Dr. York and Nicki Pt. 06 – The Gift

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Knock! Knock!

It was late and York woke from bed to see who was at his door. He looked through the peep hole to see Nicole and Taylor standing in the hallway of his apartment. He opened the door.

“Good evening ladies. What do we have here?”

“I have your present. Happy holidays!”

And with just that Nicole handed York the end of a leash he had not noticed before. Nicole spun and walked away without another word and without looking back. York then realized the other end of the leash was hooked to a black leather studded collar around Taylor’s neck. Taylor he had met back on that amazing night at the sorority house. She was 5’4. Red head. A true red head. D cup tits. And faithful to Nicole. She had been his hostess that night and never left his side. She had let it be known that she enjoyed being shared. I guess this was Nicole’s way of sharing. Pinned to Taylors coat was a note. It read,

“Dear Dr. York. Please enjoy your toy. She likes rough play but please don’t break her. Warmly, Nicole.”

“These instructions say you like rough play.”

“Yes master.”

York was going to enjoy this. He turned and walked back into his apartment pulling the leash behind him. With the door closed behind them York unbuttoned Taylor’s coat. Wow. Underneath she was not really wearing clothes. She was wearing lots of leather straps that didn’t cover anything but ringed her whole body. She was wearing knee high black leather stilleto boots. Her slightly pale skin with freckles were a nice contrast against the dark black leather straps with silver hooks and straps that wrapped around her body. He noticed that she had not shaved all of her pubic hair. She had a little tuft of red fur just above her vagina. York removed her coat and threw it in a corner.

“What shall I call you my little red toy?” He asked.

She was silent.

“You may speak.”

“Anything you wish my master.”

“I think I will call you Roja.”

Taylor bounced over to York unexpectedly and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug. Her huge naked tits pressing against his thin T-shirt he wore while sleeping. He could feel her hard nipples poking him.

“I’m so happy to be playing with you tonight.” Taylor whispered in his ear. And gave it a little nibble.

“Me too Taylor. Tell me whatever it is you desire and I will deliver it.” York gave her a little pat on her ass and kissed her. “Now back to your assigned roll please.” He said with a wink.

“My first desire master is that you slap my ass harder than that. I do like it when my ass is the same color as my hair.” She said sultrily as she turned away from him and bent at the waist. Her bare ass urging York to spank it.

York had no intention of ever really hurting Taylor or anyone for that matter. But Nicole had come to him with Taylor’s request for a role play of BDSM with him. He was never going to say no to Nicole nor to her sorority sisters who he was now inextricably linked to. He would fulfill Taylor’s fantasies and if that meant spanking that wonderfully round bubble butt he would do as he was requested. York stood up and gave her ass a good smack. It stung his hands a little. He could see a little redness to her bum.

“Yessss master. I have been naughty. Please teach me a lesson.” She turned and smiled wickedly at him whIke jiggling her ass at him.

Taylor looked at York and winked back at him. Her look let him know she was okay. York spanked her ass again. But went after the other cheek.

“Mmmmm yesss. Please may I have more?!”

York spanked her ass. Reveling in her enjoyment of the naughtiness of it.

York sat back down in his leather chair.

“Come lay down on my lap Roja. It is time for a proper spanking. You have been a naughty little one.” York beckoned her to him.

“Oooh goodie Dr. York!!l” she squealed in delight.

“Taylor! I mean Roja, you’re not supposed to sound too happy.”

“Oops. Sorry but I’ve been waiting so llong for this. Since I was your hostess at the sorority function. I planned tonight that same evening.

Taylor walked over to him and before she laid across his lap face down she straddled him and kissed him deeply. His hands exploring her whole body. Her huge melon sized tits pressing so hard against him they flattened some. Venturing to her pussy he slid a finger into her cunt and was welcomed with wetness he hoped would be there. She ground her hips down onto his hand and slipped her own hand down his pants to grab a hold of his cock. She began to stroke it when York interrupted her.

“I thought you wanted to role play? I’m fine with what you’re doing right now with my dick but before I can’t stop myself and give up on the play acting you’d better stop.”

“Boo hoo!” She gave him her best pouty lip sad face. He rewarded her with a an additional finger into her pussy. She squealed in delight.

“I do want to be naughty with you Dr. York but you make it very hard to stay on track. Your fingers are magic.” This Escort Etlik earned her a third finger.

“This isn’t naughty?!” He asked as a fourth finger made its way into her. Taylor groaned with pleasure.

“Unnnh mmmm yes please masterrrrr.” She purred. Her pussy dripping sticky goodness down his hand. Taylor swung her head back and thrust her tits out daring him to devour them. Which he hungrily did. York attacked her tits. Trying to hold onto her initial request he sucked her nipples hard. Squeezing them between his lip. Her groans encouraged him to continue. He used his teeth a little and bit them gently. The sensation sent shudders through Taylor’s body.

“Bite my nipples please master!” She begged him. He did not need a lot of encouragement. York went to work on each nipple. Nibbling. Biting. Sucking hard. Her nipples responded by continuing to get harder. When his mouth wasn’t on a nipple he was tweaking them between his fingers. He had removed his pussy soaked hand from her cunt and slid it to her ass. He was in search of another hole. But before he could find it she interrupted him.

“You haven’t spanked me enough my master.” She groaned into his ear.

York raised his hand and brought it down with a good wet smack. She squealed again. York hoped she would squeal like that when he finally fucked her.

“Oh god more. Just like that. Spank me!”

York obliged and spanked her ass over and over again. Never very had but just enough to continue to send tingles though out Taylor’s body. Her exiement rose with each slap. Begging him for more. She bounced in his lap happily. Grinding his cock against her stomach. His growing dick finally caught her attention and brought her out of her spanking trance. She slid of his lap quickly before he could object and had his cock out of his sweatpants and in her mouth. She slurped his cock letting her saliva slide down his shaft and onto his balls. Which she rubbed into his testicles. She liked to give sloppy loud blow jobs. The louder and wetter the better.

While she bobbed up and down on his dick and played with his balls with one hand she slid her free hand into her pussy. York reached down and grabbed a handful of her luxurious curly red hair. The idea of wrapping her hair around his cock while he jerked off crossed his mind. He pictured cumming in this soft red carpet. In his mind he could picture the globs of cum embedded in her thick hair. This made York’s cock grow harder. Taylor didn’t miss it. She downed his whole cock until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. York had to fuck this girl. He pulled her off his cock to her dismay. She gave him another pouty frown. God he loved that look. Taylor on her knees. Wrapped in leather. Redhair wild and curly partly covering her face. Saliva dripping down her chin from the sloppy blowjob. If Nicole was his Panther. Daphne his Tiger. Taylor was his Lioness with her wonderful red mane of hair.

“But why?!l” she asked.

“Roja! I have clearly been too lenient with you. Spanking has clearly not taught you you’re lesson.” He said sharply which caught her off guard. He leaned down to his kneeling gift and whispered to her softly.

“My dear sweet Red. I simply cannot go another moment without being inside of you.”

She hugged him sweetly. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bed. As he walked to the room she looked him in the eyes and said.

“You know naughty girls also like getting fucked in the ass!”

York laid Taylor down on the edge of the bed on all fours. Her knees on the very edge so that her lower legs were suspended above the ground. York took a moment to appreciate the view. Taylor in her wild red hair hanging down and covering her face. Strapped in leather otherwise naked. Her round plump ass facing him was slightly red from the spankings she had requested. Where would she want him to start he wondered briefly before she gave him his answer.

“My dear Black Master, please pleasure my cunt. It aches for your warm hot tongue.” She raspily begged him.

“Masters do not take orders Red.” He replied stoically.

And with that he spanked her ass. She turned and looked at him through her mane of red hair devilishly. She had hoped he would respond this way. She was a little more naughty than he had realized. She licked her lips and feigned being hurt.

“But master I thought you were to punish me! You have only teased me.”


“Aieee. Mmmmm. Ooooohhh yesss. Morrrrre pleeeeeease.” Taylor ground her hips in the air at him begging him for more. Daring him to slap her ass.

SMACK!! This one stung his hands. But Taylor was unphased. He could detect moisture developing in her pussy. The telltale glistening told him she enjoyed it.

“Oh Dr. York,” Taylor gave up on the pretenses, “you make my cunt tingle. I need you to fuck me now and fuck me hard! Give me everything you have!”

York was in such a trance from her gravily voiced commands that he obeyed without hesitation. He Etlik Escort would do what she wanted until she told him otherwise. Which from the way she growled at him would not be any time soon. He was starting to wonder whether he was the gift instead of her. If Nicole wanted to give him as a gift to her friends he would comply. Happily. Willingly.

“I said fuck me goddamnit!!” She ordered.

“Sorry my Red Mistress.”

She looked at him with those devilish green eyes again. She knew he understood what tonight was about. Taylor knew her needs were going to be fulfilled tonight as Nicole had promised her. And before her next thought York rammed his cock into her cunt all the way to the hilt.

“Fuck me if that isn’t the hardest cock ever!! Godammit don’t stop! More!! Unnghhhh!! Give me more of your fucking damn steel black cock!!”

She half yelled half hissed at him. Her cunt had never felt this way before. Maybe because the cock belonged to Dr. York and for now he was hers to obey. She didnt want this night to ever end.

“Yes my Red Mistress.”

He said he rammed her cunt over and over again. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back towards him. With his other hand he grabbed a leather strap circling her waist. He pulled her hair and the leather strap towards him as he thrust his hips into her. The double effect of his pushing and simultaneously pulling her had him hitting the deepest parts of her cunt. Or so Taylor thought. All she could think was she would do whatever he wanted as long as he would keep fucking her like that.

“I’ll do whatever you want. Just fuck meeeeee. Unnngg. Anythi… aieeee!!.”

She was both his Red Mistress and Red submissive. York felt the same way. This would mean good things for them down the road. They would both have to thank Nicole as well. Properly thank her. York pulled out of her dripping hot cunt. With the help of the straps he lifted Taylor and moved her more to the center of the bed. She was still on all fours. York stepped onto the bed behind her and placed a leg on either side of the front of her hips. Taylor was unsure as to what he was doing. But she didn’t care as long as his dick returned. York grabbed the straps circling her shoulders like a harness. He gripped them tightly and then with all his strength he rammed his cock back into her waiting cunt. Taylor thought he had been deep before but this new position taught her things about the depth of her pussy she had not known before.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY FUUUUUUCKINNNG GOOOOODDDD!! Fuuuck meeeeeee!! Aiieeeeee!! Oh shiiit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!! Don’t you ever leave me!! Don’t ever take that black cock away from me!! You are a black god!!”

York was pistoning in out of Taylor’s pussy so fast and so hard he was literally turning it inside out. No one had ever made Taylor’s pussy do that before. The sensation of feeling her cunt pulled out of her vagina was like nothing she could have imagined. How could he move his body so powerfully and so fast. He was clearly possessed. How long could he possibly keep this up! But he did for what seemed like an eternity. York for his part was possessed. His Red Mistress would have the greatest orgasm of her life. She would forever be addicted to his dick. She would forever be addicted to him. His dick would be her only drug and he would never give her a cure. He would only feed her addiction. Feed it with his cock. He found that he was just as addicted to her as she was to him. This goddamn red haired green eyed big tit lioness would have whatever she desired. It was no comparison to Nicole. Just different. And it would produce different results.

He knew Nicole wanted this for him or she would not have arranged it otherwise. She picked Taylor for a reason. For him to worship her. And he would worship this red goddess. He would make sure every molecule of her body felt his dedication to her pleasure. Right down to her fuckin DNA. He would reengineer her very essence with his cock. She would never be the same after tonight. Her needs would require a different caliber of pleasure that only he could provide. No other man would be enough. No other man would know what she needed or be able to deliver it.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!” Was all Taylor could get out.

It became a rhythmic chant that matched York’s thrusts. Her head swayed wildly. Her hair flaying uncontrollably. Sweat covering her body. Then York did the unthinkable. He reached around her waist to her unsuspecting clitoris. He rubbed it with wild abandon to match his piston like cock thrusts. Taylor became unhinged.

“You goddamn motherfucker! I was supposed to own you. Aiiii ugh! Nicoole ooohhhh promissssssed meeeeee! She liiiiiied toooo meeee unnnnghhhh fuccccck mmmmeeeeee and your bbbblaaaaackkkk cockkkk! Fuuuuuuck itttttttt jusssst taaaaake itt allllllll! Yesssssss yessssss there yessss therrre riigghhhhtt liiiiikee yessssss mmmmorre mmmmmm nnnnn ooooohhhhhhh ahhhhh unghhhhh Etlik Escort Bayan aieeeeeeeeee!!

And with that devolving into the speaking of tongues Taylor experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. All else in the world slipped away. Only the explosions generating from her cunt and rippling through the rest of her body like shock waves of a sonic boom. Her whole body was convulsing and shaking uncontrollably. She was helpless, speechless and barely conscious. The only thing that kept her conscious was the fact that York was still jack hammering away at her cunt. She didn’t have clear thoughts. Just sensations. His cock. Her cunt. Her orgasm.

There were no more words. She lost control of her self. Saliva was dripping out of her open gaped mouth uncontrollably. Her arms were shaking so much she wasn’t sure she could hold herself aloft. She wasn’t actually. York was holding her up by her leather straps. Taylor hadn’t realized that when she came she lifted herself completely off the bed and was suspended and was just a gyrating pulsating body. York held her up while he continued to fuck her. He’d never seen a full body orgasm like that before.


Taylor became his fuck toy. And her body thanked her for relinquishing itself to him. Her body was no longer hers. It belonged to York. Slowly her faculties came back the her. Enough to stabilize herself on the bed. Would this man ever stop. Part of her needed him too. It was almost too much stimulation. York could tell Taylor was at her limit. He eased the throttle back. Less concerned now with her reaching climax. He repositioned himself fully behind her and between her legs. He allowed himself to concentrate on his own sensations. He pumped rhythmically into her cunt. Less with reckless abandon and more with determined penetration.

He wanted to feel all of her. Her orgasm was still going. He could feel her cunt flexing sporadically around his dick. Offering just the right sensation to his cock. He started to feel the tingling develop behind his balls. It began to emanate outward into his thighs and asshole. He could feel his cock harden and thicken. He could feel his balls tighten and slide closer to his body.

“Fill me with your seed! Empy yourself into me! Cum for me my beautiful black prince. I am yours.”

She pleaded sweetly to him almost in song. It was all the encouragement he needed to push him over the edge. His orgasm hit him unexpectedly sharp and hard and caught him off guard.

“Oohhh dammmmmm I’mmmmmmm unnnnnnnnhhhh cummmmminnngggg!! Fuuuuuuuckkkk!! Unnnnnhhh!”

And with one final thrust York emptied shot after shot into her hungry cunt. Taylor wished she had the energy to pull out to get the last shots of cum into her mouth. They held their positIon as York’s cock squirted it’s final shots. Cum oozing out Taylor’s cunt. He unloaded so much there was not enough space in her cunt for his dick and the cum. Spent they both collapsed onto the bed. Their breath coming in deep uncontrollable bursts. Taylor slid her back up against him and York wrapped her in his arms. They lay there quietly the only sound was their breathing.

“Can you always call me Mistress Red please!? I don’t want to be Taylor anymore. Not for you anyways. Please!?” She had never sounded so sweet he thought.

“MY Mistress Red.” He made sure to emphasize the MY. She nodded happily in agreement. York rolled over onto his back. He pulled Mistress Red to him and she lay completely on top of him. Her beautifully big sweaty tits smashed between them. When they had rested and recovered he would have to fuck these big ass freckled tits. He caressed her back gently until they both fell asleep in that position.

York was awoken with the feeling of someone sucking on his ball sack. But Tay…Red was still asleep on top of him. Which also prevented him from seeing who it was. Then he felt a hand on each ankle raising his legs in the air exposing his butthole. He then felt the mouth leave his nuts and then slide a warm wet tongue to his winking asshole. He did love a good rimjob. He knew it must be Nicole but he didn’t say anything. He wanted this moment to continue as long as possible. His beautiful red headed lioness asleep on his chest. An unknown tongue licking his asshole. Maybe it wasn’t Nicole. Maybe she had sent someone else. Daphne maybe? His cock began twitching to life even though it was smashed between him and Red. He lay there contentedly. Enjoying the softness of the tongue on his asshole. His cocked enjoyed it more but it disturbed Red from her sleep. She looked groggily up at him not knowing what was going on behind her.

“I see someone is awake.” She said sleepily. Referencing the growing cock that was between them. Brushing her hair out of her face to look at him better. He was a beautiful man she thought. His silver laced goatee. He had shaven his head recently as he was know to do. She’d always wanted to rub her hands across his head whenever he had shown up to class freshly shaven. His light brown hazel eyes smiled back at her. Even though she knew Nicole arranged all of this. He still chose her out of all the girls on campus. She smiled at him reveling in both her addiction to him and his to her. She began to tell him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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