Done Here Now Who? Ch. 03

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“Wow, I began thinking to myself as I lay there with Joannie, is this the way it always is or could be with most of the women here?” Then I said aloud, but intended the next ‘comment’ to be intended for myself only, “Hmmmm… hmmm.” It slipped out.

“What’s that honey, Joannie asked quietly, what’s on your mind sweetheart?”

I wondered what she meant by that, as I was engrossed in deep thought and enjoying the comforting moments afterwards, which we had sex. All seemed quiet and relaxing, I thought, with no one speaking but only taking delight from the intimacy we had together.

“Pardon, honey, I replied. What do you mean, what’s what”, I asked.

“Oh, you spoke out and murmured hmmm a couple of times, as if you were thinking aloud?”

“Oh, ohhhh, did I? Hahaha, I didn’t even realize I did that. I have to say, I… well I really like this town or should I say, community. I haven’t even been around the town yet and I have to say, while I looked at her like a new ‘social sanctuary’ that would give me that southern hospitality any man or woman would be envious of when they are on vacation, that this is a fun and desirable area to come to and relax.”

“That is quite a unique perspective Conk. In fact, the way you actually put it, makes me think we are here for your pleasure only, honey.”

“Ohhhh… Nooooo! Nooo wayyy, not in a million years do I think that Joannie. Please… please, don’t misinterpret how I feel. Personally, I am completely honored that you approached me and wanted to get to know me.”

I sat up, clutched her in a soft loving motion, and looked her in the face with a smile. “Joannie, I am amazed how you feel such an attraction towards me. It is nice, as a man, to be looked or viewed as a handsome guy. To top it all off, having casino siteleri an opportunity, Joannie, to have sex with such a… well… sexy woman like you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, is incredible!”

“Ohhhh wow Conk, don’t go getting me horney again. I may want to get laid by you, if you are up to it, hehehe.”

“I appreciate the offer, but this time, since I’m on empty, as I laughed heartily, I believe I’ll offer you an oral exploration of your lovely, babe-a-liscious physique; how’s that sound?”

“Oooooooohhh… ummm… is that a good enough response… ooooohhhh.”

I smiled and roared out laughing again. I was becoming anxious, as I did want to go at Joannie again. I leaned into her large sexy tits and kissed each one.

“I’ll consider having that for breakfast Conk, if you are offering?”

“It would be my pleasure Joannie, it would be a pleasure. You know, it’s 5:30pm; doesn’t the beach party begin soon? I should go and clean up, get a shower, and change.”

“Honey, said Joannie, would you need any help in the shower”, as she became a little frisky.

“Ummm, Joannie, I’m a guy. Does that answer your question? Hahaha, let’s do it another time but thank you for an awesome proposal!”

Just then, she slid her hand down over my chest, then my stomach, and grabbed hold of my limp cock. Lurching forward, she swallowed me whole. She sucked me as if she was going to get me hard again and her tongue made its way around my cock several times.

Then she came up off it and exclaimed, “Just a little dessert before I go clean up too sweetheart.” We both laughed mischievously.

“If that’s an open invitation, I’ll make sure I’m available so that you can polish me off, if you care to, almost anytime.”

“Go get your shower güvenilir casino and Ill see you soon”, she replied and kissed me.

I stood up and put on my clothes. Quietly I walked to the door and waved without saying a word. As I did, my realtor happened to be walking down the hall from my condominium and I saw her. My shirt was not on. She heard shuffling, turned around and grinned towards me knowing, full well, what I had been doing.

“Hellooooo there, she said and howwwww have you been”, in a chipper voice. She skipped back towards me and got up in my face. She struck up a conversation and I invited her in.

“Are you planning to go to that beach party I mentioned earlier when I picked you up today? I’m available, if you have no plans… or a date already”, she said in a sweet cheery voice.

“Hmmm, well yes I was and I didn’t have any concrete plans. I was extended offers by both of my neighbors earlier I told her, however I didn’t commit to either one at this point. Is that an invitation in waiting from you?” Somehow, I got aroused again. How was I turned on, again, by a new prospect? God, was I lucky or what?

She simply said, “I have a suggestion. How do you think a visitor from out of town would feel about being escorted by three gorgeous willing women this evening?” I thought to myself, “Willing”. Well now, an interesting choice of words Jan used. “Jan, define willing, alright?”

“What do you mean define willing Conk?”

“Ohh, never mind, I guess I’m misreading you and well I apologize…”

She stopped me short and said, “Ohhh nooooo, never apologize, unless you’re downright rude. Neverrrrr do that honey; we are all here to have a good time and make each other, well, how should I put it? I’ll just say we are all here for one gratifying life. canlı casino She winked and caressed my arm as she said that… subtly!

“Hmmm, you have a great way with words Jan.”

“That’s why I am a realtor, Conk.”

I told her that it was a perfect career. “Okay, there is a reason you are here, other then to invite me to the party which is soon, right?”

“Sure, sure… however I am here only to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. Is there something you have not got enough of yet since being here?” She moved in closer and rubbed up against my arm. That’s when I smelled a delightful fragrance, which emitted from her neck and lower throat.

“Sniff… sniff”, I heard her breath in as she began noticing a hint of something on me. She began smelling the earlier odor from Joannie and me. Yes, the smell of sex induced orgasmic juices was plastered in and around my cock and crotch. The odor had found its way out and mushroomed up and around our nostrils.

My so-called secret, which I didn’t realize wasn’t a secret, was now public. At least I thought it was public. She knew from the very beginning. In fact, she knew a long while ago that Joannie and I had sex.

What’s even wilder is that there isn’t too much greed going on in this part of the community. They all appear to support one another and even in some cases, which can seem unreal, they offer to share a ‘catch’.

I was the fisherman’s choice. Let it be known, as is with me, with them, they respected and appreciated my presence. With that said, I wasn’t jumping into the sack… just yet… with Jan Henderson, but I would get that chance. She would escort me to the party, along with Cornelia and Joannie. “Jan, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go get a shower and clean up, okay? Do you care to wait while I do?”

“If you feel comfortable enough showering, while a friendly soul is here”, she replied with an interesting smirk. I don’t need a shower myself, but if you need assistance, well, you do know what to do, right?” I was even more turned on after that remark!

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