Don’t Disturb the Warden

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“Alright, Natalie Kaine, or 3005, charged with talking to your Mistress without permission. As you know, your sentence will be indefinite until your Mistress decides you have been properly trained.” The warden said in an authoritative voice. She took no nonsense, and even the most hardened of souls feared her. She was perfect for this job.

Her long white hair, red eyes and pale skin were a stark contrast from her shiny royal blue police uniform, black thigh highs, and shiny long latex gloves. She always stood behind me. She was at least a foot taller than me, making me feel small. She walked forward, as if I wasn’t even there. If she bumped into me, her body was formidable enough to move mine. She led me to another room where they buzzed our hair into a short pixie cut, something I definitely didn’t like. Then she searched through my body, making sure I didn’t have any contraband panties. She kneaded my breasts a bit, making me whimper slightly. “Oh, I am going to love it when I see you….” She said in an intimidating, sultry tone.

The next room was extremely embarrassing. “Take off your clothes. We have some prison clothes for you.” She took off my modest t-shirt, sweatpants, and sneakers. “I’m surprised your Mistress even allowed you to wear stuff like that. You’re legally a slut. Well, we don’t allow that here.” She boomed out. She pushed a french maid into my hands. “Put that on.”

She watched me, her arms crossed. She was eyeing me. It was clear she didn’t want anyone to waste her time. I tried to put it on as quickly as possible, and I blushed once it was on. It didn’t help that it had my prison number on my back. The warden snickered a little, and covered her mouth as she saw my red cheeks. “You’ll get used to it.” She remarked.

I soon walked into the prison halls, with cells lining the walls. I saw a group of other women, all in similar outfits to mine. Some were submissively on their knees as soon as the warden showed up. Some were angry, even if their emotions were deeply controlled. And some were obviously hiding things. The warden gave one of them the evil eye, and they shuddered. She walked me over to my cell, and I saw another woman, looking down. She dare not look the warden in the eye. “Get in.” She said, and pushed me into the cell. I fell onto the ground with the force of an elephant.

She walked towards the end of the hallway, and turned to face all of us. She projected her voice so everyone could hear. It was loud enough that many of the women tried covering their ears.

“All of you are in here for talking out of line. You had your chance to climb up the ladder, but in here, the rules are different.

One, you will not speak to a superior without permission.

Two, cumming is a privilege, and only good girls get to cum.

Three, never question a superior.

And four, you will obey any command me or any guard gives you in here.

Anyone who doesn’t follow these basic rules will be strictly punished. And the only way you will get out of here is if your Mistress allows you to.”

She scared all of us. She oozes power out of her pores. And she wasn’t afraid to show it.

She walked slowly down the hallway to her main room, looking intently at all of us, making sure that all of us were following the rules. Once she got to her room, she yelled, istanbul travesti “Lights out! If I hear a single peep from any of you, you will all be sorry!” Then she slammed the door. It was hard to see anything once she turned the light off. It was already sort of dim before, but after she turned it off, it was nearly pitch black. And I slept uneasily.

The next day was awoken by the warden bursting the door open, and opening each cell one at a time, leading each of us into a room lit by only a small lamp in the center. All of the women were crowded around, all feeling a bit awkward. Then the warden spoke up. “All of you, get in an organized square! We are doing a headcount!” All of us then yelled out a number, one at a time. There were all of us, sixteen women in here.

The next step was our duties. She separated us into laundry, cleaning, and food, and all of us would rotate in a round each day. She took us all to our rooms of duty. I was almost relieved to know that the warden wouldn’t be looking down my back…..or up my ass, but it didn’t help that there was a similarly dressed female guard standing there. She wasn’t nearly as intimidating as the warden, but still had a cold expression on her face.

“Anything you say will be reported to Warden Valletta, so I would keep quiet if I were you.” She said bluntly.

But I finally had a chance to talk to some other people. Once we were on the other end of the room, one of the women spoke up.

“Hey, I’m Rhea.” She whispered in a serious way, like the next thing she said was important. “I have a way to get us all out, but we need to be quiet and careful.”


“The warden. She isn’t just cold because she can, she likes the power, and she has a way of getting anyone trying to escape stuck in her twisted prison: Her breast milk can make anyone compelled to obey her, even a drop. So we need to be sneaky.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“No! Now, here’s the plan…..”

I still was reluctant to believe the warden had special breast milk. She certainly wasn’t the mommy type, so I wouldn’t believe she had special mommy milkers. But any plan was better than no plan, so I listened anyway.

“So, the plan is that we try to get all of the guards and the warden into one bright-lit room. Then, we knock out the guards all at once with a sleeping gas. The Warden will be more formidable, so we need to work together in time to either avoid her, or fight her all at once. Why is the room bright? She can’t see very well in bright lights, especially from sunlight. So we need to get her in there, bonus points if we can get her stuck in there. I haven’t really found a way out, but this is the basic idea for now…..”

“Okay. We can do this. Is anyone else interested?”

“I haven’t talked to everyone. But whatever you do, do not tell any of the guards, or Felicity. She is a bit of a parrot. She’ll repeat anything we say without thinking about who is there.”

“Got it.”

“I am going to try to search around the prison through the vents to make our plan to escape easier. Once Velletta is asleep, I’ll try to be as sneaky as possible, make as little noise as I can, then I will make the blueprints on whatever I can find. You should be the one to tell everyone. Just don’t get everyone into a big group or it will look istanbul travestileri suspicious. Tell them at different times, especially during lunch or during different chores.”


After we did all of the dirty laundry, we had lunch. The food was a gross mystery meat and what I hoped to Goddess was corn. Each of us clearly had a disgusted look on our faces, and all of us nearly gagged when we took bites out of the plate that could barely constitute a meal. Warden Valletta stood in that authoritative stance she usually did and two guards were marching around, making sure we ate all of the gruel in front of each of us. The warden spoke boldly, and it made us flinch from how suddenly she did. “You will eat everything on each of your plates! The meals are both supposed to keep you healthy enough to do your work, as well as make you grateful for whatever your Mistresses each gave you to eat! If you don’t finish the meals in the next twenty minutes, you will be punished with a vibrator!”

She toyed with the prisoners, and it felt so wrong to me. She slowly came up to me, starting to caress my cheek down to my left tit, and went under my maid outfit. She carefully played with my tit as if it was a stress ball, and occasionally grazed my nipple.

“Do you know how I know you were meant to serve your Mistress?” She cooed into my ear, revealing a more calculating type of sadistic personality, “Your tits are weak. And don’t think size matters. Lily is one of my most trusted guards, and she is an A cup. The difference between you and her is that she could kick your ass.”

She made me feel even smaller than I already felt. I knew that confronting her directly would be a challenge if she was normally this comfortable making us toys for her pleasure.

I barely could finish the entire thing with her around, but I managed to gulp it down.

The next chores we had to do after eating that slop was yardwork. There were three prisoners in the courtyard, Helen, Marie and me. We each got these tiny scissors that could cut only a couple blades of grass at a time. The guard stood in the typical way they did, arms crossed, legs shoulder length apart, that intimidating demeanor. This guard’s name was Zinnia.

She instructed us, “All the grass must be exactly one inch off the ground. A single blade of grass off and each of you receive punishment. Understand?”

We each nodded, and started to get on our knees and cut them as carefully as possible. This chore was difficult, but it was even harder when the guard decided to use her glove to caress my body, leaning in so I felt her breath on my neck. “Don’t speak, I want to use you a little…..”

She took me away from the other two, and heaved me up from my ass. She was strong, and I could tell why Valletta chose her to be a guard. She used an arm to hold me up, and another to start fingering me. I whimpered.

“You’re wet. Such a dirty slut.” She said, I hated to admit that she was right, and I could see both Helen and Marie had soaked panties.

I could only keep my mouth shut for so long, trying to keep quiet as the sadistic woman looked at the other two women, and I could see the other two trying so hard to get back to work, but couldn’t look away. I moaned slightly every time the woman grazed my clit with her travesti istanbul finger; the woman went so slowly, toying with my sensitivity in more ways than one.

And slowly, I actually came. It took so long. But my pleasure stopped when Zinnia started to speak. “You know, you broke two rules. You didn’t finish the yard work on time, and you came without my permission. I wonder what Valletta has in store for you…..” She smiled wide, and my face went pale, I was mortified. I knew that Valletta was not a woman who messed around, and she soaks in other people’s pain as her sick, twisted pleasure.

She held me up and signaled the other two to follow her, “Come on, maids.” She said. She told them to go to their cells and stood there until they went into them. Another guard came to lock the cells.

“Zinnia, we have a rule breaker in your arms?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna send her to Valletta.”

Then she took me into Valletta’s office, where the warden sat in her chair, but stood up immediately.

“Zinnia, what did she do?”

“She came without permission and didn’t do her part of the yardwork.”

I tried to chime in, “But you propped me up and made me cum!” I felt a huge smack on my ass from the warden, and it stung. I barked out a hurt moan. “You do not talk without permission! You should realize we decide when your voice matters!” She took me from Zinnia and whispered in my ear, “Be grateful I am not making you suck on my tits. I just want to degrade you and take some photos, for the guard’s amusement. And I know this will spread like wildfire among the guards. Now…..worship my boots, on your knees.” She used her thigh high to push me down and stuffed it in my face.

I felt those red eyes look at me with malicious glee.

I felt myself immediately kissing her boots, starting from the bottom, and going slowly up to her knee. She then lightly smacked me and said, “Go up my thigh until you reach my zipper, then use your teeth to unzip until you see my beautiful pussy, then you know what I want next. She signaled to the guard for something, and I couldn’t decipher what. I just raised my head, kissed up the thigh of the woman who was about to punish me, slowly went up, worshiping her body until I reached the zipper. I bit it softly, and pulled it down with my teeth, revealing her pale labia. I tasted her, starting to move the labia so I could taste her more, and I started to lick her clit slowly, and she started to moan. “You know you shouldn’t cum, not without permission. You need to earn that. And I love making you do what you want me to do to you. And you won’t cum again, not until I say so.”

Then I heard a clasping sound around my tight maid outfit. A chastity belt was around my hips, and I couldn’t use my weak hands to move the belt, it was too tight. “It seems you will have to do extra work if you want to cum.” She said in between soft, soothing moans.

“If you nod, you get to cum, but after doing volunteer work, you get a shorter lunch, and you do chores away from your friends for the day. And you do an extra two hours of work. And for as long as you don’t agree, you have that belt on you.” Then she came, and her legs buckled, and she lightly kicked my face. “You did such a good job, but I have an extra punishment for you.” She picked up my body, and put me in my cell. She checked a list on the side of her door. “Everyone who finished their chores on time, you get to cum!” And I heard a cacophony of moans coming from all the women, and I hung my head in shame as I couldn’t cum, especially with my belt on.

It was going to be a long time ahead of me.

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