself.

Out of the corner of her eye Rachel could see the crotch of David’s jeans starting to bulge. Although she didn’t feel particularly good about what she was doing, she was pleased that her plan was working. Wanting to make sure she had him right where she wanted Rachel closed the hood of the car and got right up close to David. Her job was becoming easier for Rachel as she started to notice how handsome David was becoming. He had a great tan and dark brown eyes that were hard for her not to stare into.

“Calm down honey.” She thought to herself becaus David looked like he was going to hyperventilate. She was close enough for him to smell her perfume and with the most seductive look she could muster Rachel asked David if the car ran as good as it looked.

Taking a deep breath and trying to calm down a bit David held up the keys. “Sounds like you need a test drive.” David said smiling.

Rachel grabbed the keys and got into the driver’s seat. Almost immediately she knew why David was so eager for her to drive the car. It was a stick shift and with a skirt as short as hers someone was going to get an eyeful. “I hope someday you appreciate this baby.” Rachel thought to herself as she started the car. She was still having a hard time believing she was taking advantage of an eighteen year old.

Once they were on the road David’s eyes were glued to Rachel’s legs as she shifted gears. He made small talk here and there but Rachel knew he was just trying to extend the drive as long as possible. After about twenty minutes Rachel thought that he’d seen enough. “So uhh..David about the price of the car…”

“Why don’t you pull in there?” David said pointing to an old oak tree behind the high school football field. Rachel pulled under the tree and turned the car off.

After a few moments of silence Rachel decided that honesty was the best policy. Best to start with the truth and see where it led.

“Here’s the thing David, ten thousand is too much money for me.” Rachel said.

David rubbed his chin for a moment still starring at Rachel’s legs. “Well since Will’s my best friend and I like you a lot I’ll come down to eight.” David said.

Rachel knew that in order to get anywhere near the price she wanted she was going to have to turn up the heat a bit. She reached out and laid her hand on top of David’s. “That’s very nice of you David, I’ve always liked you to, but eight thousand is still a bit higher than I hoped.”

With his best friend’s mom’s hand on his David was wondering how far he could push his luck. It was do or die time for him so David decided to start out slowly. “Geez Ms. Rowland I don’t know…I don’t know if I can go any lower.” He said hoping she would make the first move.

Rachel knew the ball was in her court, she just had to be very careful how she proceeded. She slowly slid closer to David and gently started to run her fingernails down David’s neck while starring him in the eyes. “David, I hope you don’t think I’m trying to cheat you, I just really don’t have that much money.” Rachel said quietly.

David was about to explode in his pants. He had to make a move or he would never forgive himself. “Well maybe….a……maybe you could help me decide.” He said daringly, not knowing what to expect next.

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