Dorm Room Bliss

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Lisa sat in her dorm room, bored as hell. Her roommate had gone for the weekend, and her best friends were at a game a couple of towns away. She would have gone, but she had a huge test the next Monday for which she needed to study. Now she was alone, on a Friday night, drinking cheap wine. She’d probably had three or four glasses and was feeling mighty nice. She decided to turn on some music and dance. She stripped down to her bra and panties and started going. She’d been dancing for at least fifteen minutes when she heard a knock at the door. She turned down the music and looked out of the peephole. It was Shelly from down the hall. Lisa cracked the door open a bit. “Hey Shelly, what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing,” Shelly said. “I was bored and heard your music. Cam I come in?”

“Uh…” Lisa stammered, taking note of her barely dressed state, but Shelly shoved open the door and pranced in.

“Nice outfit, Lisa,” she giggled, looking at her peer’s large breasts and shapely legs.

Lisa was embarrassed and tried not to show it. “Eh, I was just dancing…”

“Nah that’s fine,” Shelly laughed. “It’s not like you knew you’d have company. But while I’m here…” Shelly trailed off and moved toward Lisa.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked, backing up until she was against her bed.

“We’re in college, let’s experiment!” Shelly smirked, pressing her slim body against Lisa’s.

Before Lisa could respond, Shelly’s lips were against hers, prying them open. At first, Lisa resisted, wondering what the hell was going on. But then, she gave in, thinking why not? I’m drunk, bored and lonely…she started to return sincan eve gelen escort the kiss, letting Shelly’s hot tongue dart in and out of her mouth. Shelly’s hands were all over Lisa’s warm body, squeezing her breasts and cupping her tight ass. Shelly’s leg came between Lisa’s, prying hers apart and riding up to rest against Lisa’s quickly dampening labia.

“Woah,” Lisa said, pulling away.

“Relax, Lisa!” Shelly said, moving away and locking the room door. She then slowly undressed while making her way back to Lisa, until she was also in a bra and panties. Lisa admired the girl’s athletic and slim body and suddenly felt shy. Shelly sensed this, “Don’t worry, I like voluptuous women. Anyway, you have a slim waist and nice legs,” she said, as she came back to Lisa and sat her up on her bed. She slowly unhooked Lisa’s bra and let it drop to the floor, revealing Lisa’s full breasts. Shelly started kneading one while taking the other into her mouth and sucking. Lisa could not believe how good this felt, and she arched her back towards Shelly’s warm lips and hands. “Lisa,” Shelly said, “Take off my bra would you?”

Lisa did so, letting it fall to the floor, and began touching Shelly’s pert breasts. She could now smell the musky scent of the two girls’ sexes.

“Get on the bed,” Shelly demanded. Lisa did so, letting Shelly up there as well. Shelly pushed Lisa down and lay on top of her, rubbing her body against Lisa’s. She then pushed her leg up between Lisa’s again and started shifting around so their vaginas were rubbing against one another’s. After several minutes of this, Shelly sincan sınırsız escort sat up and ran her fingers along the edge of Lisa’s panties. Lisa jumped in shock and tried to sit up, but Shelly pushed her back down. “You’ll love this,” Shelly smiled as she rubbed Lisa’s pussy through the cotton material. Lisa moaned and looked at the ceiling as Shelly slowly pulled down her panties. She could feel the cool air against her wet pussy as Shelly slowly pulled apart her legs.

“Nice cunt!” Shelly exclaimed as she blew onto it, sending shivers down Lisa’s body. Lisa then felt Shelly’s hand fully against her pussy, moving up and down. Lisa felt strange excitement as Shelly’s finger entered her and starting slowly moving in and out.

“You have such a nice tight pussy,” Shelly exclaimed. “Have you had sex yet?”

“N-no,” Lisa stammered.

“Wonderful,” Shelly cried out as she inserted another finger. With her other hand, she started rubbing Lisa’s clit. Lisa started writhing with pleasure on the bed. Shelly quickened her pace as she felt Lisa’s cunt start to tighten with orgasm. As Lisa convulsed, Shelly shoved three fingers as far into Lisa as she could, letting wetness seep out all over. Lisa’s orgasm finally passed, and she started to get up, but Shelly shoved her down again and pushed her legs as wide apart as she could.

“NOT YET,” she hissed, as she brought her face down between Lisa’s legs. Lisa sucked in a breath as she felt Shelly’s tongue running up and down her slit. Lisa could not believe this was happening! As Shelly ran her tongue over Lisa’s clit, she inserted sincan escort two fingers into her hole, bringing them in and out, and then taking the juices and rubbing them to Lisa’s tight asshole.

“Ready for something amazing?” Shelly asked?

Before Lisa could respond, Shelly slowly pushed a finger into Lisa’s asshole. Lisa jerked from this strange feeling as Shelly’s finger invaded this area. Shelly brought her finger out slowly and then pushed it in as far as she could, while her tongue darted in and out of Lisa’s pussy and her other hand brushed over Lisa’s clit. This sent Lisa over the edge, and she convulsed in a monster orgasm.

“Now do me,” Shelly demanded.

Lisa slowly got up, still recovering from what Shelly had done. Shelly spread out on the bed, putting a leg on either side of Lisa. “Don’t worry about foreplay – just make me happy,” Shelly whispered.

Lisa reluctantly placed her hand on Shelly’s pussy. To her amazement, it was extremely exciting! She ran her hand up and down Shelly’s pussy, and then inserted a finger slowly.

“Faster!” Shelly exclaimed, starting to breathe harder.

Lisa went for it, shoving three of her fingers deep inside Shelly’s cunt and then bringing them out. She finger-fucked Shelly for several minutes, but the girl didn’t seem to want to cum.

“Lick me,” Shelly sighed, pulling her legs wide apart and exposing her very wet pussy to Lisa’s curious eyes.

Lisa bent down and licked Shelly’s pussy. It didn’t taste bad at all, so she continued. She stuck her tongue deep into Shelly and then quickly pulled it out. Shelly seemed to like this, so Lisa darted her tongue in and out of Shelly’s pussy while rubbing her other hand over her clit. Shelly orgasmed very quickly, and then pulled Lisa up to kiss her deeply.

“Did you like that?” Shelly asked.

“Yes!” Lisa exclaimed. “We need to do that again sometime.”

“How about tomorrow night?” Shelly smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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