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Nancy was recently separated. She had to start a new life and was busy getting an affordable place to stay, and a new job. She stood in front of the mirror getting ready for work. She was a hair stylist, and she loved her silky brunette hair. She looked at the frontal view of her panties and loved how good her pussy looked. “Hello good looking,” she said to herself.” Watching herself in the mirror, she touched tip of her clit and nudged it side to side. It was hard and looked good through her ultra thin panties. In the mirror she could see her pussy lips had engorged and were visible hanging with a perfect trace in her sheer panty crotch. Her bra was not on yet and she looked had her firm boobs with small brown nipples that were standing hard in the morning air. She flicked and rubbed her nipples for a minute getting very horny, but alas she did not have time to masturbate. She dressed and left.

Arriving at the hair salon where she worked she saw a co-worker in the parking lot, “Hi Carol, are the doors open yet?”

“Good morning. Yes they are.”

Nancy came into her work station and laid out her equipment making sure everything was clean, sterile, lubed, and ready to use.

Judging by Carol’s new Mustang with chrome wheels and orange paint with black trim the stylists here made good money.

She received a $5, a $10, and a $20 thus far in the morning. She wondered how someone could afford a new car with tips like that.

One of her morning customers, Mr. Ali-Ruiz, was a typical young 30s married man. He was dressed well and attractive. As she worked with him they chatted. His hands were on the arm rest with the cape covering them. Her stylist smock was of silky thin material. Nancy had not had sex in days and was horny with the slightest touch. She leaned over the customer with her waist against the arm rest of the chair. Suddenly she realized her pussy was pushing against his hand. It felt so good that she felt her whole body heat up.

Acting as if she was moving around for the job, she gave a slight hump on his hand. She moved around the chair and glanced in the mirrors, and around to see if anyone had noticed her slight indiscretion. Satisfied with that Nancy worked back around to the other side again.

When she leaned back into place against the armrest, he had turned his hand palm up, and her pussy was perfectly cupped in his hand. Her husband had never played with her pussy like that, and never really got into foreplay. So now she was nearly overwhelmed. He lightly rubbed and squeezed then traced his finger along her slot through the thin material. She had nothing under her smock except her bra and panties. This gentleman raised his hand a little and found a button in her smock at crotch level. With his thumb and forefinger, he managed to unbutton it and slipped his hand through.

Leaning close to him, and with the cover of the hair cape, one could not tell his hand had slipped erotically into her smock. Sensually he explored the curves and features of her pussy through her panties. He felt a growing wetness at her vagina, and the warmth of her asshole until her ass cheeks captured his finger through the sheer panties. He reached further back and traced her butt crack until again he was caressing her crotch.

Pushing the band aside he managed to slide his hand into her panty crotch and lightly caressed her pussy hair, teasing her until she humped harder to feel his hand on her vulva. He played with her pussy lips and brought his finger up to her clit teasing the tip and then caressing her clit tunnel, and pushed it back and forth. He rubbed her mound above her clit side to side through her pubic hair and it seemed to drive her wild.

Nancy could hardly contain herself. She felt his finger leave the tip of her clit and travel the insides of her pussy lips. He teased, caressed, and played with her pussy lips. His finger mapped her pee hole and vestibule. Nancy humped more violently trying not to draw attention. She was trying to capture his finger with her vagina. Finally his finger circled the opening until it was glistening with her juices. When his finger slid in she got the most satisfying look on her face, and she came right then clinching and coating his finger with wetness of her sweet nectar.

Regaining her composure, Nancy moved to another work angle smiling with her customer and she dropped a comb in his lap. She reached to get it and rubbed the raised profile of his cock. Lingering while rubbing it she smiled again and continued working.

He tipped her $20 then motioned her to whisper in her ear. “After I pay and walk out the door, go back to the women’s room and lock the door. Wait for my signal.”

“What in the world,” she thought. Her curiosity was overbearing güvenilir bahis and she followed his instructions. She felt silly.

Once in the bathroom, she waited. She had been standing all morning, so she closed the lid and took a seat on the toilet.

Soon a motion caught her attention and she saw a finger through a hole in the wall, where pictures on both sides of the wall slid together to uncover a generous oval glory hole. The finger held two twenty dollar bills and motioned her to come closer.

She recognized the clothing through the hole. It was her customer, Mr. Ali-Ruiz. Suddenly a cock slid through the hole. To her delight it was Mr. Ali-Ruiz’s cock she had dropped a comb on. She took the money, and licked the cockhead teasing it with her tongue, and finally took it in her mouth. Nancy gave a better blowjob than she ever gave her husband and she was enjoying it. She hadn’t even thought of what might happen until she felt the cock swell and jerk. Suddenly her mouth was coated in cum. Keeping the cock in her mouth, she savored the cum, feeling it with her tongue and spreading it into her cheeks. The cum had a wonderful taste and feeling. It was slick and sticky in her throat as she swallowed. She sucked the cock in and out until she was sure all the cum was acquired. Then she pulled his balls though the hole, and eagerly sucked them while caressing his crotch all the way back to his asshole and butt crack. She kissed them goodbye as he pulled out.

It was a multi-use building and the restrooms were off a maintenance hallway. On the opposite side of the building from the salon was an adult bookstore that her customer had come through to get to the glory hole.

Hearing a noise through the wall, Nancy noticed a hole on the other wall and peered through. She saw Carol standing over a table with a nude man laying on it, and she was giving him a massage. Nancy was learning a lot on her first day.

The next day when she came to her station she noticed another stylist had taken the neighbor position opposite of her styling chair. His name was Phillip. It became obvious he was gay.

Today Nancy was wearing a short smock, no longer than a short blouse. She wore a mini skirt that showed her lace panties and butt cheeks with every move. These panties had bio engineered material and gave off strong sex pheromones. They had nano fibers that clinched on her clit moving in a stroking manner with electrostatic kinetic energy pulses. This kept her extremely horny and attractive. She received more tips and a few sneaky feels of her butt. One hand from Mr. Jones snuck under the band of her panties and felt up and down her ass crack. A finger touched her asshole and she kept working but felt the finger start to push in. There was no lube and she did not think it could go in. Almost shockingly it did with gentle pushing, and she felt him fingering her asshole and moving around inside her. She received a tip and he whispered in her ear that he wanted to butt fuck her. She was reluctant but shook her head no and he left. He was a handsome married man and she was tempted to say yes. He hadn’t mentioned a price, and she didn’t know if she had one for anal sex. She had done a blow job, but had not thought about anal. She noticed that Phillip had been watching, and had slipped the side slit of his sissy pants to expose his butt cheek to the customer, showing a nice shape and firmness. It appeared that he was not wearing underwear.

A week later, Mr. Jones came in again but this time went to Phillip. Nancy noticed that discreetly Mr. Jones copped a feel of Phillips butt cheek. She was surprised that a married man was attracted to a gay man’s butt. Facing Mr. Jones, Phillip discreetly hunched his cock on Mr. Jones hand on the armrest of the styling chair. There must have been another slit in his outfit because soon it was apparent to Nancy that his hand was caressing the entire naked crotch of Phillip back to his butt hole and ass crack. She saw Phillip deliberately drop a utensil on Mr. Jones lap and then stroke his cock while picking it up. She saw the bulge of the cock through the hair cape and it looked impressive. Mr. Jones whispered into Phillips ear and tipped him before leaving.

In a while, Nancy had to pee and went to the ladies room. There she saw the small voyeur hole again and when she looked through she saw the private massage table with Phillip topping Mr. Jones. She saw his cock sliding in and out. His wedding band glinted as he reached back to feel Phillip’s cock sliding in his ass. He reached under his crotch and held Phillips balls and touched his asshole, hooking his finger into it. Phillip pushed a finger into Mr. Jones ass and finger massaged his prostate. In his awkward position Nancy noticed Mr. Jones türkçe bahis was fucking back. With his other hand Phillip reached under Mr. Jones belly and stroked his cock. Great timing ensued and Mr. Jones came in Phillip’s hand at the same time Phillip came in Mr. Jones rectum.

Phillip brought his hand up with Mr. Jones cum in his palm and told Mr. Jones to suck and lick it up cleaning his hand. Phillip left his cock in Mr. Jones submissive ass until it softened and slid out on its own.

Taking the partially softened cock in his mouth Phillip sucked cock and balls and licked his crotch good until the cock got hard again. He lubed Mr. Jones cock, and applied lube to his own asshole. Phillips lube cream enlarged, and hardened cocks while fucking. He bent over the table seductively for Mr. Jones. Not able to help himself, Mr. Jones immediately started pushing and pumping his cock into Phillip watching the asshole close around his cockhead until the shaft started pushing in. He let the skin and asshole relax for a minute and applied more lube to his cock and watched it slide in slowly. His cock had never been so hard, and it felt engorged to the limits of stretching the skin. Soon he was pumping in and out until he came again. He felt the last drops squeeze out of his cock inside of Phillip who had the sexiest positioning and cutest ass crack he had ever seen. After pulling out, he bent over and kissed Phillips ass, licking all over it, and squeezed his tongue in the crack. Video cameras caught all the detail.

Phillip dressed differently every day with a flamboyant flair. Some days she could see he was wearing sissy panties, and some days she caught glimpses of his bare genitals. He had a nice set of firm hairy balls with sexy pubic hair, and exotic skin color. She knew she would suck them if she had the chance, even if he was queer.

Nancy had to pee that afternoon and walked into the women’s bathroom. There she was shocked to see Phillip standing at the glory hole and she recognized the face of Mr. Ali-Ruiz sucking Phillip’s balls. She saw his hand squeezing and feeling Phillip’s butt and running his hand up and down his crack until his finger slipped into Phillip’s asshole and started fingering it. She could tell he started massaging Phillip’s prostate until Phillip clinched and shot a large load of cum into Mr. Ali-Ruiz’s mouth as his ass clinched several times. She saw Mr. Ali-Ruiz swish the cum all around his mouth and inside his cheeks before swallowing. He had a wonderful coating of cum all in his mouth with a great after taste. When he left he could smell and taste Phillip’s cum for the rest of the day.

Deciding to try something new, Nancy let a cherry sucker melt in her pussy before work, and coated her pussy crack with long lasting cherry flavored candy syrup. She wore a ravishing micro skirt to work with white lace panties with colored patterns. She was becoming an exhibitionist. Maneuvering around Mr. Smith her customer, she bent over to get an item from a drawer and deftly reached behind her ass cheek moving aside her panties and pulled open her pussy hole exposing it to Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith had started getting hard the minute he saw her micro skirt and panties on her beautiful smooth ass, but now when he saw her pussy hole he could not think of anything else. He saw the bulge of her vulva with beautiful skin, and lovely soft pubic hair. He saw the exotic skin of her perineum, the outer edge of her pussy hole, and the star of wrinkles displaying her lickable asshole.

Mr. Smith arranged to have a massage, and paid extra to eat her pussy until she had an orgasm. He licked and sucked her pussy inside and out eating the cherry candy syrup and licked her pee hole, clit, and asshole dry. He spent extra time licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips until she came again, then licked her flowing pussy cum mating her vagina with his tongue, sucking her pee hole until her G-spot was within reach of his tongue and she came for a third time dripping pussy juice down her crotch to her asshole and butt crack which Mr. Smith licked up until he had tasted her entire ass, pussy, and crotch. He had a satisfying aftertaste all afternoon.

Then Mr. Smith asked how much it would cost to fuck her ass. Nancy was almost delirious from the pussy eating, and she said she didn’t do that. Then he said he would pay one hundred dollars which she agreed to, still not thinking on her feet. Mr. Smith delightfully stripped Nancy of her clothes, folding them and laying them aside with panties and bra on top. He had Nancy lay on the massage table and adjusted it so her knees were spread and her ass was facing up. The table used BDSM straps for massage positioning and he used the soft straps to help her stay bound in the best position. güvenilir bahis siteleri He teasingly licked her ass crack and rimmed her asshole. He tantalized her with his tongue kissing and licking every feature of her butt. He took lube from his clothes pocket and began to apply it to her asshole. He took a small bottle of olive oil out and massaged it into her butt while the muscle relaxing and topical anesthetic anal lube began to work in. He fingered the lube into her butthole and massage olive oil up and down her crack all the way down and into her vagina. His bareback cock thrust in easily for her first time anal, and his stomach spanked her ass while his balls banged against her vagina giving her pleasurable sensations. She felt the pubic hair of his balls tickle her vagina opening with each thrust.

Nancy was in an uplifted rosy mood the rest of the day full of cheer and energy. She couldn’t believe the sensations she had from the anal sex, and the awesome invigorating tongue job she had received from Mr. Smith.

The next time Mr. Smith came in he took a seat at Phillip’s chair because Nancy was not there yet, and he had not set an appointment. Phillip joked and teased with Mr. Smith until the conversation turned more sexual. Phillip was wearing a pair of shorts that were more like a frilly skirt with open sides exposing his butt cheeks when he turned. He was wearing a pair of loose panties of a Brazilian style that showed plenty cheek. Yet again Phillip dropped a comb into a customer’s lap and stroked the cock tentatively. Surprised at first Mr. Smith accepted the comb had fallen by mistake. But it made his cock hard and when Phillip touched it again he involuntarily hunched up against Phillips fingers. Now he was embarrassed but it felt good.

Phillip turned to get something and purposely let his ass brush against Mr. Smith’s hand under the hair cape. As he maneuvered, he swished his kinky ass such that his skirt bared his ass cheek and panties against Mr. Smith’s hand that had become uncovered.

Mr. Smith felt the warm skin against his hand and saw the colorful soft panties and couldn’t help but feel the soft material, and kept feeling until his hand slipped over the panty band onto bare skin which felt warm and smooth. He stroked and caressed the butt until his hand slipped under the panty band and all the way to his ass crack. He began to fondle the ass and let his hand slip into the butt crack until he felt the heat from Phillips asshole. Phillip seemed to position his ass seductively. This was almost too easy and his finger slipped into Phillip’s asshole.

Phillip leaned back and said, “For a hundred dollars you can have that ass.”

“Give it to me,” replied Mr. Smith, as he visualized the cute ass.

Phillip told him how to meet him for the secret massage room. Soon Phillip was laying nude on the table doing his asshole magic. He let Mr. Smith fuck his ass doggy style while he fucked back and spiraled up and down on the cock squeezing, and pulling it in.

Then he had Mr. Smith laid on the table face down. Phillip gave a mixed drink spiked with cocaine and meth to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith was no stranger to drugs and alcohol from his high school and college days. Phillip turned on some relaxing music with the background sound of water lapping on the beach. The music also had subliminal messages. Mr. Smith began to feel relaxed and uninhibited. He began to feel the wonder of Phillip’s massage techniques.

Phillip said, “It is ok to get an erection as when you begin to relax you may feel erotic. That part of the body can also benefit from massage. Many customers fall asleep during the massage and that is ok.”

He gave Mr. Smith another drink but this time was spiked with a tranquilizer, and muscle relaxer. As Phillip started massaging his thighs and butt, he let his hands travel down the butt crack to the asshole in a professional manner and he worked in a topical anesthetic and local muscle relaxer. Mr. Smith enjoyed an amazing first time anal fuck.

The subliminal messages convinced Mr. Smith subconscious that gay sex was ok, and that cum was good for you, with lots of protein, and calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. It also prepared him for hypnosis.

Phillip had trained in hypnosis and was good at it. Soon he had Mr. Smith fall in love with his cock, balls, and cum. Mr. Smith now had a consuming desire to have Phillip’s cock in every way possible, especially in his mouth and in his ass. Mr. Smith would become a cum fanatic.

Mr. Smith now would be an easy pick up for any gay or cross dresser, and would play into their desires.

Mr. Smith and many other married men became debauched and bisexual. They became addicted to sucking and swallowing cum, and loved anal. The town was now a very good resource for cruising.

Debauching married men was Phillip’s fetish.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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