Doctor Gets Taken Care Of

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I posted this story back in the spring and it recently got deleted by accident. I looked through it and changed a few words here and there, nothing big but thought I’d repost it. Hope you enjoy! x


I headed through the front doors and made my way to the elevator. I looked down to my watch and 7:00am was approaching. It was going to be another busy day today, but I suppose if you’re doing what you love then you never really work a day in your life.

I was a bit bummed to realize that my coffee was halfway done as I reached my desk. Guess I really needed it on the drive here to wake me up. Early mornings like this are never easy. Maybe Susan could pick me up another on her way in.

I needed to gather my day together, look through my appointments and files. Being an endocrinologist, I have many different situations I’m always dealing with for my patients. It’s not always easy. Some days are harder than others. Some days require breaking hard news to patients, dreadful appointments, and just all around not fun times. But I enjoy being one on one with people and trying to help them in all my power to make their lives better. There’s also about 4 different doctors that share this office so it gets hectic in a rather small space in this building.

‘Morning Gillian. Got your other coffee. Nice and black, just the way you like it,’

‘Oh my God, thank you. Thought I texted you a little too late,’ I immediately reached for it and flipped the lid, taking in a gulp.

Kevin sneaked behind Susan, getting a quick glance at me. Kevin is one of the podiatrists and Susan is an allergist. We all have busy and hard days so we all understand each other.

‘Hey Gillian, what did you think of that picture I sent you last night?’ Kevin asked as he looked over Susan’s shoulder, winking at me. I sighed.

‘I really don’t know Kevin. He was cute, but you know I’m not up for dating. I appreciate you trying to set me up though,’

‘Ugh, fine. I’ll give up, for now. You’re so tense,’

‘Yeah Gillian. Like when was the last time you got laid?’ Susan asked, leaning up against the door now.

I sipped more of my coffee. I wanted to dodge that question and honestly, I can’t really remember when the last time was.

‘It’s too early for this guys,’ I said aloud, resting my head down to my desk.

One of the secretaries must have heard because she was laughing. Kevin and Susan are always teasing me about my sex life and despite the fact they’re both happily married and are always talking about how nice it is, I suppose I’m just too into my occupation to try dating at the moment.

Noon was rolling around and the appointments were going smoothly by far. One of my patients who has diabetes is now getting under control. I revealed good news to another patient with their ultrasound results. And just good news from other patients that their medicine is working and all is good.

I put away previous files and scrolled through my computer and my next appointment popped up. Bailey Keith. I looked through her stats and remembered the request for blood work a few months back. She is a sweet young girl. I remember on her last appointment she was telling me about getting into a job in her field. Hopefully that’s all working out for her. Suddenly I felt the urge to recheck her age. 21.

I stepped out of my office and went and got her from the waiting room. She was a bit punky and had a sleeve of tattoos on her left arm. She gave a small smile after I called out her bursa otele gelen escort name and she followed me to my room. About a year ago she was referred to me from her family doctor about a mobile lump towards the end of her neck which has all been taken care of and ruled out to be a lymph node. It causes her no other issues which is also good. I requested blood work on our last appointment just to check her thyroid levels and just to make sure everything is working well inside there as well.

I closed the door, feeling the need to take in a deep breath. I heard her sitting in the chair by my desk, and I went and sat down on my computer chair.

‘Nice weather we are having currently,’ I said, pulling up her blood work results. With her being a bit more on the punk side and me being a total nerd, I didn’t want to seem awkward with making side conversation but I totally probably was. But she was sweet and easy to talk to. She’s not uptight and can work around conversation. I tried to ignore the fact that I’m nearly 20 years older than her. I don’t know why I had these thoughts. I always thought she was attractive but this is a little weird with what’s going on in my head.

‘I’d say. I’ve been able to keep my windows open all the time,’ she smiled again as she looked out my window to the busy city below us. She’s so pretty. Gillian, you’re working! Stop!

‘So I requested blood work just because the nearest gland would be the thyroid if anything were to be out of balance. So I just wanted to check the levels for that and everything came back normal for that which is great,’

‘Awesome. I’m glad to hear that,’

‘Some of your thyroid antibodies were a bit high but that can be seen in normal functioning thyroids too and they aren’t a marker for any thyroid disorders either. Usually those are accompanied with other symptoms. But I don’t have any concerns involving your blood work. Have you felt any different?’

‘Not at all. I feel good,’ she said with a smile on her face.

‘Good. Do you mind if I examine your neck real quick?’ I asked, getting up from my chair.

‘Go for it,’ she said.

I rubbed hand sanitizer in my hands, trying to warm them up at the same time.

‘Sorry if my hands are a little cold,’ I said, placing my hand on the back of her neck.

‘No worries,’ she assured me.

I felt around the small lump with my fingers, gently applying pressure in certain spots.

‘Does that hurt?’ I asked her, looking down.


From where I was standing behind her, I could see her bra strap underneath her zip up sweater. My eyes instantly made their way back to her neck. I really don’t know what was coming over me in this appointment.

‘Okay, that doesn’t feel any different. I don’t feel any difference in size either which is also good. Do you mind if I just check your thyroid now?’

She nodded. My hands made their way to the front of her neck, tilting her chin upwards an inch. She smiled as I did so.

Her smile was distracting. We made a split second of eye contact before I got back to examining her thyroid, feeling and touching around it. My mouth grew dry and my heart started to race.

‘Can you swallow for me?’ I asked.

She nodded and smiled, looking me in the eye as she swallowed. I was breathless by now and almost completely forgot what I was doing.

‘Alright, your thyroid feels good as well,’ I said as I stepped back and felt the need to swallow myself. My throat bursa eve gelen eskort and mouth felt so dry.

She was sitting in the chair still, with that cute smile on her face and a look in her eye that was driving me wild. This appointment should probably end soon. I don’t know what’s coming over me.

‘As of right now, I only think the next thing to do would to repeat some blood work in a couple of months just to see what your levels are at again and -‘

‘You have such nice breasts,’

I immediately looked away from my computer and snapped my attention over to her. My heart started to race again as she reached over and played with the ends of my hair, twirling it and curling it with her fingers.

‘Uh – um…’ I stuttered as I couldn’t form the words to come out. She giggled, looking me in the eye as she removed her shoes with her feet.

‘You’re so cute,’ she said, moving her hand over to the other side of my hair, repeating the process; curling and twirling with her fingers, looking in my eyes.

I was speechless as she leaned forward and removed my glasses from my face. Pieces of my hair fell down that my glasses usually hold up and she ran a hand through my hair, exposing my entire face to her. I wanted to hide away.

‘You’ve got such a pretty face,’ she said as she looked in my eyes once again. What the hell Gillian?! What is going on? My brain ran thought after thought. She leaned closer, just enough for me to feel her breath upon my skin.

‘I think you’re too busy taking care of others that you forget about yourself,’ she said, stroking a finger across my cheekbone. I was still speechless and a jagged breath fell from my lips as she softly pressed her lips upon my ear applying soft pressure before she leaned back.

‘Can you let me take care of you Dr. Matthews?’ she said, stroking her finger down to my neck now.

I looked her in the eyes and grew even more breathless as I realized they were a darker shade. I licked my dry lips.

‘Please… call me Gillian,’ I said shyly, gingerly placing a hand on her leg. She smiled wide and somehow we grew closer together with our lips inches apart.

I must have closed my eyes sooner than I had thought because when I opened them however long later we were kissing gently with her hands in my hair and with me practically on her knee. I couldn’t comprehend this moment.

‘Mmm- Bailey – I…’ I turned my head to the side but she only took it as an opportunity to kiss down my neck and unbutton my work shirt. Her fingers trailed down my chest and I grew goosebumps to her touch.

‘Let me take care of you Gillian,’ she said, rubbing my leg and kissing my neck, making me melt in her hands. The sound of her saying my name deep in my ear was extremely arousing and I could feel the throb beginning to grow in my panties. It was as strong as a heartbeat. She rose.

She made her way to the door and locked it. I watched as she walked over to the blinds and closed them, darkening the small room. She came back over to me and to my surprise lifted me up from the chair. We resumed kissing as she held me in the air with my legs snaking around her waist. My heart rate was sky rocketed with arousal for her.

‘Oh Bailey…’ I said as she began to kiss down my neck again and settled me down on the examining table. Our lips were glued together as we undressed our upper bodies. Soft moans sounded from my mouth as the moment unfolded before us.

‘You’re so hot,’ she panted in my bayan escort bursa ear, laying me down to the table, digging her fingers in my waistband and slowly pulling them down. I hadn’t been in this position in a while and it was with a girl! Let alone one of my patients!

‘Bailey- I…’

‘Shhh… you’re okay. It’s okay,’ she whispered, and I heard my pants drop to the floor. I covered my face from feeling so exposed and from the shock… what was going on here! I was taken back from my thoughts as her voice brought me back.

‘I know this needs to be quick, but I want it to be enjoyable. I know it needs to be quiet but I want to hear you at the same time,’ she said in my ear as she began to touch my nipple gently in circles with her finger. The contact made me whimper, and we kissed to silence my praise.

She began to descend down my body, showering soft kisses along my chest and placing her tongue around my nipples. My back arched off the table and the ruffling sound of the wax paper beneath me helped drown out my noise.

I lost myself as she descended more down my body and kissed the inside of my thighs, gently reaching for the fabric of my panties and opening them up, placing them to the crease of my groin. She dipped her tongue in between my folds and I nearly shouted in pleasure. I slammed my hands to my mouth as she worked her tongue on my clit so softly and smoothly.

I removed my shaky hands for a gasp of air, placing one to her hair and scratching her scalp. She let out a small moan as she licked me, placing one of my legs upon her shoulder.

‘Oh – it feels so good Bailey,’ I told her in a whisper. She reciprocated and gently swirled her tongue in circles around my clit and I really wanted to shout out her name. I could feel the veins in my neck popping from the restraint. I was shaking and trembling beneath her as she took me higher and higher.

I felt the knot forming in my stomach as she constantly licked over my clit with her smooth and warm tongue. She spread my legs wider, exposing more of my clit to her, and her tongue hit even more nerves and I lost all control.

It felt like my hands were taped to my mouth as the white flash flew over me and my orgasm washed right through me, causing me to jerk and expel sloppy hip thrusts. She hovered over me and held me in her arms. I was weak and out of breath from her work on me.

Before I knew it we were in another deep kiss and her hand was on my clit again. I was sitting on the edge of the table with my legs hanging over as she stood in front of me and close to me. She slowly placed two of her fingers deep inside of me and I bit her neck hard to quiet myself. She hissed at the contact and began to kiss my neck.

‘You feel so good around my fingers- my God,’ she said in my ear, gently grazing her teeth along it. I was trying my hardest not to moan as she began to thrust her fingers in a steady and hard rhythm, practically pounding them inside of me. It was an unbelievable feeling, and I curled my hand around her neck and buried my head into her shoulder as she hit all the right spots inside of me with her fingers. My moans were muffled and incoherent as the feeling that I had to pee suddenly took over and I squirted into her hand and all over her fingers. We both moaned at the finish and I lay there breathless with her fingers still resting inside of me before she placed them to her lips.

Moments passed before I came to and she was fully dressed in front of me. I was sitting up now against the wall, still sitting on the table. She smiled and zipped up her sweater.

‘I promise I’ll come back to get that blood work sheet. See you around,’ she grinned and kissed my lips before exiting the room and closing the door again.


Hope you enjoyed! Hope you’re well!

‘You’re beautiful in every way’

Keep on writing xo

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