Double Shifts

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My husband had been working double shifts lately, which was making great money, but leaving little time for our family and me. I’m not the type of woman that demands a lot of attention, but it’s always nice to have my fair share. By the time he was making it home from the work, had his dinner, kissed the children goodnight he was exhausted.

We hadn’t made love in over two weeks, but I didn’t want to press the issue. I knew he was tired and it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Although my pussy was beginning to feel a little neglected. He called last night to apologize. He was going to have to stay a little later than usual. He talked to the children on the phone and told them he loved them and he would see them in the morning, he promised. I told him I would leave his dinner in the oven and to be careful on his way home.

After I fed the children, bathed them, cleaned up the kitchen and watched some TV. I was so tired I had almost fallen asleep on the sofa waiting for him. Reluctantly I decided I would call it a night and go to our bed alone.

The sheets felt so cool against my bare skin as I slid into our bed. I turned on my left side looking over to where Richard usually was; it did seem weird that he wasn’t there. I pulled his pillow to me, hugging it as I wished I were hugging him.

I could smell him there on the pillowcase, the smell of his hair and his cologne. The first whiff causing my senses to tingle, creating a picture of my husband in my mind. The second, a little deeper, caused my entire body to tingle. I could almost feel him next to me. It had been awhile since he just held me and kissed me passionately. The thought of his lips pressed against mine, his arms wrapped around me, my bare breasts pressed against his furry masculine chest.

I felt my nipples hardening against the cool sheets. Slowly, as is it was Richard’s hand pulling the covers away, I pulled back the top sheet exposing my dark stiffening nipples atop my full, round breasts. My hands cupped my breasts, kneading them, stretching my big nipples almost feeling his lips on my flesh. My body stirred under my soft touch. My eyes closed envisioning Richard’s lips and hands roaming over me.

My right hand slid down my body, over my mound, my pussy lips becoming plump and moist. My thighs opened wider, my hand pressing against my pussy. Arching my back, I began rolling my hips up and down against myself. My left hand squeezing, twisting my nipple while the fingers on my right hand dared to dip between my damp lips.

A soft moan escaped me as my fingers slid inside my hot, wet pussy. I had forgotten how warm and inviting my pussy felt, it had been a long time since I had touched myself in a sexual manner. Going deeper and deeper inside of myself, feeling my muscles pulling my fingers in, wanting more.

My clit was throbbing, aching to be touched. Two fingers from my right hand were deep in my pink hole and my left hand massaging my clit, hard and fast. Oh God! It felt sooo good!! My hips bucking hard against my hand, three fingers now deep in my pussy. My whole body was tingling; I needed Richard’s cock desperately.

Rubbing my clit faster, I was gonna make myself cum. My legs were starting to shake; I pushed the three fingers from my right hand as deep as they would go inside rubbing my G-spot. My fingers were darting across my throbbing clit, harder and harder covering my fingers with my sweet pussy juice.

“OOHHH GOD!!” Moaning loudly while my body rocked with my orgasm. My vaginal muscles squeezing my fingers so tight as they held them inside of me.

My body relaxed, my breathing was labored, and a soft mist of sweat covered me. I pulled my fingers from my pulsing hole and slid them one by one into my mouth, sucking, licking all of my cum from my hand. Sucking cum from my fingers, sliding them in and out of my mouth, I wanted them to Escort Etimesgut be Richard’s cock in my mouth. His cock covered in my creamy cum being sucked in and out of my mouth.

My hips rolled in slow grinding circles, my fingers still gently rubbing my hard clit. I moaned around the fingers in my mouth. Spreading my lips wide, flicking my clitty with my fingertips. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I groaned while I continued to pleasure myself. My dripping fingers were running up and down the entire length of my puffy slit, from my rigid clit, over my deep soaked pussy, and down over my tight puckering asshole.

My finger ran around each little wrinkle pressing against my ass, my fingers felt so good I couldn’t stop. Gently, slowly I began to slip the tip of my index finger past the tight muscle and into the soft tender warmth of my ass. My finger immersed into my ass, my pussy was sopping wet, my nipples pulsating, my body was almost satisfied, but I craved more.

“You are so beautiful.” Richard stood in the doorway of our bedroom. His pants open and his hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking himself as he watched me.

“How long have you been standing there?” I couldn’t believe he had been right there. I felt my face flush red I was so embarrassed. I quickly withdrew my fingers from my pussy and my ass. “You should have said something.”

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been here long and if I had said anything you would of stopped. I didn’t want you to stop. I love watching you, you are amazing.”

He stepped into our room, closing and locking the door behind him. As he came closer to our bed he shed his clothes. Crawling up next to me, he pulled me to him and kissed me, hard, deep, and passionate. His kiss was so hot and wet I pulled him closer to me feeling our bodies grinding together as one.

“Baby, you have gotten yourself all worked up haven’t you?” Richard filled my sloppy wet hole with two of his large fingers. I groaned in approval arching my back and thrusting my hips against his hand. “That’s my girl, feel good baby?”

“Ooooohhh yess Richard please, please fuck me.” I begged him I needed him desperately.

“What do you need baby?” He loved to tease me when I was like this. Squirming under his touch. His thumb planted on my clit as his fingers plunged deeper and deeper inside of me. “Come on baby, tell me what you need.”

I was so close to exploding all over his hand. His fingers knew exactly how to work my pussy.

“I need you! I need your cock!!” I pleaded with him. “I wanna cum Richard please!!”

“Cum for me baby.” His fingers pounded my wet hole. “Come on, cum for me!!”

“Yess God!! Yessssss!” My body shuddered as my pussy squirted cum.

Richard covered my mouth with his to muffle my shrieks of passion as I came again and again. I had never had an orgasm as intense as that before never had my body shook so hard or had I cum so much.

“You have no idea how erotic, how sensual you are. Seeing you masturbate and watching your pussy squirt like that.” His body slid between my thighs while his lips began kissing my neck, biting me, his beard scrapping against my tender flesh; I have always loved the feel of him on my neck. “I want to feel you on my cock. I want to watch my cock slide deep inside of you. I need your pussy baby, I wanna make you cum on my cock.”

I could feel his hardness pressing against my soaking wet pussy. Our hips were grinding together, the head of his cock gliding up between my plump lips, thrusting against my throbbing clit. He pulled me up on top of him, my thighs straddling his hips, as he lay back on our bed.

I loved riding his cock and I knew he loved the view of my pussy wrapped around him and my breasts bouncing with every move. I guided his cock along my wet slit and felt the fat head slip inside my intense hole I heard him moan Etimesgut Escort as I did. Feeling my pussy wrap tightly around him I slowly snuggled down tight around the thick base.

Finally to have him inside of me sent shivers up and down my spine, my nipples became rock hard again. I didn’t want to move at first, just wanted to feel him inside of me, letting my muscles pull him deeper inside of me. Slowly I began to gyrate my hips, around and around his cock. My hands on his chest, my pussy gliding up and down his shaft. His hips working with mine, thrusting up inside of me, meeting my strokes.

I sat straight up on his cock. My right hand was pulling my nipples and squeezing my breasts, my left hand rubbing my hard clit. He slid his hands under my ass, lifting me up and bringing me back down harder and harder on his cock. I rammed my pussy down his shaft. He thrust up inside of me, the deepest he had ever been. We weren’t making love this was raw passionate sex.

Richard took hold of my rock hard nipples, twisting them, pulling them, the harder he pulled the tighter my pussy squeezed him. My clit was on fire and no matter how much I rubbed it, spanked it, twisted it, I wanted more, needed more.

His thrusts were deep, groaning, grunting as he fucked me. I leaned back on my left hand; my thighs spread open wide as his cock slammed into me giving him an unobstructed view of his cock fucking me. His rock hard cock drilled me deeper with each thrust, pounding me again and again.

“Rub it baby, rub it for me like I saw you doing before.” Richard was so turned on by my fingers working my pussy, glistening with my cum, hot and wet and ready to cum again soon.

An eruption was building in me, I was gonna cum, and cum hard. I begged Richard not to stop. “Harder baby, I’m gonna cum” My body began to spasm, my pussy squeezing his cock so hard I could feel every bulging vein. “OH RICHARD.. YESSSSS …… NOWWW.. I’M CUMMING!!”

One hard driving thrust and he was buried inside of me, my pussy pulsating around him. He clutched my thighs holding me tighter to him. “OOOHHHHH GODD YEAAAHHHHHH!!!” He exploded in his own orgasm, his cum spraying inside of my quivering pussy.

He pulled me back up covering his body with mine. Holding me, kissing me, while his cock stayed nestled inside of me. I wrapped my legs around him tight, drawing him closer and closer to me. I needed him to stay with me, wanting us to remain as one as long as possible. We were tangled together. Our arms and legs holding each other tight, our lips held together with our passionate kisses.

Richard laid me back on our bed, laying his head on my shoulder, trying to catch his breath every quick aftershock spasm causing us both to hold tighter. “I can’t leave you. Please let me stay inside of you.” Slowly his pelvis rotated, the smallest of movements.

“Yes baby, stay with me.” I stroked his sweat soaked hair, kissing his neck gently.

My pussy held onto his cock just as tight as my arms held his body close to me. Softly, ever so faintly, he began kissing my neck. His tongue ran over my ear, the feeling of his hot breath went to the core of me. Turning my face to his, our lips meeting, deep kisses.

Uncontrollably my hips were rocking under him. My hands wandered over his sweat covered back over his strong muscles. Applying light pressure to his round ass, yearning for his hips to move with mine. His still rock hard shaft began sliding in and out of my well-fucked pussy. Deliberate strokes pressing inside of me.

I spread my thighs a bit wider, drawing more of him into me. Our lips locked together, our bodies working together for our pleasure. His hips becoming more intense causing him to pound me deeper still. His arms hooked under my legs pushing them up closer to my shoulders, my ass rising from the mattress five maybe six Etimesgut Escort Bayan inches.

Without saying a word or missing a beat he withdrew his cock from my saturated pussy and rubbed the bulbous head over my tiny asshole. I moaned against him, resisting him, pushing against his chest lightly.

“No … please Richard” When I was able to break free from his kisses. “I can’t.”

“Please baby,” he whispered, his lips just above mine, “when I saw you earlier fingering your ass I knew I wanted to take you just like that. I’ll be slow, I promise.”

I had never been shy about letting Richard play with my ass. Fingering me while he ate my pussy or just teasing me with his tongue. I did enjoy it. But I had never taken his cock in my ass. He wanted to and had tried to for the past few years. I think once I had even let him go as far as putting the head in. It hurt so bad I made him stop.

“You promise?” I reluctantly slid my fingers down over my sopping wet pussy, bringing the head of his cock up and over my hole, lubing up the tip.

“I’ll be really slow, I won’t hurt you.” He stroked his cock moving the head from my sloppy pussy to my asshole, several times. “Just relax baby.”

The pressure of his fat head against my asshole was very exciting. I did want him to fuck my ass, but still held back a bit. I held his face in my hands and kissed him harder trying to make my bottom relax. I could feel the tip spreading my tense muscle open, just as my finger had done earlier, but his cock was much thicker than my finger. A little more and I could feel my ass refuse to accept him. Then without warning the full head burst through my expanding muscle.

“OHHH!! OWW!! Richard!” My cries were more of panic than pain.

“Shhhhhh, you are such a good girl it’s okay just relax.” He soothed me, kissing me again, distracting me.

“Yesss,” I moaned softly.

Slowing his shaft demanded its way inside of me.

His cock, balls deep in my ass, “Good girl, ohh yeahhh, very good girl.” Slowly, cautiously he began to slither his cock in and out of my snug asshole.

I bit my lower lip anxiously waiting for the pain to subside. It wasn’t as intense as I had remembered it to be and within a few strokes it began to feel better and better. Soon my hips were grinding against him and soft gentle moans were replacing my resistant pleas.

He knelt between my thighs, pushing them back considerably and vigorous. He watched his cock being swallowed by my asshole, again and again. Long, slow, strokes in and out. Soon I heard myself begging for more. Again my clit was demanding attention. Immediately my fingers returned to my aching clit.

Richard slammed into me zealously fucking my ass like he had wanted to for a long time. He pulled his cock out of me, leaving my asshole gaping wide, then driving back inside of me. Pulling it out again rimming my ass with the tip of his cock, then back in hard, deep.

Sweat poured from Richard as he was panting, grunting and growling fucking my tight hole. I recognized the intense mask on his face; he was about to shoot his load. My entire body was overwhelmed with pleasure, I was gonna cum.

Our bodies exploded in uncontrolled, wild, uninhibited orgasms. Richard rammed his cock deep in my ass, I could feel him pulsating, his cum shooting to the inner depths of me. My pussy quivered sending waves of intense satisfaction throughout me while my cum gushed over my husband’s body.

Slowly he withdrew from my tingling ass, collapsing beside me on our bed, my legs still draped over him. I could feel his cum dripping from my exhausted, well-stretched ass. The harsh breathing trying to be recovered by both of us only broke the silence that now filled the air.

Richard took my hand in his and kissed it ever so gently. He brushed the hair back from my face and when I looked at his face I thought I had never seen him quite so gratified. I myself was fully amazed at what joy and fulfillment we were able to bring to one another and share together.

“You did leave my dinner in the oven didn’t ya?” he smiled at me.

I chuckled, looking over at him. “Yes, I did.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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