Earning My Keep Ch. 04

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The remnants of fading sunlight peek through Chuck’s blinds and cast just enough light into the shadowy den. Chuck stands up with his back to the couch as I kneel in cock worship before his massive member. Our relationship is now roughly six weeks old. I have never known anyone like him. My gentle soft, almost feminine, hands slowly stroke his leg muscles and massage his thighs. His cock hangs half-suspended in a semi-erect condition. With quick short movements, I strike out and swipe his cock head with my wet tongue. Slowly, he grows a little more erect. But each strike of my tongue makes my own desire grow stronger. I am almost in a frenzy to devour this wonderful, thick and beautiful cock.

Finally, I make a lightening fast lunge and swallow the half-flacid member into my warm, wet and eager mouth. Since he is not fully hard, I am able to swallow Chuck’s cock almost down to the roots, at least for just a little while. It slowly grows fully erect in my mouth. Chuck moans above me and I soon feel his strong, hard hands on the sides and back of head. I want my face fucked and I know Chuck wants that as well. I gurgle and moan to encourage him. He picks up his pace and soon his rock hard cock is violating my mouth. I want to fight for air. I want to feel some small amount of panic and pain. He obliges me.

After a while, Chuck pulls away and sits back on the couch. I move between his legs, the carpet slightly burning my knees as I pull myself to him. I grab his cock ankara escort bayan

by its base and slowly slap it across my cheek. His wicked sly smile tells me everything. I hold it up and slowly, deliberately devour each testicle. Each beautifully shaved and, I might add, large ball is sucked in and saturated with my spit. After they are sufficiently slippery, I concentrate again on Chuck’s eager cock. Slow short sucking action on the head itself is followed by long strokes of my trained wet tongue against the underside. Finally my throat is engulfing his member in a deepthroat action worthy of the best of porn films.

As I continue my deepthroat action of his cock, I think back on the last six weeks. The long days waiting on Chuck to return from his office seem eternal at times. After he is home, I help him relax each day with a blowjob. Sometimes that’s it. Sometimes, we both get excited and this leads to a hard, sweaty fuck on the floor of the den or a evening of lovemaking in the bed. Often either one is followed by a shower which itself often leads to a second fuck in the warm steamy water.

My attention to returns to my present activity. I pull off of my favorite cock and wipe my wet lips with the back of my hand.

I raise my slender tight young body from its kneeling position on the carpet and stand up on the couch, my feet straddling Chuck’s legs and my backside turned to Chuck. I lean outward, keeping my balance, and he begins a rim job of escort bayan my small ass. I feel his strong hands on my waist as he holds me in balance and feel his wet tongue probing a region I hope is soon probed by his large and pulsating cock. I feel small amounts of Chuck’s spit as it rolls down my inner thigh. He grunts and makes wonderful barbaric sounds as he eats my the only pussy I can offer up to him. I look down and see that his cock remains hard like blue steel. He makes quick work of my ass, tonguing and fingering my hole. Soon he is ready.

I reach for a small bottle of lubricant oil. I spread a healthy amount on Chuck’s hard cock and spread the excess between my own cheeks and on my sphincter area. As Chuck continues seated on the couch, I mount him with my back to his face. I hover over his slippery cock and begin my descent. Slowly, I feel the slight pressure of the head against my sphincter, but that soon gives way to the sensation of knowing my ass is swallowing his hot cock. Chuch works up his rhythm and stride. With my feet planted on each side of Chuck, I hold myself above him so he can easily glide in and out of me.

The up and down thrusts continue for quite some time. I moan, groan and talk to him in muted whispers. “Oh Daddy, ” I moan. I bite my bottom lip as he plunges upwards and into me. “Oh, I love your cock in me,” I whimper. “Give all of it to me. Fuck my pussy, Daddy,” I beg of him. And so he does. The intensity continues. I come down escort ankara gently and slowly grind my little ass cheeks into Chuck’s thighs. I want to feel the length and fullness of his shaft. Chuck nibbles and bites at my neck and shoulder. Occasionally, I feel his tongue in my ear. He whispers little things to me. He tells me how he wants me. He tells me of his desire to devour me.

I grow tired of hovering, so my daddy Chuck puts me on my knees on the couch and begins a doggy style fuck to take us home. With both hands firmly gripping my waist, Chuck pounds my helpless ass with fervor. But even in the heat of lust and barbaric desire, every moment of sex and action is full. Yet, we still take our time to enjoy the act. Every inch of our bodies are felt, touched and enjoyed.

After several minutes of pounding me from behind, Chuck begins to groan and grunt and his yells of pleasure tell me that he is ready. I feel him pull out and hear his muffled command to get to my knees. In my state of euphoric manly lust and desire, I do as I am commanded. I see the first thick white, creamy rope of cum ejected and feel it land across my face. After a grunt from deep within Chuck, the second lands expertly in my open willing mouth. I let it glide itself down my throat. The third rope of seed hits my cheek and continues its climb upward and lands on my closed eye, forehead and in my hair. I reach up with open mouth and suck Chuck’s seed into my throat. With my index finger, I clean the rest off my face and suck it into my mouth and let it land in my stomach. I look up with one open eye and see a happy and contented man who is happy to have me around.

I know the rent is now paid. There will be no worries this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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