Dominated by Black Roommate

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(Every one in this story 18+)

My name is Daniel, and I met Jeff in college. Jeff was my roommate. He was a buff black dude, intimidatingly tall, nice and friendly.

His place was really nice and big, so when he asked me to move in, I wondered why he hadn’t any roommate already. He said he didn’t need one, and money wasn’t a problem. But he wanted me to live with him.

I owed him big time. I didn’t even know why he was so interested in me. We had friends in common, he was always super nice to me. But that? He suddenly moved to the top of my list of favorite people.

Jeff started calling me white boy by the first month. I thought it was weird at first, but it grew on me. He only did it when we were alone. But when he started complimenting me, I knew there was more to it. Nice hair, white boy. Nice clothes. Nice ass.

The thing was…I liked it. I let him do it. Before then, I seriously had never thought about other guys the way Jeff made me feel.

First time we snuggled was quite sudden. He just said, “Come here, white boy,” while we were watching TV. I’ve been so used to the whole white boy thing that it was easy to get up, move closer and sit beside him. He pulled my neck towards him. I was shivering by that point, scared by the situation, but very excited too. We only hugged…on that first day. But of course, we did it again and again.

We were hiding from everyone. In front of our friends, we were as chill as we could be.

We couldn’t tell. We were cuddling, enjoying each other’s smells, rubbing our skins together. Feeling each other’s hard cocks. And he kept calling me white boy, white boy…I realized the race thing turned him on.

He asked, “Are you my white boy?” one day.

I tried to laugh it off, but he wouldn’t let me.

“Yeah…I am.”

He hugged me tight. “Then you can see this,” he said.

We were in the couch, cuddling hard. My eyes followed his hand to his shorts.

He took out his brown cock, uncut, and with a big red head. The sheer girth of that snake was astounding. I had touched through the shorts, of course. But actually looking at it was a whole new thing. My eyes were drawn to it, the veins jumped visibly.

“Like it?”

“It’s so big, dude.”

I felt every inch of it with both hands. “It’s a fucking sword,” I exclaimed.

“Wank it.” I obeyed. “That’s right, beat that meat.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing it.

Without touching myself, I tensed up, felt my balls tighten up against my sac and then I was grunting, shocked to realize I was cumming my underwear. When I admitted it, his eyes grew wide.

“That is so hot,” Jeff said. It was true. The hottest I ever felt.

“I can’t believe it.”

“I can.” He had a cocky smile on his face. He was usually very nice, but there was a hint of something bad. I liked it. “Fuck, I had a feeling about you.”

We were interrupted by one of our friends knocking on our door. I thought I had been saved. I went to my room while Jeff went to receive our friend. But two minutes later, he was there.

“Got rid of him. Where were we?”

“I was about to take a shower.”

“You can take a shower later,” he said. There was something in his voice. That bad thing I mentioned earlier. It made my cock jump. “Come on, white boy. You’ve been leaving me with blue balls for too long now. Go down on your knees.”

“But…I’m dirty. Gotta change the underwear, man.”

“Just niğde escort take it off.” He did it for me while I stood there. I cringed as my cock jumped out. He licked the slick head, making me gasp. “That’s right, white boy. You said you were mine, didn’t you? Now kneel. I gotta start teaching you some good habits.”

I knew what he was thinking.

“Man, I’ve never…I don’t suck cock, man.”

“Just do it, white boy.”

I fell on my knees. Jeff’s cock was right in front of me, ready to invade. I parted my lips. They were trembling. They touched the head, the enormous head, and then my whole body trembled for a moment. I kissed the head of Jeff’s cock but the realization only came a heartbeat later. I let out a soft gasp. I put a cock in my mouth? A big black cock? I looked up, and he was looking down, a smile upon his face, very satisfied with himself. I shivered as I contemplated his cockiness, knowing that I would make it worse by indulging. Yet, I indulged. Staring back at his dominating gaze, I put his cock inside my mouth and sucked. My lips pulled on the meat, past the head, then back. His eyes fluttered. His smile grew wider.

“That’s fucking right, suck my cock,” he said, almost as if he was growling.

The sound of his command ringed in my ears. My head bobbed on his cock, barely able to swallow half of his junk. The length was thick and didn’t even let me moan right. I was babbling while gushing out saliva through the brims.

I stopped to breathe. I hoped that I wouldn’t feel like an animal unable to control my hunger when I got back to sucking, but it was still just as magical as the first time. I was forced to accept that I enjoyed what I was doing. I certainly enjoyed Jeff’s cock. I wouldn’t be gagging on it if I didn’t.

“Fuck, wait a minute,” he said, like he was in pain. He removed his cock from my mouth. “I don’t wanna feed you yet. Shit. Almost made me shoot too early. White boys are so eager. Jesus Fucking Christ.” I shivered again, wondering if he was being serious about feeding me. He wouldn’t…I wouldn’t. But what if he was being serious? Maybe his cum didn’t taste bad. If it was anything like his pre-cum, it actually tasted quite nice.

I couldn’t believe I was actually convincing myself.

Jeff wasn’t aware of what was going on in my head. He grabbed my hair and slapped his cock on my cheek. A big heavy black cock repeatedly falling on your face like thunder was something quite unique. When he had rested enough, he just thrust his cock back inside.

“Milk my cock, white bitch.” This was a completely new side to Jeff, almost angry. If it was really anger, than I took it with my knees on the ground and my mouth wide open. I didn’t even stop to tell him to not call me white bitch. The more he called me that, the more I realized I didn’t want him to stop.

I complained with a whine when he took his cock away.

“Wait, let me fucking breathe,” he said. “I’m getting close.”

“Me too,” I said. It was true. I could tell by the way my balls were burning hot and tight, and I wasn’t even touching myself. Jeff smiled. I felt an urge to please him. “I want to be your bitch, Jeff,” I admitted. My cheeks burned as he gazed at me with his brown eyes.

“I think you already are.”

He gave me his cock again, but he didn’t last long. That time, he just warned me he was about to shoot. I was ready when he grabbed niğde escort bayan me by my hair and pushed inside half his cock.

“Want my cum?”

I nodded and hummed.

And he nutted my mouth. I said I was ready, but I was not. I couldn’t even start to think it would be so much. It was warm and tasty, and I swallowed fast to keep up with each shot while his whole body shook and he moaned aloud.

“That was so hot, man,” he said, his cock still in my mouth. I realized I didn’t want to let him go. I grew used to it. He was shaking with the sensitivity that comes after an orgasm, and he chuckled, trying to push me away. “Fuck, you’re killing me.”

“Sorry,” I said, actually ashamed. I let him go.

“Suck my balls, they’re a bit jealous,” he said. I obeyed like the bitch I was. “Enjoy those big black balls, white boy.”

I moaned on his balls.

“Now pull on your cock like a good boy and cum on the floor. Wank yourself…your little buddy needs attention too.”

It was actually pathetic how fast I came. It was timed just right, a few seconds after he told me to jerk myself off. He laughed at me.

“Damn, you’re so hot,” he said. I sat back on my legs and looked up. We smiled at each other. “Man, that was crazy.”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“It was great, man. Let’s…uh, clean up. Okay?” He was good old Jeff again, gentle and caring. He helped me get up and caressed my butt. “Go take a shower. I’ll take care of everything.”

“Okay,” I said, breathless, only because he was touching my butt. He saw my cock grow and smiled. “Go…before…” He sounded threatening. “We can do more stuff later.”

He slapped my ass as I walked away.

“Jesus, Jeff.”

He just chuckled with that cocky expression.

After blowing Jeff, I thought things were gonna change. They didn’t much. Both of us wanted to keep appearances, even to each other.

The hours before sleep we had to ourselves. I did a whole lot of kneeling during the next few days, and I was usually going to sleep with his cum still on my mouth.

But during the days, we had classes, friends in common that visited us regularly every day, so we pretty much acted cool most of the time. There was a little thing different. It was like a secret in the air around us. Secretly eyeing one another. Smiles. Silent promises.

“You know, I can’t stop thinking about your ass.”

I stared hard at him. He was laying on the couch with one leg up, wearing nylon shorts which showed a lot.

“You let me finger you Yesterday…I really liked that.”

“I mean, I was sucking you…yeah, it felt pretty good.”

“I’m just waiting for you.” He came to sit next to me, putting his leg on top of mine. “I’m not pushing you. Just letting you know. I’ll make you feel good.” He brushed his lips against my ear. Just there, we heard a knock on the door, then our friends realized the door was opened. We almost got caught. Jeff took it in stride, while I had to catch my breath.

Jeff didn’t have to wait long. After almost getting caught, I realized a part of me wanted to. Wondering about my friends’ reaction if they saw Jeff sticking his tongue in my mouth, or catching me on my knees in front of him, worshiping his black monster, were recurrent fantasies in the next days.

Until it got to a point where I couldn’t handle anymore. I wanted to get fucked. I wanted Jeff’s big cock inside my ass. escort niğde I was his white bitch after all.

Then, at night, while Jeff pinned me down on the bed, rubbing his crotch against my buttcheeks, I told him.

“Seriously?” he said. He smiled and kissed me until I was feeling like a slut. He put me in the mood before starting his games. “I’m gonna breed that white ass. You’re gonna love it. Understand? Good. Don’t move.”

I hugged the pillow as he removed my shorts, then my briefs. He sighed loudly, touching my buttocks like they were precious. He opened up my legs and spread my cheeks until I could feel the air on my hole. I was completely exposed. His face was close, threatening. I felt his breath against my tiny entrance and felt my body shivering with apprehension.

So he wasn’t about to just fuck me. He intended to enjoy my anus in every way possible. Starting with his mouth.

The moment his juicy lips began to touch me, I trembled and moaned, accepting my role as the bitch. His tongue came next. Even his nose pressed against me and tried to get in. Eventually, I was so relaxed that it was easy for his tongue to fuck me. I was rolling my eyes uncontrollably, biting the pillow.

“Fuck, I can’t wait anymore, where the fuck is the lube?!” It was by the bed stand. I heard the squishy noise while he lubed his big tool. “Stay there, white boy. Just wait.” He lubed me with a finger. He used plenty of it. By the time he thought it was enough, my hole was pulsing with life. “You like that, just wait for the real deal, white bitch.”

I didn’t want to wait. I pushed back on his finger, adding to the movement, and my ass cheeks were shaking. He kissed them, each one, biting, licking. “You’re gonna learn to twerk on my cock, white boy. It’s gonna feel so good. I can’t wait.”

I never imagined myself twearking, let alone on a cock. But the moment he said it, I knew I had to try it. If he would only just fuck me.

I was spilling some cum already but I didn’t want to cum so fast. I didn’t have much of a choice when Jeff was involved, though. Jeff positioned his cock and my body tensed up. He was touching me with the head, circling the hole.

“Jeff…” I said, amazed by my own voice. I sounded so fucking needy.

“I’m here, white boy.” With a small push, he popped my cherry.

I moaned while he kissed my neck. He stopped and let me grow used to the head, speaking softly by my ear. His voice was soft, but the words were dirty. He promised to breed me every day, making me walk around with his cum still inside of me. He licked my neck, said that I tasted like a delicious white bitch.

He pumped himself deeper and deeper. I almost fainted when, instead of going all the way, he took off his cock. That out-movement where his big junk pulled on the walls of my rectum creating the best friction ever.

“Oh my God, Jeff!”

“That’s right, bitch. You’re mine now.”

My ass burned with longing. He inserted himself again, this time more brusquely. I was gaping and it was easy for him. He began to fuck me. Now I knew what it felt like. A finger was nothing compared to that. Even the pain was good because Jeff was the one giving it to me. He barely began to stroke faster when I came. My cumshots spilling on the bed below me. I honestly didn’t know it would feel this good.

“Take this, white bitch. Take it, you motherfucker.” He was almost violent, laying blows on my hole with thuds. Literally thumping me like I was his bitch. (Jeff later apologized to me for losing control. He said he shouldn’t have been so rough on the first time. I said he was wrong.)

Suddenly, he let out a last cry before his incredible body pumped on top of me, then there was silence.

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