Distant Outpost Ch. 04

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The next day was a regular one, although any other officer would not consider it as such. The new normal in Fort Holiday under Captain Bendt was highly unorthodox, but it maintained high spirits among the soldiers and helped everyone to forget about the pointlessness of this entire post. It started with a jog in a tight outfit which flaunted Sarah’s booty. The soldiers no longer had to fantasize about fucking their Captain’s firm ass (or rather pussy to be more specific), because each of them would get the chance to actually do that. Although to be fair for now most soldiers were limited to fantasies, because only three of them had the opportunity to fuck Sarah so far.

The Captain sunbathed nude, as was her custom, and the soldiers respected her privacy there. She wore a simple summer dress for the dinner and shorts for the volleyball game, she intended to leave the sexiest stuff for the evening at the canteen. Sarah chose a relatively simple outfit for that occasion, it consisted of a tight pink mini dress, white sheer holdup stockings, white thong and pink pumps on twelve centimetre tall heels. She did not wear a bra, so her nipples could be clearly seen through the thin fabric. She painted her lips in a shade of pink that matched the heels and the dress. In her ‘casually sexy’ stride the Captain walked to join her soldiers in the canteen.

“Hello, boys,” Sarah said in a cheerful voice as she entered the building and waved to her men.

There was a variety of enthusiastic responses, once they finished Private Dave added:

“But Sarah, you lost a skirt yesterday. You can’t wear it here again until you win it back.”

Among the whistles and laughter the rest of the soldiers agreed.

“But I’m not wearing a skirt,” the Captain replied with a smile, “this is a dress.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Dave was undisturbed by his lack of knowledge of female attire, “you lost yesterday, so you have to strip.”

“Strip! Strip! Strip!” the other soldiers began to chant.

Of course Sarah could simply say No!, put an end to that and spend the rest of the day in the dress. But her inner exhibitionist preferred the alternative route, plus there was some merit to Dave’s claim, even if his theory was a bit far-fetched.

“All right,” the Captain raised her hands in a mocked gesture of surrender, “I’ll take the dress off.”

The men erupted in an enthusiastic cheer.

Just like with the skirt on the previous day Sarah did not intend to simply take it off, she decided to once again perform a minor striptease; the lack of a bra made the whole activity even more exciting. The Captain began to sway her body to the unheard music; one of the soldiers was smart enough to put on a slow tune right away, so she swiftly adjusted to the rhythm. In a leisurely pace she peeled off one shoulder strap, then repeated the motion with the other. She began to slowly pull her dress down, making sure not to bare her breasts just yet. When she finally pulled the dress far enough to reveal one breast she immediately covered it with her hand. After pulling the other side of the dress as well Sarah used her arm to cover both breasts, but continued to remove the item to the rhythm of the music. Finally the dress was dropped down onto the floor, the Captain stepped out of it, but did not pick it up just yet. She turned around, so that most of the soldiers were behind her back; only then she raised both of her hands up, as she continued to sway her body to the music. The soldiers cheered and Sarah began to finally turn around; when she faced the men they cheered once again, louder this time. She grabbed her breasts again, but this time not to cover them, but to play with them instead, much to the enjoyment of the audience. Sarah jiggled her boobs for a moment, then slid her palms down over her sides and onto her full hips. She danced sensually for a while until she finally stopped and proclaimed that the show was over. The soldiers clapped and whistled; they might have seen her naked body already, but such spectacles never get boring. When they stopped the Captain spoke again.

“All right, let’s play billiards. I want to get my revenge and win my dress back.”

She wanted to get dressed, but at the same time it felt really exciting to be so exposed in front of her men; her erect nipples were a testimony to that. The lace thong she was wearing might have been covering her pussy, but in reality together with the stockings and heels it made her feel even more naked, than if she was completely nude.

“Let’s play something else first, Sarah,” Corporal Ted suggested, “your show made everyone thirsty, so we’d like a chance to win a beer.”

“Now, aren’t you clever, Corporal,” the Captain replied, she put her hands on her hips and made an angry face, but she cheered up immediately, when she saw Ted’s wide grin, “how could I say no to such a generous proposal,” she said in a completely different voice, “what are you suggesting?”

“Air hockey,” Ted bahis siteleri replied.

This was a fun game which had two benefits, the players had to lean against the table which would offer the spectators a great view of the Captain’s booty; and Sarah was not too good at playing it, so there would be a greater chance of winning a beer for all. The game was much closer than it usually was, because the Captain’s opponent was distracted by her naked breasts which bounced to the side with each sudden motion and air hockey was full of these. Despite her unplanned distracting tactics Sarah ultimately lost and the whole platoon could open up a beer; Mitch soon brought her a full glass as well.

The next game were to be darts, another one where the players were standing, so the soldiers could admire their Captain’s fit body. Sarah was fully aware of her nudity the entire time, not only did her nipples remained erect, but she could even sense her pussy getting moist. This would not create a stain on her panties yet, but as the evening went on the soldiers might learn how much their Captain enjoyed exposing herself to them. On the other hand, didn’t they know that already?

Because of how the darts are played Sarah’s nudity was not as distracting to her opponent; but it was becoming a distraction to the Captain herself and she had never been an expert in the first place. Ultimately she lost again and the whole platoon was able to enjoy another beer.

“How about a dance, Sarah?” Mitch asked when the game ended.

She shot him a knowing look, he was obviously trying to postpone the game of pool and her chance of winning back the dress. She quickly smiled brightly and replied with the tried line:

“How could I reject such a proposal? Oh! There’s one more thing before we start,” the Captain added, “yesterday our dancing was a bit more… frivolous. There won’t be any more of that today.”

A groan of disappointment went through the crowd, but Sarah continued:

“Ted suggested something that should be more entertaining for all of us. Each day, during the evening I will give some of you a blowjob.”

The soldiers erupted with an enthusiastic cheer, so the Captain let them exhibit their joy. She had been thinking how many blowjobs she should give each day; her initial idea was three, but now the teasing and the nudity had aroused her as much as it did the soldiers. When she spoke it was another on-the-spot decision.

“I will suck six cocks every day.”

This time the cheer was even louder and Sarah once again waited until it finished.

“But first I want to dance. And keep it civil.”

It was very difficult to remain civil when one was dancing with an almost naked attractive woman, especially when she was clearly aroused herself as well. All of Sarah’s partners were quite touchy and never missed an opportunity to feel up her exposed body. But they still tried to make the dancing entertaining for her and judging from the Captain’s behaviour they were successful in that regard. The proximity of their bodies, their hands on her bare skin and the prospect of six blowjobs made her even hornier. By the time they finished dancing there already was a stain at the front of her panties. It was the Captain who called the end to the dancing. She picked six men from the end of the alphabet (she would need to create a proper schedule tomorrow) and asked them:

“Where do you want me to suck you off? Somewhere in private or here?”

This was another crazy improvised idea, suggested by Sarah’s inner exhibitionist, the personality trait whose influence seemed to be growing.

There was a short moment of hesitance among the soldiers, but the rest of the platoon quickly helped them make the decision:

“Here! Here!” voices were coming from several different people, unsurprisingly Ted was among them. The six men just nodded their approval and Sarah grinned in response.

“Apparently I’m surrounded by exhibitionists and voyeurs,” she said.

The Captain then turned around and went to one of the couches, she sat down and said in a strict commanding voice:

“All right, men! Form a line and approach in alphabetical order.”

The soldiers laughed, but the chosen six obeyed the order. They of course did not stand at attention, they could admire Sarah’s almost naked body from up close. When the Captain extracted the first penis from pants she was reaching new heights of horniness; her inner exhibitionist was rejoicing. She had crossed another line and while a part of her realised it might not have been the best idea, the majority of her mind did not regret the decision. Sarah had entered the path of the Camp’s Whore and she was simply following it consistently. As soon as the first penis got into her mouth she stopped worrying about any hypothetical consequences, she was horny already and wanted to focus her attention on the cock.

The first soldier’s cock was already half-erect when the Captain pulled it out and canlı bahis siteleri it got fully hard almost instantly. Sarah was a blowjob expert and the privates were also already strongly aroused, that was why the man managed to last no more than two minutes, but no-one made any jokes about premature ejaculation; they were all feeling the same and knew that neither of them could last much longer. When Sarah sensed that the cumshot was incoming she wrapped her lips tightly around the cock’s head and began to suck in energetically, she was also stroking the shaft. The soldier must have obeyed the Captain’s order and had not masturbated, his balls were swollen with semen and now it all ejaculated into Sarah’s mouth. She kept stroking and sucking until the final drop disappeared down her throat. There was a small cheer from the spectators, but the next man in line was not cheering, he was too busy taking his friend’s spot.

The Captain had just swallowed a sizable load, but she was still hungry for more, without any delay she took the second cock into her mouth. This blowjob looked almost exactly the same as the previous one and lasted approximately as long; another voluminous load was soon shot into Sarah’s mouth and she swallowed it just as voraciously. The Captain enjoyed giving blowjobs and swallowing cum, but right now it was no longer fully satisfying, her own body craved attention as well. Without breaking the pace Sarah began to suck the third cock, but at the same time put one of her hands into her panties and started to rub her clit. The first row of spectators noticed that and immediately susurrations started; the Captain paid them no heed. Sarah still focused fully on giving the blowjobs and fingered her clit absentmindedly; it was not enough to make her climax, but sufficed to satisfy her body’s current cravings. It was somewhat awkward that while the semen which she was swallowing tasted so good, the public performance made her the Captain feel dirty, which in turn was a source of further arousal.

By the time Sarah swallowed the sixth load her fingers were rubbing her clit vigorously and were as wet as her panties. She managed to restrain herself from shoving them into her pussy not because she had a large audience, but because there was the promise of sex soon, a foursome at that. Sarah imagined that it was the same promise that held the men in line as well. She withdrew her palm from the panties, she first licked her lips in a theatrical manner, then did the same with her fingers, one after another.

“I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,” she said in a sultry voice.

The entire platoon cheered and whistled. Obviously they would love to fuck her there and then, but they knew that in a few days each of them would get the chance to do either that or at least receive a blowjob; the prize was definitely worth the wait.

The evening was far from over though, Sarah had to at least play billiards and try to win back her skirt. Of course her inner exhibitionist would prefer her to lose, but it had not taken over yet and she maintained enough integrity to be aware that she could not parade the whole time naked. First they had to agree upon the stakes.

“We’ll now play for my skirt,” the Captain announced, “who’s going to be my opponent?”

Private Greg, one of the best players in the platoon, raised his hand.

“Me,” he said with a grin.

“All right. If I win I get my skirt back. What if I lose?”

“You lose your panties and can’t wear them until you win them back. Just like the skirt.”

“Oh, you perverts. Deal!”

Sarah’s nudity obviously distracted Greg; he might have been good at the game, but he also was among the majority that still needed to wait for their chance to fuck the Captain. But arousal was an issue for Sarah as well, so one might say that the chances were even. She would have won, but the inner exhibitionist occasionally took over and sabotaged her efforts. Although Greg did not have it easy either, when it was his turn to strike the Captain would stand on the other side of the table and play with her breasts or make sexy poses. As far as the level of the play is considered the game was awful, but the spectators enjoyed it greatly, although for completely different reasons. Ultimately after a long game Sarah narrowly lost, the result was met with an enthusiastic cheer from the soldiers.

Taking off a thong is not the same thing as stripping off a dress, but the Captain was not a sore loser and she wanted to make another small spectacle. She wiggled her hips and swayed her body to the music as she slowly pulled the panties beyond her curves and down her legs. Eventually she let them fall to her feet. She stepped out of the thong with one foot, but used the other to lift it and then kick towards the winner; Greg grabbed them in the air. Sarah had no doubt that he could feel their dampness. She would not mind entertaining her men with her naked body for a while, but she simply craved canlı bahis to be fucked and there were three privates eager to do just that.

“All right, boys,” the Captain announced, “the party’s over, or rather the four of us are going to party elsewhere. I’ll win my clothes back tomorrow, but now I’m taking three studs with me, so they can fuck my brains out. The rest of you remember, no jerking off. I want all that cum for me.”

The cheering and whistling was enough proof that the soldiers were happy to fulfil the requests of their Camp’s Whore. Sarah swayed her naked hips to the sides as she exited the canteen. The whole platoon watched the quarter depart, they envied the three privates, but the feeling was not strong, since everyone knew they would have their chance with the Captain soon enough.

The three privates were not as bold as the corporals and the sergeant on the day before. They walked behind Sarah and stared at her body, but despite her inviting nudity, they did not touch her. Their surprisingly reserved behaviour reminded the Captain that she was fifteen years older than them and also their superior, but she conveniently ignored the fact that they were in the military and on duty. She told herself that she would simply need to teach these boys a few tricks.

“I’m all yours, boys,” Sarah announced when they entered her quarters.

She spread her arms in a theatrically inviting fashion. That was enough to encourage the men to show some initiative. One of them approached the Captain from the front, read her prompt correctly and leaned in for a kiss. The other two came from the sides and began to touch her body. Once the first contact was made the soldiers lost any remnants of shyness; the kisser got more decisive and the “touchers” more adventurous. The foreplay did not last too long, because all participants were too horny already. Amids the kissing and caressing Sarah led them to her bed; there she took off her heels, so she remained dressed only in stockings. Because of the inexperience of the young men the Captain decided against any threesomes. They would fuck her one by one, but the other two could touch her body freely, if they wanted to stay.

Sarah told the men the order for the night, then asked them:

“Do any of you want to maintain some intimacy or should we all stay together the whole time?”

She was not exactly surprised when they decided against the semi-foursome. Such choice required two men to wait in the other room, but obviously not everyone shared her exhibitionist tendencies. She was not disappointed by any means, she was certain she would get everything she wanted that night. The Captain gave the two temporarily departing privates a sloppy kiss, then focused her entire attention on the remaining one. As she had expected the young man was relatively shy and inexperienced, so she had to take the initiative and teach him a few tricks. She was an officer, so leading was natural for her, although this was the first time she was a teacher in bed. Dan had a nice cock, decent stamina and non-depletable supplies of enthusiasm, he was also a good student. Sarah did not let him out before they both had an orgasm.

The Captain invited a second soldier right away, but she needed to hydrate and to take a short break; she let the man touch her body as she sat and drank. The evening looked similar with the other two privates, so everyone went to sleep satisfied. Sarah also decided to reorganise the evening sex, foursomes seemed to be pointless with anyone else than the three non-cons. She would take one soldier at a time, when they were done he would inform the next one. This way the two men would not need to wait awkwardly at her quarters and she would get a moment to rest during the change.

The next day again went according to the new norm. The Captain teased the soldiers during the regular daily activities and flaunted her more or less dressed body; for the evening it was going to be much less. Sarah had lost a skirt and panties, and intended to satisfy the terms of the deal. That meant she would need to spend the evening at the canteen crotchless; but that should not be such a big deal for the Camp’s Whore, shouldn’t it? And it should definitely satisfy the soldiers. She had just the right outfit for such an occasion. Sarah put on a bodystocking, but a different one than what she had worn on earlier occasions, and not just because it was pink. It was also made of intricate patterns, but none of them were opaque enough to cover her skin; this item was not intended as a part of an outfit, but as sexy lingerie. It was also crotchless, so no-one could accuse Sarah of cheating regarding the lack of panties. To spice things up even further the Captain decided to use a small jewelled anal-plug, also pink. A pair of white pumps of fifteen centimetre tall heels completed the outfit; no-one could have any doubts that they were dealing with the Camp’s Whore. The inner exhibitionist might have been rejoicing, but there was enough decency left in Sarah to feel slightly ashamed; that was not enough to stop her though. It was the inner conflict, the struggles between reason and lust that made all the endeavours a lot more exciting.

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