Driving Christine

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Balls Caress

This was my first weekend to take care of my daughter. My wife, Sandy, who could be a bit overbearing, had decided to fly out to Dallas to visit some friends. She had asked me if I wanted to come, but I really didn’t want to fly to Texas one day and fly back the next. We didn’t know how our 18 month old daughter, Evie, would handle a 3 hour plane ride in our laps. Plus, one of the kids from daycare had invited our daughter to a birthday party and we had committed before Sandy had the idea to fly out.

I had been nervous about taking care of my daughter by myself for the first time for 2 nights. So far, it was a blast. I loved my daughter, and without my wife to govern our schedules I finally could do all sorts of things that I would otherwise be getting an earful over.

We went to a space museum and saw a decommissioned shuttle. I bought her a little astronaut suit and put it on her. All the mothers were swooning over how cute she looked waddling all over the museum and trying to touch everything. I had a blast with her going up to all the big planes and spacecraft.

After that, we went to one of those kids gym places you see in strip malls for the birthday party. She ran all over the place and bounced, jumped, and bopped everything in sight. Again, the other moms who saw her swooned. A few of them thought I was a single parent and one of them very obviously hit on me.

The three of them weren’t bad looking. Two were brunette in their early to mid 30s and hadn’t quite lost all of the weight that their pregnancies had put onto them. The one that was shameless was similar in age, but had strawberry blonde hair and wore a low cut V neck sweater that showed off here ample cleavage. Her friends even mentioned to her that she was bending down in front of me quite a bit but when they did, she looked me in the eye and gave me the “want to head to home day care?” kind of look.

As this was just harmless fun, I played along with it but left abruptly when the session ended. I did not want to hear another awkward conversation about how hard it is to get out the house with a kid. I actually liked hanging out with mine and I loathed those who treated them like they were somehow them back.

It was mid-afternoon and we had one more stop for the day- the grocery store. When Sandy and I found out we were going to have a kid, I got on this cooking kick for some reason. I wanted to learn how to make everything from scratch. I knew I wouldn’t get to make any elaborate meals with a baby, but I knew that I didn’t want to eat frozen dinners for years on end. I felt that with knowing the basics I could come up with different combinations to break up the monotony.

Evie had a short nap in the stroller earlier that day, but I knew I had to get her home for her long nap before she exploded in rage in the grocery store. I had always seen those little carts for kids but Sandy never let Evie use one because she was so small. I wanted her to have fun, but I also wanted to tire her out completely so she had a sound nap.

Evie still had the astronaut suit on and was happily pushing the empty cart around the store as I put items for dinner and the next few days in. Again, all the ladies gushed over her and some over the seemingly single father taking his daughter to the store as an astronaut.

We got the items we needed and Evie was getting tired. We got checked out and loaded the car. The whole process was fairly slow. I had Evie buckled into the cart seat while putting the groceries into the trunk. That’s when I saw her.

She looked like she was in her early to mid 20s. She was about 5’7 with an athletic build. She had muscular legs that looked like she played soccer and she had a nice healthy tan. She was wearing a loose fitting worn out purple athletic top and very short yellow shorts. Her sun-highlighted auburn hair was tied in a loose pony tail that came down to about her shoulder blades.

I watched her go from one end of the parking lot to the store while trying to make it look like I wasn’t staring by hiding my eyes in my sunglasses. Her breasts bounced a bit with each step. As she crossed the lot, I saw more of her rear end when passed. It was the best looking ass I had seen since I was in college.

There was a big campus nearby for a major state school so I assumed she was one of those that lived off campus, as I had done. I had a pang of nostalgia and a bit of reluctance of being married, as I felt I was never going to seen an ass like that naked ever again.

Oh well, she went into the store and I resumed loading the trunk while talking to Evie. The cart return was pretty far away, so I brought her with me to return the cart and carried her back in my arms. Doing anything with a toddler always took 2-3 times longer, no matter what it was.

I got her back into the car and opened all of the windows as it was getting hot in late may. We started off and waited in the line of cars to exit the parking lot. The time of loading the game of thrones izle car, putting the cart away, loading Evie, and getting out of the lot was long enough that I saw that same girl again, this time heading out in the same direction that we were. The traffic lights worked in such a way that anyone trying to turn left made everyone going straight have to wait a while to go. I watched as the girl walked down the sidewalk, with a reusable shopping bag in hand, bounce her ass and breasts with every step.

Finally it was my turn to go. I flipped a mental coin in my head and said fuck it, if she says no, she says no. I pulled up beside her and slowed to her walking pace.

“Hi,” I said loudly from the car, “Do you need a ride somewhere?” The neighborhood we lived in was very safe. Everyone was neighborly with each other. I’ve lived in other places where this question would have the cops called on you, but this was an area that the worst that would happen was just a polite decline.

She looked over and studied my car then me. My car was a crossover. I refused to get a minivan or full on station wagon. It was more like a wagon with a lift- capable or rough terrain and a whole lot of power. We bought it right before Evie was born, so it was new and did not look like a rape-mobile.

Her eyes studied me quickly. I was 35 and I was in fairly decent shape. I was in the army for 8 years and hadn’t let myself go as others had. I kept up with my fitness and ran or rode my bike daily for about 2-3 hours. Since I spent quite a bit of time outside I also was pretty tanned. Since Sandy wasn’t home and it being the weekend, I had a bit of scruff on my face.

Her eyes betrayed what she wanted. I could tell that she thought I was good looking, but even in a good neighborhood, you don’t get into cars with strangers.

“Um, I don’t live too far from here. It’s ok” She said as she wiped sweat from her brow. I could tell that she didn’t actually want to lug her groceries home.

“Alright, well you have a nice day” I almost finished as Evie in the back took the opportunity to get vocal.

“Daaa DAAAA daaaaaa!” She yelled as she grinned at me in the mirror. The girl looked into the back seat window and saw Evie.

“Oh. My. God! She’s so cute! Is she wearing an astronaut suit?!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah, we were just at the space museum about an hour from here. Have you been there?” I said

“Only like 30 times! I really want to be an astronaut and I took a bunch of extra math classes this year to increase my chances of getting into this special program.” She said smiling. She had repositioned herself in passenger window and was bent over at the waist. Her worn out athletic shirt was hanging down and I could see her beautiful C cup breasts were not being held by a bra. Thank god I hadn’t removed my sunglasses.

Evie made some more sounds and laughed, catching the attention of the girl. She made some baby sounds back, while bouncing on her heels as people do when they talk to babies and toddlers. I enjoyed the sight as the movement bounced her tits.

“Listen, my house in on the corner of Mercy and Taylor streets. I saw you come out of the grocery store and going in the same direction. If you’d like, I can give you a ride.” I said.

She seemed to consider it for a second and grinned while saying, “If you turn on the air conditioning, sure!”

She climbed into the front seat next to me and put her groceries at her feet. I closed the windows and started down the road. She gave me directions to her house and it actually wasn’t too far from mine, just on the other side of a small ravine that made it a pain to walk around.

“I’m Peter, and that is Evie.” I said motioning to my daughter buckled in the car seat directly behind me.

“Hi, I’m Christine.” She said as we shook hands. She turned around and looked at Evie. Her amazing breasts were sticking out right at me from the effort she had to make to move around the seat. I wondered what those heavenly breasts would feel like in my hands.

“Hi little Evie!” She gushed as she took her little hand and shook it like an adult. “Are you going to be an astronaut too?”

We talked a bit as we drove down the street. Christine was applying for an internship with the NASA offices in Maryland and was excited for her future. She said she was graduating the next year and that she was looking forward to the freedom of not having to study, at least until she had to go on to her next step in school. I assumed she meant a masters, but I was fuzzy on how it all worked. I remember my dad telling me he applied for the Astronaut Corps back when they really only took military personnel but that had changed. I remember him telling me the first civilian astronaut had a PhD from Harvard so the selection process was pretty intense.

We were about 2 blocks from passing my house when I heard it. A loud wet rumbling sound from the gibi izle backseat. Christine laughed and I smiled.

“Evie, did you poopoo?” I asked out loud. My sense of embarrassment went out the window when I became a father.

“Noooooooo.” Evie said in a meek voice.

Then the smell hit us. She had definitely taken a huge dump in her diaper. It was pretty foul.

“Um, I think her diaper is leaking.” Christine said.

“Oh shit.” I muttered. I didn’t like the idea of my kid sitting in her own mess, not to mention that if it did leak, I would be spending the next few hours washing her car seat.

“I’m sorry, Christine. I need to get her home and changed. Would it be alright if I dropped you off at the intersection closest to my house?” I asked.

“It’s no problem.” She replied in a disappointed voice. I thought she was bummed that I wasn’t going to drive her all the way home, but if I had to decide between my daughter and this random girl, I would choose my daughter every time.

“You know, Peter,” she continued, “I have a much younger brother. I’m used to changing diapers and dealing with all sorts of messes. Can I help in any way?” Her voice seemed to perk up at the end.

I took my eyes off the road and studied her. She was turned in her seat facing me so that the seat belt was between her breasts and accentuating them through her thin workout shirt. I couldn’t help but take a quick glance. I could make out her nipples through the extremely thin fabric.

“Are you sure?” I finally asked. “Don’t feel like you need to do anything for the ride.”

“I’m totally sure!” She said in a bubbly voice. “I love kids and yours is so cute! I don’t mind a dirty diaper here and there.

“Alright. Home it is. Hang on there little Evie! We will clean the poopoo!” I said loudly while looking at Evie in the mirror. She let out a happy laugh.

We arrived back at the the house and pulled into the driveway. The garage was located behind the house so I parked somewhat behind the house. I thought it would be odd if my neighbors saw some random college girl go into the house with me.

I immediately pulled the car seat out with Evie in it and walked up to the kitchen door to unlock it. Christine followed, bringing her own shopping back in with her.

I set the car seat down and unbuckled her from it. As I lifted her up I could tell that her diaper had in fact leaked. The astronaut suit was going to the dry cleaners. There was no way I was going to run that through my machine.

“Evie’s room is up the stairs there to the left. There is a changing table in there. It would be really helpful if one of us held her up under her arms while the other unzipped the suit and put it into a bag. We can deal with the diaper after. I just don’t want her poop all over the floor and table.” I explained.

“No problem.” She said as she went first up the stairs while I held Evie at arms length straight out in front of me. I did not want that poop on me either.

As I ascended the stairs behind Christine, I couldn’t stop staring at her ass. It was right at my eye level. Every time her legs moved I could see her ass cheeks coming from under her shorts. It was amazing. Unfortunately it only lasted the 13 steps to go up to the second floor and she turned the corner into Evie’s room.

I held Evie up on the table and Christine unzipped. I lifted her out and Christine threw the little suit into a trash bag and tied it shut. Christine talked to Evie the entire time and made hand gestures with the songs. Evie was loving it. I laid her down on the changing table and removed her diaper and we started to wipe.

“I think I’m going to have to give her a bath.” I said as I lifted her up. “There’s no way just wipes will clean her completely. Do you mind helping me with that?”

“Sure!” Christine said with enthusiasm. I was wondering why she was so excited to help a stranger with his kid. I was starting to think something was up.

I carried Evie over the the bath tub where we had a little baby tub inside of it. We turned it on and got it ready. With my instructions, Christine grabbed some wash cloths and we started bathing Evie. We had to kneel on the floor and lean into the tub to be able to wash her.

Christine and I were physically making contact because we were so close to each other. Her skin was soft yet firm underneath due to her athletic build. She seemed not to notice, or else paid little attention. Again, I could see straight down her shirt and briefly thought of what it would be like to just reach in and fondle one of those amazing breasts. She also smelled amazing. She wasn’t wearing perfume, but her natural sweat was pleasant.

“Ok,” I finally said. “I’m going to grab the towel.”

I stood up and walked to grab it from the hook and turned to see Christine from the back. Kneeling over the side of the tub meant that her short athletic shorts were riding all the way up her gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle ass crack and her cheeks were fully hanging out. I took in the sight of her contours for a moment before returning. I didn’t want her to suddenly turn around and see me just ogling her.

Right as I walked up and announced to Evie that it was time to dry off, she swung her arms down suddenly and splashed hard. The ensuing wall of water hit Christine full in the face and chest, soaking her. Evie laughed. Christine sat there stunned for a moment before laughing as well, more so because Evie was laughing.

“Oh shoot,” I said to Christine. “I’ll get you a towel as well. They are in the linen closet at the other side of the hallway.”

“It’s no problem, Peter.” She said with a grin. “I think she’s getting cold. Maybe you should take care of her first and I’ll towel off. I may need to change my shirt, though.”

I picked up Evie and wrapped her in the towel. We walked back to Evie’s room next door and as I put her on the changing table I looked at Christine. The thin material was stuck to her bra-less skin and had become semi-transparent. I could make out the shape of her breasts and the details of her nipples even with a cursory glance and her flat fit stomach was also on display. The water had soaked down to her shorts.

“We should throw that in the dryer. I can lend you some clothes in the meantime.” I offered to Christine as she looked down at herself and blushed. She crossed her arms in front of her but her smile only got bigger.

“Alright, I could see how walking home soaked through in see through clothes wouldn’t be ideal.” She said.

Just then Evie let out a large yawn. I looked at the clock and it was nap time. My wife had put her on a regimented schedule that with much repetition had made her day like clockwork. Evie was about to knock out for about 2-3 hours.

Christine helped me change Evie into some P.J.s and Evie knocked out on my shoulder before I even had a chance to put her down.

“Aw!” Christine exclaimed silently and put her hands on her knees, exposing her breasts through her wet top again. “She so cute! I really can’t get over how sweet it is that you are taking care of your daughter.”

I set Evie down `in her crib and grabbed her favorite stuffed animal, a dog almost the size of her. I set it next to her and carefully put her arm around it so that it looked like they were spooning each other. Christine gushed some more. I turned the sound machine on and we left, closing the door behind us.

“Alright, so I can’t drive you home with Evie sleeping in the crib here. I can loan you some clothes if you want to walk the rest of the way, or we can throw them into the dryer and we can wait for Evie to wake up and I’ll follow through with my offer to take you home.” I said.

“I can wait. It’s hot and muggy out and I don’t want to walk in wet clothes. I also don’t want to just take your clothes. Wouldn’t that be weird?” She asked, crinkling her nose.

“Ok, but my wife is a very petite woman. I think she wears size double zero. No offense, but I don’t think they will fit you.” I said, trying to make it sound like she was larger than my wife wasn’t an insult.

“Ok, then what can I wear while my clothes dry? Do you want me to wear a towel or just be naked?” She joked as her cheeks turned red again. “Do you have something I can wear?”

I laughed nervously as the thought of having a young attractive woman hanging out in my house naked was starting to make my dick twitch.

“I have some clothes that you can wear. They may be large on you, but it should work for the 40 minutes or so for your clothes to dry.” I offered as I walked into my room with Christine following.

I reached into my drawer and pulled out an old running shirt and shorts I had from my army days. They were Ranger shorts, with one inch inseams. Most guys would cringe at having to wear something like this, but these “Ranger panties” as we called them were a mark of pride. You had to earn the right to wear these shorts at physical training instead of the longer Army shorts that other soldiers wore. They had the ranger tab on one of the legs and were black mesh otherwise. I handed them to Christine.

There was an awkward pause as she just looked at me before blushing and speaking.

“Are you going to turn around or do you want me to undress in front of you?”

I stammered a bit. It was the second time she had mentioned that she was going to be naked in front of me. Was she coming on to me or what?

“Sorry, I thought you would change in the bathroom. I will turn around.” She was between me and the door, so I couldn’t leave the room. The large mirror on the other side of the room that I was facing, however, reflected back towards her and I got a full view of her undressing.

She removed her top first while facing away and I saw all the muscles in her back flex and move as she lifted the shirt over her head. With her hands and shirt above her head she turned around, oblivious to the mirror, and faced my way before plopping the wet shirt on the ground. Her young breasts were even more spectacular in this unobstructed view. Just three feet behind me was an undressing young stranger that I really wanted to reach out and touch.

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