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I had just turned eighteen and had finished my summer lifeguard’s job on Cape Cod in late August when I decided it was time to relax and take a trip to Montreal, Canada, a place that held a lot of intrigue for me. I am 5’7″ tall and 155 very trim sculpted pounds and I was very proud of my nearly perfect hard and firm male body.

Montreal’s “intrigue” for me included many things. I loved the city’s sensual openness, its numerous sexy places, its nonjudgmental culture and how free I felt there when I visited with friends there a year earlier. This time though I was solo and wanted to try some crazy even “hedonistic” things that I had always fantasized about. The first was going to a nude beach that I’d heard about and also I wanted to visit “The Village”, a very openly gay neighborhood that I had read about online in downtown Montreal.

I had no idea as to whether I was gay, straight or even “both” but I did know I was “gay curious.” I had dated a couple of girls and had some excellent sexual experiences with one of them. “Gay” culture though seemed so daring to me and so wild especially in Montreal, yet I suspected that I might possibly be attracted to “a certain type of guy” if the situation was right. I was quite naïve yet very curious about male gay sexuality and gay ways.

On this long weekend I traveled to and planned to stay my first of 3 nights in a motel in Montreal. That next morning I drove my car to a Quebec provincial park about 45 minutes north and west of Montreal where there was a well-known nude beach. I loved my sexy male body and the previous night I was in sexual heat while I shaved my body smooth of all body hair except for my pubic area. My reflection in the motel mirror had showed a quite good looking young man with slightly long bleached looking light brownish blonde hair, a great tan showing solid pectoral muscles and sharp muscle definition for a person of my lighter weight. I was also a fairly dedicated athlete and knew how to push my body to high levels of fitness. The thought of showing myself off “nude” was quite exciting to me, as I also knew that I would love to see other people in such a compromised and honest state.

After driving to the park, to reach the beach I had to walk almost a mile along a path and the water’s edge bordering this lake (which is on the St. Lawrence River) to get to the actual nude section of beach. It was almost 11:00 AM and this isolated section of beach was already very busy. I took my pack and towel and placed myself among the “crowd” of over a hundred or so nudists. I tried to fit in quickly by stripping myself of my clothes completely. I was so excited that my seven inches of male hood was terribly and embarrassingly hard, so I had to hide it by trying to lie on my stomach on my beach towel for quite a while!

Checking out all the people from my towel was amazing. Some people were there as couples, some individually, some in groups and some were clearly straight as well as many obviously gay men and women. Generally (I had heard that) nude beaches usually have some real scary looking folks but this beach seemed quite the exception as there were many hot bodies both male and female. French Canadians seem to stay quite fit and I find them very sexy. When I was finally able to get my erection to abate I was so hot that I needed to get into the water to cool off.

The cool water was so refreshing and as I looked around I tried not to make it so obvious that I was quite moved at all these sexy nude sights! One man came into the water near me and he was quite handsome. He had a huge cock and I wondered what it would be like to touch him or even kiss him. I was embarrassed to think about it with him so close and as much as I would have liked to have been approached by him I was still in the “afraid state” in spite of the crazy flashes of libido and heat I felt in my erection and in my head. I stood there “hard” in fear and yet in a state of want. I didn’t know “what” I wanted or needed but just being close to this guy convinced me that I was at least attracted to guys as well. I found myself in shoulder deep water masturbating and fantasizing about what it might be like to “be” with a man!

I got plenty of sun and by 3:00 PM my previously untanned areas were now quite red. The sun, the people and the sights had me on such an edge sexually and emotionally. I just had to learn and find out more. I drove back to Montreal and parked güvenilir bahis in “The Village” area about a mile from my Motel. The sights were intriguing as I window shopped and even went into a men’s leather and sex shop called “Priappe”. This store absolutely stunned me as every male leather item ever imaginable was sold there including very X-rated male pornography, sex items, hot men’s magazines, clothing and much more!

There were whips, chains, collars, slings, and incredulous leather items in the basement level. I was intrigued by the kinkiness of this gay store and what was shockingly and apparently part of gay culture. My eyes were soon a lot more open than I would have ever imagined! I walked further down the street passing many gay bars when I finally gathered the courage to go into a place called “LAigle Noir” or The Black Eagle. Little did I know that I had just entered one of the most infamous “gay leather bars” in North America!

It was early evening and just after work for some and it was crowded around the circular bar. There were dark places in the back that seemed obscured by the bar area.

I wanted to “observe” and stay low key so I ordered a beer and fortunately the bartender did not question my age. I took a sip and a man to my left took notice of me and introduced himself. His name was Jacques and he was at least twice my age and greying but good looking. He was tall and solidly built but very friendly. After he bought me a couple of mixed drinks I found myself practically telling him my whole life story and admitted that I was gay curious and that was why I was checking this place out.

Jacques bought me another drink and I was soon a bit unaware of just how comfortable I was getting with him. He put his arm around me a couple of times in laughter and he occasionally was pulling me towards him. Once I felt him feeling up and gently rubbing my bottom! I swooned when he did it unaware how much I was finding this fatherly kind of guy more and more likeable and even attractive. After two more drinks I found myself cradled in his arms and a bit drunk while soon walking out of the bar with him. We were walking arm in arm through the nearby neighborhood and I was going with him to his apartment! How was this for being naïve!

I honestly expected a little more friendly talk and perhaps a drink or two at his place but it felt so good to be so wanted.

Jacques apartment was very nice and even elegant with many amazing photos and lots of art on the walls. The art was all gay in nature and I found the pictures of nudes, male sexual body parts and more obscure art to be very sensual. Suddenly Jacques took hold of me and I was being held firmly by my ass cheeks while being kissed deeply and hugged. I was shocked yet responded to his kiss with passion and like I had really wanted it. It was so strange how this first kiss from a man felt so “normal” and even right. I soon found myself willingly allowing him to unbutton my shirt. I felt a bit like the “girl” being seduced by a man and now I was allowing myself to be stripped of my clothing in the middle of his living room!

I looked at him and in a bit of shame I finally mumbled for him to stop. Jacques looked into my eyes and coolly told me to relax. “I know what you want and I know what you need. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you!” He said in a very assuring tone. I looked at him with a confused look yet I found myself believing what he said. I was trusting and surrendering to this man even though I had no idea what I had allowed myself to get into!

Now that I was embarrassingly naked Jacques looked down at my erection and smiled. He winked at me and spanked my naked bottom hard with his hand shocking me a bit. He laughed and I found this playfulness kind of fun. Jacques then led me into a smaller yet curiously lighted room that had large gay posters and a dark red light on the ceiling. It was now dusk outside and the room was darkish and in red and black light tones. He guided me to lie on my back on a high black leather sofa that lacked any arms or back and was in the center of the room. The leather was cold but my naked body quivered yet felt warm against it.

Jacques kneeled down next to me as he pulled up my legs almost cradling me like a child. It was almost like I was on some kind of religious altar and when he kissed me tenderly on the lips I felt like I was melting. I soon felt him caressing my smooth türkçe bahis ass and then he felt my anus with his fingers. The feel of his middle finger pressing gently against my anal opening was stunningly exciting and erotic. I immediately sensed what my expected “role” might be with him yet I felt a quick sense of panic and fear. I took a deep breath and never objected as I was excited in ways I couldn’t comprehend. I soon found him rubbing me down there with a cold and slippery lubricant that smelled almost pleasant. When his wet finger probed me he seemed pleased with how “tight” I was and I found his finger’s invasion magical causing me to gasp in disbelief and delight.

Jacques knew that I was a newbie to gay sex yet he was soon undeterred. He soon was throwing his own clothes to the floor and I saw him place a condom over his very thick and hard cock. I was about to be “broken in” like I had done with my girlfriend only I didn’t have the same arrangement down there as she! Jacques lifted my legs, laid forward and then kissed me as he readied me to be mounted for the first time in my young life. To say I had my doubts about what was happening to me would be the hugest of understatements! I wanted to say no but I couldn’t even speak.

My brain was spinning and my body was quivering. I was in a state of excitement, pure fear, anticipation and yet sexual awareness like I never knew before. I knew I wanted this to happen somehow down deep in my heart yet I never dared admit this to myself. My spinning head and conflicted emotions were soon replaced by the sharp excruciating pain of his forceful, yet careful entry into the very tight and yet unexplored region that is my anus. I was suddenly being penetrated by this man’s huge thick cock!

I yelped in a deep moan and my anus tightened in natural objection to this quite unnatural act. “Relax boy! I promise I won’t hurt you!” He said firmly. The fact is that it hurt very much yet Jacques kept gradually inching himself forward until his whole cock head was inside me. I wanted to please him in spite of my pain! He stopped momentarily and kissed me again with incredible passion. For the first time I truly felt the true need I that I had for what was beginning to happen to me.

Soon Jacques was rhythmically fucking me in short yet deeper thrusts. Though he was barely inside me my wails were filling the room and yet I no longer felt “trapped” beneath his large powerful thrusting cock and body. My hands which had been holding him back near his pelvis were now on his upper back and backside. Without any conscious intent, I was helping to guide his firm, hard, fuck strokes into my virgin ass and this unnatural act was becoming far more natural than I would have ever dreamed! My legs were bent back near my ears and I was so vulnerable and helpless yet this act was more than just the most intense time of my life. This somehow made sense and felt so very right.

I opened my eyes and the red light above me appeared to be a huge red cock! This must be some kind of wild fantasy dream or the image of what I was so focused on going on in my depths. I thought perhaps it was a dream until the next fuck stroke hit so deep and hard! I was holding on to Jacques for dear life as he skewered my insides and as I lay there I was actually cooperating and guiding his every thrust with my hands dug into and guiding his hard muscular ass.

The grunts, groans and wet sounds of man to man love were now filling the room as I felt his balls meeting my ass. This strangely signaled a most wondrous feeling of my success to me. I had taken him fully inside my body and I was thrilled and happier than I could ever remember. I hugged him like a crazed lover as he just drove his thick surging missile even deeper into my body and soul. Suddenly a searing pain caused me to growl out in panic as my insides ached and throbbed with each of his deepest and most powerful fuck strokes. I was learning quickly how painful it can be to have one’s prostate pounded and fortunately Jacques skillfully realized almost immediately what was happening to me. He lifted my backside with both hands and somehow his cock seemed to go further inside me until the agony slowly began to abate as his fluid and firm fuck strokes continued without pause.

Now Jacques seemed to begin to fuck me with a madness and ferocity that seemed more like anger than need. I was holding on to his ass with both hands in güvenilir bahis siteleri spite of my complete compromise. Suddenly Jacques began to yell out. “OH YEAH BOY! OH YEAH! You’re SO tight and SO hot”! He grabbed my ragingly hard erection and began to milk me furiously. I was already so on edge that this additional stimulation brought on the purest of erotic madness as I began to orgasm in spasm after spasm. My head practically exploded and my mind was crazed in the delight and ecstasy of the rapture of this – the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced. Sperm flew and flew from my cock as my body quaked in shuddering seizure like tremors. I knew instinctually that my lover was filling the condom deep in my anus with his own manly heat. I never felt more filled with joy and I never felt more heat and pure lust!

Jacques kissed me before he withdrew his cock from my ass and he left me there on the couch, naked, covered in my own sperm, cold and still panting and gasping breathlessly after my intense and incredulous initiation. “I’m going to take a shower” he said and he quickly left me lying there alone and confused after being so thoroughly yet so deliciously used. I just laid there in disbelief. All I knew was that I was no longer a “virgin” and being a man’s “boy” seemed incredible. I looked up at the ceiling and the red light was in the shape of a huge male penis! This was surely no dream! When I finally gathered myself enough to get up off the leather couch I decided to take a shower myself. Jacques was still in there with the water running so I boldly opened the shower door and joined him!

I found myself wanting to touch him all over. I helped him “soap up” and eagerly washed his back and his backside for him. He was my first guy and I was grateful that he had set me free to be myself. Now that I was “comfortable” with a man I knew from my girlfriend just what I should do next! I cleaned his “front side”, only I got on my knees and used my own mouth! Soon I had Jacques singing my praises as a cocksucker in spite of the strange taste, the oddness of the sensation and the fact that it was also my very first time! He was so big that I could only get his cockhead and a couple of inches of his thick shaft into my mouth and throat until he grabbed my head and forced his cock deep into my throat chocking me and making me gag.

He gave me a quick break and shoved his hard huge cock deep inside my throat again. I took as much as I could and sucked him hard. “Boy you learn quick!” he said matter of factly. Soon I found my back being firmly pressed against the shower wall while being penetrated repeatedly and forcefully into the depths of my throat. I tried to look up so as to beg some form of mercy from him but the shower and soapy water blinded me forcing me to stay focused on my task of pleasing him. Amazingly I think I must have really liked being so completely violated as I felt my own hard cock pulsing and even throbbing in the sexual excitement of being a well-used giver of manly pleasure! Having my mouth filled with his huge cock was almost as good as having him in my naughty and tight little suddenly quite willing ass!

Mercy came in but a few minutes in the form of a rapidly spewing mouthful of his hot cum which I struggled with and fought to keep from swallowing. His moans made the shower shake and his body shook against me like an earthquake. He then pulled me up and kissed me and greedily began licking and sucking his own cum out of my mouth! We hugged in the heat of the warm water. “Want to stay the night boy he asked loudly?” My wide smile and grin said it all.

I helped dry him off with a large red towel as he told me to wait for him to return as I stood naked outside the shower. He returned to the bathroom holding a thick, wide, black leather collar in his hands which he then proceeded to buckle and then lock firmly around my neck. “You are my boy. Do you understand?” He asked me looking deeply into my eyes. “Yes Sir!” I said respectfully and willingly. The collar would be more than just a symbol. I would not return to the motel. I would not want to leave his home until very late Sunday afternoon when I had to return to the states.

“My first man” would be the beginning of a steamy, kinky, unconventionally twisted relationship that would last well beyond the remainder of this three day weekend in which I would spend “learning my role” and as “his” boy! I would return the next weekend and on several more trips to learn more as my function and role as his boy expanded into truly wild levels of male erotica and sexual and sensual lust. You never forget your first time and my first man was very, very special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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