Ellie Pt. 02

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I always had a suspicion that Debbie wasn’t treating Michael very well. Over the last few visits they had made to me he seemed to be quite subdued and quiet and didn’t join in the chat unless spoken to. That and the way Debbie spoke to him at times made me think all was not well at home.

She had always been the vivacious one out of the two of us and as a young woman had attracted a steady string of ‘suitors’ whereas I, the plainer and more dumpy sister, was not in the same league. After several relationships she eventually married Michael, a cheerful and pleasant chap, and all was well. They had two kids, like I did, all now flown the nest along with my husband who had opted for a younger and slimmer model after 25 years of an ‘alright’ marriage which was never very spectacular in the bedroom.

To be honest it was a bit of a relief as the staleness and complete lack of good sex was getting to me and I was having to get my satisfaction where I could. There are a couple of guys from work who I see from time to time – sometimes together – and my best friend Lizzie who only lives a few doors down and is always up for some fun. As a final resort if nobody is available I have my little electric friend in the bedside cabinet along with a couple of spare batteries.

It was over a few visits that I got to understand that Debbie might be playing away. Hints were being dropped, and hastily covered up comments and her red face eventually prompted me to ask her. It was on one of their visits and Michael had gone up to the toilet, I asked her outright and she blushingly nodded her head and held her finger to her lips. I couldn’t understand why she would want to with a husband like Michael but as she put it softly,

‘Ellie, we have been married for over thirty years and sex is almost non-existent. And when it does happen it is so predictable it does nothing for me.’

I have to say I did know what she meant.

‘Anyway it’s nothing serious, just sex. No emotional ties just excitement for the both of us.’

‘How long?’ I asked.

‘A few months now, he’s a coach at my gym.’


‘Usually his car, sometimes his place. Have you ever fucked in a car? It’s so exciting! A bit cramped but a real turn-on.’

‘Does Michael know……or suspect anything?’

She was silent for a few seconds. ‘I honestly don’t know,’ she said, ‘he’s been very quiet for the past few weeks but he’s never said anything.’ She paused. ‘He’s not as relaxed as he used to be and is always finding things to do somewhere else when I’m with him.’

‘Any marks or bites on you?’

She blushed even more and nodded. ‘But not where he would see them.’

‘What about your panties?’

She shook her head. ‘No he always uses a condom.’

‘That’s fine but you will still be very wet if you’re anything like me.’

She gave me a long look. ‘I hadn’t thought of that.’

‘You’d better be careful Debbie, you wouldn’t want to lose a man like him.’

Just then we heard the toilet flush upstairs and the topic was closed. Michael returned to the room and looked a little flustered and seemed anxious to get going home. He settled for a cup of tea before they left but it was clear he didn’t want to stay much longer, and after a bit of a grumble from Debbie they got up to leave.

Far from the usual hug and kiss on both cheeks from Michael, all I got was a quick peck and goodbye as he hurried to the car. As Debbie hugged me she whispered ‘Please don’t tell anyone.’ and I nodded my agreement and watched them drive off.

I cleared away the tea things then remembered the washing in the basket upstairs. As I started to sort the lights from the darks I picked up a pair of my panties that were soaking wet…or at least the back of them was. As I examined them I saw another stain on the dry part still slightly damp but drying whitish and I immediately kaçak iddaa knew what it was. For confirmation I held it to my nose and touched the tip of my tongue to it and there was no mistaking it. It was spunk, Michaels spunk.

It couldn’t have been anyone else as there hadn’t been another man in the house for weeks and this was still drying. So dear Michael who was currently being cuckolded by his loving wife had given himself some satisfaction from my used panties. Well good for him! When I came to think about it he had been in the bathroom long enough for Debbie to tell me what she had and then he had seemed a bit spooked and wanted to leave quickly. Something must have happened after he had cum, perhaps he’d dropped them or tried to rinse more sperm off them, but either way the evidence was fairly clear.

Suddenly a thrill went through me and I felt myself juicing up heavily. It was both satisfying and exciting that I had been the means for him to get something back on his cheating wife and perhaps the sort of thrill he hadn’t had in a long time except from his right hand.

I carefully placed them on the edge of the basin then felt up under my dress to my panties. They were very wet and the first though that went through my head was how much Michael would love these. I was sorely tempted to make myself cum but on impulse picked up my phone and called Lizzie.

‘Are you busy?’ I asked

‘Not really, just getting dinner, why?’

‘Got something to tell you…..and show you.’

In less than three minutes I was answering the door and leading her up to the bathroom. Her eyes widened as I showed her the panties and told her what I thought had happened, before lifting them to her nose for her to sniff. She looked at me and nodded before sticking her tongue out to lick the nearly dried patch a couple of times.

‘Oh yes,’ she breathed, ‘this is definitely cum.’

My face was flushed and I felt so turned on that she couldn’t fail to notice the signs and suddenly reached up under my skirt.

‘God, you’re soaked!’ she said softly as she pulled me towards her. ‘Open your legs.’

I did and felt the gusset being pushed to one side and then two fingers slid effortlessly deep into my cunt.

‘Fuck!’ I grunted as I fell against her my arms round her body. She masturbated me deeply and fast as I whimpered and gasped into her neck. I pulled back and suddenly her lips were clamped to mine with her tongue forcing its way between mine and her free hand groping my breast. That did it for me and in less than five minutes of letting her in the front door, I was orgasming hard on her hand, in the very spot where earlier Michael had shot his spunk with, I imagined, my dirty knickers at his nose.

As my orgasm subsided I pulled back slightly and looked Lizzie in the eyes in somewhat of a daze

‘You really needed that didn’t you.’

I nodded, still trying to get my breath. ‘My turn now?’ I asked.

She pulled her fingers from inside me and held them up sticky and glistening.

‘I’d love to but Tony is coming over for dinner and I haven’t had a fuck for over month now. I’d better get back.’

She slowly and salaciously licked her fingers in front of me after holding them to her nose and inhaling the aroma that, even where I was, was quite strong then suddenly pulled my face to hers.

It was so much better to taste myself from her tongue than from my fingers as was usually the case.

I let her go and watched her walk along the road with her cunt, no doubt, streaming into her panties as much as mine had been. Tony would be in for a real treat tonight.


It was just over two weeks later when Debbie said they were going to visit the next day. We had spoken on the phone a couple of times about general things and it was obvious that Michael was close-by when she spoke. Very simple kaçak bahis but interpretable responses to my questions as to whether she had seen her trainer again, and how was Michael now. Did she think he suspected anything.

I had dried and kept the panties and they had been against my nose and tongue several times as I pleasured myself in bed at night, an activity sometimes shared with Lizzie whenever she stayed over. We had discussed the event a number of times and it never failed to arouse us to the extent that we needed to satisfy each other. God, she tastes so good!

The day before the visit we, Lizzie and I, talked about what I should do while they were here. I already had an idea in mind and had rehearsed the scenario in my head over and over. I would wear todays panties all night and masturbate into them a couple of times and take them off just before they got here, or even after they had arrived. I would then go to the bathroom and lay them open on top of the clothes in the basket so the stained gusset would be obvious to anyone that took a peek. I would do that after Debbie had been to the loo, she always went shortly after they arrived because of the journey.

The more we chatted about it the hotter we became and I offered no resistance when she told me to open my legs wide and pull my skirt up.

‘No leave it,’ I said as she went to pull the material off my cunt, ‘don’t waste it, rub me through it.’

She was sitting beside me on the sofa with one leg up on the seat so I reached up her leg as she caressed me to find that she was naked under her skirt and her crotch was soaked with her slippery liquid. She gasped as I found her clit in amongst the matted hair and then slipped my finger deep inside her body.

‘Oh god I want some of this.’ I murmured before pushing her down on the sofa, spreading her legs and clamping my mouth to her gaping slit. She smelt and tasted wonderful as usual and after pushing my tongue into her as deep as I could I started to flick her clitoris with the tip of it. I could hear her gasping and thrusting her crotch against my now very wet face as she held my head tightly to her, and then her jerking got more urgent and the liquid from her cunt more pronounced as she gasped and grunted her orgasm into my mouth. I have always loved being part of her climaxes and this was the hardest I had seen and felt her cum in a while.

I climbed back on the sofa and lay with my legs wide. ‘Me now please.’ I urged her and her hand went straight to my saturated crotch. As she rubbed me she pulled me to her and started kissing and licking my face. ‘God, I do taste fucking good don’t I.’ she whispered in my ear and that did it for me. She held me tight as I twitched and spasmed against her, forcing her tongue into my open mouth and she continued to rub me as the uncontrolled waves of pleasure coursed through me. Both of us have never been inhibited about our bodies or orgasms in front of each other and we both enjoy the others pleasure as much as our own.


The next morning I was excited and nervous in equal measures. What if it all went wrong and he was totally embarrassed about their last visit and couldn’t look me in the eye? What if Debbie had somehow found out or suspected what he had done? To be honest I didn’t really worry about that last thought too much as it seemed some sort of poetic justice that he had got some of the pleasure his wife was denying him purely from the secondhand smell and taste from between my thighs.

My panties were soaked and slippery from yesterdays and last nights masturbations and this mornings discharge. I had in mind exactly what to do but didn’t know quite how to encourage him to use the bathroom although I felt sure he would at sometime in their visit.

They arrived just before twelve and true to form Debbie made an early visit to the toilet. illegal bahis She always said the journey made her want to go but that suited me fine. Although she was full of herself as usual Michael was very quiet and couldn’t look me in the eye properly, just a glance every now and then to see if I was scowling I suppose. As much as I tried to make him feel at ease while Debbie was upstairs he was pretty uptight and not easy to chat with.

Not long after she came down I made some tea then her phone rang. She answered it and I took the opportunity to go upstairs and carefully lay out my panties in the wash basket so there would be no mistaking on his part that I had left him a present. They were very wet. I resisted the temptation to rub myself but hurried downstairs to try and talk to Michael while Debbie carried on chatting on her phone. It was one of her kids I think. I took the cups into the kitchen and he followed me and asked if it was ok for him to use the loo. I smiled at him then said softly ‘Everything’s nice and neat and tidy up there for you’ and he gave me a strange look. I heard the door close and lock and wondered if he would have the nerve to look in the basket again.

I went and sat in the lounge and listened to her chatting away and it was some time before I heard the flush go and him coming downstairs. He looked at me from behind his wife eyes wide and very red in the face and I indicated the kitchen to him.

In a hushed voice I asked him if he was alright and he nodded, still unsure how to take things. I asked him if everything was ok indicating upstairs and he nodded still looking a bit wary so I asked him outright if he had masturbated with a little hand movement and his already flushed face went a deeper red as he nodded again. He said he was frightened about what happened last time and dreaded it every time the phone rang thinking it was me ringing to tell Debbie what I had found.

I shook my head vigorously and told him it had turned me on tremendously when I realised what he had done and I was sorely tempted to lift my skirt and show him how wet my thighs were. I was streaming. I asked if they still fucked and he shook his head saying she didn’t want to any more. But I knew the real reason was that she was getting her cock elsewhere.

I excused myself, went up to the bathroom and locked the door before opening the wash basket. He had carefully placed some other clothes over the panties which were now neatly folded. I opened them and there in the centre of the slippery gusset was a single thick creamy blob of his semen still fresh and wet. I couldn’t resist it and lifting my skirt sat open legged on the toilet with my fingers at my slit as I pressed the crotch to my face, I masturbated furiously and absentmindedly heard myself drip a couple of times into the water as I carefully took his cum onto my tongue to savour it. The thought that this had come out of my brother in laws penis a few moments ago took me over the edge and I orgasmed hard hunched forward and hearing more drips as I spasmed over and over.

It took me a minute or two to calm down and clean up but I folded the panties again and put them in my pocket. Going downstairs he was still in the kitchen and Debbies call was going on forever so I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him and asked him if he wanted to take them with him. He shook his head sadly and indicated his wife meaning if she found them there would be hell.

The rest of the visit went well with him looking a lot more relaxed and happier than when he had arrived. It also gave me a tremendous sense of satisfaction, not just from my orgasm but from the fact that I had been involved in giving him some of the pleasure he needed. I had also licked his sperm which I could still taste in my mouth. This time when they left he gave me a warm cuddle and kiss on the cheek with a whispered ‘Thank you’ in my ear.

It was a couple of weeks later that I got a call from her saying she wanted to come over for some advice on a dress for a wedding but with an undertone that she wanted to discuss something else.

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