Eighteen Holes Ch. 03

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Summer was over. Bummer.

It was Sunday night and school started the next morning. I didn’t dread High School like some of my friends, but the classes did get kind of boring at times and, like any 18 year old, I wanted to head off to college and all the freedom that I hoped to find.

I was closing up at my job for the last time as a ‘free man’ — putting away the bumper boats and locking down the shack filled with helmets and bats for the batting cages. I knew this job at the amusement center would last a few more weeks — until it got too cold to operate the boats and then I suspected my boss would lay me off. I was okay with that, the money wasn’t a big deal but not working anymore meant I wouldn’t have any more chances to see Mrs. Dixon. She had started coming around a few weeks back — first bringing her daughter Alex and her friend Laurel to ride the bumper boats. But then everything had, umm, ‘changed.’

At first, Mrs. D had cornered me behind the shack and given me a handjob. I hadn’t lasted long, but Mrs. D had commented that her daughter had mentioned I had a big dick. At that time I barely understood that and certainly had no idea that I should be proud, rather than embarrassed, by my ‘gift.’ Later, Mrs. D had picked me up in her SUV and taken me from my job to an empty parking lot where she had given me my first ever blowjob. Needless to say, I saw that bumper boat shack as the starting point for all of my good fortune.

Thinking about school tomorrow (and not sex with an older woman for the first time in weeks) I locked up the gate and climbed on my bike for the half mile ride home. It was dark, but the weather was still plenty warm so I hadn’t bugged my parents for a ride.

As I pedaled onto the main road I saw a pair of headlights pull away from the curb and swing in behind me. I glanced back and my heart jumped. It looked like a dark SUV. Was Mrs. Dixon back for some more fun? I had to struggle to keep riding straight as my mind raced. I had seen her pussy the last time. Would I get to have ‘real’ sex with her? I willed the SUV to pull up along side me — but the headlights hung back.

I turned onto a smaller street, heading past a deserted park on the way towards the subdivision where my parents house was. The SUV suddenly raced past me and turned into the small parking lot for the park. It was the Dixon’s SUV after all — so I turned into the lot and rolled up to the passenger side window. I looked inside as the glass rolled down — wondering what Mrs. D would be wearing tonight when I saw — Alex! It wasn’t Mrs. D, but her daughter, Alexandra!

“Hey, Bike-Boy.”

I hesitated, trying to figure out what to say. Did she know what I had been doing with her mother? Was she mad? Alex was definitely one of the ‘cool’ girls at school and I knew she could make my senior year a shitty one if she wanted to.

“Talkative, eh?” Alex rolled all the windows of the SUV down and she pulled out the stub of a joint. Alex sparked up the joint and took a puff. This is when I stopped worrying about getting ‘caught’ and I noticed that Alex was wearing a skin tight tank top and exercise pants. She was probably on her way home from some dance class — and her tits looked amazing as she held the pot smoke in her lungs.

“Lock that bike up over there and come for a ride with me.”

I blinked a couple times — trying to wrap my head around what was happening. Here was one of the hottest girls at my school in a tiny tank top and smoking a joint as she invited me to go for a late night ride. My cock was already stirring in my shorts as I walked over and locked my bike to the fence next to the swing-set in the park.

I climbed into the passenger seat next to Alex and her eyes dragged down my body to my crotch Cebeci Escort — making my dick throb even more. Alex flashed a wicked smile and held the joint out to me. I took a small hit, not being a big pot smoker but also wanting to play along with whatever Alex had in mind.

“When I turned 18, my Mom started leaving her half smoked joints around where I could accidentally ‘find’ them. She is naughty like that, isn’t she?”

Alex’s question about her mother obviously hinted that she knew at least something about what her mother and I had been up to. Rather than being upset, Alex seemed intrigued and her Cheshire Cat grin got even wider as I choked a bit on the smoke as I handed the joint back to her.

Alex looked at the joint and took one more pull before tossing the roach out the window. “My dad smokes his nasty cigars in here, so he’ll never smell the smoke — but he can’t find a joint in the ash tray now can he?”

I nodded mutely, my eye magnetized to Alex’s cleavage. She noticed my gaze and leaned towards me — revealing even more of her breasts. Alex scooted against the console between the seats and I could smell her scent (perfume?) through the lingering smoke. I felt nailed to my seat, but then shook myself and reached out to grab the back of her head. I aggressively pulled Alex’s face to mine and kissed her on her lush lips.

Alex gasped and leaned back. I thought I had done something wrong. This was a girl who always dressed perfectly at school and got As in all the hard classes while being the hottest cheerleader. Had I screwed up by kissing her?

She calmed my nerves by reaching out for my crotch — my hard prick straining against the fabric of my shorts. It was my turn to gasp and Alex pressed her lips into mine again. All my anxieties and concerns washed away. This girl, this amazingly hot girl, wanted ME!

I reached out and touched the exposed flesh of her cleavage — feeling the heat of her bare skin. My cock twitched — eager to get out. I slipped my hand inside to find her hard little pebble of a nipple inside the sports top. Alex bit my lip in response and I could feel my cock starting to leak pre-cum all over my leg.

Starting to get a grasp on the appeal I held for the sexy members of the Dixon family, I reached down to free my cock and hook my underwear beneath my heavy ball sack. Just then, we both turned to see another car had pulled into the parking lot. It was a group of kids from our school — a bunch of Juniors looking for a place to eat their bags of fast food.

For some reason, Alex dove between the front seats and into the back — not wanting to be seen. I shoved my painfully stiff prick back into my shorts as Alex called out, “Drive us somewhere.”

I scrambled over the console between the seats and got behind the wheel. I started the engine and rolled up all the windows as fast as I could — hoping that the dark tinting would keep us from being seen. Of course, I wouldn’t be all that upset if someone from school saw me ‘parking’ with Alexandra Dixon, but she was sure we should leave right away.

I pointed the SUV off down the street and then thought to look at what she was doing in the back seat. Alex was peeling her form fitting exercise pants down her long legs, and I had to crank my head back to the road ahead of me. I adjusted the mirror so I could see the backseat where she was now pulling off her top so that her amazing breasts could spring free. I didn’t know where I was driving, but I would have been happy cruising around peeking at Alex getting naked in the seat behind me.

Alex’s phone chirped with an incoming text message and the glow of the screen illuminated that she still wore a tiny pair of Çıtır Escort panties. I realized my hard cock was still out — brushing against the wood grain steering wheel of the SUV.

“Turn here,” Alex called out from the back, “Park in that construction site by the baseball fields.

I pointed the SUV into a pitch black road — a housing development that was mostly foundations and partially framed ranch houses. This would be a great spot and I pulled into a bare dirt ‘driveway’ between two unfinished houses. I backed in — making sure we’d be able to see anyone in the unlikely event that someone came by.

As I killed the ignition, Alex grabbed my shoulder and tugged me towards the backseat. “You like getting naked in the backseat,” she asked. My head was spinning. Was she talking about me and her mother? I didn’t have long to think about it as I landed on the back seat next to Alex’s outrageous body.

My hands went for her soft skin. Her 18-year old breasts were so firm and the nipples jumped to life in the palms of my hands. Alex moaned and tilted her head back as I leaned down to suck one of the hardening nipples. The skin of her areolas got thick and bumpy as her breath came in gasps.

Alex sat upright and pushed me back against the seat, staring down at my hard cock. Her fingers brushed across my thigh and towards the bare skin of my balls as the shaft bobbed with every beat of my heart. I was so hard it almost hurt, but all I could think about was her touching me.

Her hand wrapped around my cock and I moaned out loud. “You like that, do ya?” said Alex, here eyes never leaving the head of my cock as her hand started to pump me.

Lower and lower her head tilted — like her lips were a magnet drawn to my drooling prick. Alex planted a big wet kiss on the tip of my cock and hips lifted to meet her mouth. She pulled back a bit — not letting me fuck her face — but she looked at my face for a moment with a pleased and hungry smile. Another wet kiss from Alex and my shaft was soaking wet.

I ran through all the times I had admired Alex at school. In her cheerleader outfit or hanging around with the ‘cool kids.’ I had been lusting after her since before I even knew what lust was or why my eyes kept locking in on her tits. Now here she was, giving me head.

I moaned and Alex moaned in response — feeding more and more of my dick into her mouth. Her blow job was softer than the one her mother had given me — and I didn’t even stop to marvel that I actually knew how they both gave head. All I could think about was how good her mouth felt on me and I sunk deeper into the seat. But just then …

I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Was someone outside the car? It was so dark in the construction area that I couldn’t be sure. I glanced around a bit more — but soon lost interest in anything other than the girl wearing just a pair of panties with her head in my lap.

“You okay?” Alex asked, just as her cell phone bleated with another incoming text. She glanced at the screen and a smile crossed her face. Was it wicked? Mischievous? She dropped the phone and went back to sliding my hard cock into her mouth.

Alex’s ass was arched up on the seat next to me and I reached out to touch her skin. God it felt so good, like an electric current was running through my cock to her mouth and then out through the skin of her teenage ass into the palm of my hand. She sucked my cock deeper and I knew I was onto something as I slipped my hand, past her thin panties and into the crack of her ass — searching for her pussy. I found it — instantly soaking two of my fingers as they were sucked inside.

Her throat vibrated around my cock as I finger Demetevler Escort fucked her. With every thrust of my fingers, she sucked a bit deeper. I was too inexperienced to feel around for her clit, but Alex seemed to be loving it as she got even more into the head she was giving me.

I started to lift my hips off the leather seat, thrusting into Alex’s mouth. She drover her hips back against my hand, impaling her pussy on my fingers. Her swaying breasts hung down, every thrust dragging her nipples across my bare thighs. The truck was starting to rock from side to side as we both got closer to coming.

My cock was ready to explode as I started to swirl my fingers inside Alex’s soaking wet cunt. She stopped sucking for a moment, and at first I didn’t notice. Then I stopped moving my hand, wondering if something was wrong.

“Keep going!” Alex croaked, lifting her ass and pussy higher into the air.

I swirled my fingers again, stirring the wetness of the her cunt. Alex started to shake and it dawned on me that she was cumming. I kept up my hand motion, not wanting to stop at the wrong time (I knew this much from the porn I had watched). Alex shook for a moment and then mover her pussy away from my hand.

“Okay! Okay! That’s too much,” she said. Alex smiled up at me and then turned her face back down to the impossibly hard cock in her hand.

Now, I just tilted my head back as Alex sucked and drooled all over my dick. She moaned something that sounded like “so big” — but all I could think about now was my own release. My own aching need.

My hips seemed to thrust upward of their own accord, driving my shaft into Alex’s mouth. I wanted to grab the back of her head, but wasn’t sure if that would break her rhythm. It felt so good, that the thought left my head and my arms started to go limp. All of my consciousness was centered in my cock and low moan built in the depths of my throat.

Alex’s head bobbed faster and faster. My legs tensed up, holding my ass off the seat as I felt my orgasm building. I gasped for air and then I started to cum. My legs suddenly got cold and I felt bolts of wonderful lightning rocket from the back of my head. My balls emptied as Alex pumped me with her lips and her hand. I seemed to cum for minutes, but she never slowed down her sucking

It was over and I slumped on the seat, suddenly realizing that I hadn’t been breathing. I let out a deep exhale and tilted my head back as I looked down at Alex’s hair — her face still hovering over my slick cock. I felt a bit dizzy as I closed my eyes but then …

There was a flash of light. I lifted my head and my eyes flew open. Was that inside the SUV? Was that a flash?

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” Alex answered as she sat up. Some of the spit and cum had run down over her amazing breasts. My eyes were locked on her hard nipples splattered with my jizz, so much so that it didn’t register Alex was fiddling with her cell phone. I reached out to touch her tits, but Alex interrupted me.

“We should go. I have to get home.”

Alex was smiling as she started to wedge her tits back into her sports top, but it was clear that our ‘activities’ were over. I pulled up my underwear and nodded dimly. My brain still wasn’t all the way active after that amazing blowjob.

Back behind the wheel I started to drive the SUV back towards the park where my bike was locked up. Alex, now dressed, climbed over from the backseat and I looked at her ass again.

Just then, I thought I saw a glowing light in a parked car. The construction site had been empty when we pulled in. Where did that car come from? The glowing light looked like a cell phone illuminating a face. The face looked familiar. It was Alex’s best friend, Laurel, but at the time I didn’t know that.

Laurel had been looking at a photo of my cock on her cell phone screen. A photo that Alex had just taken and a photo that would soon start to dominate my days at school. All of this I would come to understand shortly, but right then I was a ‘normal’ guy who had just gotten blown by the hottest girl in school.

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