Editing Reailty Book 3, Chapter 03: Naughty Fertile Edits

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Editing Reality

Book Three: Naughty Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Three: Naughty Fertile Edits

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

The beeping of my phone drew me out of sleep. I blinked my eyes as I sat up in bed, two figures on either side of me. My daughter Sam clung to my right side, her lithe body pressed against me, small breasts rising and falling against my flesh. Linda lay with her supple back facing me, the soft curve of her rump pressing against my hip.

I blinked my eyes and glanced at the clock. Midnight.

I shook my head. That must be my editing app letting me know I had new uses. Twelve now. It felt like so many after using only three a day for weeks. Twelve. I’d need six of those to edit Rainier today, but that left me six others to play with. I wanted to hold off on editing the town. I wanted to speak to my family. I’d come clean with James and Sam, and when I saw Becky at church in about nine hours, I’d let her know.

Sam squeezed tight to me. I had made a promise to her. She wanted to keep that sexy body while being continuously bred. I wasn’t one to think a woman should be barefoot and pregnant, but it was her choice. If she wanted to do it, how could I say no?

I reached over Sam to grab my phone. She mewled in her sleep, her right thigh sliding over my left. I smiled as I picked up my phone from beside my wife’s. I swiped the screen. It didn’t make a sound. I had put it on silence, I hated the constant beeping of notifications. The blue screen bathed my face. I winced against the sudden brightness and blinked my eyes until they adjusted.

Then I opened the app.

Two figures appeared at the foot of my bed, my two angels. They were always lurking around me, only able to be seen when I had the app open, but they couldn’t interact with anything unless I paused time. And I had to do that to edit.

I switched to editing mode.

“Mmm, what are you up to?” asked Anael.

“Do you need our guidance?” asked Jophiel, her tone refined and thoughtful.

“Just editing my daughter. And probably a few others.” I shifted to get comfortable as I opened Sam’s profile.

Sam Davies (Previously Edited by Player One)

• Physical

• Mental

• Spiritual

My daughter appeared naked on the screen, looking almost like a character creation screen in one of those video games Sam or James played. Her breasts were small and delicious, her arms at her side, her pussy shaved and tight. Red hair fell short about her cute and mischievous face.

Any changes I made would appear here.

I navigated through the menu, opening the Physical Menu and then the Skin Sub-Menu.


• Melanin Level

• Blemishes

• Body Hair

I studied the options and hit the Blemish Sub-Menu.


• Scars

• Moles

• Wrinkles

I didn’t normally get into this area of the menu. I clicked on Wrinkles Sub-Menu and studied the options it. Listed were not only the few wrinkles my eighteen-year-old daughter currently had, found at the joints in the arms and legs mostly, but where she would form more wrinkles in the future. Crows feet. Worry lines. Stretch marks. It was time to fix that.

My daughter would never get stretch marks from pregnancy. Her skin would be fair and beautiful.

“He’s getting hard,” Anael whispered.

“I can see that,” Jophiel answered, her voice tight.

“Is it getting you wet like me?”

I ignored their whispering as I backed out to the Physical Menu and clicked on the Torso Sub-Menu.


• Muscle Tone

• Fat Deposits

• Nipples

• Breasts

• Bellybutton

• Organs

I ***********ed the Nipple Sub-Menu.


• Areola Size

• Nipple Size

• Sensitivity

I went to work, locking in her nipple size and areola size so they wouldn’t grow with her pregnancy. My daughter wanted to maintain her figure, and I would ensure that then… I couldn’t help myself. I increased the sensitivity of her nipples. Not much, just upping it a smidge so she could enjoy herself more.

Next, her breasts.


• Size

• Shape

• Tone

• Lactation

I modified her cute tits so they would always be perky and small. They wouldn’t grow larger with her pregnancy. I smiled at seeing the Lactation option. I clicked it and found a slider that ran from no milk to an abundance. That was interesting. Sam had no milk right now, but that would change. I didn’t see the need to do make her lactate now, but it was an interesting fact.

I backed out to the man Physical Menu again, working fast. I scanned down and found the Groin Sub-Menu.


• Vagina

• Clitoris

• Ovaries

• Pubic Hair

• Hips

I tapped the screen on her Vagina Sub-Menu.


• Labia size

• Sensitive

• Depth

• Tightness

• Cervical Mucus

I went to work ensuring she stayed tight after her pregnancy, keeping her labia that nice tight look, fresh and virginal, and increased the flow of her cervical mucus. I grimaced at that. Pussy juices, sweet cream, or feminine passion sounded so much better than the clinical term. Lastly, I gave her a bit more sensitivity.

She’d have great orgasms.

I sighed. There were so many options. It was easy to miss something. I wished I’d given my wife this, though she had plenty of sensation.

“My Lord?” Jophiel asked as I mulled that over. I had all the things I promised to do for Sam, but was there anything else? Anything I was missing?

“Yes,” I asked absently, backing out to the main menu and looking at the three main options: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

“May I ride your cock, my Lord?” Jophiel asked, her voice tight. The angel sounded embarrassed and yet… There was a catch in her voice that drew my attention.

I glanced at the busty angel. My eyes had adjusted to the light from my phone. I could see the angel’s large breasts swaying as she knelt on the foot of the bed. Beside her, Anael was lounging, the petite angel looking wicked.

“Sure,” I said. I hadn’t edited Sam, so I could think about any other changes. Maybe something would come to me while I was enjoying Jophiel. A way to make my daughter special.

“Go on,” Anael said, pushing her forward. “You can do it.”

Jophiel crawled forward, her large breasts swayed and jiggled with her every movement. Her black hair fell about her face, her topaz eyes glowing in my phone’s screen. I set it to the side, my dick swelling harder and harder. How to make my daughter special…

Some way to let her have fun. Something she would agree.

Anael smacked Jophiel’s ass. “Come on, lovely, get a move on. You’re going to enjoy riding his cock He’s got a great one. Don’t be afraid. It’s not like he can breed you. We’re angels.”

“Better not let Sam know that,” I said. “She’s thrilled that I bred her friends and…” I glanced at my daughter. She wanted to be bred by me a lot. She seemed to have a kinky fixation on it. Was there something I could give her?

Just as my thoughts went down that road, Jophiel grabbed my cock. She stroked my hard dick up and down as she moved into place. Her topaz eyes had this glimmer in them. A hint of trepidation. She had this virginal air about her. She was an immortal angel and…

“You’ve never had sex?” I asked her.

She shook her head. “I mean, not until Anael did… things to me.”

“She’s not obsessed with sex like I am,” said Anael. “I’m a bit of an outlier for angels. We all have our spheres that we pour all our energy into. Hers is knowledge.”

“It’s an important field,” said Jophiel.

“So’s fucking.” Anael hugged Jophiel from behind and grabbed her breasts. “Without it, no more living creatures. It’s a magical act. The male and female uniting into one, forming a new life. When a man’s cumming in his woman, in that one moment, the two halves of Creation are united together. Humans brush the spiritual at that moment. Luckily for them, you can get that rush even if there’s no breeding going on. Even if you’re not uniting the two halves but grinding together the same sides, right, Jophiel?”

She pinched the busty angel’s nipples.

“Yes,” groaned Jophiel. “We experienced such majesty when we… we had sex.”

“Fucked,” Anael said. “You can say it.”

“It’s such a vulgar word,” the busty angel protested, her hand bringing my cock to her hairless pussy. She pressed it against her hot vulva. I gasped at the feel of her hot lips.

A virginal angel. She was thousands and thousands of years old. Older. She was around from before creation. I groaned at the feel of her maidenhead. Her angelic hymen guarding the entrance to her pussy.

“You don’t have to do this,” I told her, staring up into her eyes.

“I want to love you, my Lord, in every way.” Her topaz eyes hardened. “I am yours, my Lord.”

She impaled her cunt down my cock. I groaned, my voice echoing around the room. My sleeping wife and daughter lay frozen around me, this moment paused. We had all eternity to enjoy this moment. I groaned as her pussy engulfed my dick.

That hot and wonderful angelic pussy slid down my cock. I groaned as Jophiel’s pure flesh sank lower and lower. She took me to the hilt. Her breast jiggled in Anael’s hand. She threw back her head and moaned out in passion.

“My Lord!” she gasped.

“Mmm, that’s it,” groaned Anael. She nibbled on Jophiel’s ear. “Isn’t it the best to be united with Steve?”

“I’m honored,” moaned Jophiel. Her voice was throaty. She raised her pussy up my cock, her thighs flexing. I grabbed her legs. I massaged her as she slammed down my cock again. Her pussy gripped me, that silky glide feeling heavenly. “Oh, yes, I am honored, my Lord.”

“Ride him,” moaned Anael. “Just work that tight cunt on his dick.”

“Cunt?” gasped Jophiel, her pussy squeezing Ankara escort on me as she rose up my shaft again.

“Yep, your hot and naughty cunt.” Anael squeezed Jophiel’s big boobs. “Just work it. Enjoy it. That cock will make you cum harder than I did.”

I smiled at Anael while that amazing pussy worked up and down my cock. The angel wiggled her hips, stirring her juicy pussy around my cock as she rode me. I massaged her legs, kneading her flexing muscles. Her pussy gripped me. The silky friction burned around my cock.

The pleasure surged through me. She worked faster and faster. Her breasts jiggled in Anael’s grip. Jophiel looked just delicious. I groaned as she worked her pussy. Her eyes stared down at me with these topaz eyes blazing bright.

“Yes, that’s it,” Anael moaned. “He’s loving it.”

“Are you, my Lord?” asked Jophiel with such sincerity.

“More than you could know,” I groaned. Her pussy clung to me as she rode me faster. Her juicy flesh slid up and down my cock, massaging me. The pressure built. “You feel fantastic.”

A smile spread on Jophiel’s lips, the seriousness fading from her. She leaned forward ever so subtly. She planted her hands on my chest and squeezed her pussy around my cock as she rose up, increasing that heavenly friction.

“You love my… my cunt sliding up and down your cock, my Lord?” the angel asked, blushing bright.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “Work that cunt on my cock. Just polish my dick. You love it. You’re going to explode on me, aren’t you?”

“Uh-huh, my Lord,” she nodded, her pussy squeezing around me. “I’m going to spasm and writhe on you. Ooh, you feel so good in me, my Lord.”

“So do you,” I groaned. “And around me.”

She grinned at me.

“That’s it,” panted Anael. “Work that angelic cunt. Make him explode in you. That’s why you got that pussy. Use it. Enjoy it.”

“I am!”

Jophiel’s expression grew more and more wild as she worked her pussy faster and faster up and down my dick. Her eyes grew glossy. Her moans echoed through the paused bedroom. I slid my hands up and down her thighs. I rubbed her skin, savoring this moment. This passion. She felt incredible on my cock.

Her moans built with the pressure at the tip of my cock. My balls tightened as her pussy squeezed around me. She massaged my dick with that angelic cunt. Her hair swung about her face. She gasped and moaned and shuddered. Her pussy slammed down my cock, taking me to the hilt.

“That’s it,” purred Anael. “Just explode on her. Just cum on that big dick. You’re going to love it. And he’s going to love it more.”

“You will, my Lord?” gasped Jophiel, her topaz eyes falling on me. She slammed down my cock, leaning over further. Her fingernails scratched at my chest. “Oh, yes, yes! My Lord!”

Her pussy went wild around my cock. Her face burst with passion. Anael grinned with such wicked delight over the cumming angel’s shoulders. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her pussy. Her flesh rippled up and down my shaft, sucking at me.

She rose up my shaft and then slammed down my cock again. Her breasts heaved in Anael’s hands. Jophiel’s whimpers were so beautiful. My balls tightened. Her eyes locked onto mine, begging as she moaned out her wordless pleasure.

“You’ve earned this bliss,” I groaned. “Savor it, Jophiel.”

“My Lord!” she howled.

Her pussy convulsed around my cock. The tip of my dick throbbed and ached. And then I exploded. It burst out of me. This amazing pleasure rushed out of my cock. It spurted and spilled into her pussy. Stars burst across my vision.

“Yes!” I snarled, my fingers gripping her thighs as my jizz erupted into her.

Pleasure hammered my mind. That wonderful ecstasy surged through me. It felt so amazing. Jophiel almost glowed with her bliss, shining bright with her rapture. I bathed in it like she had an aura around her and…

An aura…

Her pussy drained my cock as this amazing pleasure surged through me. She drained the last of my cum from my balls as I glanced at my daughter. At her lips. They were such kissable lips even when she was in sleep.

“I have inspired an idea in you, my Lord,” groaned Jophiel, her voice purring with pleasure.

“Yes, you have.”

“Mmm, that just makes this feel even better.” The angel leaned down. “May I kiss you, my Lord? I am feeling affectionate.”

I grabbed her hair and pulled her down. She kissed me, her breasts pillowed into my chest. Her lips were sweet and gentle. I stroked down her back. I grabbed her rump. I kneaded her butt-cheeks as I savored this.

She broke the kiss. “I love you, my Lord.”

“Mmm, and I am coming to enjoy you,” I said. “You’re not as bratty as some angels I know.”

“Hey!” Anael said. “If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be just sleeping with your wife and wasting all your edits on just helping people.”

“Doesn’t she just have a one-track mind?” I asked Jophiel.

“So I noticed, my Lord.” Jophiel smiled. Then she rose and grabbed my phone. She handed it back to me. “Please, my Lord, let us witness what my passion inspired.”

Sam liked breeding. What if her kiss made a woman fertile and want to be bred? That the next man the woman kissed would give her a miracle. I liked the idea. Sam would have fun with it. So I went to her Physical Menu and went to her Head Sub-Menu.


• Fat deposits

• Eyes

• Mouth

• Vocal Chords

• Cheekbones

• Nose

• Ears

• Hair

• Chin

I hoped this would work as I clicked on her Mouth Sub-Menu.


• Lips Hue

• Lips Plumpness

• Teeth

• Tongue Length

• Taste Acuity

I clicked through the various options, but I didn’t see any them that would work for my idea. I called it Fertile Lips and then went in and added what that meant. I put in the conditions of what her kiss would trigger if she willed it.

“Oh, my, that is naughty,” Jophiel said, leaning over to stare down at the phone, reading what I was typing upside down.

“What, what?” Anael asked. “Are you saying Jophiel inspired you to do something naughty, my Lord?”

“Yes,” I said as I backed out and switched over to the Mental Menu.


• Knowledge

• Personality

• Intellect

• Illness

“Then I’ve thoroughly corrupted her and prepared her for your service, my Lord.” Anael hugged Jophiel tight. “We’ve been having sex all around you. Just all over your house and bedroom.”

Jophiel’s cheeks blushed bright.

I grinned and opened Sam’s Knowledge Sub-Menu.


• Physical Skills

• Artistic Skills

• Sexual Skills

• Memory

And the Physical Skill Sub-Menu.

Physical Skills

• Talents

• Deletion

• Revision

• Addition

I added a new talent.

• Fertile Kisser: Sam Davies has learned the ability to trigger ovulation with a woman that will ensure she is impregnated on her next sexual encounter with a man. Sam discovered this ability in her dream. She knows that Steve Davies taught this skill to her. She can control it when she kisses, deciding when to use her ability.

Jophiel squirmed on my cock, sending a delicious pleasure through me.

Now it was time for one last thing. My favorite part of the editing app. It was located beneath the Spiritual Menu.


• Sexuality

• Faith

• Morality

• Social

I clicked on the Social Sub-Menu.


• Charisma

• Awareness

• Relationships

• Mores

People didn’t have the Aura Sub-Menu, but you could get that same result with the Relationship Sub-Menu by adding a global effect. There was more to this world than the physical. The Spiritual Menu let you do things that couldn’t be explained. It seemed to affect people’s souls, affecting their perception, their thoughts, their actions and morals. A list of her relationships popped up with me at the top followed by her mother, Becky, and her three friends.

At the top of her Relationship Sub-Menu, I edited in:

• Women know Sam Davies is an amazing kisser and desire to be kissed by her. Women will not say no to being kissed but will be eager for the delight.

• No one grows jealous if they see a romantic partner or significant other kissing Sam Davies. Instead, they are happy the women had the experience.

• Women who are kissed by Sam Davies know they will be bred with the next man they sleep with and are eager for it.

I loved this edit. Sam would be so happy. I hit the COMPILE button. The two options popped up.




I clicked yes and reality rippled. It washed around us, sweeping over Sam. I didn’t notice any change in her posture or her look, so I didn’t mess anything up. That was good. There was always this fear in me, the dread that I would permanently ruin someone. I almost did with Kyleigh, the first person I ever edited.

Sam done, I started thinking about other people I could edit. I had five more uses before I was done today. I thought about my other daughter, Becky. She was sleeping at her friend’s house, in bed with Tonya and her mother. The new Becky had become so much like her mother, bi and wanting to seduce women. To have fun with them or to bring them back to my bed so she could share them with me.

I wanted to give her a gift, too.

I headed into her menu, navigating to find her Breasts Sub-Menu. I made her breasts to be always busty and large, but also perky. I increased her nipple sensitivity and decided to make them a little larger, nice and fat and wonderful to suckle on. She would have orgasms just from breast play, lucky girl.

Then I opened up her Relationship Sub-Menu.

• Becky Davies’s breasts are irresistible to women. When they see them clothed, it excites them. When they see them naked, they want to play and fondle and suckle on them. Women will not resit if Becky Davies offers to let them touch her breasts.

Ankara escort bayan • Women who touch Becky Davies breasts, no matter how straight, will grow aroused and will think about lesbian sex with Becky Davies. They will be eager to have a sexual experience with Becky Davies.

• Romantic partners and significant others of women who are seduced by Becky Davies do not feel jealous nor think it is weird. They are merely happy that their women had a lesbian experience with Becky Davies.

I did a few other tweaks, similar to what I did with Sam to keep Becky looking sexy all her life. Then I compiled her and switched over to my last child James. I did not look too close at the naked image of my son on the side of the screen as I pondered what to do with him.

“Suggestions?” I asked my angels.

“Let him get laid more,” said Anael. “I know he enjoys those girlfriends you made him, but they’re fun girls and don’t mind sharing him, and he deserves to get at least half as much pussy as his daddy, my Lord.”

“Anael!” gasped Jophiel. “Must you be so vulgar.”

“You’re right,” said Anael. “Your son deserves as much cunt as he wants to enjoy, my Lord. Better?”

Jophiel sighed.

That wasn’t a bad idea. I went through his physical menu, tweaking him to have the physical stamina to enjoy them if he wanted. He would have a lot of fun. He would stay strong and handsome in his own nerdy way. I could fix his vision, but glasses fit my son. Then I went to the Relationship Sub-Menu.

• Women are attracted to James Davies and will be more than willing to have sexual relations with him. If they are in a relationship, they won’t form any romantic attachments.

• The romantic partners and significant others of the women seduced by James do not feel any jealousy nor any humiliation for being a cuckold. They are merely happy for their women for experiencing pleasure with James.

“This needs something more,” I said, tapping my lip. Then I smiled. James wasn’t looking to have a harem. I chased an idea. He loved his girls and how could I spread that to other women and…

I found the perfect idea.

• Single women know that if they sleep with James, they will find their true love. Their souls will be drawn to the person that will be perfect for them to love. Their soul mate.

“That is something special, my Lord,” Jophiel said. “You will make so many women happy.”

“And their partners,” I said as I hit COMPILE and then YES.

Three left… Who should I edit? James’s girlfriends. They could have their own abilities. Or what about Sam’s three friends. The ones who were sleeping downstairs in the living room. While we had our fun upstairs, they were enjoying all the created girls in the house, a naughty lesbian orgy. They were all pregnant with my children and…

They were all pregnant with my children. Shouldn’t I take care of them? What if I made them not my wife but… my concubines. Like King Solomon. He had wives and concubines.

I grinned and went to work editing the girls. I opened up the Spiritual Menu and clicked on their Relationship Sub-Menu. I increased their attraction to me and added in their desire to be my concubine. I went back and forth, tweaking their bodies. Increasing their sensitivity, giving them the same tweaks as my daughters. Then I thought about gifts to give them. Unique things.

For Tammy, I went to her Breasts Sub-Menu and increased the size of her tits. I made them nice and plump, but perky. Then I opened her Lactation Sub-Menu and took the slider from the left side, No Milk, to the right, Bountiful Milk.

For Rita, I went to her Relationship Sub-Menu and added in that she projects happiness where she goes. Peoples moods just increased when they were around her. Things wouldn’t seem so bad.

For Courtney, I opened up her Physical Skill Sub-Menu and edited in that she was a master masseuse. She knew all the different techniques to give the most relaxing massages. Then I added a relationship that made her mere touch relax someone. While she would relieve stress with a simple handshake, she would make you go to Nirvana with her massage.

I hit COMPILE, happy with my edits.

I closed the app, Anael and Jophiel vanishing, and set my phone down as time resumed. Sam snuggled up against me again, able to move. I put my arm around her and closed my eyes. My wife rolled over in her sleep, her arm going across my chest. I held two of my women as I drifted off to sleep.


Sam Davies

I woke up from a magical dream and… I felt different.

I blinked as I glanced at Daddy. He was already moving, slapping the alarm clock that had awoken us all out of sleep. I shuddered as I sat up with him, my firm breasts jiggling. “You gave me magic lips?”

“Yes, I did,” he said. “And all your other requests, too.”

“Magic lips?” Mom asked. She sounded groggy. She sat up, her auburn hair a tangled mess.

“Yep.” I leaned across Daddy and planted a hot kiss on her lips. A tingle rushed through me as I unleashed my new powers upon her. This wicked thrill washed through my body. My pussy clenched as I shuddered.

Mom leaned back. She licked her lips and had this strangest look on her face. “Why do I feel like the next guy I have sex with will breed me? Oh, wow, and now I’m horny.”

“Because you will be.” I grinned at her. “Go ride Daddy’s cock.”

“Honey, I can’t have any more kids,” Linda said. “I had issues after you were born.”

“Well, Daddy changed things,” I said. “Why didn’t you ever fix her, Daddy?”

“I didn’t think she wanted any more kids,” he protested.

“I didn’t,” Mom said. “Only now I do and…” She glared at our daughter. “You’re going to have to do double duty helping with your child and your new sibling.”

“Deal!” I grinned. “Now”—I grabbed Daddy’s cock—“go for a ride! Let’s both do that.” Then a new idea popped into my head. “No, no. I’ll ride you and Daddy… Daddy will take you hard.”

Mom gave me a curious look while I giggled.

Daddy shifted around, arching an eyebrow at me. I grinned at him, so excited that I would get to maintain my sleek and lithe figure while giving Daddy all the babies in the world. I shuddered, feeling so ready to be his tomboy breeder.

What a kinky idea.

I pushed Mom down onto her back and licked my lips. This incestuous rush ran through me. I wanted to watch her get bred by Daddy. I straddled her face and lowered my juicy pussy to her hungry lips.

I planted my cunt right on Mom’s mouth. I savored the feel of her lips against my vulva. That naughty feel of her. I shuddered as her tongue lapped out. She caressed me. I gasped at this wicked thrill that ran through my body. I shuddered, savoring that naughty sensation. I squirmed on her mouth while her tongue caressed through my folds.

“Now, Daddy,” I said, pushing Mom’s thighs apart. I leaned over her, trying not to gasp as her tongue ran from my clit to my pussy’s hole, quickly darting inside and teasing my bred twat. “Just bring that cock here. Let’s get Mom preggers.”

“You are a wicked child,” he said, grinning at me.

I grabbed his cock as he came close and pulled him to her pussy. “You taught me how to do this. Mmm, that was such a wicked dream. I was just kissing women left and right as you showed me the technique that triggers women to just be bred.”

“Interesting,” Daddy said. He had this mysterious smile on his lips.

Maybe he had been in my dream. I mean, his app was so powerful. It was all so exciting. I couldn’t wait to have him edit my friends downstairs. They were all pregnant with his babies, too. He needed to do something with them.

Mom’s hands gripped my rump as I leaned over farther. I pressed my breasts into her stomach and pulled Daddy’s cock to her pussy. I rubbed him into her auburn bush. I leaned down and lapped at her clit, her silky hairs caressing my chin. Ticklish delight ran through me.

This amazing, wild thrill gripped me. “Breed Mommy, Daddy!”

“Yes!” he growled and thrust into Mom’s pussy. I watched their flesh unite. This was how they made me.

Incestuous passion surged through my body. Daddy plunged his cock deep into Mom. When he pulled out of her, his cock emerged gleaming with her pussy cream. I attacked it, licking and lapping her spicy juices off his cock.

I reveled in them. They tasted so amazing. I groaned, licking, caressing, sliding my tongue over his cock again and again. My body trembled in delight while Mom’s tongue darted through my folds. She gripped my rump, kneading and squeezing it as I watched Daddy’s cock plunge into her pussy over and over.

Her labia wrapped around his shaft. I shuddered. He was going to start my brother or sister inside of her. I groaned, smearing my pussy on Mommy’s hungry mouth. Her tongue brushed my clit. My labia. She thrust into my hole, teasing me as she groaned.

“That’s it, Daddy!” I gasped. “Breed Mommy! Plant a sexy baby in her. Ooh, this is so hot. Oh, yes, yes!”

“He is!” Mommy moaned. “Oh, Steve, yes, yes! I need that cum in me like never before. I need you spurting in you. We’re going to have another baby.”

“Yes!” Daddy growled, slamming hard into her.

They were both so into it. That made me hot and wet. I wiggled and squirmed atop Mommy. Her tongue lapped through my folds. She teased me. Licked up my juices. I groaned as I lapped at her pussy lips and Daddy’s cock, my forehead bumping into his stomach as he thrust forward.

It was so wicked and wild to share in my parent’s lovemaking. To be with them as they united their bodies with their passion. I trembled, squirming, my nipples throbbing as they rubbed against my mother’s stomach. Tingles raced through my body. I groaned as her tongue probed deeper and deeper into my pussy.

She felt so incredible beneath me. I whimpered in delight. My heart raced as I squirmed and ground my twat on her. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Her tongue built and built my orgasm as I watched Daddy’s cock penetrate her pussy again and Escort Ankara again.

“Damn, Linda!” groaned Daddy. “Your pussy’s so hot and tight.”

“I’m just so excited!” she moaned. Her fingers squeezed into my rump. “You have all this power, and I get to be beside you, and now we’re going to have another child. Oh, it’s all so much. We’re going to change the world.”

“We are!” Daddy gasped.

I shuddered as Mom thrust her tongue into my pussy. She churned it around while her fingers dipped into my butt-crack. I squirmed atop her. She knew how much I loved anal sex. Daddy had fucked me in the ass last night.

It was so hot.

“Do it, Mommy!” I moaned. “Plunge your fingers into my asshole. Stretch out my naughty hole. I’m going to cream your face with my passion.”

“Yum,” purred Mom.

Not one, not two, but three of her fingers penetrated my asshole. I gasped as she slid the trio of digits into my bowels. They stretched and stretched my anal ring open. I groaned at the wicked, velvety feel. My heart beat faster and faster as those naughty digits plundered into my backdoor.

Her tongue thrust into my pussy as she thrust her digits in and out of my asshole. I shuddered and groaned. She worked them in and out, teasing me, driving me wild. I shuddered atop her as her tongue licked and lapped at my pussy, bringing me closer and closer to that wonderful explosion of bliss and pleasure.

“Mommy!” I squealed, my orgasm building so fast now. My asshole welcomed her fingers. My pussy lips throbbed and ached. The pleasure felt so intense as it flowed through me. I always had such a sensitive cunt.

I could cum so easily.

I sucked on Mommy’s clit as her tongue fucked in and out of my pussy. Her fingers thrust deep into my bowels before pulling back. My velvety flesh clung to them. I groaned, my heart pounding as my pleasure swelled more and more.

“Are you going to make our little girl-cum?” asked Daddy, thrusting so hard and deep into Mom’s pussy.

“Mmm, yes,” Mom purred. Her lips sucked on my clit.

I exploded.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my sensitive bud rejoicing at the contact.

Pussy cream gushed out of my convulsing twat as the rapture rippled through my body. My asshole writhed and spasmed about her plunging fingers. I trembled atop her, my small breasts rubbing into her stomach.

I looked up at Daddy, at his handsome face twisting in passion, the muscles in his fit chest rippling as he pounded Mom. Stars danced around him as the pleasure surged through my body. Wave after wave of rapture washed into my thoughts, drowning them.

“Cum in her, Daddy!” I moaned as Mom licked up my juices. Her touch sent a new burst of pleasure shooting through me.

I became multi-orgasmic.

“Breed Mommy!”

My body trembled as the pleasure surged through me over and over again. The wonderful bliss spilled through my thoughts. I groaned, my heart thudding. I squirmed my pussy on her hungry mouth. Her fingers kept reaming my asshole.

“Daddy!” I shoved my hand around the outside of Mom’s thigh, reaching beneath to find Daddy’s swinging balls. I massaged them, held them. “Do it! Cum in Mommy and breed her.

He growled as he rammed into Mom’s depths. His balls twitched in my hand. His face twisted. Mommy gasped into my pussy. She shoved her fingers deep into my bowels. She groaned into my twat and bucked beneath me.

“Linda!” Daddy growled.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mom moaned. “Oh, Steve! You’re giving me a baby!”

“Yes, you are!” I groaned. “Oh, Daddy, Daddy! Breed Mommy!”

I massaged his balls, working out all that wonderful cum that would plant a baby in her belly. She would be pregnant like me. I trembled atop her, my pleasure peaking through me. I swayed, growing dizzy from my exhilaration.

I rolled off her and landed on my back. I stared up at the ceiling. My breasts rose and fell. The stars danced before my eyes. I wanted to lie here forever. I wanted to just luxuriate in the incestuous bliss I just shared with Daddy and Mommy.

Then I sat up and grabbed a pillow. “Lift your rump, Mom. You need to let Daddy’s cum pool in you. That way we can make sure you’re pregnant.”

“Didn’t your kiss make sure of that?” Mom asked as Dad pulled out of her, his chest rising and falling.

“She’s pregnant,” Daddy assured me.

“Why take chances?” I asked and thrust the pillow beneath Mom’s rump. “There, Daddy’s cum will puddle against your cervix. You’ll be bred by noon.”

“But we have to get ready for church,” Mom groaned. “I can’t stay like this.”

“We’ll shower first,” I said, bounding off the bed and grinning at her. “You just relax and when we’re done, why, you’ll be bred.”

“Are you going to shower, or tease your father until he fucks you.”

I winked at Mom as I took Daddy’s hand and pulled him from the bed towards their master bathroom.


Steve Davies

I smiled at Sam. “Have a good orgasm?”

“An amazing one, like always,” she said as we entered the master bedroom. She closed the door behind us. “You know that, Daddy. I never fail to cum.”

“I bet you don’t,” I said, smirking. “Always multi-orgasmic.”

“Uh-huh,” my daughter said, nodding. She bent over to turn on the faucets of the large shower. Her tush was nice and tight. She had an ass that was amazing to fuck. “Why do you ask… Did you do something to me?”

“I gave you better orgasms,” I told her. “Though, of course, you’ve always had great orgasms, but…”

“Oh, Daddy, you’re so wicked,” she said, grinning. “Mmm, remember that time you fucked me bent over the car. It was after our first night.”

“Yeah, when James walked in on us and I thought he was going to find out we were fucking.”

“What?” Sam shook her head. “No, you just kept fucking while he quickly left. Why would you be worried about that? James has always…” A big grin split her face. “Right, right, you don’t remember these new timelines. That must be so weird for you.”

“You have no idea,” I said. “My memories often don’t line up with others. But I do remember you begging me to give you my special 10” tool.”

She giggled. “I came and came and came. It was better than having sex with my friends. It was incredible. I’m so glad you edited me.”

“Mmm, I tweaked your friends, too,” I said.

“Oh?” she asked, glancing at me. “How?”

“Do you like Tonya’s breast milk?”

“Of course I do,” she said. “I know you do. You love suckling on her tits. And she likes it, too. You know she wants to be your concubine. They all do.”

“You don’t think it’s weird that a girl who has never had a child, who is just a few weeks pregnant, lactates.”

Sam opened her mouth and then closed it. “Oh, my god, you did that. That’s so awesome. My brain is going to hurt from this, but it’s also amazing.” She flipped on the water and whirled around. “Yes, I love her milk and… You haven’t tried it.”

“I will,” I said. “And your friends will make wonderful concubines. After all, they’re carrying my children. I have to take care of them.”

“Mmm, yes, you have to be a responsible Daddy to us all.” She stepped into the shower, the spray wetting her body. “So what did you do to my other two friends and… Rita always makes people happy and Courtney gives those massages that could relax you into a coma. That’s it, isn’t it?”

I winked at her.

“You are awesome,” she said. “Let me thank you, Daddy!”


Linda Davies

I lay there, feeling my husband’s cum pooling in me. Another baby…

This warmth rippled through me as I rubbed my belly. The shower hissed on. I knew Sam. They wouldn’t be doing much showering in there. We were never going to make the bible study that went before the main service.

Oh, well.

I savored the feel of the jizz in me. I closed my eyes, falling into a doze as the sound of the shower acted like ASMR. That soft, lulling sound. I felt so warm and happy right now. I had an amazing orgasm, my daughter’s tart juices still adorned my lips. I savored the flavor as my breathing slowed and—

My phone beeped at me.

I opened my eyes and glanced at it beside my husband’s. They were identical save for the protective cases. His was black, but mine was purple. I grabbed my phone and swiped on the screen, seeing all the notifications.

I had more than a few texts and messages from my various female lovers. There was one from Marissa down in Vegas, the first person I ever had sex with. If I hadn’t met Steve, I would probably be with her.

But Steve gave me things Marissa never could. I hated that she lived so far away. We only saw each other four times a year and…

My husband could fix that.

I swiped through the notifications when I noticed a new app had been installed at midnight. I frowned, seeing the icon beside it of a globe with two stylus’s touching it. I frowned at that. It was the same icon as the editing app on my husband’s phone.

Only this one had a black globe and stylus on a white background. The inverse.

I sat up, my heart racing. Had the Most High sent me the app, too?

A greedy hunger surged through me. I clicked the notification and the app loaded up. My chest felt so tight as it looked just like Steve’s. I could enter editing mode or I could stay in the search mode. Time wasn’t paused.

“It’s about time you noticed my gift,” a sultry voice purred.

I looked up to see a naked woman with silver hair falling over a lush and mature face. She was about my age, but exuded more sexuality than a barely legal tease. I shuddered at the curvy bounty of her body. Her breasts were large, her nipples suckable. On her left tit, she had a serpent tattooed around her tit, the scales flashing with metallic brass. The head of the serpent looked like it was about to nuzzle her nipple. I licked my lips, my mouth dry at how gorgeous she was. My eyes descended down her flat stomach to her hairless pussy. Her labia were thick, her clit poking out hard.

“Linda Davies, you are in luck,” purred the angel. “I am Lilith, and I am here to give you one wicked opportunity.”

“I’m listening,” I said, breathy with excitement.

To be continued…

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