Earning her collar

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Lynne awakens lying on a short bench, a ball gag in her mouth to keep her from crying out. Her arms hang down either side of her and are tightly secured to something beneath her. Her ass is on the edge of the bench at the other end, and she is securely belted to the bench around her waist. Her thighs are spread wide open and securely strapped down, leaving her unable to close them, and her lower legs dangle toward the floor, ankles also secured to supports. She can feel all this, feel the cold steel bench beneath her back, feel the way her hands and feet are tied, but she is unable to see anything because she is tightly blindfolded.

The effects of the anesthetic she was given wear off quickly, so that after being groggy just a few moments, she is conscious and alert. She has no idea how she was knocked out, or where she is, or how she got here. All she knows is that she is lying absolutely naked on a cold steel bench, securely tied down with her legs spread, fully exposed, and she can sense the presence of others in the room.

“Ah, I see she’s awake now,” a voice says, and Lynne hears a bang. “Shall we come to order, please?”
Lynne hears whispers of conversation, then chairs scraping as several people are seated. “Right,” the voice says after a few moments, when the room is finally quiet again. “We will begin with an inspection of the merchandise, each one of you in turn, in the order we have already determined by lottery. You will each have one minute to inspect the merchandise from the time you step up. Once you have all finished, we shall begin the auction. Now if you will line up in the order we determined by lottery, we shall proceed.”

There is a scuffling of chairs again, then footsteps as several people move to line up by Lynne’s feet. She squirms and tries to speak, aware her legs are spread wide for them to examine her, but the ball gag prevents her from making a sound other than a faint whimper.

Lynne feels a finger trace its way up the slit of her pussy, barely penetrating the lips, and she draws in a breath as it lightly strokes her clit. The finger reaches the top, then there are two fingers tracing their way back down, stroking either side of her nether lips. They meet at the bottom of her vagina, then she feels one fingertip trace its way across her perineum to her puckered asshole. It traces around her asshole, then the tip pushes against the center, trying gently to force its way inside. She gasps as it enters her, barely penetrating her sphincter, and is worked in and out a few times, gently.

“Time,” the voice calls out, and the finger is withdrawn from her ass, and she hears footsteps walking away. Another set of footsteps draws near, and this time there is no gentle stroking – she breathes in sharply as two fingers are shoved into her moist pussy, roughly, and probe her cunt mercilessly. A thumb harshly flicks her clit, once, twice, causing her to wince and gasp with pain each time.

“Time,” the voice calls out again.

Several others take their turn examining her, each in their own way. Most spend time fingering her slit, which grows wetter and wetter with each touch, despite her fear and confusion over what’s happening to her. A few more probe her ass, slipping their fingers in and out of that puckered pink hole, and a couple check out her breasts, rubbing them, pulling and pinching the nipples. After the first few, she tries to keep count, and finally believes there are at least 20 people who have each taken turns examining her by the time the last one pulls his fingers from her soaking wet snatch.

After the last one, there is a scuffle of chairs again as the participants are seated, and she hears a bang again as the auctioneer raps his gavel. “Gentlemen, you have each had an opportunity to inspect the merchandise,” he begins. “You can all see how wet her cunt is already with anticipation. The highest bid gets to choose his position in line, then the next highest chooses his position, and so on down to the lowest bid. Anyone who is unhappy with their position may drop out, but the bid stands and must be paid. Any questions?” There were none. “Then we shall start the bidding at one dollar.”

There is a flurry of activity as the auctioneer calls out increasing amounts, and the bidders silently make their bids, never saying a word. Lynne lays there, knowing she is about to be gang fucked by this group of men, her pussy growing wetter with anticipation even as she fights to overcome her fear. This is rape, this is something she never expected, and there is nothing she can do to stop it, yet somewhere inside she is almost looking forward to it, wanting it, her wet cunt tingling in anticipation of the pounding it is about to take.

The bidding stops at just over five thousand dollars, and her head spins that someone would pay that much just for the opportunity to fuck her. Then she remembers, it’s not just the winner who gets to fuck her, but all of them, each one now choosing his position in line according to his bid. She shudders again, afraid of what is about to happen, but almost craving it now, wanting her pussy stuffed with cock.

“Gentlemen, take your positions in line please,” the voice calls out. There is again the scraping and shuffling of chairs, and she hears the group walking toward her and forming around her. Her pussy is almost dripping now, her nether lips swollen with her desire.

There is no warning as the first cock is rammed deep into her cunt, and the first man fucks her furiously. His cock thrusts in and out of her, his balls slapping against her ass as he sinks his cock to the hilt with each vicious thrust. He pounds his cock into her relentlessly, and despite her revulsion at the idea that she is being raped, that this is but the first gaziantep escort kızlar of a group of men who are going to use her, she feels her own orgasm begin to build involuntarily, her cunt reacting to the stimulation it is receiving.

Suddenly the man thrusts his cock deep inside her and stops, and Lynne knows instinctively he is cumming deep inside her pussy, pumping his sperm into her, his cock twitching and jerking as he dumps his load in her cunt. She wants him to continue fucking her, her own orgasm is building, but he does not; he simply empties his cum into her, then abruptly pulls his cock out and steps away, leaving her almost begging, were it not for the ball gag in her mouth, for him to finish the job.

Mercifully, moments later a second cock slips into her pussy, and another stranger begins fucking her, this one somewhat slower and more measured than the first. She tries to rock back against his cock with the rhythm of his strokes, but she is securely bound in place and powerless to do anything.

Suddenly the support under her head and neck is removed, allowing her head to hang down. Surprised, she feels the ball gag removed from her mouth, but before she can say anything a limp cock is pressed to her lips, then into her mouth. She can taste the cum, hers and the owner’s, on the shaft of the cock, and knows this is the man who just finished fucking her, making her suck his cock as the second man takes his turn at her pussy. The idea of taking a cock from both ends sends an involuntary thrill through her body, and her orgasm begins to build even faster.

Still, the second man cums inside her before she can reach a climax, though he continues to fuck her until his cock is drained of cum; when he finally pulls his cock out, she can feel the cum seeping out of her cunt. A third cock takes its place, again fucking her furiously, as if the owner can’t fuck her fast enough. The cock in her mouth is removed, just as it is beginning to stir and become erect again but still limp. It is shortly replaced with the cock that was just removed from her pussy, giving her just a taste of more cum as it is shoved into her mouth to be cleaned.

Lynne’s climax is building again as the third cock rams into her pussy, so hard and fast she thrills at the feel of it. Just as she approaches the edge, though, once again the owner cums inside her, still thrusting, his cum spurting into her as he tries to keep fucking her. His cock grows too limp to continue and slips out, trailing cum and her own pussy juice behind it, and leaving her right on the very edge of her orgasm, still not quite there.

As he moves out of the way, she imagines the next man taking his position between her legs and lining his cock up on her cunt, looking forward to finally getting some relief. The cock in her mouth is removed, again still limp, and the third takes its place for a cleaning, and yet she still hasn’t felt the next cock in her swollen cunt. She begins to suck the limp cock between her lips, wishing the next one would hurry up…

Then it comes, the next hard cock, spearing her in the ass with no warning as it is roughly shoved into that tight, pink, puckered hole. She tries to scream in pain and shock as her sphincter is suddenly stretched around his cock, but the cock filling her mouth prevents her from doing so, allowing only a muffled squeal to escape. Her ass feels as though it’s on fire as the fourth man shoves his cock into it, then mercifully stops as the entire length of his cock is buried in her ass. She begins to hope he will remove it, but after a few moments he begins to stroke it slowly in and out of her ass, more gently now. The initial shock and pain begin to fade, and after a few minutes she begins to find the sensation of having her ass filled with cock rather pleasant. The orgasm that had been building, forgotten with that first searing flash of pain when the cock entered her ass, now begins to build again as her ass is stimulated by the cock gliding in and out of it.

Again, however, she is left wanting when the man leans hard against her, burying his cock to the hilt in her ass and pumping his cum into her. After a few more tentative strokes, his cock becomes too limp to continue, and he lets it slip from her ass and moves aside for the next man, who slides his cock into her pussy and begins fucking her at a medium pace.

The limp cock is removed from her mouth again, and Lynne realizes suddenly that the next cock will be the one that was just removed from her ass. She feels it pressed against her lips, the cock head slick with cum, and she keeps her lips pressed together, her teeth clenched, determined not to take this one into her mouth. Suddenly she is slapped across the face, hard enough to sting but not hard enough to really hurt her, just as a reminder that she has no choice in the matter. She reluctantly opens her mouth and accepts the cock into it, tasting the cum along the shaft of it, and tasting her own ass for the first time. She licks and sucks it clean, just as she had all the others before, and the thought of how nasty it makes her feel to suck a cock fresh from her own ass speeds her own orgasm, along with the fresh cock stroking in and out of her pussy.

Lynne begins to cum herself at last, the release she’s craved, her orgasm coming in waves, each cresting a bit higher than the last. She hardly notices the changeover this time, as yet another cock takes its place in her cunt and her mouth is again filled with a wet, slick cock fresh from fucking her. The man pumping his cock in and out of her pussy senses her orgasm and fucks her hard and fast, building her orgasm to a peak, as she wantonly licks and sucks and gobbles at the cock in her mouth, wishing it would stay there long enough to recover its erection and give her a mouthful of cum.

She’s at the peak of her orgasm when the men again switch cocks in her cunt, and she’s driven over the edge as yet another cum-covered cock takes its place in her mouth. She greedily licks and sucks the cum off it, wishing for more, her pussy spasming now as her orgasm takes over. She is cumming almost continuously now, as one cock after another empties its load of cum into her throbbing, swollen pussy, then takes its place in her mouth. The cum is running from her pussy down across her perineum again, down over her ass, and another cock takes its place there, again stretching her sphincter, using the cum for lubricant as her ass is again violated. Used to it now, loving the feel of having her ass filled with cock, she continues to cum as her ass is reamed, then again filled with cum.

This time there is no hesitation as the spent cock from her ass is offered to her mouth; she sucks it in greedily, tasting her ass along with the slick cum on it, as another cock is rammed home into her ass.
Lynne loses all track of time, unsure now how long she’s been at it, and she’s lost count of the number of men. Most fuck her swollen, throbbing cunt, though several prefer to fuck her ass; some are slower and gentle, some take a medium approach, and some fuck her as hard and fast as they can. Her orgasm washes over her in waves, sometimes so intense she feels she is losing her mind, followed by a lull, then several smaller orgasms, building in intensity again.

Finally a cock is drawn from her ass, the last one, and like all the others before it is given to her to clean with her mouth and tongue. No one is fucking her now, and since this is the last cock, she hopes she will be allowed to suck it until it is hard again, and get a mouthful of cum, but once again, it is taken from her while it is still limp.

The entire time, none of the men has touched her with anything other than their cocks, except for the initial inspection and the one slap when she tried to refuse to suck the first cock that had fucked her ass. Her cunt and ass are both dripping cum now, and her inner thighs are slick with it. She feels like a filthy whore, more so because she was actually enjoying what amounted to rape, cumming over and over despite her revulsion at the idea of being taken by force. Still, she is thoroughly sated.

Lynne hears a door open, and the group shuffles back in, taking their places around her. After they are in place, she hears the door open again, and a skittering, clicking sound coming toward her on the concrete floor. She is still trying to place the sound when the head of a cock is placed against her lips and she instinctively opens her mouth to accept it, pleasantly surprised to find it is a nice hard cock this time. She begins to lick and suck it, looking forward at last to getting a mouthful of cum, when a wet nose touches her crotch, and she feels a long, wet tongue lap her pussy.

Oh my God! She thinks to herself as she realize it is a dog, they are letting a dog lick her pussy. Oh God, oh fuck! Her mind screams as she tries to wriggle away, but she is tied down too securely. She tries to scream again, to yell no, but the person standing above her places one hand on either side of her head and shoves his cock deep into her mouth, into her throat, stifling any scream.

The dog licks her pussy, her inner thighs, even her ass, his long tongue lapping up any cum he finds, then finally burying itself in her pussy, trying to lick the cum from there. Suddenly he stops licking, and she hears his nails scrabbling on the concrete floor, then his weight drops across her thighs and belly. Again her mind screams no as she feels him starting to hump toward her, trying to find her cunt with his cock. After several thrusts that miss the target, the tip of his cock finds Lynne’s pussy, and he rams his cock home, as deep into her cunt as it will go. She again tries to scream out loud as his cock enters her snatch, but again the scream is blocked by the cock that is being thrust in and out of her mouth and down her throat.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God is all that goes through her mind as the dog shoves his cock deep inside her, humping hard as he can to get it all in. The bulb at the base of his cock, his knot, slips inside her pussy lips and expands as he humps her, finally so large it is stuck inside her and he can’t pull out, tying the two of them together. The man at her head continues to fuck her mouth and throat as the dog continues to hump, trying to free himself, his cum continuously seeping inside her pussy now. The hot dog cum, warmer than a human’s, and his continued humping as he tries to free himself, and the feel of his knot stretching her pussy lips, all combine to give she a most pleasant feeling, despite her revulsion at the fact that it is a dog fucking her now.

He humps and strains for half an hour, filling her with his cum, as three of the men take their turns fucking her mouth and throat. The first pulls his cock back a bit as he cums, allowing her to take the full load in her mouth, on her tongue, and get the taste of cum she had craved so much earlier, but she is now so focused on the dog fucking her that she lets the cum dribble from her mouth without swallowing. The second cums deep inside her mouth, firing his hot sticky cum down her throat, while the third pulls his cock out and cums on her mouth and face.

Finally the dog’s knot has reduced enough to allow him to pull out of her, and he begins to lick her pussy, an instinct on his part. After a few licks he is removed and replaced with another dog, and soon Lynne has been mounted a second time, as another dog cock finds its mark in her well-used cunt. Soon he too is tied with her, humping and fucking his cum into her, and as she continues to suck cock, the continued filling and pounding of her pussy causes her to begin to cum again, an involuntary reaction to the sensations she is feeling as her cunt is pounded mercilessly.

She loses track again of the number of cocks she has sucked as her twat is relentlessly fucked by the dog, his knot stretching and staining against her pussy lips as he fills her with his cum. Once again she is cumming almost continuously, gleefully sucking the cocks provided to her, taking the men’s cum down her throat, in her mouth, on her face, wherever they care to fire their load.

Again the dog’s knot reduces and he is able to slip out of her pussy, cum almost gushing out behind it as it slips out. Once again he is removed and replaced with another dog, which licks her swollen pussy lips only twice before mounting her, thrusting his hips at her, the tip of his cock finally slipping into her pussy, followed by the rest of it as he rams it home. Moments later his knot is locked inside her, and she are off for another long fucking with her third dog in a row.

The dogs last from half an hour to forty five minutes each, constantly humping and bucking as they fill her hole with their cum. Lynne sucks cock after cock, completely losing count, simply taking them as they come, all her concentration, all her attention, on the sensations she is feeling in her cunt now as it is stretched and filled with hot dog cum, as the feeling drives she her over the edge over and over, until she wonders if she will ever stop cumming.

After the sixth dog is led away, there are no more, and the man who is feeding his cock to her releases his load of cum into her mouth and removes his cock from between her lips. Her face is covered in cum, her hair matted with it, and dog cum runs freely out of her pussy and over her ass, and is smeared all over her thighs. Her jaws ache from sucking cock, her arms and legs are cramped from being tied down so long, and her pussy lips are stretched and swollen, her clit tender and sore to the touch. She is spent, and relieved that it all seems to be over.

She listens but can hear only one person in the room with her, and he walks over and lifts her head up, placing the support back beneath it to ease the strain on her neck. After he does, she feels him kiss her full on the lips, the tip of his tongue running around her lips, her face, tasting some of the cum there. He steps away for a moment, then returns, and she feels him swab her arm, then a sharp prick. She hears him walk away a few steps, drop the syringe into a trash can, then walk back towards her. She tries to speak, to ask if it is over, but can only manage a dry croak, her consciousness fading fast. Her last memory before she passes out is feeling him kneel between her thighs and begin to gently lick and kiss her pussy…

[] [] []

Lynne awakens in her car in the parking lot of the bar, the last place she remembers being before she awoke tied to the bench. Again the aftereffect of the anesthetic lasts only a few seconds, and as she regains her senses, she focuses on the sign above the bar entrance: Hound Dawgs. She can’t quite believe it all happened, and she has no memory of being hosed off and dressed before she was dumped back in her car in the parking lot. The signs are here, though; her pussy is still stretched and just a bit sore, her ass is still a bit tender, her jaw still aches dully. As she looks at herself in the mirror, she notices something else – she is wearing a collar, a very nice polished black leather collar with small chrome studs, and a silver nameplate. She finds the buckle and removes the collar, turning it to read the nameplate. There is but one word engraved there – Bitch.

She puts the collar back on, fastens the buckle, and gets her purse off the seat beside her. She gets out of the car and locks it, then walks boldly through the front door of the bar, determined to confront – who? She has no idea who drugged her, didn’t see any faces, has no idea who any of the men who took advantage of her might be. Still, she has a seat at the bar and looks around, waiting for the bartender to come take her drink order.

In a dimly lit back booth, she can see two young ladies with their dates, but something about them catches her eye. She looks closer to be sure, and see that both the young women are wearing collars identical to hers. What the fuck, she thinks to herself, then she sees that there is a third young woman with the group, sandwiched between the two men. She had almost missed seeing her in the darkness, and squints her eyes for a closer look. This one is not wearing a collar, and she appears to be completely drunk, close to passing out, as the group rises to leave. The two men take up places on either side of her to help her stand, and the two collared young women lead the way as the group leaves the booth.

Instead of heading for the front door, though, the group turns down a narrow, dimly lit hallway, pauses before a heavy door, and moments later the door swings open to allow them to pass. She barely gets a glimpse of a brightly lit room with a concrete floor beyond the door.

“What can I get you, Miss?” She recognize the voice, and turns back around to see the bartender standing there, waiting to take her drink order. She’s never seen the face, but she knows the voice, the only voice she heard while she was in the room, the auctioneer. As she watches, he licks his lips, slowly, his eyes locked with hers.

“No-nothing,” Lynne stammers, and realizes her pussy, though still aching from the stretching it had taken, is suddenly very wet. She almost pity the young woman who seems to be drunk, but a part of her envies her as well as she gets up to leave, knowing she will be back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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