Downs Farmstead Pt. 02

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A tale of pure fantasy. Enjoy.

Please no foul comments, and please read the previous chapter, or nothing will make sense.

Adam took a deep breath before knocking on Mr. Jones’ door; it was quite late, as the moon lit the cobbled path beneath his feet. The door opened, and it was Mr. Jones, himself.

“Come on in, Adam. How can I help you tonight?” he asked, as he ushered him in, and turned on the hall light.

Adam was standing there.

“Take your coat off, and we will talk in the study.”

He took his jacket off, and hung it on a coat stand at the front door, as he followed Mr. Jones into his study. The room was full of bookcases packed with books, where Mr. Jones pulled out his chair from behind his large, wooden desk, and sat down reading a book.

On the wall was a screen showing the barn with the hucows or human cows were being milked in customized breeding machines. “So Adam, how can I help you tonight.” He did not even look up at him. It made him feel really uncomfortable. Mr. Jones had that air about him.

“Come boy, the cat got your tongue?” he snapped at Adam, tapping his fingers on his desk.

Clearing his throat, Adam asked, “Sir, how do I start my own hucow breeding farm?”

Mr. Jones got up, and took a few books from the shelf behind him, and passed them to Adam. “There you go, my boy. Read this; it will explain a few things. Paul, my son, was never a reader, but hopefully, in time, you will be, my boy.”

“Thanks for the books, sir,” Adam replied.

“Before you go, these are some pills which have different effects, which can transform females into air-headed bimbo girls.” As he offered him the bag, “Be careful with them. And who you use them on. Because they will forget everything from their previous lives and will be dependent upon your every word. Their behavior will be pure animalistic urges for a sexual partner; not caring about anything else, except their master’s pleasure.”

Adam picked up the backpack full of the new pills, put it onto his back, and headed back to his car, which was parked on the curb outside the main iron gate, overgrown with weeds. He got in his car and drove home, with the pills locked safely in his boot.

His mum and Debbie were in the living room milking their own breasts, which were over a JJ cup in size, their nipples oozing with each touch. Touching and sucking the milk out of their engorged, over-filled boobs pressed together; they giggled as Çankaya Escort the webcam filmed them, with people paying lots of money to watch them play together.

Adam entered through the front door, and peeped through the hallway, catching them in an passionate embrace with each other, as he headed upstairs with one of the new pills, and the books that Mr. Jones had given him to read.

He closed his door and sat at his desk, which looked out over the backyard garden, and his mom’s garage, where he had parked his car. Opening the book, he began to read about the side effects of the pills. The new pill had a capital ‘T’ on it, which he looked up, and found that it stood for ‘total transformation’. Interesting, he thought to himself, and went to bed.

Sunday morning.

He had a plan for today which could make a lot of money–if he could get away with it. He borrowed his friend’s work van for the day, and drove to the local church convent. He had muddied the white van’s number plates, so it could not be traced.

He got there at about ten in the morning, and parked in a deserted spot on the convent grounds. With bag of pills in hand, he pushed to see if the front door was open, and entered unnoticed. The lights were off, with just streams of light coming through the large convent windows.

As he passed down the altar and pews leading to the pulpit at the front, he knew the sisters and the Mother Superior would be down soon to take communion for their day’s work and repent of their sins. He crushed the pills in the Holy water, praying that his plan would work.

No one came to the church, as it was falling apart at the seams; with a leaky copper roof, and being in a rough neighborhood. Adam sat in the shadows in the back, and waited to see what would happen. There was complete silence, one could hear a pin drop.

A few minutes passed, then a door on the right opened, and the sisters in their habits, coif wimples, and veils, entered and took their seats in the pews facing the pulpit. Then, the Mother Superior, a stern-looking woman with a perverse smile across her wrinkled face, wearing her starched, white coif and golden crucifix around her neck, stood at the front of the altar, and started to say the Lord’s Prayer.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily Keçiören Escort bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.”

She led the sisters to the Holy water, handed them a glass goblet, where they dipped into the water, and put it to their lips; including the Mother Superior.

As they drank, Adam was watching from the shadows in the corner, where no one could see him. Nothing seemed to happen. Then, he noticed something–their ankle-length, brown skirts looked more like miniskirts; their tunics and habits ripped, as their breasts expanded and enlarged, revealing their engorged, lactating milk mammaries, almost straight away.

As he watched the nuns, he started videoing it on his phone for later. They fornicated with each other, taking turns licking and slurping on each other’s engorged, milky breasts. If anyone could see what was happening, they would not believe their own eyes.

The pills had worked out better than Adam thought they would, as he got up from in the shadows, and walked towards the front of the altar, past the empty pews. He had to think fast, as to what he could do with them. Their miniskirts had shortened even more, becoming more like belts, which showed their shiny nylon stockings and garters.

The sisters and the Mother Superior looked at Adam. As he spoke, they were French kissing, their tongues dueled together, their hands groped each other’s oversized breasts without a care in the world. All had a face of total bliss, sweat dripping from their brows, faces smeared with breast milk.

“Hello sisters, I am Adam, and I now own you. Do you understand that?” Adam said, in a stern commanding voice.

They just looked at him and nodded.

“Good. Follow me. I am taking you somewhere else.”

They got up and proceeded to walk behind Adam outside, to where he had parked the van.

There were seven nuns, including the Mother Superior, being paraded to the white van. Adam opened the back door, and they stepped inside the van, giggling like little girls going camping. After he locked the back door of the van, he jumped in the front, and started the engine; making sure that no one saw them leave.

Arriving home, making sure no one saw him park in the garage out of view at the end of the driveway. He kept the nuns in the back until nightfall. Etimesgut Escort He had Debbie’s keys, as she was staying with him and his mom now, and took them into Debbie’s house; which had been upgraded with cameras, soundproofed rooms, and high-tech hucow milking machines–all done with the money he had made so far…

Adam was on top of his bed surfing the dark web, looking to see how to sell a hucow at auction. He had come across a few websites, where he found he could get up to thirty thousand pounds for each. That was a lot of money for an eighteen-year-old.

It looked like to him, that Paul and his Dad were only using him, by only offering him five thousand per hucow. Now he knew how much he could make. His face dropped in excitement, rubbing his hands together with the thought.

So how would he get his revenge on them? That’s why Mr. Jones gave him those pills, he thought. He then thought that he would play their game as if he did not know anything about the auctions, and when the time was right, he would strike where it would hurt them the most.

He slipped outside to the garage, and opened the door to find the sisters asleep in a naked embrace with one another. He gently woke them up, and led them to their new lives as hucow breeders.

Hooking them up to hucow milking machines, clasping hoses with suction cups to their engorged, lactating breasts, which jiggled every time they moved. Bent over in vice, so their breasts would swing perfectly the cameras in the room, constantly recording everything; totally naked, except for their coif and wimple veils.

The Mother Superior still had her cornette coif and golden crucifix necklace on, swinging from her neck. Her body was begging to be fucked, as he stood behind her, stuck in the machine. He pushed her feet apart, so he could fuck her from behind.

Her once-stern face had changed; she had a smile making her look much younger, as he thrust his shaft deep inside–her first time–making her scream in pure delight. She had never felt the sexual touch of a man before now. And she was loving the feeling of her milky breasts being sucked by the machine, adding to her pleasure.

Adam pounded her from behind, spanking her peachy arse cheeks, wobbling with each thrust of his shaft, making her moan with pure joy. Then, something strange happened–she started to moo instead of moan. It was such a turn on, he came deep inside her, making her whole body tingle, and writhe on his cock. She fell unconscious, hooked up to the machine, while it continued making its humming noise.

She was now a hucow or human cow. She was fast forgetting about her previous life as Mother Superior. She and the sisters were owned by Adam, their Master Breeder, now, until he might sell them at auction.

To be continued.

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