Dweeb Ch. 11 – Salvaged

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Charles Womack was in a funk. More than that, he was seriously disgruntled as he fought his angry tears and leaned back against the door which he had not quite slammed shut behind himself when he fled disappointed to his bedroom. Barely ten minutes ago, the eighteen-year-old had been walking on air while he mentally finalized his plan to give his mom, Colleen, the sexy gift that he had bought for her at Victoria’s Secret, and then to fuck her silly, not only all night long but repeatedly through Mothers’ Day, too. However, she had spoiled everything by telling him that his Uncle Wilford was taking her out to dinner and a movie, and he would be left home alone.

Fuming, Charles stalked across the carpet to his mirrored closet doors and slid the left side open. As he stared at the pink-and-black apparel box on the top shelf, his heat dissipated and a tight cold knot built in his throat as if he had swallowed an ice-cube. Utterly confused, he scolded himself, “You really are a big dweeb! So, you spied on Mom getting undressed and got all horny when you saw her naked… So, you surprised her in the kitchen and impetuously copped a feel through her robe… So, she said ‘No!’ but then acted like she liked it and you fucked her… So, what!? She’s your mother and you’re a stupid loser for thinking it could, would, or should happen again! Get real!”

A calmer voice in Charles’ mind countered, “So, maybe you you’re forgetting that she liked it enough to let you do it again, and then asked for more? Remember? She actually said ‘I don’t see how I can say no to you, now’, didn’t she? Yes, you’re her son, but now you’re her lover, too. That IS real!”

Charles argued with himself, “Then how come she’s going on a date with Uncle Wilford?”

“Okay,” the voice of reason rejoined with a hint of exasperation. “Now you are being just a little bit stupid. Didn’t she also say that maybe you made a baby in her? And that you’d have to be ‘man enough’ to be discreet? So, your uncle is a single guy her own age, right? Well, dating him, maybe even fucking him, would be good for being discreet about what’s going on between you two, wouldn’t it?”

The lump in Charles’ throat shrank to nothing as the voice’s logic magically erased his self-doubts. “Yeah,” he said aloud to his reflected image. “I guess that’s right, she has to cover for us. I can still give her her present when she’s home from her date.” Closing the closet, he moved to his desk and woke up his iMac to begin his weekend homework. He was still at it an hour-and-fifteen-minutes later, at six o’clock, when he heard the bungalow’s front door open and then close again as his uncle picked up his mother to take her out.

Charles closed down his schoolwork apps, then walked to the front room. As he watched Wilford Womack’s red Monte Carlo SS move off down the street, he wondered how long the date would last. Looking at his Fossil watch, he allowed an hour-and-a-half for dinner, two hours for a movie and another thirty minutes for travel. He sighed and said to the empty room, “Ten o’clock at the earliest.”

Suddenly Charles remembered that the china mantle clock had just chimed three when his mom got in this morning from her night out with Uncle Wilford. He ejaculated, “Cripes! What if they go dancing again?”

“Naw,” answered his inner voice reasonably. “She’ll be way too tired for that, but they might stop somewhere for an ice cream after the show. I wouldn’t expect her much before eleven, and midnight’s possible.”

Charles let go the pulled back curtain and went through the foyer to the kitchen. After transferring a Hungry-Man frozen chicken dinner to the microwave, he returned to his room for his copy of ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.’ Dropping the volume on the speckled sea-foam green Formica-and-chrome table, he poured himself a glass of milk and then retrieved his cooked food. As he sat down to his meal, he randomly mused, “I wonder what Suzanne Pomeroy’s doing right now?” Then, with a derisive snort, he laughed, “It’s for sure she’s not eating a TV dinner and reading her Mark Twain!”

While Charles was correct about what the eighteen-year-old cheerleader wasn’t doing, he couldn’t have guessed in a thousand tries that, at that very moment, his no-longer-innocent crush was naked beneath a Theodore Roosevelt High School sweatsuit and plotting her next sexual escapade with her father. Nor did Charles, himself, follow his first intention and open his American literature classic to study while he ate. Rather, as he took his first bite, he thought naughtily about how wonderful it had felt to snub his mother’s, and then later, Mrs. Krautheimer’s, softly firm mature nipples between his pursed lips and tease them with his tongue. His cock thickened.

Charles swallowed the chewed white meat and pushed a forkful of mashed potatoes into his mouth. As the hot buttery fluff melted into slurry on his tongue, he discovered an errant corn kernel which had jumped into the potato Çanakkale Escort pocket and now was pressed between his tongue and the back of his front teeth. He closed his eyes and remembered sucking on old Mrs. Krautheimer’s clitoris. His ears burned as if, even now, her thighs were tightly vised about them.

Suddenly Suzanne replaced the English teacher in Charles’ mind. She sat on the edge of his bed, bouncing slightly, just as she had on Friday evening, when she listened to him talk about Huckleberry Finn. Except that now he had the courage to kiss her and push her backward to lay flat on his bedspread with her angelic oval teen face expectantly awaiting his next move. He imagined first unbuttoning her cream angora cardigan, then her simple white cotton blouse, and then burrowing beneath whatever kind of bra she might be wearing to nibble her perky tits. She wouldn’t want him to stop there.

Pushing away his unfinished dinner, Charles abruptly left the kitchen and walked hurriedly to his room. Kicking his door closed behind him, he stripped in a flash and scrambled onto his neatly made bed while the fantasy Suzanne still lived in his thoughts. Closing his eyes and sucking his lips through his teeth, he squeezed his nuts with his right hand and his iron-hard boner with his left while he mentally kissed his way over her flat stomach to her cornflower linen skirt’s waistband. Her hands pushed his head lower as she purred, “Yes, Charlie! I’ve wanted you for so long!”

Smoothly, but with speed, Charles undid the waist tab, then pulled Suzanne’s skirt, together with her sheer navy tights and her underpants, too, as a single unit down to her shins. Excitedly she bent her knees outward and arched her back as she offered herself up, saying, “Here it is! I know what you’ve been thinking!”

Charles vigorously pumped his fist on his cock and tugged his aching balls while he swallowed insufficient spittle to wet his rasping dry throat as his heart hammered in his chest. His bed creaked as he lurched his loins repeatedly up from the mattress while, in his mind’s eye, he drove his dick steadily within Suzanne’s tender pink cunt and she screeched at the top of her lungs, “I’m coming, Charlie! I’m COMMMMING!” His hot jizz launched clear to his Adam’s apple on its first shot, then pulsed in diminishing spurts onto his solar plexus before its last blob landed squarely on his belly button. Smiling, he drifted away.

At ten o’clock, while Charles slept, the girl in his dreams stood in reality with her hands on her hips and her arms akimbo blocking her father’s progress as he hoped to retire for the night. “I’ll see you in the morning,” Edgar Pomeroy said to his daughter. “Maybe we can make breakfast for Mom for Mothers’ Day… what do you say?”

Suzanne exclaimed in no uncertain terms, “No way, Daddy!” Moving in close, she hugged her braless breasts flat to his midsection as she laid her cheek sideways against his chest and murmured, “I’m going to bed with you!” Insistently, she grabbed his hand and led him toward the stairs.

On the top landing, with his cock once again straining epically erect inside his trousers, Edgar scooped up his nymph and growled. Suzanne squealed, “Oh, Daddy!”

Except for this afternoon, when Edgar took her naked and dripping wet from the shower to her room, he hadn’t picked Suzanne up in this way since she was a very little girl. Curling once more into his cradle, she clung to his hard upper arms. As she wiggled her thighs one against the other around her re-lubricating pussy, she closed her eyes and anticipated another mind-blowing fuck in her own bed.

Instead, he pivoted and carried her away in the opposite direction.

On reaching the end of the hall, Edgar dumped Suzanne unceremoniously in the middle of his and Bernice’s vacant king-size marital bed. She was much surprised and cried out in her confusion, “What’s going on, Daddy? I thought we’d, you know, do it, in my bed…like before. We could close the door… Mom would never know, even if she woke and came upstairs.”

While Edgar rapidly undressed, he thought how this day so far had been something like a honeymoon. He knew the flurry of furious spontaneous sex with his nubile young daughter could not continue apace, but with his wife knocked out in the living room, he was going to make the most of the faux wedding night. Continuing to conceal that he had slipped Bernice a mickey in her Manhattan, he decided to deflect and bring some discipline to his new unofficial second wife as he answered, “That wasn’t something you worried about in the living room during the movie, was it? You were bold. You were naughty. But you weren’t thinking about Mom.”

Leaving his gabardine plumber’s uniform untidily lumped on the carpet in front of the closet sliders, Edgar strode naked to the bedside. With his prick standing at a right angle, he declared to the flummoxed teen, “So now I’m going to help you to keep things in perspective.”

Grabbing Çanakkale Escort Bayan Suzanne’s ankles as he sat on the mattress, Edgar hauled her horizontally, then spun her so that she lay face down with her bottom centered over his muscled thighs. In the next instant he yanked her jersey sweatpants down to her knees. Cool room air breezed her bare fanny. As she thought that, at last, she grokked the situation, she cuddled a pillow under her chin and happily separated her legs a few inches to open her playground.

If the hint of heat in her father’s otherwise even voice didn’t register in Suzanne’s mind, the smarting blaze which accompanied his resounding full-swing cupped-palm smack to her bubble butt certainly did. She yelped, “OWWW!” Tears sprung from her pale turquoise eyes as a second and a third harsh swat followed in quick succession. She tried to twist away and arise from the bed, but his powerful left hand held her firmly buried in the thick quilted satin coverlet.

“Don’t even think of escaping before we come to an understanding, Buttercup,” Edgar hissed with genuine menace. “Your behavior was thoughtless… selfish… risky…” He underscored each adjective with blistering blows. She watered his legs with dribbling pee and added shame to her pain as she drenched the pillow with unfettered sobs.

The urine’s faint scent and wet trickling warmth were surprisingly exciting elements for Edgar. His unadorned maypole, trapped between Suzanne’s round hip and his slight paunch, throbbed alarmingly. He took in a long deep breath to slow down his steaming response to his daughter’s blubbering vulnerability, then rubbed soft gentle circular swaths over her cranberry-red glutes and softened his tone as he explained, “Daddy’s best girl can’t be so obvious when Mom is only a few feet away. Everything could be ruined.”

“S-s-sorry, Daaaddy,” Suzanne stammered miserably. “W-won’t… uhh, again… Promise!”

“I’m glad to hear it, Buttercup,” Edgar replied, while he pressed his right hand more firmly into her afflicted flesh. Manipulating the maroon-splotched muscle mass, he felt her wiggle involuntarily and watched her pale sandalwood-colored sphincter wink at him from between her divided moons. As he extended his long middle finger along the deep fissure to her glistening peach, he added huskily, “Also, I’m very glad that Mom isn’t here, now.” He dug his digit through her slippery tight pussy-hole and observed quietly, “And you seem to be glad of that, too.”

Suzanne moaned as her father’s stiff bird smoothly landed web-deep in her itching nest. The fire which formerly enflamed her bottom subsided into a spreading glow which warmed her pleasantly from the inside out all the way from her cunny to her throat. The probe in her passage magically transformed all her hurt and humiliation into pure pleasure. In a strangled garble, she mewled, “Glaaa… me… uhn… TOO!”

Suzanne squirmed, but this time it was not an effort to get away. Edgar grinned and unlocked his left elbow, allowing her to writhe freely. She twitched and humped her butt hard against his impaled finger while she groaned gratefully into her pillow. Her slick labia squelched noisily as her free-flowing juices bubbled and filled his palping palm.

“Good, Suzie, good,” Edgar praised the increasingly aroused teen. “Get ready for Daddy. Get ready to be his best girl.” Unplugging his finger, he simultaneously pushed her from his lap and guided her to stand before him, then directed, “Step out of your pants and raise up your arms.” While she kicked her feet loose from her bottoms, he inverted her top past her excited tits.

As the nubby inside-out ecru sweatshirt cleared her ears, Suzanne vigorously shook her head. When her two long loose Swedish-blonde ponytails were free of the collar, Edgar dropped the shirt carelessly behind her onto its matching pants on the carpet. From the hallway, a golden shaft beamed through the open door into the dimly dark bedroom and spotlighted her father’s magnificently aroused penis. As she saw it clearly for the first time, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

Seated on the couch during the movie, Suzanne had opened Edgar’s pants to suck off his cock, but it had been practically invisible. Earlier in the day, in bed following her surprise in the shower, she’d only caught the briefest glimpse of his penis before he stuffed it in her mouth the first time. Then, afterward, when he fucked her from behind, her face naturally had been turned away. So now, as she gazed upon his erection’s full length and girth, she thought, “No wonder it felt so big inside me… it’s actually HUGE!”

In fact, Edgar Pomeroy’s manly equipment was not significantly greater than average in its dimensions, but tricky shadows on its thickly veined stalk and broadly engorged circumcised spade created a dramatic illusion in his inexperienced young daughter’s mind. He had to chuckle inwardly Escort Çanakkale when he heard her gasp, and then exclaim with soft awe, “Daddy!”

Reaching behind himself, Edgar turned back the bed’s covers and patted the mattress through its fresh white linen bottom sheet as he said, “Climb in, Buttercup, you’re starting to get goosebumps.”

Suzanne’s galvanic skin response had nothing to do with the fresh cool air in the master bedroom, but everything to do with her electric anticipation. Quivering visibly, and roiling inside, she scurried onto the big bed, then flopped on her back. With her heels pointed to the mattress corners and her arms stretched out, she soughed, “Hurry, Daddy, warm me up…”

Edgar lost no time positioning himself between Suzanne’s widespread thighs. She sighed happily as she felt his right hand, still sticky with her pussy lube, cover her left tit then pinch her puffed up pebbled areola while he rubbed his dick’s velvet mushroom along her cunt-lips with his left hand. At the top of her slice, tapping her clit repeatedly with his cock’s nose, he sent erotic jolts through her tummy and chest to her brain’s pleasure center. A moment later he was on her, and in her, as she whimpered, “Best, Daddy… let me… be… best!”

Crunching his crotch tight to her pubic bone as his bulb slapped her back wall, Edgar grunted, “AB-so-LEWWT-ly, Suzie!”

Suzanne closed her knees and locked her heels behind her dad’s driving hams. He leaned in and sealed his lips to her moaning mouth. While they played tongue-tag and she clasped his broad back with scratching nails, her Kegels bravely fought his retreat, then gratefully relaxed when his humping butt powered his returning piston to her ecstasy’s wellspring.

Rocking rhythmically, Edgar stroked unhurriedly, but effectively, in Suzanne’s sleeve. Each thrust escalated their building climaxes as he tickled her G-spot with his glans before smashing it flat against her cervix. She chewed his mouth and clawed his ribs. He chuffed shorter and shorter breaths while his nuts clamored for relief.

Suzanne’s joyous orgasm came upon her with gale force. She shrieked soundlessly in her head and hoped her ears would pop before their drums burst. Edgar blew his cork off and overfilled her pocket with jet upon jet from his agitated gonads. Squeezing her cunt muscles all the harder, she strained to milk him for ever more seed as she silently prayed, “Please, please, please give me a baby, Daddy! I’m better than Mom… I’m your best girl!”

When the storm at last passed, Edgar collapsed, devastated and drained, beside his wasted but fantastically fulfilled daughter. As her chest heaved while her breathing normalized, excess blobs of cum seeped from her winking os, then turtled to the mattress and clotted there atop her other juicy spillage. Heedless of the soaked splotch at the bottom sheet’s nexus with her oozing pussy, he draped his right arm across her tacky naked breasts and panted in his own softening recovery into her neck. In less than a minute, without regard to potential hazards, they both fell peacefully asleep.

An hour-and-a-half later, when Saturday became Mothers’ Day, Colleen Womack leaned over the console in her brother-in-law’s Monte Carlo, grazed his lips sweetly with hers, then straightened back up in the passenger’s seat and said, “Thanks, Ford… for everything.” Then, as she glanced at the glowing digital dash-clock, she acknowledged, “It’s a lot later than I expected. Drive away quiet as you can and I’ll call you Monday.”

Exiting the coupe, Colleen walked from the curb to her bungalow amid a fanfare of crickets while the red Chevy SS purred off into the night. As she entered her home and dropped her shoulder purse on the mail table in the foyer, she changed her mind about turning on any lights, then walked through the ambient dim toward the back rooms. Charles’ bedroom door was shut with no light showing at the carpet’s edge. Expecting that he was asleep, she decided, more from habituated motherly care than from actual worry, to reassure herself that he was okay.

At first, Colleen simply cracked the door enough to poke in her head and see what could be seen, but that turned out to be only the vaguest shapes of the room’s largest furniture. Reluctant to risk waking her son, she ignored the ceiling light’s wall switch and proceeded across the threshold. As she navigated toward his maple frame standard bed, her yet unadjusted eyes failed to warn her of smaller obstacles in her path. She turned an ankle on a discarded Converse tennis shoe, then tangled her feet in his cast-off Wranglers while she tried in vain to keep herself from falling.

Colleen was lucky that her lurching momentum propelled her a safe landing. She was less lucky that while she bounced sprawling onto Charles’ bed, her flailing left hand struck his ear as he lay semi-curled on his right side faced away from her. Instantly awake, he at once saw his clock’s turquoise L.E.D. numerals and rightly deduced who was on his bed with him, although he didn’t correctly know either why, or how, that had happened. After turning on the bedside lamp, he rolled a hundred-and-eighty degrees into his startled mother and said evenly, “It’s late, but I’m glad you’re here.”

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