Earthy Grocery Store Clerk

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As a young guy in my early 20s, I don’t really know what it is about Stacy that I am attracted to. She is the earthy mature check-out clerk at my local grocery store. I think she is about 45 or so and has gray curly hair down past her shoulders. Her blue eyes compliment her hair along with her light skin and the clear lip-gloss that she always wears. She has a nice figure which is quite slim, probably a lot of it due to her vegetarianism. Her breasts seem fairly well sized and proportioned, as they probably are a C cup of some sort. A very attractive size though as she always is wearing that grocery store apron; I’ve never got a great look at them.

We’ve always been friendly to each other, and over the past few weeks even flirting a lot as I check out. Though I don’t think she would ever act on any of our flirting, as its probably just done for being nice to her as a customer.

Going through her line today, I was the last one at the time. We chatted and flirted lightly as she scanned my items. Getting to the small jar of Vaseline she stopped.

“Oh and what are we doing with this?” she smiled as she scanned it through.

“Uhmm…not much,” I said stupidly, a little flustered.

“Not much you say? Well would you like some help doing more with it,” Stacy asked with a feint mischievous smile.

Did I hear her right? Did she really just come onto me like that? She did know I was single, we have been flirting a lot lately and who knows the last time she had a man of some sort. I know it hasn’t been any time recently according to what she’s said.

“Well…yes,” I said quietly, blushing a little bit.

“I get off at eight,” she replied smiling at me as she had to engage a new customer.

Walking out of the grocery store I couldn’t really believe what just happened. Was my fantasy going to come true? Or was she only joking and I would make myself look like an ass when I came back at the time she gets off work? Well I’ll find out soon and I walked back to my place contently.


As I walked back into the grocery store I saw her back which was easily recognizable with her hair and she was sitting at the bar connected to the self-serving soup area. I went up behind and sat on the stool next to her.

“So what’s for dinner?” I asked looking over at her.

“Wow Sam, you actually showed up,” she said looking back at me a bit startled. “Just a vegetable stir fry, but I’m done with it anyway.”

“You seem a little startled, I’m sorry if my coming here was…” I replied.

“No,” she replied with a smile. “While I may be a little surprised you took me up on my offer, I am quite pleasantly surprised. But let’s go, I’ve already clocked out.”

We got up from sitting at the soup bar and walked out the door. Her gray hair flowed softly over her shoulders and she wasn’t wearing her apron anymore and just had a white button work shirt on with top couple buttons undone. I noticed she had light freckles on her chest and her breasts were pushing out. Her nipples were even showing through just a bit, pushing through her bra, god that was a turn on.

“I just live down here a couple blocks,” she said pointing down the crosswalk. “So I hope you’ll be joining me for a glass of wine.”

“I’d love to,” I replied looking over at her smiling.

As we got to her apartment, she started rummaging around in her canvas bag for her keys. I took hold of her siirt escort wrist stopping her rummaging, looked in her eyes blue eyes and pulled her close to me meeting my lips to hers. Her lips were soft and sweet and she pushed into me after a moment of being startled. Our kiss lasted a few minutes before we pulled apart.

“Why don’t we go inside,” she whispered as we pulled our lips apart.

Stepping into her apartment, one could clearly tell that she was definitely an earth friendly person. Her place was clean but it had re-usable bags in one corner, a couple different types of recycling bins, hemp covered couch and a couple other things of the like.

I felt her tug on my arm as she closed the door behind us. Turning around, she pushed her self into me, pressing her soft mature body against my body as we started kissing passionately. Pushing her back against the wall, our bodies started pressing together firmly. My cock was getting rock hard as it pressed into her lower stomach. Her gentle mature hands found my back under my t-shirt and softly started massaging me. As my own hands wrapped around her I pressed my hips into her and could feel her pressing back. She wanted me and I wanted her, this was both shocking and amazing.

Breaking from our embrace, I started unbuttoning her shirt and removed her. Her breasts were full in her white bra. Her light skin accented well with her freckles on her chest. Pushing through her bra I could see her hard erect nipples. I started running my hand down her soft skin over her relatively flat stomach down to her belly button. Gently touching and running my hand back up and gently over her bra, grazing her nipples through it.

“Ooooohhhhh,” she breathed in sharply as my hand went over her breast.

“Do you like that?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes, you really have no idea,” she replied looking into my eyes. “I haven’t had a man for five years. No one has wanted me. Now to be wanted by you, a young attractive man who is so sensual and kind, is something I wouldn’t even had thought possible.”

I looked back at her, with a large smile. She pulled off my shirt as I then pushed into her, kissing passionately again. Reach behind her on her back, I unclasped her bra and slowly pulled down her straps. Moving our bodies apart again, she took off her bra and threw it to the side, revealing her shapely breasts. Her nipples were medium pink in color, about the size of a quarter and were sticking straight out, extremely hard. Her C cup breasts were soft, round and shapely. They sagged down a little bit but not very much at all.

“Oh, oh my god,” Stacy moaned as I ran my hand over her bare breasts, then gently touching and pinching her nipples, massaging her soft skinned breasts with my hands.

Then I pulled her close again, pressing her mature breasts into my chest. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed passionately rubbing our naked upper bodies together. Both of us started grinding our hips into each other, pressing my hard cock into her waist.

“Come over here,” she said as she dragged me toward her couch by the waistband of my jeans. Getting to the couch, she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Pulling them down, I stepped out of them as my hard cock was sticking out under my boxers.

“Oh my,” she said. “These are coming off now too.” Pulling my boxers down, revealing my hard cock.

“Oh please Stacy, please siirt escort bayan touch me,” I begged as she started at my hard cock sticking out at her as she pulled my boxers down the rest of the way.

“My god,” she breathed. “You’re so big, thick and hard. You’ve no idea how much I want you. Oh my god.”

She took my hard, thick cock in her elegant, soft mature hand and gently started stroking it slowly up and down, from the base all the way to the tip of my cock. With her other hand gently grasping my balls, giving them soft little squeezes.

“Mmmm, oh god that feels good,” I moaned as I smiled at her.

Pushing her down against the coach, I unbuttoned her pants. She was still wearing her black work pants, and as I unzipped them I gently pulled them down her legs and off. Her panties were flesh colored lace bikini style. For her mature body her legs were soft and shapely. I could see pubic hair underneath her panties though it was trimmed which honestly was a little surprising. I could tell that she was already really wet as her panties were darker with what looked like liquid around her pussy lips.

Pulling herself up to stand next to me, she pushed her almost naked body into mine, pressing her hips and pussy against my hard, thick cock. Wrapping her arms around me she held me tight and we started kissing passionately, with her grinding her hips into me. Breaking the embrace, she sat me down on her coach and stood in front of me looking into my eyes.

“Oh god Sam, I need you so bad, right now,” she said longingly as she slowly slipped her panties down and off.

Sitting there I stared at her gorgeous wet mature hairy pussy as she revealed it to me. She was nicely trimmed but still had quite a bit of hair. I didn’t mind though, it was just begging to be touched.

Looking back up at her as she kicked her panties away, she smiled back down at me. Her long curly earthy gray hair flowing over her shoulders as well as her incredibly attractive naked mature body staring back at me. She then straddled me, kneeling on the couch and slowly bringing her pussy down to line up with the tip of my hard thick cock. As she did that, I gently ran the tip of my cock along the wet slit of her pussy lips.

“Oh god Sam, I need you to fuck me so bad,” she breathed heavily. “I haven’t been fucked in so long.”

With that she slowly pushed her wet mature pussy down over the head of my cock. She was so wet that it just started to push in smoothly and slowly. As her pussy reached the base of my cock, she wiggled a bit and then started moving her pussy slowly back up and then back down.

Feeling the walls of her pussy grasp my hard cock was wonderful. For being 45 years old, her pussy was really tight and hugged my cock so nicely. God she felt so good as she started to slowly move up and down my shaft. As she continued going up and down, her pussy juices started leaking out and trickling down my cock and onto my balls.

“Stacy…yes…keep that up, you feel so, so amazing around my cock,” I moaned.

“God Sam I will, you’re so big and thick inside me. I love it. I could have you like this all day long.” She gasped in between her breathing.

Her motions up and down my hard thick cock increased as I started pushing my hips upward matching her movements. My hard cock pushing hard and deep into her wet throbbing mature pussy. She looked so escort siirt good riding my hard thick cock. Her head was thrown back with her long gray hair flowing down. Her large soft mature breasts were jiggling up and down as she bounced on my hard cock.

“Mmmm…oh god Stacy,” I moaned as I watched my hard cock wet with her pussy juices push in and out of her. I could feel it starting to expand and throb.

“Yess…mmmmm…” she groaned, lost in the moment.

I could feel her pussy gripping my thickening cock tight. Oh god it felt so good feeling her grasp on my cock as I pushed in and out of her. My balls were starting to contract as I pushed harder and deeper into her.

“Oh Sam…yes…oh fuck… I can feel you almost ready to cum. Oh please…” Stacy moaned. “Cum deep in me, unload your cum deep in my pussy!”

That put me over the edge as I couldn’t hold it any longer. I thrust my hard throbbing cock deep into her pussy, as far as it can go. She sat down on me hard, burrowing my cock deep into her wet hairy mature pussy and grinding into me as we both exploded in orgasm.

My hard cock deep inside of her started to spasm inside her contracting pussy walls, spraying my warm sticky cum deep into her mature pussy. She gyrated her hips on me as my hard thick cock continued to spray my cum into her, spasm after spasm.

“Mmmmm…” I groaned.

“Oh Sam,” she said as she moved her head back upright and looked down at me, still grinding her pussy on my cock. “Oh that felt so good, I didn’t know a fuck could feel so good.”

I smiled back up at her as I felt my cock not going down, and getting hard again. I gently started pushing it in her pussy slowly.

“Oh,” she said with her voice going up a bit a little startled. She started moving her wonderful mature pussy up and down my cock which was hardening again, this time right inside of her.

“I’m not going to be able to last long this time,” I smiled up at her, as I could already feel my cock thickening a little bit.

“Twice in one sitting? I couldn’t have dreamt for more,” she replied with a big smile.

She was moving her pussy up and down my hard thickening cock again. The cum that I had just unloaded into her mixed with her juices and was now pushing itself out of her pussy and was running down my cock creating a bit of a slopping fuck.

As she was riding me again, my hard cock really wasn’t going to last long at all this time. I could already feel my balls contracting and my cock thickening as it pumped in and out of her really wet mature pussy. Going in and out, my hard cock wet with our own cum went harder and faster into her has I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Oh god yes…cum deep in me again,” she moaned as she sat down on me hard and pressed her body into me. Pushing her soft breasts with hard nipples into my chest and kissing me as I erupted inside of her.

My cock started to spasm inside her again, shooting it’s cum deep into her pussy yet again. Not as much this time, but still a lot. We pushed our bodies together as my cock pushed my cum out and deep into her wet tight mature pussy.

As we both came down from our bliss, we collapsed into each others bodies and gave each other a nice long hard kiss.

“So how about that glass of wine?” Stacy asked breaking the kiss with a smile. She was probably a couple inches from my face as she said that, staring into my eyes with her deep blue eyes and her curly flowing gray hair going around her face. Her smile was radiating as she pushed her breasts into my chest.

“How about that glass of wine,” I stated flatly looking back into her eyes returning her great smile as she lifted herself off of me and the couch, pulling me up with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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