Elliot: Courted Pt. 02

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The Fair:

Elliot woke early the next morning and immediately wished he hadn’t woken up at all. The headache he was feeling was truly agonizing. His first thought was that he would do anything to make the pain stop, his second thought was that he had finally had his first kiss last night.

He had gone on a date last night. Of course he hadnt known that at the time… and it was with a forty year old man. “Oh shit,” Elliot said to no one. He was remembering that he had a second date this afternoon. This time Elliot had no room for misinterpretation as Justin had made his intentions perfectly clear.

Excitment? Nervousness? Anticipation? Fear? Elliot wasn’t sure just which he was feeling the most at the moment. Pain. What Elliot was feeling the most right now is the pain in his head.

His phone was on the nightstand. Elliot fumbled for it and sent a message to Ava.

E: If someone was a bit hungover what should they do?

Rolling over to his back Elliot pressed the palms of his hands tightliy to his temples. Groaning, he wondered if this pain would ever end. It didn’t seem likely. Elliot’s phone dinged.

A: Oh no, sweetie. I’m sorry! First one? Drink lots of water, caffine, and take a shower. Also, if you have some, try some vitamin c.

E: Thanks Ava! And thanks for last night btw. I had a blast.

A: Yay, that makes me happy. How was the rest of night with Justin? I trust he was a gentleman.

E: Absolutley. And yes, I had a lot of fun and he said he had fun too.

A: Well, I’m glad. I’d hate to hear that my brother wasn’t treating my friend right.

Wait, what did she just say? Elliot read the message over and over. Ava had definetly just called Justin her brother. But they couldnt be siblings, right? Thinking on it, it made since. Ava was a large, strong, beautiful, intelligent woman & Justin was a large, strong, handsome, intelligent man.

E: Brother?

A: Did you not know? Yeah, Justin’s my oldest brother. He basically raised me. Are you two still going to the fair?

E: Yeah, I’m about to get ready.

A: Yay! Adorable, you two are going to have a great time!

Elliot decided his first priority was defeating this hangover. Only after would he be able to focus on getting ready. Stumbling through his apartment he felt like he had run into every obstacle imaginable as he made himself some coffe & worked his way through a second water bottle.

Three water bottles and two cups of coffee later and he was no longer looking forward to death. Jumping in the shower he was glad he had shaved yesterday. Running his hands over his body he was pleased with the feel of how soft and smooth his skin was. He turned the water temperature up higher and enjoyed the steam filling the restroom.

Working the soap into a lather he shut his eyes and imagined that the hands on his body belonged to someone else. Memories of Justin’s kiss & hands on Elliot’s body played through his mind. Elliott brought his soapy hands to his hardening penis and began to play with himself.

With one hand he rubbed his cock and balls while the other rubbed his chest, paying extra attention to his nipples. He let out a little moan through his slighlty parted lips as he remembered the feel of Justin pinning him up against his door. He rubbed a little harder now, a touch faster. Elliot’s breath quickened and his heart beat intensied. The hand at his breasts fell to his side and a new memory entered his mind. Justin’s eyes fixed on Elliot’s ass, Justin’s hand roughly squeezing his butt cheeks, and the departing swatt. As Elliot thought about this his unoccupied hand found its way to his cheeks.

The feel of his soapy hand caressing and spreading his cheeks was new. His fingers found his hole and as he rubbed his crotch he began circling his hole with one, then two fingers. His breath was ragged now and tiny moans were coming more frequently.

On a whim Elliot pressed more firmly with his circling fingers. With all the soap his middle finger pushed in easily, illiciting a gasp. The soap stung and the unfamiliar feeling of fullness was unwelcome. He worked his finger in and out inserting more of the digit with each pass. Eventually, despite the stinging sensation the feeling of fullness was becoming less bothersome, maybe bordering on pleasant.

The rubbing again escalated its speed as the hand working his asshole struggled to keep pace. There was a pressure building in his belly and his knees began to buckle. The breathy sounds Elliot was making were becoming throatier and more irregular, his body jerking, and toes curling beneath his feet. Finally he felt the release he’d been working towards.

Straightening back up and catching his breath Elliot struggled to get his legs to cooperate. Steadying himself against the shower wall he looked down and saw his cum covered belly. Elliot felt himself blush knowing that he had just cum while he fingered his own ass to the memory of an older man making out with him and grabbing his ass. Rinsing himself off and catching his breath he realized just how much bursa anal yapan escort he was looking forward to his date with Justin. The bathroom had become a steam room however and he knew he’d need to let it air out before he finished getting ready.

Not bothering to get dressed or wrap in a towel, Elliot lounged naked on the couch rereading Pillars of the Earth and thinking to himself how horrible everyone must have smelled in the 1100’s. Smiling he was grateful Justin was taking him to a recreation of medieval Europe instead of the real thing.

The phone’s buzzing jerked Elliot back to the presant day. Elliot saw the message was from Justin.

J: Hey Ellie, just making sure you haven’t forgotten about our plans. And also, to check how you were feeling.

E: No, I remember. And now that I’ve showered and got some coffee in me I think I might still be alive when you pick me up.

J: Looking forward to it, see you in an hour.

The steam from the shower had let up so Elliot decided to put his book down and finish getting ready. He settled on a bathing suit and tank top remembering the supposed heat for the day and threw on some light tennis shoes. looking in the mirror he thought he looked good, even if it was very casual.

Elliot decided to go ahead and wait for Justin outside at the in front of the building. However, as he walked down the hallway Elliot was shocked when the door to the stairs flew open and Justin walked through.

“Hey El, you all set?” Justin said with a smile on his face that could only be described as beaming.

Elliot gathered himself after nearly running into Justin. He once again was reminded of just how large of a man he was. Justin was looking down at him, eyes a light.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

Justin’s arm swung around Elliot’s shoulder in a firm side hug while also turning him towards the stairs, “Glad to hear it. We’re going to have a great time.”


Justin had taken his arm from Elliot’s shoulder and given his ass a firm slap. Elliot squeaked and jumped at the contact. The look on Justin’s face made it clear how pleased he was with himsef. Elliot rubbed the offended butt cheek and asked if Justin had already eaten.

“I had breakfast but I believe I could eat you up.”

Elliot felt his cheeks redden as Justin gestured for Elliot to head down the stairs. Elliot remembered how the last time they were on these stairs Justin hadn’t pulled his eyes away from Elliot’s butt. Looking over his shoulder now, he saw that this time was no different.

After Justin had helped Elliot into his Jeep, Justin stared at Elliot for a moment before taking his chin between his thumb and pointer finger. He then gently pulled Elliot’s face close and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“You really are pretty, you know that?” Justin asked.

Elliot smiled, “Pretty, am I?”

“Damn gorgeous.”

With that, Justin headed off down the road. The fair was not too far away and they were set to arrive shortly after it opened. The conversation was light and easy, chatting about everything and taking advantage of the time in the car to get to know eachother better.

As was the case previously, Justin seemed unable to keep his hands off of Elliot. He seemed to constantly be petting, patting, or squeezing Elliot’s thigh as he drove.

Arriving at the fairgrounds Elliot was pleased that they were able to park near the entrance as the day had already turned out to be as hot as expected. By the time they got through the gate Elliot & Justin were both sweating.

“What do you want to do first, cutie?” Justin asked, giving Elliot’s bottom a little squeeze.

Elliot couldn’t help but give a brief look around but no one seemed to have noticed. “Maybe something in the shade? Maybe a cold drink.”

The rest of the day was a blast. They had watched several shows, the jousting, and done some shopping. Elliot was exhausted. He felt drenched and hoped Justin couldn’t smell him. Justin seemed at ease in the heat, the sheen of sweat visible on his face and arms looked natural.

They were currently seated at a bench near the shops at the exit eating ice cream. Elliot’s eyes were drawn to Justin’s large and hairy hands. Those hands that had squeezed and popped Elliot’s ass. The hair from those strong hands continued up his large and powerful forearms.

“Have you ever grown your hair out?” Justin’s voice snapped Elliot from his day dreams. “Nothing crazy, I just think a longer hairstyle would look good on you. Maybe even get it to follow the laws of physics.”

Elliot laughed and took another lick of his ice cream. At that moment Justin decided to give Elliot’s unruly hair a tussle. This caused Elliot’s face to lurch foward towards his ice cream cone.

“Whoops, let me get that.”

Justin removed his hand from Elliot’s sweat covered hair and moved it down to his face. With his thumb he wiped away a smudge of ice cream from his nose and another from the corner of his mouth he bursa eskort then let his thumb linger there in front of Elliot’s slightly pursed lips. Elliot sat there frozen until he felt the touch of the cream covered thumb tip pressing against his lips. They parted at the touch and Justin slipped his thimb into his mouth as he felt Elliot’s tongue lap at the ice cream. Justin left his thumb in Elliot’s mouth and smiled when he felt some light sucking paired with the continued movement of Elliot’s tongue. Elliot could see a smile forming on Justin’s mouth as he said, “Just when I thought you couldn’t be any prettier. That’s a great look for you Ellie.” Elliot could feel the heat in his cheeks letting him know he was in full blush.

“Awwww you two are so cute, kiss him.” came an unfamiliar voice. Turning in the direction of the voice Elliot saw two attractive women that he gauged to be a year or two older than himself sitting a table over from where they were seated.

Elliot felt Justin’s hand returning to his face as it turned him back to face his date. The older man was leaning across the table now towards Elliot. Elliot closed his eyes and allowed Justin to bring him in for the kiss. He could hear the girls clap and awwwww at the display of affection.

“I hope some of that is from sun. If you’re blushing this bad they’ll think that was your first kiss.”

If at all possible Elliot entered a new stage of blushing, one that would make the Lanister Crimson feel shame. “It’s not. Last night was.”

Justin dropped his ice cream cone, “You’re kidding. Do you mean with an older man, in public, with a guy…”

“All of those things, yes. But… also”, he lowered his voice “it was my first actual kiss.”

Justin reached out and enveloped Elliot’s hand in his, giving it an assuring squeeze, “Well, it wasn’t mine and it was a great kiss. All the guys are missing out. Are you about done with that?”

Taking one last lick Elliot disgarded the rest of his ice cream as Justin retrieved his from the ground. One of the girls called out as they walked away, “Take it easy on him.”

Justin steered Elliot to one last shop that was selling handmade soaps. They browsed and Justin hd a short chat with the stall runner. When they left Justin had a small bag of very nice smelling soaps that Elliot found strange for Justin to have been buying.

As they left the fair Justin kept Elliot pulled in tight for the walk back to the car. The tempretures made this a rather warm embrace but Elliot didn’t mind. While they chatted about the day Elliot could smell the remnants of Justin’s cologne & deoderant from this morning as well as the not unpleasant smell of sweat and grass.

Justin took the top off of the Jeep helped Elliot into the passenger seat. “What do you say Ellie? Want to come back to my place to relax a bit before you head home?”

Elliot hesitated. Did he want to go home with him? He’d had fun and was open to continuing the date, but was he ready to *go home with a man*?

Seeming to sense the hesitation Justin coaxed, “I’ll be on my best behavior. I promise to even keep my clothes on.” Justin smiled showing his teeth. “Besides this is our second date, you’re thinking of the third date.”

Elliot did actually feel a little relaxed at that. “Sure, we can head to your place for a bit.” And with that they were off.

Justin’s house:

As it turns out Justin’s was about ten minutes from the fair ground in the opposite direction as Elliot’s. It was not part of a subfivision but rather one of those long winding driveways that feeds into a small road. Elliot thought that the highly wooded environment seemed to fit Justin. The house was huge and very secluded. There was a large car port in front of a three car garage, which answered Elliot’s first question of how someone could back down this driveway onto a road.

Justin helped Elliot down from the lifted vehicle and held the door to the house open for him. Elliot nearly gasped at the interior of the home. He turned to tell Justin so, only to see Justin butt the door shut before closing the distance between the two in a single stride. With that they were kissing.

This seemed different to Elliot somehow. Justin seemed hungry for him as Elliot felt himself being walked backwards while simultaneously being pulled into the groin and chest infront of him by Justin’s hands at his hips.

Elliot briefly thought of what Justin had said before leaving the fair about Elliot not having anything to worry about today. But then Justin’s hands found Elliot’s ass and gave it such a squeeze that he thought he was trying to pry the butt cheeks off of his body. Elliot groaned into Justin’s mouth as Jusin began kneading Elliot’s butt cheeks in his large hands.

Once Justin felt Elliot lightly sucking on his intruding tongue it was Justin’s turn to moan. Elliot didnt know why but hearing Justin moan and knowing it was because of his kiss and his body that Justin was reacting to that way turned Elliot on so much. Justin broke the kiss bursa escort kızlar and looked into Elliot’s eyes, “Are you sure you’re new to this? I’m having trouble beliveing you aren’t some sort of secret slut.”

Elliot giggled, actually giggled, and replied, “Well, not yet. and honestly before I figured out your sister Ava was setting us up, I had never even thought about men.”

“And now?”

“Well, I like you.”

“Yeah you do” and Justin resumed kissing Elliot with just as much passion as he had as they entered the home. Justin’s arm’s shifted rapidly as his left hand flew to the back of Elliot’s head while the right arm shifted so Justin’s forearm was beneath Elliot’s butt. Justin hoisted Elliot without breaking the kiss so that he was straddling Justin while he stood. Supporting Elliot with one arm beneath his bottom and the other entertwined with the hair on the back of his head, Justin proceeded to march Elliot straight across the room towards the brick chimney.


Elliot was nearly winded with the impact as he felt his back make contact with chimney. Justin pressed forward with his full frame as if trying to absorb Elliot. Elliot could feel Justin’s cock hardening against his crotch.

Elliot felt confined, almost like he was being crushed. Pressed between this giant man and a brick surface. Justin ground his hips against Elliot’s, side-to-side, forward and back. The moan Elliot let out put Justin over the edge.

Suddenly, Elliot was whipped away from the wall and carried across the room. Justin lowered Elliot in his arms before dropping him a few inches above the couch.

“Omfff” Elliot let out upon landing.

Justin stood above Elliot for a moment before turning and walking over to a nearby recliner. Taking a seat, he smiles & gestures towards the kitchen.

“Get me a beer, wouldcha?”

Elliot felt very off footed by the request but he saw no reason not to. He made his way into the kitchen and found several beers in the fridge. Having not been offered one and remembering this morning’s hangover he decided to skip grabbing one for himself and he went back to Justin.

Elliot felt unsure of himself standing there with Justin just sitting in front of him in the recliner. Justin opened the beer and took a deep swig, “Take off your clothes Ellie.”

“What?” Elliot was frozen in place. Justin tilted his head slightly to the side as if confused by the question.

“Ellie, take off your clothes.”

Before Elliot could think to react any differently he found himself peeling the sweaty tank top from his torso. Once clear from his face he could see that Justin had sat back deeper into his chair & was sipping his beer, watching.

However, when Elliot hitched his thumbs into his bathing suit to pull down… Justin leaned forward. The sweat had caused the boxers as well as bathing suit to stick to his thighs. He needed to wiggle and shimmy in order to work them down his legs. Elliot stepped out of his bathing suit, boxers, and shoes at the same time. Standing there naked but for his socks, Elliot was not sure what he should do.

Justin sat there for a moment, unmoving, waiting. When a few moments had passed with both parties remaining still, Justin set his empty beer down and rose from the reclyner. He walked straight past Elliot to the kitchen. Elliot remained frozen to the spot & he heard the opening of the beer. Justin returned to view and set the fresh beer next to the empty and Elliot thought he was going to return to his chair.

Instead he rounded on Elliot, bent down and lifted his feet one at a time removing the socks from each foot standing back up he balled the socks together and placed them by his beer on the end table. Next he removed the boxers from the bathing suit and placed them in his pocket. Only then did Justin resume his seat in the reclyner.

“Did I tell you to remove your clothes except for your socks El?”


“Come sit on my lap Ellie.” Justin patted his lap woth both hands. Elliot approached. “That’s right, take a seat right here.”

Elliot found that he could curl up quite nicely, his bare feet on Justin’s arm rest with his ass nuzzled between Justin’s thighs. And then they were kissing again. This time, while Justin remained fully clothed Elliot was completely nude sitting in his lap.

Justin’s hands were all over Elliot. Rubbing his chest, pulling his hair, squeezing his ass, and wrapping around his throat. Elliot was learning that he liked having his ass rubbed and nipples played with. Playing with his nipples had long been part of his self service but this was confirmation that he enjoyed the sensation with a guest as well.

Elliot had his arms wrapped around Jusin’s neck and shoulder as if he was the larger man’s tote bag. Justin continued to paw and play with the young man writhing in his lap as he continued to nibble on Elliot’s lip and invade his mouth with his tongue.

He broke the kiss and grabbed his beer and took another long drought nearly draining the can. Elliot took advantage of the moment to regain his breath, he was beginning to get cold. Justin set his beer down and turned his head to look at Elliot. He ran his wide spread hand through the hair on the back of Elliot’s head and took a firm handful and tugged sharply back. Simultaneously Justin inserted his middle and ring fingers of his free hand into Elliot’s open mouth.

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