DJ Pt. 31

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Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, whose father has kicked him out (which happens way to often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

In Part 31:

Danny White receives a welcome letter

Rusty takes Jamal’s Cherry

Fernando tries out for the softball team

DJ and Jamie take Bryan and Phil to the Waterhole

DJ Part 31

Tuesday morning, February 20th was pretty typical in the Chevas/Gomez household. Maria had prepared breakfast for her family and they were all eating. Fernando will need to leave to catch the bus by 8:10 AM.

“Dad,” Fernie asked, “Chad Stewart told me that signups for the Softball and Baseball Teams are going on now. Would you think I was crazy if I signed up for the Softball tryouts?”

“Have you ever played softball?” Antonio asked.

“Not on a team, but we played in Gym class, even back in 5th and 6th grades, and in middle school.”

“Son,” Antonio said, “if you think you’d like to play, go for it. You may not make the team, but I would never criticize you for trying. Whatever decision you make, I will back you, but it’s your decision.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Fernie replied, “I’m going to sign up today.” Antonio smiled at Fernando’s decision. He really hopes Fernie can make the team, as it would help build his confidence.

Fernando, waiting at the bus stop, “Liz, I’ve decided to sign up for the Softball Tryouts.” The bus arrived and they climbed on, sharing the same seat, as usual.

“Fernie, are you right or left handed?” Liz asked.

“Right, why?”

“So am I,” Liz replied, “you’ll need a glove, even for tryouts. I was on the girl’s softball team last year, and will be a returning player this year. Our hands are about the same size, you can borrow my glove for tryouts, but if you make the team, you’ll need to get your own, and I really hope you make the team.”

Right after lunch that day, Fernando made his way to the Physical Education Office, and signed up for the softball tryouts. The signup sheet stated that tryouts would be this Thursday afternoon, February 22nd, right after school lets out, at the baseball diamond. It also stated that tryouts would be rescheduled in case of rain. The PE teacher told him that the activity bus would take students home after the tryouts.

Fernando relayed that information to Liz on the way home.

“Cool, Fernie,” Liz responded, “I’ll dig that glove out and loan it to you Thursday morning for the tryouts, and you can return it sometime over the weekend.”

* * * * * *

On Wednesday afternoon, February 21st, one of the guards handed Danny White a letter, stating “White, you’ve got a letter.”

Danny looked at the return address and smiled, knowing it was from his friend, Fernando, and quickly tore it open and read it.

* * * * * *

The Letter:

February 17th

Dear Danny,

First, I want to thank you for being the only boy in Juvie Hall that was actually willing to stand up for me. You took a chance, protecting me as you did, and I’ll be forever grateful to you. I sincerely hope that you didn’t suffer any repercussions for your brave actions.

I have been placed in a wonderful foster home. My foster parents own and operate ‘Anthony’s Pizzeria’ here in the shopping center. They are actually Mexican, and are the most loving and caring foster parents that anyone could ever hope for. I call them Mom & Dad and they call me their Son. They are so much better parents than my real parents were and they’ve never had any kids of their own. I am very happy living with them. They know I like boys, and could care less, and I have the feeling that they love me as much as I love them.

I’ve been transferred to a different school, Carter High, and am starting to make a few friends there. There is a girl that is a junior, her name is Liz Martin, and she has befriended me. She only lives 2 doors away from me, and we share the same seat on the bus. She got me to tell her why I was removed from home and placed in a foster home, and now knows my ‘secret’ but she is cool, and still wants to be my friend. I like her a lot, but only as a friend. She is a cheerleader for the basketball team. I’m considering trying out for the Softball team. Devon King, one of the basketball players bought my lunch the first day I was in school. I think he’s nice, but I’m quite sure he’s also straight.

Dad says he wants to get me a phone next week, and maybe, if he does, I can give you a phone number. I live at 112 Cherry Street, and if I’m not there I’m likely at the Pizzeria. Maybe, when you get released, you can get your parents to bring you to Anthony’s Pizzeria for supper? I want to see you so bad!

I wanted to kiss you goodbye, the day I left Juvie Hall, and I had the feeling you wanted to kiss me too, şişli bayan escort but it probably would not have been too smart with those other thugs around. At least we were able to share a hug. I’m wondering, do your parents know that you, you know, are kinda like me?

I very much want to be in touch with you, and be friends, once you get out of there and back home. I miss you, a lot. By the time you get this letter, you shouldn’t have more than a couple more weeks to go. I am anxious to hear from you.

Your Friend, Fernando Gomez

* * * * * *

Danny had wanted to write Fernando, but until now, he didn’t have an address, as Fernando didn’t know where he was going to be living. As soon as Danny got back to his quarters, he grabbed a pen and paper and started to write a return letter.

* * * * * *

February 21st

Dear Fernando,

I was elated to receive your most welcome letter today. A couple of other guys said they would write me when they got out, but they never did, and you came through!

I am very happy that you were placed with such awesome foster parents. As much as I like pizza, I wish my parents owned a pizza parlor!

I am scheduled for release on Saturday, March 10th, just a week before my 17th birthday on the 17th. When I get home, we will actually live quite close together. My parents and I live on Plum St., which is only a couple of blocks over from Cherry. Living in the same neighborhood, I also attended Carter High until I was arrested, just a couple of days past Halloween. I was a junior, and I remember Liz Martin and Devon King, they’re both juniors also. In answer to your question, I came out to my parents almost 2 years ago, so they know.

I’ve lost so much time from school this year that I think it would be worthless to try to catch up now. I plan on starting my junior year over in the fall. I am hoping I can get a job for over the summer to try and save up some money to buy a car.

If you’re a sophomore now, you’ll be a junior next fall, and it’s quite possible that we could end up in some of the same classes, wouldn’t that be cool?

Yes, I would like very much for us to become friends, close friends, once I get outta here. Do you have a bike? There’s a park not far from where we live that has bike paths, and we could go riding together sometimes.

I was really happy to hear from you, and I think about you every day. If I can get this mailed tomorrow you should get it early next week.

Luv ya, Danny, XOXO

PS – I did want to kiss you goodbye, the day you left here.

* * * * * *

It’s Thursday morning, February 22, at 8:05 AM. Liz and Fernie are waiting for the bus along with about 10 other kids. Liz hands Fernie her baseball glove, and he tries it on.

“See,” Liz said, “it fits perfectly, Fernie, good luck on the tryouts this afternoon. I guess I won’t see you after classes end today because you’ll be riding the activity bus home, after the tryouts.”

“If I make it through the tryouts, I’ll need to buy one of these before we start practice. Where can I buy one?” Fernie asked.

“I don’t think there is any store here that sells sporting goods, you’ll most like have to visit one of the stores up in the city, like Dicks. The school likely has a few gloves and you could probably borrow one for a few days, but if you’re on the team, you’re going to want your own glove,” Liz stated.

The bus arrived, Liz and Fernando, along with about 12 other students boarded it and they sat together, as usual.

* * * * * *

The same Thursday morning, about 9:30 AM. Rusty and Jamal are just waking up at Rusty’s house. The grandparents have taken off again for a few days, so the boys have the run of the house. Even though it’s rather cool this morning, about 40 degrees, the boys braved the cold and stepped out on the back porch and watered the grass, then returned to Rusty’s bed, cuddled up and warmed each other back up.

After a couple of passionate kisses, both boys had their hands wrapped around each other’s massive cocks, which are rock hard.

“Baby,” Jamal stated, “I want to be your guinea pig, I want you to take my virginity, I want to give myself to you, I want to feel your beautiful cock in my man’s pussy!”

“Are you sure, Sweetheart?” Rusty questioned, “We’ve never tried this before, what if it hurts?”

“I’ve been told it does hurt, at first,” Jamal said, “but then the pleasure overrides the pain. I’ll never know how great it might feel if we don’t give it a whirl, and I really do want to try it, but only with the boy I love.”

“Well, if we’re going to try this, we should probably put a towel on the bed under us, in case it gets messy.”

Rusty ran into the bath and grabbed a heavy bath towel. Jamal got up and Rusty spread the towel on the bed. Jamal reached into the draw of the bedside table and retrieved the previously unused lube that they had bought a few weeks ago, and handed it to Rusty. He then lay down on the bed, stomach down and his butt sticking up. He got up on şişli escort his knees a little to give Rusty better access to his hole.

“First, lube up my hole,” Jamal instructed, ” use your fingers to make sure I’m well lubricated, then get a good coating on your cock, then slowly start pushing your cock into my hole, just a little at a time.”

“Like this?” Rusty asked.

“Yeah, the finger feels kinda good, try two fingers, and then maybe three,” Jamal stated, “you need to get me opened up a little before you start pushing the real thing in.”

“Man, I’m dripping precum on your legs!” Rusty remarked.

“Don’t worry,” Jamal assured, “it’ll wash off, I think I’m ready for that cock, just go slow, I doubt that I can take all of it.”

Rusty pushed the head of his cock against Jamal’s waiting rosebud, pushed a little harder, and it opened up, allowing some penetration. Suddenly, the head slipped in, pop! As it penetrated through the sphincter.”

“Oooh!” Jamal uttered.

“Did that hurt, baby?” Rusty asked.

“It didn’t really hurt,” Jamal answered, “just give me a couple of minutes to adjust, and then give me another inch.”

Rusty gradually pushed in a little more, and now had about 3″ inside Jamal’s orifice. Jamal’s rectum tightened around Rusty’s dick and it felt pretty good to Rusty. He pushed another inch in, and started to slide the head and those first three inches of his shaft in and out of Jamal’s hole.

Suddenly, Jamal squealed, “Oh My God!”

Rusty, pausing, “Are you OK?”

“Very much OK,” Jamal uttered, “your starting to stimulate my prostate, it’s starting to make me feel like I’m gonna cum! It’s a sensational feeling, just go slow and give me a little more cock.”

Rusty pushed in another couple of inches, slowly pushing in and out, and starting to feel his orgasm slowly approaching.

“I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to last,” Rusty gasped.

“Me either,” Jamal admitted, “can you go a little slower and maybe a bit deeper?”

“I’ll try,” Rusty said, starting to take longer and slower strokes.

Jamal held his breath, and then let it out, “I’m cummmmming! Are you close?”

As Jamal came, he tightened his sphincter and triggered Rusty to come to orgasm, emptying his balls into Jamal’s gut.

“Not anymore!” Rusty exclaimed, “I just dumped my whole load into your ass! God, that felt good, how was it for you?”

“Just stay right where you are for a couple minutes,” Jamal said, “let’s catch our breath!”

The two boys just lay there for about 5 or 6 minutes, Rusty’s now flaccid cock still inside of Jamal, both enjoying the afterglow of their first fuck.

Jamal, snickering, “I think I left a record sized puddle of cum on this towel under us, and you wouldn’t believe how good it feels, just having your flaccid cock in my ass. I have a feeling, that when you pull out, I’m not going to be able to contain your cum that’s in my ass.”

“Just let it roll out onto the towel,” Rusty said, “somehow, I feel we’re both wanting to shower about now anyway.”

“You think!” Jamal exclaimed, and both boys laughed. Rusty pulled out of Jamal and Jamal rolled over, keeping his ass on the towel, and the two shared a passionate embrace and kiss.

“That felt great for me, but how was it for you?” Rusty asked.

“Baby,” Jamal replied, grinning, “you can have a piece of my ass anytime you want it! I never thought of myself as anything but a top, but I’ll bottom for you anytime.”

“Sweetheart, if it felt that good,” Rusty remarked, “I’ll let you fuck me next time. It didn’t hurt?”

“Well, maybe a little,” Jamal confessed, “but when you started to pound on my prostate with your cock, it was like fireworks! I came so hard.”

The two boys finally headed to the bathroom and showered together. When they picked up the towel off the bed, there were two six inch wet spots of cum that leaked through the towel, one from Jamal’s cum and one from Rusty’s that came back out of Jamal’s pussy. They agreed that today was some of the best sex they’d ever had.

They fixed some brunch, ate together, and it was time for Rusty to head to campus for his volleyball class at 2:00 PM. When Rusty returns from school, they’ve been invited to Jamal’s house for dinner tonight, and they will spend the night there.

* * * * * *

When the bell rang at 3:15 PM, Fernando, along with about 25 other boys, put their backpacks in their lockers, grabbed their gloves (if they had one) and headed out to the baseball diamond for the softball tryouts.

They were all welcomed to the boys softball tryouts by Mr. Fritton, the boys’ PE teacher & Coach, and Miss Bell, the girls’ PE teacher & Coach. The two PE teachers were collaborating for this event, and will do the same next Thursday for the girls’ softball tryouts.

The first test was to be batting skill. Coach Fritton would pitch up to 5 fair balls to the batter, and the batter needed to hit at least 2 of them to qualify. Coach Bell acted as both Catcher and Umpire, ruling if the ball mecidiyeköy escort was a fair ball or not. Even coaches can make bad pitches.

A non-competing student had been asked to assist the coaches and keep the scores. The first boy hit the 1st and 3rd ball, and qualified, the next boy missed 4 balls in a row and was disqualified. Fernando was the 10th batter up, hit the 2nd and 5th ball so he was qualified. After the batting test, there were only 17 contestants left out of 26 that had signed up.

The next test was catching and throwing skill. Again, Coach Bell was the judge, determining if the pitch was proper and rating the number of pitches that were caught by each contestant. Each boy could only miss catching 2 of 5 pitches. Fernando caught 3 out of the first 4, and was qualified. So far so good, five more boys were eliminated, down to 12. Fernando was a little weak on the throwing end, obviously needing more practice.

The final test was only for those five boys wanting to be pitchers. Coach Fritton assumed the position of batter, Coach Bell the position of Catcher/umpire and the potential pitchers faced the test. They were to pitch five balls, of which at least 3 needed to be in the strike zone. Coach Fritton wasn’t intending to actually bat any of the balls. Two of the five passed this test and would become pitcher substitutes, or backups.

“MAY I HAVE EVERYONE’S ATTENTION PLEASE?” Coach Fritton announced, “Let me explain how this works.”

“We have six team members returning from last season and we need a total of 9 players to complete a team. Today there were 26 of you that had signed up to be considered for the team, and 14 of you were eliminated during today’s tryout. The 12 of you that qualified today will be part of our team, along with the six returning team members.”

“For practice sessions, I will divide you all into two teams of nine players so everyone can sharpen their skills. When we play competitively, all of you will be on the batting roster, and I will determine which nine of you will be on the field for each inning.”

“Congratulations to the 12 new members of the Carter Cardinals Softball Team, and thank you all for trying your best, even if you didn’t quite make the grade today.”

“I need to give you a heads up about uniforms. You new team members will need to come by my office tomorrow or Monday so I can measure you for your uniforms. You’ll have about a week or ten days to come up with the $45 uniform cost. You do not need uniforms for the practice sessions, and the first intramural game won’t be until late March.”

“The school building is still unlocked so you guys can get your books and backpacks, and the activity bus will be right where you normally board the busses. Thank you all for coming today, you are released.”

A very pleased Fernando Gomez retrieved his backpack from the locker and headed out to the activity bus. He had to tell the driver where he needed to be dropped off, at the pizzeria, or at least the shopping center.

Several of the students on the Activity bus were aware that Fernando was new to the school, and were asking him where he came from. He explained that he was transferred from Sherman High, that he was a foster child, who had been removed from his real parents home because of family problems, and elected not to go into details. Two or three of the boys ‘seemed’ to want to befriend him, but Fernie preferred to keep his distance. He doesn’t want this bunch of boys to know that he is a Homo!

It was after 6:00 PM when Fernando bounced into the pizzeria, and quickly made his way to where Antonio was topping a pizza.

“Guess what, Dad,” Fernando said, excitedly, “I made the team!”

Antonio, wiping his hands on a towel, and hugging Fernando, “I’m very happy for you Son, and also very proud. You must be hungry, we made a Stromboli, and had some salad with it. Why don’t you fix a salad, and I’ll warm up the rest of the Stromboli for you.”

“That’ll work for me, thanks Dad, one thing about having parents that own a restaurant, there’s always something around to munch on.” Antonio smiled. “Oh, one more thing, Coach Fritton told us we needed to stop by his office either tomorrow or Monday to get measured for uniforms, and we’ll have a week or ten days to turn in the $45 payment for them. I’m also going to need a glove.”

Fernie could hardly wait to tell Liz tomorrow morning that he had made the team.

* * * * * *

Friday morning, February 23rd Karen was preparing breakfast for her boys at about 7:30 AM. DJ was the first to appear, and he sat down with a mug of coffee.

“DJ,” Karen asked, “is tomorrow the night you and Jamie are taking Bryan and Phil to that club?”

“Yeah, Mom,” DJ replied, smiling, “we’re treating Phil and Bryan to a night they’ll never forget. It took some pulling and twisting of schedules for all of us to get the same Saturday night off. It’s probably the hardest for Phil. He’s working a long shift today, from 11:00 AM this morning until 11:00 tonight and one of his co-workers is doing the same tomorrow so Phil can be off tomorrow night.”

“Bryan and I are both scheduled off at 4:00 PM tomorrow, and Jamie only has to work a party at noon, and Anthony said he would be off by 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.”

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