Educating Ella

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“Can I pour you another cup of tea?”

“Yes, please,” Ella said pushing her cup across the table to the raised tea pot.

“So are you ready to tell me what has brought you here at such an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning?” Janet knew her friend; she knew that Ella didn’t show up unannounced unless something was really upsetting her.

“I…I…well.” and the tears started again

“Is this about Aaron?”

“Yes, he’s not happy. He says there is no…. ‘excitement’ anymore.”

“Oh, and what do you want to do about it?”

“I want to make him happy,” Ella said trying to control the sobbing hiccups that followed this last crying jag.

“What have you tried so far?”

“I bought some pretty lingerie, a silky nightie, and crotchless panties. I’ve tried to be receptive to things he wants to try. I don’t think I’m very good at the things he likes.”

“It’s all about practice, sweetie,” Janet said coming around the table and hugging Ella’s shoulders. Janet knew Ella had been a virgin on their wedding night. She wondered sometimes how someone so attractive could still be ‘untouched’ at their age. Ella’s high standard was her only explanation.

“Practice?” A quizzical look flashed across Ella’s face.

“Okay, let’s start at the beginning, what have you done? And try to be specific?” At the question, Janet knew she was biting off more than she wanted, but she couldn’t bear to see her new friend so distraught.

“We hug, kiss and have intercourse. What else is there?”

Janet barely stifled the laughter that threatened to break the surface. Not wanting to hurt Ella, she covered her upturned lips with her tea cup, hoping the distraction would quell the urge to giggle. Janet knew Ella was inexperienced; it never occurred to her that Ella was clueless as well.

“No oral?” Janet asked knowing she was already in too deep, she decided to push forward. This girl needed illegal bahis an education.

“Oral what?”


“Ewww, NO!!! I’ve never touched it, and I don’t plan to.”

“You’ve never touched ‘it’? What, his penis? And he’s okay with that?” Janet met Aaron when she started dating his cousin Adam. It had been five years now and she had witnessed the train of women through his bedroom. The fact that he was being so patient with his new bride shocked her and frankly, she was awed by Aaron’s depth of love for this woman across from her, none of the others would have been granted such a pass.

“Well, no not really, but ewww!”

“Ewww, nothing. Here.” Janet said grabbing two bananas from the fruit bowl on the counter and handing one to Ella.

Taking the banana by the stem end Ella held it at arm’s length like it would bite her if she brought it closer.

“Come on, Ella, relax it’s only a banana!” Janet watched as Ella took the banana in her fist, like she would peel and eat it.

“Okay, what you want to do is to start with light strokes, like this” Janet demonstrated on her banana, running her finger tip up and then back down the banana’s length. An amused smile crossed her lips at the thought that she was teaching someone how to give a hand job.

“Like this?” Ella ran a tentative finger up and down the bananas firm yellow skin.

“Yes. Now, if this was Aaron’s penis, you want to take that hand,” Janet pointed to the hand that was already firmly around the base of the bananas stem “and hold it like you are holding the banana, with the other hand, you want to wrap your fingers around it just above your other hand and apply a little pressure. Not enough to squish the banana though.”

Janet demonstrated hand placement again. And Ella tried to follow and then a shocked look fell across her face.

“Hold his penis like this? Have you done this to Adam?” illegal bahis siteleri Ella’s hand still wrapped around the base of the banana, her question caught Janet off guard. “I don’t think I can do this. What if I don’t do it right? What if he doesn’t like it?”

“Umm, Yeah… more and of course you can do this, you really can’t mess it up just remember the tip is really sensitive so touch lightly, believe me he will love any effort you put into it, I promise” Janet tried to regain focus on the lesson. The thought of all the things she and Adam had done raced through her head and started a warmth bubbling between her thighs.

“Really?” Ella’s voice registered shock. “Like what else have you done with Adam?”

“That’s the next lesson, Ella.” Janet could feel the stirrings in her own sweet spot. If this took much longer she would have to go upstairs and practice on the man in her bed. “Now, you have his member in your hands like this.”

“What if I get nervous and start to laugh? This time Ella wrapped both fists around the bananas girth and rubbed, still a look of shock and awe on her pretty face.

“So laugh, this isn’t rocket science Ella, you’re supposed to be having fun. Now, slowly start moving your hands up and down his length, one hand above the other. Try to keep as much skin contact as you can and if you can every once in a while lightly rub your fingertip over the end.”

“Isn’t that going to hurt him?”

“No, but you might want to spit on your hands before you start.” This time Janet couldn’t hold back the giggle

“Spit on my hands? That is disgusting, how can anyone possibly enjoy that?”

“Very sure, I promise, he will love it. Hang on, I’ll be right back.” Janet left Ella sitting at the kitchen table holding the banana, experimenting with rubbing it up and down. Running upstairs to the bedroom she shared with her own newlywed husband, she dropped a quick canlı bahis siteleri kiss on his forehead and a silent promise to join him soon. Reaching into the bedside table she withdrew a couple of packets of flavoured lubricant and raced back downstairs. At the doorway to the kitchen she watched silently as Ella sat working on some kind of rhythm to masturbate the banana.

“Here, this will help, if you don’t want to spit.” She dropped the packets on the table in front of Ella. “Put some on your hands before you start, and I swear Aaron will love it.” Janet was pleased to see that Ella was loosening up a bit; she appeared to be approaching this exercise as a game, enthusiastically rubbing the banana up and down.

Not wanting to rush Ella and her lesson, but wanting desperately to return to her sleeping husband and extinguish the fire she had ignited giving this lesson, she quickly ran through the fundamentals of a good hand job.

“Now remember, keep a steady rhythm, slowly increasing your pace, keep your contact smooth against his skin and above all else maintain eye contact with him. He needs to know you are enjoying what you are doing as much as he is enjoying receiving it.”

“I can’t believe you’re showing me this. Really, I mean its fine that you’re comfortable doing this with Adam, but…” Ella still looked concerned

“Relax El, sex is so much more than intercourse, it’s all about enjoying each other.”

“You’re sure he won’t think I’m some kind of a pervert?”

“Very sure, now why don’t you go home and try what you’ve learned on your hubby.” “While I go upstairs and try my own games on my hubby.” The thought flitted though her mind but she stopped it before it reached her lips. “And remember, practice makes perfect.”

“How do I start when I get home?” The question startled Janet whose mind was already planning how she was going to entice her own husband awake and erect.

“Start by kissing him, let the game go from there. You know how to do that. He’ll be excited to know you want to try something new. He’ll be interested, I’m sure of it. Now go…” Janet all but pushed Ella out the door and sprinted for the stairs.

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