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Tuesday August 6, 1985 7:10 PM

The cheap, tinny doorbell rang and Ronnie walked straight in without waiting for Sophie to answer. In near see-through, pink penior pajamas, Sophie strode from her bedroom door to stand a foot in front of him. A forced smile decorated her face.

“I told you I was in a hurry, Sophie,” scowled Ronnie. He started unbuttoning his white dress shirt and added, “Sorry, Sophie, I’ve only got forty five minutes to get home. We’re flying to Chicago in the morning for vacation. Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. Anyway, the thought of spending two weeks with my in-laws is too much. I just had to see you before I left. You understand?”

Sophie smiled a little less but maintained her inviting pose. “I told you before, you can call me anytime, Mr. Deutcher,” she replied. He kicked off his shoes. “Do you have a little something to help me get by?”

“Oh, sure, yes,” Ronald reached in his pocket and laid some bills on her kitchen table. “Here’s thirty. Oh, can I ask a favor of you Sophie? Would you drop these letters in the mail tomorrow and make this bank deposit across from work? Would you please? I’m late with this work. Aren’t those the same pajamas you wore for me last week?” He kicked his boxers towards his pile of clothes.

“Okay, Mr. Deutcher, I’ll make the deposits,” she turned her back to him. “What would you like to do tonight?” His first answer was to slide his hands under the penoir pajama top and lift it over her head. She stood and smiled, clad only in pink panties.

Ronnie seized her shoulder and turned her around to face her bedroom. “Let’s go in here,” he said.

Sophie reached her hand down and grasped his upright penis. “You need to relax, Mr. Deutcher. I’ll get you out on time,” and Sophie turned and began to kiss Ronald Deutcher. She poked her tongue into his mouth to encourage him to follow back into her mouth. With one hand she stroked his ready dick while the other hand caressed his still buff chest. After a minute of kissing, she again asked, “You’re a terrific kisser, Mr. Deutcher, and your fingers make my boobies just sizzle with pleasure. Do you have a preference for tonight?”

“You know what I like most,” Ronald replied quietly.

“Ok,” said Sophie as she bent to remove her panties with one hand. She led Ronnie with his dick in her hand to the foot of her bed where she sat and bent down to look at the prized manhood in her hand. “Good bye, little boy. It’s time to go to work. See you again in twenty minutes.” Sophie sat up and spread her legs and worked the penis head up and down her waiting labia until she became wetter.

Ronnie stammered impatiently, “Stick it in, Sophie. Stick it in now.” He had begun thrusting motions which stopped Sophie’s lubricating moves.

Sophie positioned his pulsing penis over the entrance to her vagina. “Is this where you mean, Mr. Deutcher?”

Deutcher rammed it in and gave a harsh, “Yah, that’s it for now.” He enjoyed the hard ramming as Sophie reclined on the bed and wrapped her legs around his torso, locking her ankles together.

“Have I ever told you, Sophie, how pretty your red hair is?” Deutcher asked breathlessly as he rammed thrusts that shook her whole body.

“On my head or down there?” Sophie responded with labored breath.

“Both,” he responded with a wry smile.

“Oh, Oh, Oh. I enjoy your sex, Mr. Deutcher. I wish you’d come by more often,” cried Sophie.

“I have to stop now. Sophie, where is it?” asked Ronnie straightening up. Sophie unlocked her legs to free him from her grasp.

“I’ll get it,” said Sophie who rolled over and brought back the petroleum jelly and a towel.

“Lather it up good, Sophie. I want to last as long as I can,” requested Ronnie. He smiled contently as she generously spread the tepid jelly all over his still erect penis.

“You’re almost ready to fire off now, Mr. Deutcher. I can tell this is going to be a good one,” encouraged Sophie. She quickly wiped off her hand on the towel and returned to the bed on all fours, presenting her ass to Ronnie Deutcher. “Start off slow, Mr. Deutcher, so that you don’t hurt me,” she reminded him without effect.

Deutcher aimed his penis head into her anus and stopped. “Please spread your knees a little further apart, Sophie.” As soon as she complied, Deutcher tried to slide the penis all the way in.

“Ah. Ow. Ow. Slow down, cowboy,” cried Sophie. Ronnie hesitated briefly but rammed it all the way in and began to thrust in and out. Ronnie bent forward and used his hands to pull her hips as close to his thrusting hips as possible so he went as deep as possible. Sophie relaxed her body and Ronnie used her as a limp rag doll. She responded, “Oh. Oh,” to his every penetration. He rejoined, “Ah. Ah,” with each thrust.

Soon, his body tensed until he froze as his body gushed out the semen inside her colon. Sophie continued to push her ass against his hips. Soon the trance which gripped Ronnie elmadağ escort loosened and he pushed her forward to fall on her face. She lay prostrate for a moment, glanced at her alarm clock, and then turned over to look at him. Instead of Deutcher flopping down for a quick nap, he wiped off the remaining petroleum jelly from his pubic hairs and removed the sex juices that would give him away at home.

“Sorry Sophie. I’d like to cuddle with you, but I have to go now. You were great, as always. You really make me feel like a man. There is no one like you, Sophie. I am so glad that I met you,” he stammered as he quickly put on his clothes.

Still naked in bed, Sophie glanced again at her alarm clock. After less than three minutes, the front door slammed shut and her visitor was gone.

Wednesday August 7, 1985 8:05 PM

Gloria pushed elevator button 3. The door noisily shut and began its labored ascent from the lobby. Ding. Ding. The door opened. The building had begun to heat up because the air conditioning automatically turned off at 6 PM during the week. Gloria walked down the hallway toward her office.

As she got to the translucent office door, Gloria could tell the lights were on. The faint sounds of someone stirring came to her. Was it a thief or one of her employees? Who would be working at 8 PM? Gloria quietly slid the key into the lock, afraid to go any further. She wondered, ‘Call the police or open the door?’

She listened intently. Soon she heard something, a woman’s breathless voice, “Oh, yes. Oh, god. Deeper. Deeper.” Then a low, male voice joined in, “Yes. It’s good. Like that.” The conversation topic was unmistakable.

Gloria opened the door with impatience and disgust. She entered and first noticed her desk phone and desk pad on the floor and with desk phone off the hook. But her eyes were entreated to the back of a standing, naked man. His body, neither young nor past his prime, was bent forward. He had dark red hair with a bald spot on his head. Gloria focused on his muscular ass, so round and firm, pumping methodically between a splayed pair of female legs, arching up in dainty form.

Gloria walked to one side to see who was sitting on and fucking on her desk. The messy hair, long and dark, covered part of the face of the young woman Gloria recognized. Her head was back and her face displayed sweet torment. The constant deep thrusts jiggled her body; the shocks first shook her hips and stomach and then her tits and her face shook. Between the rhythmic poundings, her body writhed as the final stages of orgasm took hold of her body.

Gloria continued to move sideways. She could see the side of the man’s face with his jaw set in a stern countenance. His grip of the woman’s hip was firm and he moved her from side to side as he wanted. She could not have freed herself if she wanted to.

The woman took her eyes off of the man’s chest and abdomen and starred horrified at the intruder. “Gloria?” she struggled to call out.

The man turned his head but continued to pound away at his woman.

“What the fuck are you doing on my desk?” screamed Gloria.

“I’m sorry, Gloria. I’m so sorry,” replied the woman.

In a low commanding voice, the man said, “Give us a few, okay?” When he saw that Gloria did not move, he ordered, “Outside, babe!” He turned his head back to look at the woman on the desk and intensified his thrusting into her.

Rhonda was her only saleswoman and Bernie was, for now, her biggest client. Gloria saw no choice; she backed up to walk outside but she kept her eyes upon his throbbing tight ass. Gloria called out, “Clean up my damned desk. And Rhonda, clean out your desk.”

“But,” Rhonda began but switched to “ah, ah, Oh my god. Owwie.” It was a most excellent ride.

The door opened and Bernie Blum came out first. “Don’t be so hard on her, Gloria. She was just doing her job,” said Bernie with a smile. “A man has to bring his women to orgasm or someone else will.” Gloria’ mouth dropped open as he walked down the hallway to the elevator in those crumpled, baggy pants.

Gloria opened the door and walked in. “I am ashamed of you, Rhonda. How could you? Couldn’t you find a motel? My fucking desk?” she asked barely controlling her rage.

“It’s not what you think, Gloria,” Rhonda implored, “He makes me. You wanted those deals, didn’t you? Well…”

“I don’t believe that. Put your stuff in that box over there,” replied Gloria.

Thursday August 8, 1985 3:25 AM

As the synapses in Gloria’s brain were sorting out the day’s events, another rapid eye movement cycle began. Gloria opened the door to her office to see it was empty but for her bare desk at the center of the room. The room was pitch black except for a single spotlight over the desk. At the far end of the cone of illumination she saw the legs of a naked man looking away from her. Gloria felt quite natural and did not feel ashamed of esenyurt escort her nakedness as she walked to the desk center and sat on the edge, crossing her legs. The focused light was warm and made Gloria’s bare skin appear as light as milk chocolate. Gloria raised her glance from her naked body to the man who began to walk two steps backwards toward her. The firm round naked buttocks belonged to a man with balding, dark red hair.

The naked man turned to face her. Bernie’s face was serious as he made his way before Gloria. Gloria scanned his athletic body but she focused at his foot long, corkscrew penis. He stopped in front of Gloria, spread her legs apart, and ran his penis head up and down her labia. As Gloria felt the pleasure juices start to flow, she reclined to her elbows and studied the scene below.

Bernie’s penis stiffened and inflated with a red hue as he fed more and more of it into the blood red vagina, with an accompanying rhythmic gentle in-and-out pulsing. Back came the old feelings, that tantalized her pussy and rocked her insides, taking control of her body. Her breathing quickened. Bernie squeezed a hold of her hips and thrust his two feet of manhood deep inside Gloria. She felt the sensations up to her stomach and she went into wild orgasm; her stomach muscles contracted, her toes curled involuntarily, she arched her back while straining to stare at this love machine. The pleasure waves expanded out through her body and she felt like she would explode any second. Her body stayed that way until Bernie began to clench his face and his abdomen contracted in ecstasy. When he released the grip on her hips, her body exploded in love.

Friday August 9, 1985 3:45 PM

“Unit 142 respond,” squawked the radio.

“142, Roger,” replied Ricky Murphy.

“Murphy, concerns disconnect order 14078. See the manager on the fourth floor first. The minimum amount is on your work order. There was nothing received today. There is an elevator,” ordered the radio voice.

“Roger, 142 out,” responded the lineman.

Murphy drove his big truck to the office building parking lot. Looking at his watch he realized he had time for a beer, and maybe two, at the bar next to the bank.

Friday August 9, 1985 4:50 PM

“Leslie, let’s close it up for the week,” stated Gloria.

“I’m going to the potty. I’ll meet you at the elevator,” replied Leslie, who rose from her desk with her purse.

After Gloria gathered her purse and stuff, she paused at the office door to set the alarm. Then she walked to the elevator to join Leslie. As the elevator slowly lumbered up to the third floor, the waiting passengers were joined by Bernie and Sophie.

“Hello, Gloria,” began Bernie. “Is this lovely lady with you?”

“Hello Sophie, Bernie. This is Leslie. She started this week as a title underwriter. Leslie, this is our best customer, Bernie and his administrative assistant, Sophie. They work at the mortgage brokerage business down the hall, other side of the elevator,” said Gloria with little enthusiasm.

“Nice to meet you Leslie. I hope we can work together sometime soon. By the way, Gloria, whatever happened to your salesperson? I think her name was Rhonda,” taunted Bernie.

The elevator arrived and they filed in. Gloria answered with a disgusted look on her face, “Yes it was Rhonda. She suddenly went back to Ohio, due to a family emergency.”

“I thought she was from Iowa,” asked Bernie starring. The door shut and the elevator car began to descend.

“Iowa. Ohio. What’s the difference? What!” cried Gloria. In an instant, the lights went out and the car stopped moving. The four occupants looked at each other in disbelief as the emergency light illuminated.

“OK. FPL. Turn the power back on,” yelled Bernie. “It must be another system blackout. I wish I could see out of this thing to know for sure.”

In the next ten minutes their temperatures rose and their patience stretched. They yelled curses to everything and everybody they could think of. No one responded to their calls for help. No sound could be heard in the building. The elevator had a phone but it was not connected to anything. Leslie gingerly rang the elevator alarm bell.

“Hey, dumb ass,” began Bernie, “the battery that rings the bell also lights the emergency light so knock it off. Only ring it if you hear something.”

“Has anyone got a portable phone?” Bernie asked. The women just shook their heads no. “I used to think that Realtor was a dumb ass for carrying such an expensive toy but I could sure use one now.”

Bernie tried to lift himself up in order to examine the trapdoor in the car ceiling but his arms could not hold him and there was nothing to stand on. The women could not hold him up. They lifted the lightest person, Leslie, but she did not see any means of opening the trapdoor from inside.

Always exuding confidence, Gloria said, “We might be here awhile. etiler anal yapan escort I am going to take off these wretched heels and sit down. We can’t escape. Someone is bound to find us soon.”

Within minutes all four were sitting on the car floor designed to carry six passengers. The floor was a dirty industrial carpet that had seen better days, years ago. It gave no real comfort. The elevator sides display a worn, fake wood pattern on aluminum. In minutes, they began to sweat in the close area. Bernie stirred first and rose. “I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to get naked. You ladies are invited to get naked, too. I’m not going to sweat my ass off for nothing.”

“That will be the day, Bernie,” replied Gloria. Bernie sat down, only clad in his white boxer shorts. The sweat continued to pour out of the clothed occupants. Sophie responded first.

“I think Bernie’s got a point. No need to sweat our asses off,” and Sophie stripped to her bra and panties.

“Take it all off. Woo! Woo!” mimicked Bernie.

“Ignore this asshole. He does this all day long,” said Sophie to Gloria and Leslie. “Bernie is just a pig. He’ll never be anything else,” remarked Sophie. After Sophie sat down, Gloria and Leslie rose to also remove their clothes.

“I’m the pig that women find irresistible. Don’t they, Sophie?” said Bernie. Sophie glared back at him. Her lips tightened.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Gloria. There was no response from either of them. “Sophie? What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothin’,” she retorted.

Gloria responded, “Let’s talk about our best vacations. Leslie, why don’t you tell us about your Virgin Islands vacation?” The talking began to kill the time.

Friday August 9, 1985 7:00 PM

At a pause in the time killing conversation, Gloria interjected, “Bernie, those look like nice shoes. Would you pass one to me, please? I’d like to take a closer look.” Sophie took the shoe from Bernie and handed it to Gloria. The ache in Gloria’s bladder had become too much to bear further. She stood up. “This is such a nice shoe. How much did they cost you?”

“They were sixty dollars. They’re Italian made. Very comfortable. I like them,” Bernie said with pride.

“Excellent. I’d like to buy you another pair, okay?” said Gloria. Gloria bent over, pulled down her black panties, and squatted over the shoe, peeing into the shoe. “Ah, I can’t wait no more.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” demanded Bernie who quickly rose.

“Sit down, asshole,” demanded Sophie. “Leave her alone. I have to go, too.”

“Well, if you’ll buy me another pair exactly like it, I guess its okay,” replied Bernie like a slowly deflating balloon.

When she finished relieving herself, Gloria poured the urine along the door track which led the liquid away into the elevator shaft. Sophie stood up and pulled off her baby blue panties and peed in Bernie’s shoe. She sat back down as Gloria again poured the urine away. She left the shoe by the door.

After casually glancing at Bernie, Leslie remarked, “Hey, look at Bernie’s shorts.” All eyes went to Bernie’s white boxers which rose like a circus tent in the morning.

“What do you expect? I see one pussy and automatically I’m ready to fuck. Now, I’ve seen two pussies. Who wants to be the first to ride Moby Dick?” grinned Bernie.

“Go jerk yourself off, asshole,” replied Leslie.

“You really are an asshole, Bernie,” chimed in Sophie.

“Bernie, I’m guessing by your machismo that it’s been a long time since you got any,” baited Gloria. “Girls, this is thirteen year old in a man’s body. Don’t let him get to you. If you want any, fine, if not, fine. It is up to you.”

For an instant, she saw again, in her mind’s eye, the beautiful buttocks of the naked man who walked backwards toward her and turned around to reveal Bernie’s face. The feeling was so innocent and natural. Then, the vision was gone. Gloria was wet.

“Are you shittin’ me?” replied Leslie. “Want any of that? No fucking way.”

“To each her own,” Gloria proclaimed meekly as she slowly stood up. “Don’t be mad at me, girls. For me, it’s been almost two years since I’ve had a man and many more years a white man. Take those boxers off, Bernie. Show us all Moby Dick.”

Bernie burst the largest smile with his surprise. He quickly flung his shorts to the clothes pile and said, “Frankly, I am surprised that any of you could wait this long. Here he is; here is King Moby Dick.”

“I thought Moby Dick was the great white whale,” Gloria said as she stood over Bernie’s body. She smiled at the doubtful expressions of Leslie and Sophie. “He looks like the great white mullet, to me. Let’s see if there’s any fight in him,” said Gloria as she squatted to lower her hips and guide his boner into her waiting pussy. Leslie and Sophie politely looked away to give the lovers privacy. Gloria guided the dick up and down, along the outer ridges of her labia until she was wet and ready. Then Gloria gently lowered her body on to Bernie. Bernie pulled Gloria forward enough to unhook her bar. He tossed the unwanted garment towards the growing pile of unneeded clothes. Then Bernie closed his eyes and grasped for her luscious black breasts which now gently flopped up and down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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