Dreaming Away My Virginity

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Every night, the dream’s the same. . .

* * *

I’m sitting in a car parked in the upper floor of a two storey parking garage adjacent to a shopping mall. The vehicle is a small foreign car and there’s barely enough room to tuck your legs under the dash. The windows of the car are open and the engine’s off. The night is humid. It’s quiet too, even though this garage is right next to the busiest street in town. It’s very late at night.

I’m in the passenger seat. I’m leaning back into the seat as if I’m trying to fall asleep or something. I’m looking out the windshield at the concrete wall.

There’s a guy in the driver’s seat. He’s twentyish, about my age, and he’s dressed just as casually as myself. I’m never able to identify him, but he feels like one of my friends. I don’t know how I know this, but I know. We’re both just sitting there. Nobody’s smoking; nobody’s talking; nobody’s listening to the radio. We’re just sitting there.

Then, after an eternity of sitting there, this other guy reaches over and puts his hand between my legs. My cock goes from soft to hard in the blink of an eye. He starts rubbing me and I close my eyes. All I hear is the fabric of my jeans squeezed between his fingers. After clamping my member for a little while, he starts to move his hand along the length of me through my pants. All the muscles in my body are loose. I’m totally focused.

His hand leaves me for a second and goes up to the waistline of my pants. It slips underneath my jeans and my briefs. It ruffles my pubes for a second before it grips me and begins to pull on me. Now I start to breathe harder. It’s a terrible hand job because of my jeans, but I feel like I’m gonna explode. He pulls back my foreskin and pinches my cockhead lightly between his thumb and forefinger. My briefs soak up the little dab of liquid this motion produces. His hand comes out of my pants.

He undoes the button and zipper on my jeans and he reaches underneath the elastic waistband of my briefs and pulls down. I lift my bum up off the car seat and feel the cold air run along my groin. He pulls my pants down just off my privates and I sit back down, my butt settling into the warm seat.

The seat feels comfortable against my naked cheeks.

His mouth feels even more comfortable around my penis. The cold of the night is gone and my cock is encased in the wet warmth of this mystery guy’s mouth. While sucking me, he puts a hand between my legs and runs a finger along the skin beneath my sack. He never quite reaches my anus because it’s between my buttcheeks pressed bursa evi olan escort down on the seat. The slurping sounds echo along the parking garage, but there’s still no one around to hear it.

My cheeks clench and I ejaculate into his mouth. He sucks me like a straw. Not at drop runs out of his mouth. He sits back up and swallows one last time. He sounds like he’s just taken a drink after a workout.

I hear the sound of a button and zipper being undone to my left. I open my eyes and look at the concrete wall, but now I see pale flesh to my left down at this guy’s groin. He puts his right hand on my neck and brings me down to his groin. I smell the musk coming from between his legs before I’m poked in the face by his penis. The hand on my neck releases me and I stare at this bobbing organ for a few seconds. Then I blow him.

My mouth opens and I take him inside. He’s warm and hard. Once I build up a rhythm of up and down, up and down he also becomes salty. His pubes brush my left cheek when I go down. I suck hard on him when I come up. I try to pleasure him with my tongue, but I’m really not good at this.

My own cock is cool now that it is wet and exposed to the air. But it’s not cold, because it’s still humid. The crack of my bum feels the coolness of exposure as the sweat that built up there from all the sitting I was doing now meets the air.

I run my hand up his inner thigh and rub him the way he rubbed me between the legs. I, like him, cannot reach his anus. I mash my hand into the heat and sweat of his taint and bring it out again, resting it on his leg through his jeans.

He comes.

I’m not ready for it. The first ejaculation hits me in the throat and I cough. I try to batten my lips onto his cock, but I cannot. The second ejaculation hits the roof of my mouth as I’m pulling away. The third hits me in the cheek. He puts his own hand in front of the orgasming cock and catches the remaining ejaculate.

I swallow what I was able to catch and it tastes salty and tart. I grab his wrist and pull the hand filled with semen to my mouth and begin to lick it. I swallow it all. I even wipe my cheek and swallow this too. I discover that semen tastes best when it is hot. Straight from the organ, not sitting on skin in the open air.

We sit in silence for almost a half hour. Once again, nobody says or does a thing and we’re perfectly comfortable like this. The only difference now is that our pants are around our upper thighs and we have distinct tastes in out mouths. There is still nobody in the parking altıparmak escort garage but us. The noise of traffic from the street is very faint. My mind tells me my life is very different now than it was a short while ago. I agree, and feel good about that.

His soft fingers slide slightly under the left cheek of my bum and grab me. He pushes me up off my seat, rolling me toward the door. I open my eyes slightly and grab the door, sticking my head out the window. My legs come to life and lift me the rest of the way out of the seat. I awkwardly reposition myself so that I’m kneeling on the seat, my hands are on the door and my head, shoulders and most of my chest is outside the passenger window. In the process, I accidently bump him in the face with my bum.

He mounts me. He slides himself between my back and the roof of the car. He rests his head on my back. He kneels on the very edge of my seat and I feel his cock bounce against my backside. He spits into his left hand and rubs his cock – spits again and pokes my anus with a finger. He rubs the rest of the spit along my crack. Then he pushes into me.

I look at the empty garage as I’m penetrated. He’s slow, but I still can’t stop a few tears from falling. Skin starts slapping skin as he begins humping me. His breath is harsh and hot against my back and his hands clutch my hips as he pumps his cock into my rear again and again.

My tears stop as numbness takes away the pain. His groin is hot against my lower back and his pubes tickle me. My pants slide a little lower on my thighs. A slight breeze blows an empty bar wrapper across the pavement. The blowing air is warm. I’m sweating a little now. He’s sweating more. He can’t quite choke off his moan and a little yelp echoes off the walls of the structure. I have a fraction of a second to think that if anyone was walking outside, they definitely heard that.

The liquid heat of his sperm lights its flame in my lower back. The night was hot and humid, but the semen feels like it’s boiling and it radiates its heat temporarily to the rest of my torso. He stops humping and holds my body for a second before he pulls himself out of my rectum and sits back down in his seat.

My mind tells me that my life has changed drastically this time. I stay in my position and regain my composure. My anus is tingling and my breath returns to normal. My bum must be in his face. I can smell the salty, stuffy scent of sex in the car, so he must be overwhelmed by it, given his proximity to my butt.

I breathe the humid air and hear him do up his pants. He does not start the car or make a move to leave. So I stay in my position a little while longer. My virginity recedes into the past a little at a time. Five minutes. . .six minutes. . .seven minutes. I don’t miss it. Though the actions of the night are all initiated by him so far, I have wanted every one of them. I never told him this, but he seems to know. This may be one of the reasons he feels like my friend.

I finally sit down again. However, I do not pull up my pants. Instead, I undo his again. I grab his right butt cheek and lift him. He positions himself on his own seat just the way I did on mine several minutes ago. When his upper body is out the window and his rump’s in the air, I pull down his jeans. They fall around his knees on the seat. I see the vertical line of his crack through his white briefs. I pull them down and expose him. He is smooth. I smell him. The stuffy, salty scent of his orgasm is still there, along with the smell of sweat from between his legs.

I mount him the same way he mounted me. If anyone drove into the parking garage, they’d be looking straight into my bum.

I spit into my hand as he did and spread it on my cock and in his anus.

I enter him. He is tight and hot. He doesn’t seem to have done this part before. He is as tight as I must have been. So I go slow for him. When I’m in, I hold his shoulders with my hands and begin pumping my cock into and out of his rectum.

His sphincter is tight around me. His crack, sweaty from his own session behind me, leaves a vertical line of moist warmth on my skin and in my pubic hair. I rest my head on his back and continue humping.

His insides are hot. A bead of sweat rolls off my nose and is absorbed into the back of his t-shirt. I love the feel of the smoothness of his legs against mine. One of my hands goes down to his pubes and clutches. I don’t pull, I just take a handful to feel. My sack thumps his lower buttocks each time I enter him.

I feel the tickle in the center of my cock and then everything around my groin clenches. I come into him. It lubricates the end of the sex very well. I release his pubes and shoulder and sit back down. He sits too.

He starts the car and there is noise at last in the parking garage. I put my left hand on his penis and he puts his right hand on my thigh. He drives out of the garage. Nobody saw our sweaty, sticky, uneducated rutting in the front seat of his car in the second level of that parking garage. However, as we pass the lower level on our way to the road, we see some college kids smoking in the lower level. I wonder what they may have heard, but I don’t care.

Before we enter traffic, we both pull up our pants. We still haven’t said a word.

* * *

Every night, the dream’s the same. . .

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