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I decided to knock off from work early one Friday afternoon. My plan was to go home and relax by the pool we had in the back of the house. When I pulled into the driveway I saw my son Rob’s car and his friend Chris’s car parked there. I went inside the house, but I didn’t see or hear either of the boys. When I went into the kitchen I looked out of the window facing the pool. That is when I saw both of them.

Chris was lying on a deck chair naked and my son Rob was on top of him. Rob was riding Chris’s bare cock. My jaw nearly dropped when I saw them both. Chris was sliding his big pecker into my son’s greedy asshole. I was shocked and I hate to admit it, excited. I realized my cock had gotten hard in my pants. I actually reached down and felt my rod through the outside of the pants material.

I watched for the longest time. Rob was sliding up and down on his friend’s cock as Chris was piledriving his ass. After a few minutes I heard Chris cry out, “I am cumming!” Rob threw his head back as his friend blew a huge load of seed into his asshole. I could see Chris’s warm cum dripping from Rob’s ass as they had finished fucking.

I had to gather myself and head back to my car so I couldn’t be seen by either of them. I drove around for over an hour thinking about what I had just seen. I hate to say it, but my cock was rock hard the whole time. bursa escort After I figured the coast was clear I drove back to the house. When I entered Rob was lounging on the couch with just a pair of shorts on. “Hi Dad,” he said to me. “Hi son,” I replied back.

My eyes were on Rob’s crotch the whole time. My nineteen year old son had certainly grown up. Looking down at Rob I could feel my cock stirring in my pants. I didn’t quite know what to do to cover it up. I think Rob saw my erection through the material. I just had to say something and I did. “I saw you and Chris back at the pool earlier,” I told him.

“So now you know, I guess.” Rob’s hand went down to the front of his shorts and he started to rub there. It was if he was trying to entice me to do something. “Did you get excited Dad?” I had to gulp hard when Rob asked me that question. I had to admit to myself that I had gotten very hard watching them both. Rob then reached inside the waistband of his shorts and started to slide them down to his feet.

Rob’s cock was now exposed to me and his cock was hard and lying flat against his stomach. “Why don’t you get comfortable Dad,” Rob told me. I stood there for a long moment before I started to undo my trousers. I let them fall to the floor and then I pulled my shirt off. My cock was standing straight and proud and görükle escort Rob had his eye on it the whole time.

Rob then swung around onto his backside. He drew his legs up and his ass was pointed at me. I knew what I wanted to do. I walked over to the couch and took a good look. I then knelt in front of my son’s ass. I think we were both breathing hard right then. I took Rob by his ankles and I pushed then back towards his chest. He was now totally exposed to me. My cockhead was just inches from his entrance. “Do it Dad, please,” Rob told me.

I pushed the head of my cock into place and I entered my son’s bottom. I was surprised how easily I was able to slide in. In a few seconds my cock was buried all the way into my son’s hole. We both just took a moment to reflect and then I began to stroke Rob’s ass. It was slow at first then I sped up. Rob was taking every inch of my thick rod into his tight ass.

Rob’s ass muscles began to grip me hard and I slammed my ball sacs against his ass cheeks. “Oh fuck!” Rob cried out. I was now pounding my son’s hole and was enjoying every second of it. I pushed his legs even further to his chest and was getting deep as was humanly possible. Sweat was pouring from my body as I ploughed deep into Rob’s bottom. I could hardly believe what I was doing. I just could not bring myself to bursa escort bayan stop or to slow down.

I just had to have my son’s ass right then. I knew I was stretching him with my dick. You could hear skin slapping against skin as we fucked there on the couch. I had totally lost my mind now. I never wanted this to end. Unfortunately, I was so carried away I lost control of my urges. I knew I was close and I knew I should have pulled out and cum on Rod’s chest, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

I roared like a bull in heat and then shot my sticky load into my son’s greedy ass. Rob had lost it also and his ass muscles were milking my hot seed from my shaft. We just kept fucking like crazy until my dick was spent from all my cum squirting into Rob. I started to slow down and after awhile my cock went soft and I pulled out with a plopping noise.

Looking down I saw all my white cream spilling out of my son’s ass and onto the sofa. I must admit my body was shaking and so was Rob. I couldn’t recall a sex session that was hot as the one my son and I just performed. I finally stood up and Rob got to his feet. We went into the bathroom and cleaned all the spunk up that we could and then cleaned up the sofa as well.

I told Rob his mother must never find out or ever catch us fucking. He understood perfectly what I told him. A few days have passed now and all I can do is think of fucking my son again. Rob told me he wants to do it again with me as soon as possible and maybe we can have a threesome with his friend Chris as well. It looks to be a long summer ahead for me and my erect cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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