Dria is Cunning

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I was at my friends house, well I thought he could become a friend. As it was, he was just a guy in one of my classes.

Anyway, we were working on a project together and we needed to stop by his place to get a file.

I was sitting in his living room waiting for him to find it when I spied a short stack of porn.

I picked up the top vid and was casually looking at the jacket cover. There were a bunch of frames each showing stills from the film.

It was a gay film, which didn’t bother me if he’s gay. I hang out with all sorts of people.

Then I rethought my first impression. In the upper right corner there was a picture of an actress who looked a lot like my sister. Not just a little, but as her brother, I looked for a long time trying to decide if from that angle it could possibly be her.

There were three separate movies on the disc. But, I still checked the names of the actors: Candy Cain as Pat, Brad Marlow as Man

, Steve Meijer as Man
, Terri Fisher as Bobby, and a few others, her name wasn’t there. Then again, did they use real names?

Zander came back holding the misplaced file. “See anything you like? Oh, that one. It’s one of our favorites.”

I wasn’t embarrassed: I’m a red blooded American! I told him, “The girl on the back looks just like my sister.”

He went on, “I doubt it. Do you ever think of anything like that? If you had a choice, would you play the part of Candy, Bobby, or one of the others?”

Naturally I wouldn’t answer Candy, so I replied, “I guess Bobby. Is that the right file? It has the table we need?”

“Yep! It’s the right one. Hey, We’re gonna watch the game tonight. Wanna come by around six and join us?”

“Sure, I’ve got nothing tonight. Who’s ‘us’?”

“My friend Dria, and two buds. Bring an appetizer. Ok?”

I nodded and we got going back to campus. On the drive over I looked him up and down. He had purple highlights, but other than that, looked fit, and apparently had a girlfriend. So I guess it wasn’t a gay video after all.

“So what kind of name is Dria? Is she your girlfriend?”

“No. She lives here. But we hang a lot. It’s short for Alexandria.”

“You mean you hook up?”

“In a sense.”

“What’s ‘In a sense’? You’re getting off together or you’re not?”

“Let’s just say we tend to have our orgasms at the same time.”

“Fine. Be evasive. Let’s go finish the paper.”

That night I showed up with chips and salsa. The three on the couch seemed overjoyed at either my arrival or my appetizers, hooting, “Here’s the starter! And “Here he is!”

When I saw Dria I found her to be a stunning girl, about my age. Long blonde hair, pretty face, but what was extraordinary was that she was wearing lingerie.

I think it was anyway. It could have been a slinky silk dress, but I really think it was a silk nighty. She also had on black thigh high stockings, and no shoes. It was quite a bit unusual for a football game. Still, I found it to be merely sexy, not slutty.

The other two guys were regular Joes. The three of them had been sitting on the couch with Dria in the middle. But they had gotten up to let me in and say hello.

One of the guys was named Brandon and the other was Ty. When Ty introduced himself he accidentally called me Bobby instead of Stephen, but when I corrected him he just smirked.

They sat back down with the girl in the middle again, and I didn’t blame them for leaving no seat for me. What straight guy wouldn’t sit next to her?

Dria said I should sit on the floor and lean back against the couch. She spread her legs, patting the front of the couch so I would know to sit between her knees. And as much as I wanted to, no, I couldn’t see up her nighty or see anything.

The arrangement could be interpreted as innocent or inappropriate depending on how you saw it. Wearing what she was wearing, I leaned toward the latter.

I waited for Zander to come in from the kitchen or wherever, and waiting there, she started to play with my hair. Naturally, it made me nervous to have Zander’s girl touching me like that.

Brandon clicked the remote, starting the video. For a split second I thought I saw my sister, then realized it was the same video from earlier.

I felt super uncomfortable watching a porn with two strangers and Dria. Especially with her stockinged legs on either side of me. We had about forty minutes till the game.

Dria leaned close whispering in my ear, “Relax Honey, we’re all friendly here.”

I hesitated, “Where’s Xander?”

Ty said, “Yea, he got held up. He’ll be here in time for the game, at least by half-time.”

As the movie progressed, it turned out to be a flick with one girl and three guys: just like our little foursome.

I was still tense. The girl, Zander’s girl(?), massaged my shoulders.

She whispered in my ear again, “Let it happen. We’re all adults here. Zander loves this.”

In the vid, Candy was the tall handsome sexy coed being ravished by three young guys. Two were playing up top, with istanbul travesti her unrealistically firm boobs, and one was about to engage in some first class cunnilingus.

Dria slouched down on the couch. Her knees angled outward then she laid her little nylon clad feet against my chest. I would tell you it was too much, but compared to the heat I felt emanating from her groin onto the back of my neck, it was nothing!

I started to get up but she tightened her grip on me with her sexy feet. They were crazy sexy. I convinced myself that I didn’t really need to get up.

I had a raging hardon and I was thinking about trying to hide it when I noticed that Brandon and Ty were caressing her exquisite legs.

Dria moaned and it was obvious that the three of them were gonna get hot and heavy.

Like I said, I’m a red blooded American. No coercion would be necessary for me to join in. I mean, she was hot, and sharing a girl who wasn’t mine meant nothing.

I could hear the three kissing and breathing hard as their passions rose.

Alex rubbed my hard cock with one foot, allowing me to participate too. I laid my head back, imagining her pussy, and relishing in the sexual heat.

She lifted her foot from my crotch, putting it behind my right shoulder. With her left foot she pulled on my left shoulder. The result was that she was twisting me, encouraging me to turn around.

“I want you to eat me. Like in the video.” She said, still whispering, but kind of hissing too.

The last thing I saw in the video was Bobby kneeling before Candy.

I turned around, fully kneeling there between her legs. She placed her hand gently on my cheek nudging my face to the inside of her knee, begging, “Kiss me there first.”

She and Brandon started making out while Ty was kissing her neck. Ty’s hands were all over her body.

Meanwhile her hands were running through my hair – and…and Brandon’s hands were rubbing my neck too. I dared not say anything lest it would break the spell.

Ty was moaning into the crevice of her clavicle, saying, “I’m so excited to have our new friend, Bobby.”

It was then that I realized what he was doing by calling me Bobby.

Dria elaborated, “I’m so excited to hear you wanted to be Bobby.”

Brandon added, “We’re all so excited. This is gonna be a lot of fun.”

Lastly, Ty added, “This will be better than the video.”

The three of them seemed to be all of one mind, leaving me confused but turned on by the tops of her lacy stockings. By now I could see her matching panties.

Dria and Brandon continued massaging my head, guiding my lips slowly up her thigh. Then Ty joined in. The feeling of three hands, rubbing my scalp, stroking my face, and directing me, was outrageously exciting.

I surveyed the trio: Dria’s other hand was in Brandon’s lap, inefficiently attempting to unzip his fly.

Ty was doing just fine releasing his cock on his own. His pants were pushed down his hips and I could see the outline of a hard cock in his underwear.

Her black panties were thin and I could see through the gaps in the lace. They allowed me to kiss her tummy right where her bush would be if she had one.

I would have reached in to stroke her pussy but with my head and all those hands in there, there wasn’t much room.

Furthermore, with the two guys flanking her, she couldn’t spread her legs very much farther. I rested my hands on her knees, feeling the guy’s knees too.

Ty’s cock was hard and huge and much blacker than the rest of him. While Brandon’s, also free, was pink and uncut, and bouncing with his heartbeat.

I’d never really thought of penises as pretty before, but imaging these two dicks plowing into Dria’s cunt, after I warmed her up, made them seem quite attractive. In what order would we fuck her?

Ty grabbed my wrist drawing my hand to his cock and balls. If I was inclined to resist it didn’t matter as I didn’t want to fight it. I’ve kinda wondered about touching a cock anyway.

Brandon said, “Touch me too, Bobby.” So I did.

Dria’s crotch smelled of perfume and not at all like a typical puss. Though in all honesty at that time in my life I’d only ever smelled one girl’s area before.

A slight scent from the guy’s dicks wafted my way. It was pleasantly musky.

I searched lower into the depths of her groin trying to find her labia. How I wished her panties were not there!

She was so cute and alluring. I had to taste! Reaching up her nighty for the panty band, I was stopped when the guys insisted I continue playing with their packages.

The problem was solved by Dria, who pulled her nighty higher, shining light upon the whole area. She let go of my head but Ty and Brandon did not.

Her painted nails reached in, finding snaps on her panties. She unsnapped them with two clicks, peeling a lower panel down while an upper panel disappeared to the side of her hips.

I gazed up her body. Her smiling face was enchanting, gazing back at me. I thought about Candy istanbul travestileri from the video and how she reminded me of my sister. Dria looked familiar too but I couldn’t place the familiarity.

Her nighty was bunched up, letting a black lacy bra show to seduce me.

Returning to this sensual woman’s crotch I became intent on licking her labia. Everything was smooth so I dug lower. Jamming my chin into the couch I worked my lips and tongue toward their elusive goal.

Failing to find her clit I redoubled my lust-filled efforts. I just needed to force my way in.

Reaching with my tongue I finally felt a bud at the furthest reaches of my tongue’s tip.

Dria moaned, then tilted her hips, bringing it to my mouth, “Yess! I knew you would be my Bobby!”

Brandon spoke up in mock indignance, “What are you saying Dree? I take care of you.”

“Oh Brandon, you take care of me so well. I love your touches, and the way you fuck, but you never suck my clitty.”

I announced gladly, competing with Brandon, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of your clit. I love being down here.”

I had just barely had a moment to lick her clit when Ty wanted to remove her nighty altogether. Pushing her upper body forward he wrangled it over her head, tossing the silky fabric across the room.

The effect was two fold. First, she was now wearing only a bra and panties which were mostly open. Second her clit eluded me yet again.

However, almost totally nude, she was breathtaking. I was enamored with her smooth tanned skin and a thin waist. She breathed heavily, lifting her breasts up and down within the large cups. I soo wanted to see them.

The guys laid her back again attacking her bare skin with caresses and kisses. As they leaned over her, their large cocks came even closer to my face.

Her sex pivoted forward again presenting itself to my desperate tongue. Craning, I reached and swiped, and found the little mound of flesh again.

I was noticing the differences between Dria’s clit and that of the one other girl I’d sucked.

My previous girlfriend had a tiny bud perched atop a channel, which in turn was surrounded by a mass of glorious hair.

Dria was hairless. Then I felt the bud as more of a protrusion, and as of yet had not found Dria’s groove.

Four hands still pawed at my hair and my head, urging me to never leave. Dria pulled me tight just as she arched her hips. The moment I’d been waiting for!

Again she wrapped her stockinged legs around me. This time her heels dug into my back rather than my chest. Her thighs spread out wider, and her clit sprang out, into my mouth.

It emerged from under her, entering my lips in a most surprising way. I sucked feverishly, but also knew something was wrong.

It penetrated me by at least two inches and seemed a thousand times thicker than the one and only other clit that I’d experienced.

I tried to pull back to look at the massive clit but they all held firm. What was a guy to do? A beautiful girl was writhing in pleasure beneath my sucking lips.

Pushing aside doubts I licked and sucked more on the growing protrusion. The larger concern was that Brandon’s and Ty’s cocks were both touching my face. Was it incidental?

Dria’s clit grew to enormous proportions. I looked, questioningly, into her eyes, noticing for the first time how blue they were. She answered, “Don’t you love my clit-stick? I’ve had it tucked back between my cheeks all evening and it’s so freeing to let it out. You’re so good at clitorifellatio too. You should be proud of your talent. I just knew you would be the one when you first agreed to be my Bobby!”

Again with the reference to Bobby! Listening closely, I returned my attention to the porn video which was still playing. In it, Candy was screaming “suck my big cockclit, Bobby! I want to fill you with my sperm.”

My world came crashing down. I was sucking a cock! Dria was a dude!

But I loved it. I loved their hands on my head. I loved her gyrating into my mouth.

She was cute and sexy and she had a cock. Ok. Why should I care? I liked it before I knew, so why not like it now?

Their hands cradled my face as she fucked my mouth with what I now perceived to be a rather average sized dick.

Brandon moved so that his bigger cock poked at my lips leaving a sticky mess on my cheek. He begged, “Do me too, please.”

I was already sucking one cock. Why not another? Dria urged me toward the big cock and I allowed it.

Snaking my tongue out, I licked the head. It was firm and large and wonderful. So I sucked it in. His precum was sweet, encouraging me to try more.

The two cocks fascinated me. After sucking on Brandon for a bit Dria wanted me again so I switched back. When I licked her cock I didn’t forget to keep fondling his cock and balls.

How fun it was to compare her normal sized cock to his larger one. Ty’s had looked bigger but when I thought to try his, he was gone.

It was only a moment later when I felt Ty lower travesti istanbul my pants, massaging my buns quite pleasantly.

I went back and forth between Brandon and Dria a few more times until she begged Brandon to let her suck on his cock.

He climbed up, one foot on either side of her sexy hips, feeding his cock into her hungry lips. I could look up and see his balls and the place where he penetrated her.

Still sucking Dria’s cock, I saw her balls for the first time. They seemed too big to have been hidden under her successfully, nevertheless, hidden they had been.

When I licked her bald testicles she lifted her heels up behind my neck so her nuts presented themselves fully to me, begging me to slather them with spit.

Spying her adorable bung hole I knew I wasn’t ready to lick it. Would I want to fuck it?

With that thought in mind I knew without a doubt exactly what Ty had in mind behind me.

And I didn’t care! Let him fill me with his cum. Even if it hurt I wouldn’t mind.

Above me Brandon was grunting and pumping furiously. By now her head was tilted back, trapped between the couch and his tool.

Dria was breathing hard in fits and gasps being used as she was.

I heard Ty open a condom wrapper. I didn’t know if I was more relieved that he was being safe, or more disappointed that he wasn’t going to cream me.

Dria’s hands reached around Brandon’s ass cheeks, pulling him into her mouth. I saw her tiny hand encircle his sack. She even fingered his puckered hole.

If she could do it I could too. I couldn’t bend my wrist to finger her ass with my pointer, so I thumbed it. The result was that she fucked up into my mouth as furiously as Brandon fucked hers.

Ty was pressing a well lubed cockhead against my well lubed sphincter. I saw him reach up, slapping Brandon’s butt, exclaiming, “Let’s go Brandon. Give it to her good and I’ll give it to mine.”

When his cock popped past my ring it hurt like a motherfucker! My mouth opened wide but I couldn’t even make a sound.

Dria and Brandon didn’t seem to notice, totally engrossed in fucking as they were. In fact, Dria took the opportunity to fuck me deeper.

My ass spasmed several times around Ty’s beast. Fortunately, he took pity on me, holding still until I relaxed.

Dria crossed her legs, wrapping them around my neck. This action forced my head down onto her dick so that neither of us could thrust or bob.

However, thrusting wasn’t necessary since, with her cock touching the back of my mouth, she came. A few spurts of pudding jetted onto my tongue, sitting there as proof of my new status as a cocksucker.

Above me Brandon gave out a long low groan, no doubt cumming too. Dria must have loved it since she was moaning on his cock.

I laid my head down on Dria’s soft feminine belly satisfied to have sucked her off.

When her softening penis fell from my mouth, I was able to swish her sperm around, feeling it’s texture and tasting it. Gooey and salty-sweet, I liked it.

While Dria stroked my head in the afterglow of her climax, Ty was just getting started, “Bobby you’re so tight! I’m loving your ass.”

It didn’t hurt anymore, but it sure did feel great to be used for another’s sexual pleasure.

Now that he was done, Brandon sat next to Dria cuddling up by her side.

I licked an errant drop of cum off her dick. Then, wondering if any drops would leak from Brandon’s, turned my head to find exactly such a reward.

Ty began pushing in and out of my ass in a steady rhythm. It didn’t feel either great or awful. Well, when he went deep it was a bit uncomfortable. But when the fat, flared head exited and re-entered my opening, little fun chills went through me.

Brandon and Dria relaxed just watching Ty drill me. She was idly stroking my back with one foot while my body rocked back and forth.

Ty sped up. I guessed he was approaching his orgasm. When he fucked me fast it burned a little. But it was well worth it to have been a part of this amazing sexual foursome.

Dria asked Ty, “Did Stephen cum yet?”

To which he replied, “His names Stephen, huh? Can we dress him up and call him Stephanie next time? And, uh no I don’t think he has.”

She looked at me for an answer. I didn’t know if she wanted to know if they could dress me up or if I’d cum. I answered, grunting between his pounding, “I haven’t…cum yet…And…yes it…sounds fun.”

Brandon pulled on his cock, milking out another drop for me, “I’m not as hung as Ty, but can I do you next time?” I nodded, licking it up.

Again talking to Ty, Dria said, “I think you owe him a reach around.”

Ty hunched his back so he could reach my dick. Jerking and fucking he couldn’t go as deep but that didn’t stop him from panting and heaving, his hot breath on my back.

His fingers on my cock were magic. Jolts went through me like shockwaves.

Dria moved her beautiful black nyloned foot to caress my balls. Between Ty’s hand, Dria’s foot, and the now shallower, slower thrusting up my ass, I shot my load on Dria’s toes.

My hips humped her foot uncontrollably. My ass squeezed Ty’s fat black dick. Then I collapsed on her soft dick, mashing it, enjoyably, into my lips.

I lay there a few minutes waiting for Ty to finish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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