Eat the Seed Pt. 04

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Carl and I walked out of the strip club part of the Spice Warehouse, and into the porn store part. The place was busy. Surprisingly, it was full of mostly middle-aged couples. There were a few scattered individual women and men. I walked straight to the counter.

“Welcome back,” Marybeth said. “You fellows look like you lost your wives.”

Carl replied, “They just got done dancing next door, and decided to go off with a group of guys.”

“Lucky them,” she said. With a sly smile, she asked us, “You boys here for the booths to get a little relief?”

Carl and I looked at each other, and I piped up, “Yes we are. Twenty dollars worth of tokens each, please.”

Marybeth rang us up. “The booths are pretty busy tonight. Saturday night, you know. I’m positive you boys will have fun. Gladys is back there now, but her break is almost over.” The thought Gladys, the older clerk at the store, being in the video booths, sucking cock, made me grin.

But, alas, as we were walking into the hallway with the booths, Gladys came out. I could see cum streaking her face. She said hi as we passed.

Tonight, instead of going right like before, Carl and I turned left down the corridor. There were six guys and one women hanging out in the hall. I saw that many of the booths were occupied, as indicated by the red light above their doors.

As we walked down the hallway, we came upon the two big, black guys from the other night. “Hello again,” the first one said. We replied with greetings.

The second black guy asked, “Are your wives with you tonight?”

“No,” I said. “They went off with a group of guys after dancing next door.”

The second guy looked at the first guy and smiled. He also rubbed his cock through his shorts. I could clearly see its huge outline. “That’s a shame that we missed it. By the way, my name is Alan, and this is Fred.”

“Nice to meet you,” Carl said. We all shook hands. It was odd to shake hands with someone who my wife had sucked off.

Fred asked, “Any other lookers in the contest tonight?”

“A couple,” I answered. “There were also these two women I met last night. Older. They are from Colorado. Both said they were in that ‘Eat the Seed’ movie.”

“Wow,” Alan said. “That’s one of my favorites. Have you guys seen it?”

“We all watched part of it in the booths the other night when we met you,” I replied. “I liked it so much that I bought a copy.”

“It is great,” Alan said enthusiastically. “I wish I was part of the study.”

“Which part? Giving or receiving?” Carl shot back.

Alan and Fred looked at each other. “Maybe both,” Fred said hesitantly.

“Do you think that whole thing is legit? It seemed kinda fake,” I retorted.

“Well,” Alan admitted, “ever since I started taking about a dose a day, I have been feeling a lot better.”

“My sister and mother swear by it,” Fred said. “Both of them came out for the Winter Bang in January. They loved it. They were big hits.” Softly he said, “Not a lot of black women in town, so they were treated as exotic.” He laughed.

There was a long pause. Fred asked, “You guys come here for to get a little relief, or to give some relief?”

“Maybe a little of both,” Carl replied. This stunned me. I had come to get some relief not give some.

“Well,” Alan exclaimed, “booths sixteen and seventeen are open. Give those a try.” We thanked him and each of us entered a booth.

Sure enough, the booths had a gloryhole on each side. As opposed to the ones we were in the other night, the holes were perfectly lined up. It was incredibly hot in the booths. I began sweating immediately. I took off my shirt and lay it on the bench. I dropped coins in the machine and started flipping channels.

Carl said from the gloryhole to my right, “Let me know if you find anything good.”

I continued to change the channels. I stopped on one showing a petite brunette surrounded by a bunch of naked, beefy guys. She went from one man to the next sucking on them. No one came, but the tension was mounting. My dick was hard as a rock. I got naked but left my shoes on because the floor seemed a little dirty.

“Try channel 33,” I said to Carl.

“Awesome,” he said as watched it.

I heard a little bumping from the booth on my left. I looked down through the gloryhole and was surprised to see Jeremy, the young guy from the hot tub last night. He was totally naked, except for shoes. I could tell that he was getting fucked in the ass through his other gloryhole.

I bent down and started to talk to him. “Jeremy, it’s me, Ken, from the hot tub last night.”

He was totally into is ass fucking, but looked up to me and smiled. “Oh, hi,” he said through grunts. He was really slamming up against the other wall. His hand was on his cock. He grinned as he thrust more violently. Pausing, his face contorted and I saw him cum all over his stomach and down his legs. After which he relaxed. Slowly he pulled away from the other wall.

Regaining a little composure, he said to me, “I got to get my three doses of seed a day. escort bayan My wife insists. Actually,” he said in a hush voice, “this is load number six for me. Don’t tell her.”

“I won’t,” I said. “Is she here tonight?”

“No, she was feeling tired,” Jeremy explained.

That was too bad, I thought.

“You here to get a dose of seed too?”

“Nah,” I replied. “Maybe leave some seed.”

“You should try receiving. It is really good for you, I swear. Plus it is a lot of fun. I like the control and the mystery here at the booths.” He paused then continued, “I’d offer you some of mine, but I just came, plus I left my first load in some big, black guy’s butt.” Jeremy laughed.

Fred or Alan, I thought.

“Well, I gotta get back to the little woman.” Jeremy got his clothes back on, and left the booth.

I returned my attention back to the screen. The final guy had shot his load the brunette’s open mouth. She swallowed it all. She stood up, and walked to a shower. She slowly disrobed. That’s when I got a shock when it was revealed that it wasn’t a woman; it was a man. Albeit a very womanly man.

“Holy shit!” I said out loud, and bent down to talk to Carl about it. That’s when I got my second shock; Carl, now naked, was sucking on a cock through the gloryhole. At least it looked like he was, but his head blocked the view.

“How’s it going?” I asked with a snicker.

Carl, very nonchalantly turned his head and looked at me. In his right hand was a huge, black cock. I could see it was shiny from saliva. “Pretty good. Fun movie,” he said pointing at the screen.

“And that?” I nodded to the dick.

“Gotta be Alan or Fred. Pretty fuckin’ huge, don’t you think?”

Here was my friend of many years, sucking on a cock with all the relaxed demeanor of trying a new beer. “Um,” I hesitated, “you really are taking the advice of the doctor in ‘Eat the Seed’ to heart. Or mouth.”

He laughed, “Yeah. When in Rome.” And he returned to cock.

All the while I was sitting there talking to him, I was stroking my dick. I could not believe it, but I was really turned on. The heat in the booth seemed to rise.

I continued to rub my cock as I turned my attention back to the videos. I changed channels but all I found was gay movies. We must have wandered down the gay movie hall. It dawned on me to leave, but my dick was rock hard, I was naked, and I really did not want to leave the booth. I eventually settled on a story set in a locker room. The towel boy, who sort of looked a like me, was being teased by the jocks. Eventually they made them suck on their big cocks.

My mind drifted back to my friend in the next booth. I bent over at the waist and looked through the gloryhole. Carl was really going to town on the cock. Eventually he paused. I could not see, but I assumed the guy came. After a twenty seconds, Carl sat back up on the bench. The cock was gone and Carl had a very contented look on his face.

He spotted me looking at him. “I’ve always dreamed of doing that. I never had the courage until today. Man, ‘Eat the Seed’ was right; I feel exhilarated.” I stared at his cock that he was stroking. “Were you watching me the whole time?”

“No, just for a little while,” I sheepishly admitted.

“I can’t believe I just sucked a cock,” Carl smiled. “And let him cum in my mouth! And a big, black one, at that.”

“I can’t believe it either,” I said. “You looked like you were really into it.”

“I can’t believe how good it felt. I’ve jerked off a ton, but this one felt like steel wrapped in velvet. You know how good it feels when your head is in your wife’s mouth? Well it felt just as good to give as well as get.”

Maybe it was the booze. Maybe it was the heat in the booth. It was probably the sexual energy, but I was horny as hell.

“Find any good movies?” Carl asked.

Looking over my shoulder, I said, “Channel 2. Some locker room movie.”

Carl switched stations. “Doesn’t that look like fun?”

I sat back on the bench and watched the movie for a minute or so.

I looked again in Carl’s booth. A smaller, white cock came through his gloryhole. Carl just winked at me and bent down to capture the cock in his mouth. He shifted sideways a bit so I could see what he was doing.

“Fun stuff, Ken. You should try one.” Carl went to town on the cock.

My eyes returned to the locker room movie. The towel boy was now getting it from both end—a cock in his mouth, and one in his ass. He was jerking off two more cocks. I suddenly felt jealous of the actor.

Carl’s face appeared in my hole. I could see tension in his face. He let out a little gasp.

“Are you okay, buddy?”

“Fine,” he panted. “Just had to get it all in.”

Oh my god, Carl was taking a cock in his ass! All I could do was sit there and watch him gasp with pleasure. In a short time, he started gyrating more and more. Eventually he stopped.

“That was even better. All those times Jill fucked me with a dildo were nothing like this. Having a real one in my ass is so much better. escort ankara Ahhh, I can feel him cumming in my butt. It feels so goooood!”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Looks like you’ve got the one for yourself,” Carl said with a smile.

I looked over to the other gloryhole and saw a huge, hard, black cock sticking through it.

“Your turn, Ken,” Carl said with encouragement. I hesitated. “Come on, it’s fun. I think you’ll like it.”

Slowly my hand crept toward the cock. I grabbed it tentatively. Carl was right, it felt so different than mine. So hard and so huge.

Carl continued, “Put it in your mouth.”

I was hypnotized by the entire situation. I bent down to get a closer look at this huge, black cock. As I was rubbing it, a drop of pre-cum formed on its head.

Carl must have seen it too, for he told me, “Lick off that pre-cum. Do it!”

I did it. I have tasted cum before. In fact, I might have tasted this guy’s cum before. Jill had snowballed me the other night here at the booths with either Alan or Fred’s cum. My tongue danced across the mushroom head of the cock. I put what I could in my mouth.

“How does it taste?” Carl asked.

I was surprised at the taste, and truthfully answered, “Good. Really good.” I put it back my mouth.

“Let me see you do it.”

I shifted to the side so Carl could see. That is when I noticed he had out his phone and was taking video of me. I merely smiled for the camera.

“You bastard. I’ll get you for this,” I said almost with a laugh. “Two can play at this game. I take some good pictures of you with your next cock.”

“Too late,” he moaned. “Number two going in me now.”

I continued to suck the faceless cock while Carl took more pictures, albeit while he was distracted.

“I sent a few to Jill and Emma.”

“What?” I said. “You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t. I would be so humiliated.” I stroked the black cock.

“Maybe I did send them. Maybe I didn’t.”

I returned to sucking the cock before me. I upped my tempo and felt the head grow. I knew he was about to shoot. This was the moment I could have stopped, or gone on and let the guy cum in my mouth. I went on. It was a ton of cum. I have read that most guys shoot about a teaspoon. This was more than a tablespoon! I could barely keep it all in mouth. I had to swallow three times to clear my tongue. I licked the head a few more times before it was pulled back out of the gloryhole. I sat back up on the bench.

I could not believe I just did that. I sucked a cock. A big, black cock. I love my wife and I love her pussy. I love tits. But this was fun. My mind was racing.

I looked over at Carl. He was still getting fucked. I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera. I moved over to the gloryhole between me and my friend and stuck my cock in front of it. Carl grabbed it. Slowly he pulled it to his mouth started sucking. Since my dick was through the hole, I could not take any pictures.

Slowly, Carl went up and down on my cock. After a short period of time, he stopped. I pulled back and sat down. I looked over at him.

“Sorry man,” he said. “It was fun, but I was starting to stiffen up due my position.”

I took a long breath, and relaxed for a moment. When I glanced over to gloryhole to my left, another cock was sticking through it. This one was white and normal sized—about 6 inches. I didn’t even hesitate as put it in my mouth. Once again, Carl was taking my picture with his phone.

After a few minutes, my friend said, “You should try it up your butt. It feels great.” I paused and stared at him. “Come on,” he continued. “You know you want to do it.”

He was right; I did want to do it. I backed off the cock and stood up. Slowly, I moved my ass toward the gloryhole. I felt the faceless cock bump up against my ass. Bending over, I reached through my legs to grab the dick, but it was gone. A hand started caressing my ass. It moved to my asshole, and began to massage the outside of it. I let out a little moan.

The fingers disappeared for a moment then returned with some sort of lube for my ass. He rubbed it all around it, and slowly dipped a finger then two inside me. It felt wonderful.

The fingers withdrew, and backed my butt up flush with wall. His cock slowly entered me. It felt a little painful at first, but slowly it turned into pleasure. Once he got all the way in me, he slowly started to saw in and out. It felt better and better. I closed my eyes and let the sensation increase. His tempo quickened until I felt him pause. I could feel his cock head grow larger, and feel his cum shoot inside me.

Slowly he withdrew. I remained with my butt against the wall. I did feel a lot better. Maybe there was something to “Eat the Seed”.

Looking through the gloryhole, I could see Carl sucking on another cock. I was about to sit down on the bench when I felt another cock start poking my butt. All the other guy’s cum was acting as a lubricant. He slid right in me. Again it felt wonderful.

Carl was really going to town on the other ankara escort bayan guy. Eventually he stopped. He sat on the bench and looked at me. I could see cum splattered all over his face. He said, “That guy still going at it with you?”

“No,” I grunted. “This is number two.”

Carl smiled, stood up, and pushed his cock through the gloryhole. I was face to face with my friend’s dick. I put it in my mouth. I rolled the head around with my tongue. Carl pulled back. He shuffled around, and faced me. I knew he was taking a third cock in his ass.

As the guy continued to fuck my ass, I said, “I never would have thought in a million years that the two of us would be doing this. And enjoying it.”

“Tell me about it,” my friend said. “We gotta become subjects of that study. This is too much fun.”

I agreed. The guy in my butt came forcefully. After, I pulled back from the wall. I sat down, feeling the cum escape from my ass.

After a few moments, another big cock appeared through my gloryhole. I decided he was too big for my ass, but just right for sucking. I licked it all up and down , and massaged his balls. I was jerking it while glancing back at Carl. He was taking some pictures of me.

Suddenly, the huge cock erupted. I was too late to capture all of it in my mouth, and it sprayed all over my face. I managed to get it past my lips after 3 huge squirts. I swallowed the rest and licked him clean. I was a mess.

The next half hour or so was a blur. I sucked off four more guys, and got fucked by three. Carl did about the same. My tokens ran out at the same time as Carl’s. I finished sucking off my last cock then got dressed. Through my entire experience in the booth, I had not cum. I paused on that thought, and found it remarkable. I guess I was too occupied to take care of myself.

Carl and I exited our booths at the same time. We were greeted in the hall by five guys including Fred and Alan. They gave as some polite applause.

Fred said to us, “Well done, gents. Good job. Looks like you guys know how to eat the seed.” I grinned sheepishly.

Both my friend and I were a mess. Our faces were covered in cum. Alan took our picture with his phone. Much later I learned that he had printed it out, and placed on the Spice Factory’s Wall of Fame board.

Carl and I stumbled back to the hotel. We did not say much on the way other than agreeing it was a good time. We wondered aloud what our wives were doing.

Even though we were all sticky, we did not take a shower when we got back to our room. I took off my clothes and Carl did too. We grabbed a drink and sat down in front of the television. Carl hooked up his laptop and we started to go through some of the closed-circuit footage of the indoor hot tub. He had downloaded everything off the tv’s disk that he could find. He had almost one hundred hours of footage. It was not very high resolution, but it was passable.

We were so enthralled with the program that we did not hear our wives enter.

“Well, well, well,” Jill said. “What have we here? Two naughty boys jerking off to porn.”

Carl quickly turned off his computer. I felt embarrassed.

I looked over Jill and Emma; they were a mess. Their hair was out of place, as were their clothes. I swear each of their faces had cum on it.

“How was your private party?” I asked.

“Fun. Exciting,” Emma answered.

“But Honey,” Jill said in a mock voice, “all that dancing has made me horny.”

“Me too,” Emma chimed. “My pussy needs some attention.”

Carl and I grinned at each other. I reached for my wife’s hand with the hope of leading her to the bedroom. Instead, she grabbed me. She walked me over to the middle of the floor and lay me down. Emma did the same with Carl.

Our wives stripped off their skirts. Their underwear was gone. I could see that my wife’s pussy was not only covered with cum, it was leaking cum.

Jill and Emma lowered their pussies on to our mouths. “Eat me,” Jill ordered.

I did as I was told. I could taste some other man’s cum in my wife’s pussy. It tasted really good. My wife rocked back and forth on my face. More cum came pouring out of her. I paid close attention to her clit and she came violently. Jill gyrated on my face for most of minute and until she dismounted. Emma came shortly after Jill.

The women rested in chairs, while Carl and I sat on the floor. “How about us?” I asked.

Emma said, “Jill and I were talking about this. We’ve got a special treat for you.”

The women walked over to us and got down on their knees, facing our cocks. But instead of Jill being in front me, it was Emma. Jill was in front of Carl. The women began to suck on us. It felt wonderful. Emma was not as good as Jill, but it still felt good.

Having not cum all night, it did not take long before I erupted in Emma’s mouth. I swear it was the hardest I have ever cum, and probably the most too. She took it all in, not missing a drop. Jill did the same to my friend.

The women switched places and moved up to kiss us. That is when I noticed that Jill had not swallowed Carl’s cum. She kissed me hard, and our mouths opened. I felt and tasted all of Carl’s cum go into my mouth. Jill was being so forceful that I had to swallow it. Emma was doing the same to her husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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