Drunken Revenge

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19th West Pine Street, Trevor Benelman’s house. That’s where the party was, and me, along with every other participant who was looking for a good time was there, partying our asses off until our bodies became numb from the unimaginable amounts of alcohol we had consumed. I have been here for two hours and look like a fucking mess.

My abdomen was in a rage, and my body had succumbed to multiple shots I had taken of some beverage that tasted like shit, but my headstrong attitude prevented me from backing down against Carly; Trevor’s slut of a girlfriend. The prize? Bragging rights and a one-way trip to the bathroom where I now stand in front of the mirror, my hands gripping the sides of the porcelain sink.

To my right is the toilet where I had just lost the war in my stomach from the alcohol’s effect on my body, throwing it all back up and flushing it away to wherever the fuck human waste ended up in this town. My muscles ache, my face is as pale as a ghost, and on top of that, I’m drunker than hell. The next morning would not be a pleasant awakening. I could already feel the hangover coming like a raging storm.

Whatever. That’s the price you pay for being stupid and letting Carly Simpson get under your skin. I deserved everything I got at this point. The booming music wasn’t helping my cause any better, acting more as an enabled device to make my situation even worse than it already was. I fucking hated myself right now.

I turned on the cold water, cupped some in my hands, and splashed it on my face, trying to make myself look at least decent. My mascara smeared along with my lipstick, and in that moment, I didn’t give two shits about my makeup. I just used a towel to wipe it all away, revealing my actual face behind the mask of expensive powdering designed to make me look attractive.

I’d be lucky to even get anybody’s attention after all of that. At most, Carly was in no better shape than I was, so I had at least broken down her ego of being a “flawless beauty.” Please, her makeup is the ONLY thing that makes that bitch “pretty.” In truth, she is beyond ugly in more ways than one, and I wasn’t afraid to say it to her face or Trevor’s. I was only here, because I had been coaxed here by my attendant, Brittney Mendosa.

If the truth were known, she was probably in one of the many rooms of Trevor’s house getting laid. That’s why she had come here, so she wasn’t leaving until a dick of some random guy in attendance penetrated her flower. Drunk and clueless, I didn’t care anymore, only hoping she had enough sense to have whoever was fucking her wear a condom.

She was drunk as hell the last time I saw her amongst the crowd of many party guests about an hour ago, so the chances were unlikely, but seeing I was still sensible enough to still have concern, I hoped for the first assumption. Now, I had to find some way out of this godforsaken bathroom without collapsing and bashing my head open.

I used the walls as a guide for safety, eventually finding the door, clumsily turning the handle and nearly collapsing on the floor of the long hallway when the door swung out into the hallway freely. Around me, were a few party guests out cold on the floor, most likely from being drunker than I currently was or from the drugs being distributed downstairs.

Oh, that’s right. Stairs. How the fuck was I going to get downstairs without killing myself?

I tried one stair and immediately pulled back, nearly collapsing forward.

“Fuck!” I said out of realization.

Well, I guess I deserved it, seeing I was the idiot to take all those shots, thinking it would make me better than my opponent. All it had done was made my situation worse. I took a couple steps back, continuing to use the wall as my guide and pulled out my cell phone. Brittney was much more tolerant to alcohol than I was, so I was hoping that she was not drunk enough to where she was COMPLETELY out of it.

I pulled up my contacts, scrolling until I found Brittney’s number and quickly called her cell phone, not expecting an answer. Five rings was enough to clarify that she was either occupied in her goal of coming here in the first place or that she couldn’t hear her phone ringing amongst the booming music on the first floor.

I cussed again, knowing I was stuck up here for probably another good hour or so, and just took a seat next to some random guy passed out against the wall. What to do for an hour, until my probably-passed out friend came and found me? Hmm, I could try to beat that level of Candy Crush Saga I’ve been stuck on for a fucking month. Sure, why not? Maybe trying it drunk as hell might give me an advantage.

Nope, not even drunk; I ran out of lives faster than playing it sober. Well, now what? Just sleep off this fucking daze? Hell no. If there’s one thing I had learned about attending parties, it’s that men will take advantage of a drunk as fuck female passed out and unable to defend herself. I wouldn’t become Trevor’s little play thing or any of his jock friends. sincan escort bayan I may be drunk, but I’m not stupid.

Waiting it out was the only thing I could do. Worst party ever.

For a good twenty minutes I sat there counting the number of ceiling tiles over and over, up until something disturbed my somewhat peace. Someone was stumbling up the steps, struggling to hold themselves steady, and once I saw who it was, I was surprised. Carly Simpson appeared, hunched over and struggling to stay up straight. She was completely out of it. I could tell from just the look on her face.

I expected her to laugh at me on the floor and too drunk to navigate down the steps, but she didn’t say anything and seemed like she was stuck between either a massive drunkenness or high from the mary jane she had clearly smoked. The smell was evident enough.

She was SERIOUSLY out of it.

“Hey, can you help me? I really need to use the bathroom,” Carly muttered so drunkenly that I could smell the alcohol between every other word she spoke.

It was rancid. Toxic even. It seemed like her breath could get you drunk just by smelling it alone. What the fuck had she done, aside from the shots from earlier, to get her THIS absentminded? She was never nice to me and would never ask help from ME. She’d choose Trevor or even the guy asleep next to me over me to help her in ANY sort of situation.

Now, I wondered what to do. Did I dare stand up again? Did I help this bitch when she’d never help me in anything? It may have been the drunkenness talking, but I came to a conclusion unknowingly.

“Hang on, I’ll help you,” I said surprisingly clean.

Again, I was out of it, so I had no idea why I even hesitated to help her, but I did. I stood up slowly, feeling my stomach roll in a way of discomfort, but I had already excreted the majority of the alcohol, so I wasn’t afraid of getting sick again. I placed her right arm over my shoulders and clumsily-but-surely made my way back to the bathroom, leading Carly in and shutting the door.

Dropping her leggings and panties, Carly sat down on the porcelain throne and all that followed was a stream of urine flowing into the toilet for a good minute or so. I winced at the evident smell of heavy alcohol emanating from the toilet. She had clearly drunk some heavy shit. If I had to guess, she was probably slipped a mixed drink not long before she found me.

Carly was that dense in nature, so I didn’t doubt it. She’d drink anything alcoholic, so something as potent as a mixed drink was not unlikely. Once she finished, she flushed the toilet and pulled her lingerie back up over her genitalia. The smell of alcohol still lingered, causing my nostrils to burn like fire, but I fought through it in my current state.

Carly clumsily made her way back to her feet, slumping over to the sink. I just stood at the door, using it as my support to avoid falling down to the floor that I wasn’t sure I could get back up from. Carly just stood idle in front of the mirror, up until she turned to me and said something I did not expect.

“Why do I even wear this shit? It just makes me look ugly.”

Okay, now I knew she was DEFINITELY out of it. Any other day, Carly wore so much makeup and went on endlessly about how it “expressed her beauty.” She would never despise her makeup. NEVER.

“Also, why do I stay with that asshole!? He’s nothing special and fucks me like a pussy! I want some REAL action, you know?!”

Yep. She was gone. This was not the Carly I knew at all. I noticed her slip out a pack of cigarettes from her far-too-expensive purse, take one out, and light it with her lighter. At this point, the smell of that in comparison to the pungent smell of alcohol was bliss to me, so I didn’t object.

“I can fuck myself better with my own fingers than he can,” Carly continued to mindlessly rant. “My fingers! I deserve so much better than what he provides me! I’m… well… I’m me! I want so much more, and deserve so much more!”

Whether or not the first claim was true I was too dazed to really care. The second one kinda revealed that not all of the aspects of the usual Carly Simpson were gone. That ego was still evident, but again I was too out-of-it to give two shits about Carly’s sexual desires, up until she looked toward me after taking a small drag off her cigarette and letting the fumes out.

“Maybe you can… help me?” Carly hesitated.

“Help you with what?” I said nicely, the drunkenness to blame.

Normally I would’ve been cussing her out and calling her every foul word possible, but I was drunk and dazed as hell, so my actions weren’t really being decided by my actual senses, more the alcohol’s influence on my current senses.

“Come on… ya know… giving me a good time,” Carly stumbled, the cigarette meeting her lips again.

Now, I definitely knew Carly wasn’t in the right mind. There would be no other instance as such where Carly of all people would cebeci escort kızlar want me to do what she was asking me to give her.

“Whoa, slow down,” I said, holding my arms out in a stopping motion. “Carly, you’re drunk. We both are. Let’s not say or do anything stupid.”

“Who’s Carly?” Carly asked me, nearly causing me to laugh.

She was seriously beyond drunk. I was actually surprised she hadn’t fallen to alcohol poisoning.

“You,” I stated simply.

“No, I’m me,” Carly replied back to me. “I’ve always been me.”

Dear god was it hard not to laugh. This had basically turned into a comedy show at this point, and Carly was not holding back on her drunken sexual pleas toward me, exhaling more cigarette smoke toward the ceiling.

“You really need to take a nap,” I advised, trying to get her off the subject.

“Only if it’s with you,” Carly replied dazzlingly.

She was not going to stop. While she was drunker than hell, her stubbornness shone through clear as day. At that point, I was ready to just go back out into the hall and await Brittney to hopefully find me sooner than later. I was getting very uncomfortable in this situation.

I turned to the door, away from Carly, and turned the knob, but upon the action, something came to me in my drunken state. Whether or not it was the alcohol’s influence or a somewhat-sober shred of my senses I had no idea, but an idea came to my pounding head.

Carly was practically begging for my pussy, and she had no clue on who she even was in this moment. It was the perfect opportunity to truly get back at Carly for everything she had done to me. She had taunted, harassed, and humiliated me over my years in school, and now, I had a chance to leave a mark on her that she could NEVER remove and would have to live with for the rest of her life.

The fact that she actually fucked me unknowingly.

While I wasn’t necessarily a lesbian, I literally had nothing better to do now than give Carly a taste of sweet sweet revenge. I turned the lock to the bathroom to assure no disturbances would be possible, then turned back to Carly with my best look of seduction I could make in my drunken state.

“You know what?” I stated, approaching her and grabbing the cigarette from between her left set of fingers and taking a drag from it.

After exhaling the fumes and getting into her personal space, two words escaped my lips. “Fuck it.”

Some residue smoke rolled out my mouth and nostrils, as I smothered out the cigarette and wrapped my arms around her. Carly’s tongue met mine first, so I followed, caressing my tongue with hers in a slithering motion that set both of us into action. Carly lifted herself up onto the countertop, as I proceeded to taking her shirt off, breaking the dancing of our tongues briefly.

I still couldn’t believe I was doing this.

Once her shirt was off, I resumed my tongue with hers, feeling her saliva caress with mine. A slimy embrace mixed with the smell of alcohol. Her breath nearly knocked me out, but somehow, I remained conscious, feeling her start to slip my shirt off, which I allowed, my cheap bra now in full light to her eyes. Her bra was a rose-red lingerie-style one; clearly something that would immediately send Trevor’s dick into an erection upon first sight.

Typical for this slut.

I kept my tongue at work, un-clamping her bra and tossing it across the room into the tub using my free hands. With that, I broke my tongue from hers and proceeded to her bulged breasts, Kissing and sucking on the tips of both of them. I start with the right one, immediately causing Carly to breathe heavy and moan instantly. The music from downstairs muffled the sounds of her moans, so more than likely, nobody knew what was going on in here.


I continued to slither my tongue on the tip of the right breast, feeling it harden as much as Carly’s body temperature growing hotter and hotter. I moved from the tip to up her breast to the base of her chest, and this action had really caused Carly to squirm like crazy, more moans amplifying from her mouth and her body heating up even more.

I lapped her right breast a few times with my tongue, then moved to the left one, repeating the same actions as I did on the right one. Carly continued to moan and beg for more as I lapped her left breast more and more. I won’t lie, I was kinda enjoying it myself, but then again, that may have been the alcohol talking. I was too drunk to care and only continued to caress her breast with my tongue over and over.

Carly’s body had become so hot that she had started to sweat. Something I just ignored, as I continued to fuck the bitch. Eventually, I moved further down landing small pecks in the center of her abdomen, until I reached her mini skirt, blocking me from going any further. I didn’t immediately undo her clothes, and returned to her at eye level, dancing my tongue with hers again.

This led to her undoing my bra, cebeci anal yapan escort revealing my perky mid-level breasts, feeling the open environment hit them, and as the envelopment of Carly’s body heat met them, my nerves jumped in a way that made me wince in pleasure. It felt damn good, and once Carly started to caress them with her tongue, that wince escalated into an electrifying sensation, causing me to moan in further pleasure

The warmth of her moist and slick muscle lapping my nipples in a circular motion made my heart rate speed up and my own body heat to grow in temperature. I didn’t know how to feel about it. I hated the bitch currently enveloping my body with this feeling, but at the same time, I loved it and… wanted more. Her lapping grew faster, my nipples hardening and my body trembling from her actions.

I could feel my vagina growing moist in the midst of the pleasure. I moaned and cried for her to just go faster, and she did. Her lips cupped the tips of my breasts and the sensation of her sucking on them only made my bliss grow further and my pussy to become even more wet. I even thought for a split second I had wet my pants, but I had pissed my pants before, and this wasn’t anything close to what I was feeling.

She creeped down further, starting from the center of my chest, up until she met my waist, occupied by my skirt. As she did, I had resorted to cupping my breasts with my hands, stroking my hands up and down, until she stopped and returned to where we made eye contact and stroked her tongue with mine yet again, both of our bodies hot and emanating off of one another.

The heat was so intense that sweat had started to creep from my pores, and while I hated to say it, I was enjoying this, despite it being Carly who was causing my pleasure. I broke the tongue dance and moved to unbuttoning her skirt, revealing her rose-red panties that resembled her bra stitch for stitch. I pulled them off of her slowly, then proceeded to attacking her vagina with my tongue.

Never in my life would I have thought I would’ve been licking another woman’s genitalia, but it was happening. The first thing I noticed was the heat. She was hotter than hell, and the smell that wafted from her pussy was something that… I strangely found arousing, causing my tongue to lap her folds even faster. Carly was squirming like crazy and her moans had grown higher in volume.

I dared to stick my tongue deeper into her, and that action sent Carly’s right hand onto the back of my head, pushing me even deeper. I strangely didn’t retort and just kept going harder and harder, starting to taste her juices and the temperature intensifying at a rapid pace. I continued to grope her vagina with my muscle, hearing her moans grow louder and her body tremble at the pleasure.

Next, I moved toward her clitoris, and that alone was enough to make Carly squirm even more as I lapped the tip of my tongue over her clit at a fast pace. Her hand suddenly moved from the back of my head towards where my tongue currently groped her pussy, moving in a circular motion. She grew louder and louder to the point that her moans had become shouts.

I stopped groping her clit, and came to meet her again. Carly got the hint and shifted positions with me, first, unbuttoning my mini skirt. She pulled my panties and skirt off at a slow pace to where it felt like it was embracing my skin cells, causing my body to grow in temperature and more sweat to seep from my pores.

The sensation aroused me instantly up until she pulled the clothing off and embraced my own pussy with her own tongue. My vagina grew more moist as she lapped up and down at a slow pace, my breath increasing and moans growing louder and louder. As she continued to grope my vagina, I cupped my breasts yet again, feeling the bliss grow more and more as she sped up.

I stroked my breasts slowly as I felt her tongue deepen into my pussy, the sensation nearly unbearable to handle. I can understand why she squirmed at my intrusion into her cunt now; it was as if someone had struck my most sensitive nerve and a shock of complete and utter pleasure had coursed throughout my body upon impact. The tip of her tongue tickled my vaginal walls causing me to release one breast to grip the countertop.

I stroked the other in a motion similar to her motion when I had lapped her clitoris, my nipple so hard and my breast so hot and sensitive that I felt like I was going to pass out. Then Carly stopped her tongue dance in my pussy and came back to me at eye level again. She started licking and lapping my open breast again, then I felt something enter my vagina.

At first, the intrusion startled me, but as the ligament started to move around, I felt as if reality didn’t exist anymore. Upon one glance, I saw the ligament was Carly’s right middle finger, acting as a dick to arouse me further. It worked, feeling my body grow so hot and my pussy moisten so much that the motions of her finger had begun to emanate a moist and slimy noise from within my vagina.

She got faster and faster and my screams and cries of pleasure only grew more violent and desperate, and I could feel something starting to escape my vagina. It slid from my hole to inbetween my legs; a liquid of some sort that felt not like sweat, but something more thick and “different.”

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